Amazon Golf Club Court Documents

This is what all the fuss is about. First Mike Collis had this dream and 60 founding members invested in Mike’s dream. Then the “gang of 4” thought this was their private playground. Now the dream is being restored for the original investors. If you are one of the investors, you can be proud to know Mike is fighting for you. This fuss is about you.

Amazon Golf Course, 9th Green, from the Club House

Amazon Golf Course, Mike Collis inspecting the 9th green on April 5th 2008.

Amazon Golf Course, Mike with April Iquitos Times

Amazon Golf Course, Mike Collis with April 2008 Iquitos Times

Amazon Golf Course, from the Club House

Amazon Golf Course, from the Club House. The rows of palms are also the rough.

Amazon Golf Course, 9th green

Beautiful, 9th green.

Amazon Golf Course, 1st Green, Recovering from Vandalism

Green # 1, 128 yards, par 3, recovering nicely from vandalism.

7th Green

Green # 7, par 5.

Amazon Golf Course, Water Hazard, Beware of Caiman

Amazon Golf Course water hazard, beware of caiman.

Amazon Golf Course Water Hazard, Beware of Piranhas

Amazon Golf Course water hazard, beware of piranhas.


Amazon Golf Course water hazard, beware of anacondas

Amazon Golf Course, Green # 8, Par 4

Green # 8, par 4.

Amazon Golf Course, Green # 6, Par 4

Green # 6, par 4


This green closest to the Santa Tomas Road needs work.

Amazon Golf Course, Green # 3, Par 4

Green # 3, Par 4.

Amazon Golf Course Water Hazard, Club House in the Background

Water hazard with the club house in the background.

Amazon Golf Course, Approaching # 9, and the Club House

Approaching # 9, par 4, and the club house, with the driving range shelter on the right.

Amazon Golf Course, Practice Green

Mike on the practice green in front of the club house.

I took these photos between 9:20 and 10:30 April 5th. By next Friday I believe the course will be ready to play. We have a crew of five working 6 days a week, with a push mower and weed eaters. If we have to we will hire one hundred workers with scissors, and tweezers.

Bill Grimes

This is a scan of Alan’s copy of Amazon Golf Club court documents. I’m sure there is an easier, techier way, but this is how I did it.

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 6

End of scan in Spanish.

Translation to English


0008 0009

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1 John Bernhart February 19, 2008 at 3:24 am

Bill and Shawn – I am impressed and heartened on reading your generous offer to reconstruct the course. I will gladly donate some money to this end, but only after the legal problems are solved and we have a constitution that we all agree on. But there is still a giant hurdle that only the ex-pats living there can solve. There has been so much enmity created between the two fighting groups that I don’t know how they will ever be able to play golf together once the fighting stops.

Ryan has stated that he will never allow certain people on his land and Bill and Mike have stated that Gerald and Adam must reapply for membership, something I fear their pride will never allow them to do.

Just out of curiosity, how much is Ryan’s property worth? Is he legally able to sell it, and if so, do you think he would sell it for the right price? If he is not the legal owner, is it possible to buy the land from the district? I know this is all coming from left field, but sometimes it’s good to have someone who is not too close to the problem to help us think “outside the box.”

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