Tourist Police

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Bo Keeley

“We are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help tourists in Iquitos.”

I’ve found it’s true. The Iquitos Tourist Police have helped me out of about a dozen legitimate jams in the past 15 years. Ex-pat may also ask for help anytime.

Their station is at 834 Sargento Lores near Plaza de Armas and the station phone day and night is 24-2081 or (51 94) 23-7067.

Some examples of things you may request, as I have in the past to satisfaction are:

Pursue a pickpocket, Extract me from a locked hotel, Trace a malecon thief, Dennucia, And today to give a tongue lashing to a shortchanging senora who tried to beat me with a broomstick.

The tourist police are the good guys (and ladies) who wear white shirts and wear white holsters. They are a specifically trained body of the National Police charged with the security, protection and orientation of tourists. Some speak cautious English but they can always call an officer who speaks better. They’re located walking and on motorcycles in the tourist environment around Plaza de Armas, the malecon, nice hotels, and wherever tourists are found.

Tourist Police Iquitos

Guest post by Bo Keeley, author of Executive Hobo, Riding the American Dream; available on

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