Cell Phone Rentals, Travelers In Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Cell Phone Rentals For Travelers In Iquitos

At Dawn on the Amazon

Cell phone rental, Iquitos.

Cell phones for rent in the office of Dawn on the Amazon

To rent a cell phone in Iquitos Peru, come in the Dawn on the Amazon office, located on the boulevard, next door to Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, #185 Malecon Maldonado, near the first block of Nauta Street. We also sell minutes for your cell phone.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 7:00pm, with a break for lunch. Closed on Sunday.

Terms and Conditions for Renting Cell Phones

Our obligation is to provide the cell phone in good condition, with charger, manual, and new chip.

The renter will receive a receipt for the rent of the phone, and another receipt for the refund when the phone is returned in good condition.

The obligations of the renter;

  1. Pay the rent and the deposit when accepting the phone.
  2. The renter is responsible for the phone, the charger and the manual, and should check to make sure it works before leaving the office.
  3. When the contract is finished, the renter must bring the phone, charger, and owners manual back to the office in good condition, and bring the receipt of the deposit for refund. If the phone is not in good condition, we will charge 20% penalty or keep the full deposit.

The rent can be monthly, 15 days, weekly, or the minimum is 3 days.

Price to rent, includes new chip:

01 Month      S/ 50

15 Days        S/ 30

07 Days        S/ 20

03 Days        S/ 15


  • NOKIA 106, black with white     S/ 80.00
  • NOKIA 205, white with orange, has social media  S/ 140.00


  • NOKIA 106, white & black     S/ 90.00
  • NOKIA 208, black, has social media and 2gb memory   S/ 200.00

The phones do not come with minutes. Minutes are sold here in the Dawn on the Amazon office.

Cell Phone Rentals For Travelers In Iquitos

At Dawn on the Amazon

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1 Emma Borg August 4, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Off topic of this post but just wated to commend and thank Bill for his great help with the planning of our trip to the Amazon!!!

I emailed Bill with a request for some information about getting from Iquitos to Ecuador – not sprecfially about the trips he makes or services he provides, just needed some general info – He promptly replied with an extremely detailed response that answered my questions in a non-biased way, rather than just pointed me towards his own outfit, he described a few options for me and clarified a lot of really hazy details on the travel options in and out of Iquitos.

I greatly apprciated the reply – especially because I had emailed without any pretext of booking anything with his company and he still took the time to create a timely an thoughtful reply to my queries!

Great information across the whole site as well!

Thanks Bill!

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