Iquitos Doctor

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Bo Keeley

My recommendations for this and that after 15 years in Iquitos are offered not to promote them financially but to crunch data for tourists or expats seeking some of the best in town, that in many instances cost me many Soles and hours of beating the bushes.

Now may I suggest a doctor? Any physician you choose should be an older gentleman, a surgeon, sportsman, seasoned in the bush, and preferable a doctor in general practice rather than a specialty. Certainly English, strong diagnostic skills, contacts, and integrity are important. May I suggest Dr. Espinosa who is the chief surgeon at the Hospital Iquitos (on Calle Agruirre above Belen about 12 blocks from Plaza de Armas)?  After doing morning rounds and surgeries at the Hospital, where you may perhaps find him in the most prominent office, he sees private cases at his home office a ten minute walk from Plaza de Armas at about 284 Ricardo Palma. (There are two Dr. Espinosas at Hospital Iquitos, hence professionally nicknamed ‘Gordo’ and ‘Flaco’, and he’s the former.) He is rotund, keen, good English, and has an interesting story to tell regarding a life choice in medicine. He has charged me about $20 for office visits that often include consultation, prescriptions, and recommendations to pharmacies, radiologists, clinics and whatever you need in the line of medicine. He’ll remember me as the Gringo who enjoyed diseases that he cured of hepatitis, or was it malaria, amoebic dysentery, and elephantitis?

If you seek a radiologist, it so happens Dr. Espinosa will refer you to my independent pick at 469 Morona which is five minutes by foot from the Plaza. You may walk in without an appointment and expect immediate action. His X-rays and sonograms cost about 1% of the USA fees, and include a verbal and written opinion, and you may take the radiograph with you. He’s 80, a former physician, has 55 years of experience, and has taken tens of thousands of pics on the office machine that crackles and sizzles like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

If you need an interpreter, any of the senoritas from the English School at the University which is ten minutes walk from the Plaza will happily accompany you around town for a tip.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to have an operation on your vacation in Iquitos.

Iquitos Doctor

Guest post by Bo Keeley

Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises or the Captain’s Blog.

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1 Greg Giles September 9, 2014 at 10:51 pm

I was wondering if you could possibly refer me to someone in Iquitos whom is a trustworthy spanish interpreter that speaks English ?

I travel through Iquitos frequently and am constant need of some one like this.

Thank you
Greg Giles

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