On The Boulevard, One Of My Favorite Street Performers

by Captain Bill

On The Street, Iquitos Peru

"Street Performer"

Cool street performer at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

This is one of my favorite street performers. He nearly always drew a crowd.

Remember the guy that pushed his piano on wheels all around Iquitos, playing for change? This guy ranks right up there with him.

How many instruments does this one man band play? I count 6!

"Street Performer At Dawn on the Amazon Cafe"

One of my favorite street performers at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

He has a pleasant personality which gives him loads of old fashioned kitchy appeal. He is paying his way as a street performer, traveling all around South America.

Every day he performed at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, I made sure he earned a minimum of S/20 soles. The lesson here is, if you draw a crowd you earn a reward.

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On The Boulevard, With One Of My Favorite Street Performers

Bill Grimes is husband of Marmelita, president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, host of  Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, photographer on the streets of Iquitos, among many other things to do:):):)…

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