Bedbugs and Their Ilk In Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Adrian Walker, “The Snake Whisperer”

Adrian Walker, bird watching in China

The road to a lodge is a long and winding one as I discover gradually with one deal agreed on and falling over quickly with an owners demands for more money. Further investigations lead to further misadventures as I stay overnight at another lodge where the owner is considering either a rental deal or a partnership. Her valuation and mine of the property are world’s apart and bedbugs interrupt the overnight with a  feeding frenzy, mostly directed at my partner who arrives back in Iquitos looking like a human dartboard. Again no deal can be reached and so I resign myself to more patience and contemplate the conundrum of buying land and building, a delicate exercise given the untrustworthy nature of many of the local tradesfolk.

Finding an honest, hardworking crew is similar to finding fresh full cream milk in Iquitos, a city entirely devoid of dairy farms.

Another problem we encounter are the dubious hygiene regimes adopted by some local eateries with mild cases of food poisoning not infrequently disturbing a meal out or at least the aftermath. Where else in the world can one order a vol-au-vent which arrives totally of pastry is a question I’m left to ponder one night as I sit enthroned to rid myself of the bugs inhabiting my innards.

Dawn on the Amazon remains our sanctuary until we can find digs with a kitchen and as short term rentals are scarce this is a compounding difficulty.

The birds continue to delight and new species appear almost daily as do other pleasant surprises such as Amazonian Giant Otter and Green Iguanas just below the main boulevard lazily sunning in the trees. The fauna is rich and an hour or two from the city the forest diversity increases to dizzying heights which delight the naturalist and invite closer inspection. Yet this must remain on hold as my quest is far from complete and so must continue unabated.

Bedbugs and Their Ilk In Iquitos

Hello, this is Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru. Adrian Walker and his family are living and bird watching from one of the Dawn on the Amazon apartments, and eating most meals at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, with a view of the river and jungle on the other side, while considering the options to purchase or rent, or build a lodge. He was kind enough to write this series of articles for my Captain’s Blog and the Iquitos Times. We hope this is Chapter six of his new book, The Road to Iquitos. To read chapters 1 – 5, please click the links below. Thank you.

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1 Neville September 3, 2012 at 4:47 am

Hi, very interesting article, can you please tell me the name of the overpriced lodge with bed bugs, I am checking out a lodge now may be the same one, your info would be appreciated,

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