Your August Zodiac Forecast From Jonathan Cainer

by Captain Bill

Sally Fisher's art for Jonathan Cainer.

Mercury will be retrograde for most of August. That will hamper many processes that involve travel, transport, communication and explanation. It doesn’t, though, mean nothing will get done, or said, or understood or sorted out. We have a tendency, sometimes, to see a small stumbling block as a towering obstacle. Mars opposing Pluto this month may exacerbate that. Jupiter’s slow progress may also cause some to feel a loss of faith. But this is actually a time when, during a phase of reflection, amazing, inspiring discoveries can be made.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
Is this whole world in a terrible mess? It depends on how you look at it. This is a glorious wonderful place, if you’re feeling in the right frame of mind to see it. And your world? Your personal territory? Is that a catalogue of errors or a series of triumphant tales? Once again, it depends on how you choose to view it. So now we turn to your outlook for August and I think, you can guess what I am going to say. You, and nobody else but you, has the power to turn a tricky situation right around. It won’t be what you do that makes the difference. It will be what you think!
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TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
Are you spoilt for choice? In one way, you are. A decision that might normally be easy to make is tricky. There are so many fascinating options and alternatives. Though some of these seem like attractions, others are really just big distractions. So how do you tell the difference? Just ask yourself what you would do if you were in a really tight corner? Who would you turn to then? What would you need more than anything? Make sure that your fall-back position is totally secure this month. If it isn’t, your choice is made. If it is, you can choose whatever you like!
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GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
How much sillier can it get? How much crazier can it become? Not much! Things really can’t become much more ridiculous but they can get a lot smoother, saner and more satisfying – which is precisely what they are about to do. You will soon start to feel very glad of all that has lately tested your patience and even caused you to question your own sanity. August holds, for you, the delightful discovery that — whether entirely by accident or as part of some hidden grand design — life has led you into a fortunate position. More fortunate than you yet realise.
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CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
The scene: a planning meeting, underground. As we join the debate, we hear: ‘It is a waste of time. We will never get up.’ ‘Even if we do, we’ll never attain the projected height.’ ‘Surely, in the current climate, we should downsize our expectations.’ ‘Indeed, and do we have emergence permits? What are the health and safety implications?’ Fortunately the lives of trees, plants and flowers are not run by councils and committees. They follow a simple, primeval passion. Do the same in August. Stop thinking, start letting the tree of hope grow tall and strong within you.
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LEO (July 24 – August 23)
The world is full of people who want to sell us something. They’ve got offers we can’t refuse. They can offer us savings we won’t believe… and reasons why, if we don’t act quickly, stocks may run out or prices may rise. The best bargains, though, are the ones that come from stopping to think about what we are doing and whether there’s a cleverer way to achieve the same kind of result. Here, this month, comes a brainwave or a piece of information that can potentially increase your income AND reduce your bills! You’ll just have to sell it to yourself!
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VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
Is a change really as good as a rest? Ha. We’re not comparing like with like here! It’s a bit like asking if a tomato is as good as a sofa. A rest is a rest. You lie down, close your eyes, give your body a little time off and let your mind drift. A change is a change. You find new stimulation and excitement. I suspect the confusion has come about because often, in the act of changing, we take a rest from whatever was there before the change. It’s a rest — not a change — you need now. August gives you a chance to recover from recent stress and rediscover old, lost faith!
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LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
In the poker game of life, we are all big bluffers. We look one another in the eye and tell little white lies with such regularity that we forget there’s a gap between what we are saying and what we are thinking. We play out social roles. We follow protocols. We say and do what’s expected of us. Not all the time, of course. Not with everyone. Hopefully. But sometimes, it’s just such an easy way to get pressure off our backs. Watch out in August, for overly easy answers. Don’t offer them. Don’t accept them. Take the cards you’ve been dealt. Lay them on the table. And trust.
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SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
In August, how many miracles can you work? Hey. Let’s stop right now. You don’t need to work several miracles. One is going to be quite sufficient. The only question is, which one? There is something that you would dearly like to be able to do — although, clearly, you can’t. Don’t, in your recognition of this reality, become so disappointed that you fail to see an alternative solution. On offer, this month, is an option that is just as miraculous in its own way, yet significantly more attainable. Sometimes, truly amazing things can happen. Give fate a chance to surprise you.
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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
Sometimes people are generous for the wrong reasons. They give, not because they feel inspired to help but because they feel guilty. Their gestures of largesse are designed to impress. Sometimes too, people give because they hope that this will inspire others to give back to them in return. Their selfless acts are secretly selfish. What matters in your world now is that you act with sincerity and that you speak with candour. Don’t judge and don’t be concerned. In August, all you need to be is honest, clear and genuine. Everything else will then take care of itself.
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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
As you climb the ladder of success, many people will encourage and support you. Some will cheer from down below as they see you ascend. Some will give you practical assistance. They will make way for you on the step that they happen to be on – and help you find a foothold to the next. Others will not be so kind, but these will be easy to spot. It’s only once you really start openly, obviously winning that people turn against you and begin to secretly yearn for your downfall. So you’d best be ready to be discreet in August — for you are due to do well.
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AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
Are you starting to see things differently? Are you coming up with answers to questions that you never even realised that you needed to ask? Are you encountering frustration one moment, elation the next – as circumstances swing from the sublime to the ridiculous at indecent and unreasonable speeds? Are you making discoveries that half scare and half uplift you? Does nothing make much sense? Fear not. The process that you are going through is intense but important. August takes your journey another stage further. Soon life will bring a big breakthrough.
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PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
Resentment is a dangerous thing. It erodes confidence, fuels addiction, provides an apparent excuse for bad behaviour and destroys integrity. Worst of all, it ruins humour. Resentful people find very little to laugh about. Now, what are you planning to do in August and why are you planning to do it? Make a promise to yourself, this month, to act out of love and inspiration, not out of need or obligation. Then you will neither incur nor experience a negative reaction. You can free yourself from all that makes you feel bad by reaching for the very best within yourself.
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This is your August zodiac forecast by Jonathan Cainer, The Iquitos Predictions On The Captain’s Blog.

Bill Grimes is the publisher of this Captain’s Blog at,, president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises at, host of the Dawn on the Amazon Café at, manager of The Amazon Golf Course at and United States Embassy in Peru representative in Iquitos, husband, son, brother, father, friend.

Bill Grimes here. The planets aligned for me when a pleasant looking woman sat down at the Dawn on the Amazon Café, drank a juice and spent some time looking through our menu. As she was leaving, she touched me on the shoulder to get my attention and said, “Your vegetarian menu looks interesting. I’ll be back with my husband.” That’s how I met Jon and Susana Cainer. They went on a day trip with us and we shared a few meals. I think they liked Iquitos, Dawn on the Amazon and some of my friends at the Dawn on the Amazon Café. We liked them. Jonathan gave me permission to publish his unique monthly Zodiac forecast which he jokingly called, Iquitos Predictions.

The first Jonathan Cainer prediction I published was not accurate for me but the last two have been spot on. Let me know in the comments below whether Jonathan’s forecasts have worked for you? Also check out Jonathans past predictions and let me know if they helped you;

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