My Visit To Monkey Island, Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

During June, 2011, I agreed to travel on an excursion with Bill Grimes (Captain Bill) and his lovely wife, Marmelita, to Monkey Island (Isla de los manos).  We left our starting point, just below the boulevard at 0900, and embarked on the Dawn on the Amazon (a very comfortable and specially outfitted boat) at 0900.  We (about 10 guests) traveled downstream on the Rio Itaya past the shipping ports to the Amazon.  On the Amazon we traveled downstream for a while, relaxing, watching birds, enjoying the scenery, for about an hour or so (I lost track of time) to Monkey Island.  As soon as we arrived at the island we were greeted by the monkeys, before we were even greeted by the people.  The staff was professional and courteous, and the monkeys, well, were monkeys.  They were a bit mischievous, but not dangerously so.  Several appeared to like to touch you on the leg so that they could watch you jump.  We saw seven of the eight species of monkeys that lived on the island, the pygmy marmoset was absent, but fortunately I had seen it at Pacaya Samiria National Park a few days before.  Leaving the island we continued our journey along the island while Captain Bill and Marmelita graciously served a very civilized lunch (I had the burrito).  We continued up a river tributary for a ways, eating our lunch, enjoying the scenery, and just relaxing on the boat, until it became time to head back.  We back tracked and returned to Bella Vista Nanay at around 1700 hours.  If you want to see a number of species of monkeys, most in a semi-natural setting, hold the babies, have a trip down the Amazon, and just have a wonderfully relaxing day, I highly recommend this trip.

Maddogmike sometimes referred to as Michael Stewart, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Troy University, Troy, AL, USA

My Visit To Monkey Island, Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru. Thanks for everything Miguel.

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