Caleb Whitaker Entertained At Dawn on the Amazon

by Captain Bill

Caleb Whitaker performing, the Dawn on the Amazon on the boulevard, Iquitos

Caleb Whitaker entertained us at the Dawn on the Amazon. I wish you could have been here with us. It was fun. Caleb’s a charming guy. He combined playing and singing with nice mannerisms and an appealing style.

It was a welcome musical change of pace from the wondering minstrels playing panpipes, quenas, cajóns, and guitars with a string missing. Caleb covered some Dylan, early Elvis, and some of my favorite Beetles songs. He branched out with an original impromptu, “Ain’t Got No Acai Blues.”

Caleb told me, ” I saved up money from mowing yards and odd jobs. When I turned 18 I bought my first guitar and never put it down.”

Caleb is a multi-talented guy. Some call him Dante. He is working on a novel, partially based on the characters of Iquitos. That should be a fun read. In the mean time, I always look forward to new posts on his blog, Jungle Love. He tells a good story. Be sure to check out, I Saw A UFO In Iquitos. When I Was On Ayahuasca. No, Really. That article has the distinction of having the only three sentence title in the modern internet age, among other things.

In conclusion, we are planning Caleb’s second performance at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe in the near future. Stay in tune.

Bill Grimes congratulating Caleb Whitaker for a great performance at the Dawn on the Amazon, Iquitos

Caleb Whitaker performed at the Dawn on the Amazon, Iquitos

Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru.

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