Fine French Cuisine At Amazon Bistro On The Boulevard In Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Marc Plumet, wearing the blue and white striped shirt, greeting his guests at the open house of the Amazon Bistro on the Boulevard in Iquitos

I’ve said this several times before, “Marc Plumet is a genius.” Marc had a vision. That vision is now his reality. First he married Tania Sanchez one of the nicest, most beautiful women in Iquitos. Then they started work together on the second phase of his vision, a fancy french bistro with a touch of Brussels built in, called appropriately, Amazon Bistro.

The chandelier is only one of several beautiful features of the Amazon Bistro

The chandelier, and matching wall lamps, the marble table tops and white leather upholstered seating, the gleaming bar top, the large artistic mirrors, the tropical hardwood complimenting the original tile imported from Austria all blend together with the grandeur of a restaurant built during the rubber boom era.

The view of the floor level from the large dinning alcove above in the Amazon Bistro.

There has not been such opulence in Iquitos since 1915, if ever. The extra opulence can be attributed to Marc and Tanya’s partner, Alan Calder, known to some as French Foreign Legion Alan.

Alan Calder is pleased to be a partner in the Amazon Bistro.

Many of the ex-pat community from at least 9 countries, and their Peruvian friends, joined Alan, Marc, and Tania, to celebrate the grand opening of their Amazon Bistro on the Boulevard.

Several of the ex-pat community joined together with their Peruvian colleagues to celebrate the grand opening of the Amazon Bistro

Among the celebrity guests was Mike Collis, the editor of the Iquitos Times. I’m betting he’s writing an article about the Amazon Bistro party for his newspaper at the same time I’m writing this story.

Royce Reed and Mike Collis, covering the story of the Amazon Bistro open house for the Iquitos Times

Tania was the classically beautiful opening night hostess in her stylish dress. Tania and her dress must have modeled straight from a Paris runway show. Very chic.

Tanya, beautiful hostess at the Amazon Bistro in Iquitos

I drank too much imported french wine and Champagne, nibbled on french bread, french cheese, french ham, salmon, and various other french delicacies and desserts, then at 10:00pm I ambled, and staggered the three boulevard blocks back to my home.

This is a well appointed table at the Amazon Bistro, and the bread and soup are very french

No matter how opulent the decor, the food has to be delicious, and part of Marc’s vision included a first class kitchen and delicious food.

Nicolas and Guillaume in the spotlessly clean kitchen of the Amazon Bistro on the boulevard, Iquitos Peru.

He hired Nicolas, undoubtedly one of the best cooks in Iquitos, then he imported,…(you will never guess what he imported),…a real live french chef to teach the culinary secrets of the authentic french sauces to Nicholas.


A plate full of perfectly delicious french food accented by the wine sauce at the Amazon Bistro

The most important element of the chicken breast with potatoes and green beans was the wine sauce, much reduced, and brought back with butter and tiny mushrooms. The sauce was pure concentrated flavor, and the chef brought me extra french bread which I used to wipe the sauce up with. That probably saved me from committing the faux pas of having to lick the platter…it was that good.

Chocolate dessert with a sprig of mint at the Amazon Bistro on the Boulevard of Iquitos

Everything is well presented. The chocolate dessert accented with the sprig of mint is typical of the nice little details you can expect at the Amazon Bistro.

When I want espresso, I go to the Amazon Bistro

When I want espresso, I go to the Bistro.

Marc and Tania behind the bar

The Amazon Bistro is located on the Boulevard or Malecon, Tarapaca #268, Iquitos, Tel: (065) 600-785. The doors stay open from 6:00am until late in the night. The price is reasonable. The delicious plate of the day is only S/16 soles, with soup S/18, and S/19 with dessert.

Chef Guillaume passing my plate full of delicious food to the nice waitress.

I enjoyed eating at the fine Amazon Bistro four times in their first eight days and the average cost has been less than S/20 per person. I plan to be a regular customer and I hope to meet you at the Bistro.

The French chef, Guillaume Copéré, taking a break visiting with Tania, the beautiful bartendress.

Marc, Tania, Alan, Nicolas, and Guillaume are all friends of mine. They are nice, hardworking, smart people. You will like the scene at their Amazon Bistro. It is the new place in Iquitos to go for special occasions.

Fine French Cuisine At Amazon Bistro On The Boulevard In Iquitos

Bill Grimes, host of the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, and self appointed restaurant critic of Iquitos, hanging out at the Amazon Bistro.

Bill Grimes is host of the Dawn on the Amazon Café, and the self appointed restaurant critic of Iquitos. To read over 30 more of his restaurant critiques, click Where To Eat In Iquitos; or the condensed list, Where Will You Eat In Iquitos Peru, to be updated soon.

Bill wrote a more recent article about the Amazon Bistro here;

Amazon Bistro on the Boulevard;

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1 Alan May 24, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Congratulations Marc, Tanya & Alan,

The restaurant looks absolutely beautiful, I am so jealous that I could not be there on opening night with the rest of the lads. I will be in Iquitos in a couple of weeks and you can count on me paying a visit then. It is always a good feeling to see someone’s vision and dreams come to reality and I know how hard Marc has worked over the past few years to make his come true.

Congratulations and all the best in the future.


2 Mike Collis May 25, 2011 at 8:40 am

Hello Big Al,

Yes Al the Amazon Bistro really is a fabulous place. For the first time since the rubber boom we have a real french restaurant here in Iquitos.
Now I know, Big Al ,how you spoil your Misses and Lucero rotten. If your generosity really knows no bounds you’ve just got to take them there for supper. Actually according to Bill its not that expensive considering its real french cuisine cooked by a real french chef. But come on now Big Al are you going to treat Mercedes and Lucero to a bottle of real french white wine ? It only costs $100US a pop !

3 Gart van Gennip May 26, 2011 at 10:11 am

I had lunch at Marc’s new restaurant the other day, and although it was ‘just’ a sandwich, it was the best damn sandwich I had ever had in Iquitos. The bread is baked on the premises and is absolutely delicious. There is no other bread like it in Iquitos.

And the café-au-lait brought tears to my eyes. Not because it was too hot, but because it was like a long-forgotten memory that all of a sudden pops back into your mind. Dé-li-cieux!

The waiter was very friendly and professional and the service was almost perfect. I say ‘almost’, because there are always some minor flaws only a seasoned hospitality professional like myself would notice. Don’t mind me!

I will certainly go back and hope to see many of my friends there as well. I can’t wait to try the vegetarian lasagna, or the French breakfast dishes Marc is boasting about. Now, you can’t get a real French croissant outside of France, so I wonder how Marc lives up to that challenge. Considering to what lengths he has gone to create this culinary jewel in Iquitos, I imagine he has them flown in from Paris daily.

4 Satu 2 May 30, 2011 at 4:36 am

Hello Marc and Tania,
your restaurant seems very nice, so congratulation!
Marc, is there some missing thing from the wall?
I couldn’t see a finnish flag 🙂

Best regards and take care
Satu 2

5 Monique June 1, 2011 at 3:50 am

Félicitations: pour le resto, le marriage & ton anniversaire !
Sois heureux

6 chabeone June 5, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Ca fait plaisir de voir ton cadre de travail Guillaume…

Notre chef préféré nous manque dans le rezo…

Hate de t’avoir au tel ou sur TS…

à bientot…

7 Kimo Teta June 12, 2011 at 8:56 am

Marc and Tania,

Congratulations! Beautiful and wonderful. A vision come true!
I know the food must taste even better than the look. You both are truly amazing.

May your creations be numerous and joy giving!

All the very Best

8 Michelle Arias June 16, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Truly a breath of fresh air in Iquitos. Well done! I am back in the States now and miss your soups.

9 Laura June 18, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Bravo Marc & Tania!

10 Paul August 12, 2011 at 12:08 pm

Bonjour Marc, c’est une très belle réussite ! Bravo ! Fabuleux…

11 alain blondeau October 10, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Salut Marc !!!!
Un grand bonjour de Mons !!!!

12 Zenebe April 6, 2012 at 4:33 am

Bravo Marc, magnificient.

13 Jérôme Urbain April 11, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Félicitation Marc,

Cela donne vraiement envie de s’y rendre. 😉

Bonne continuation.

14 Mark Jacops May 13, 2014 at 9:38 pm

The greatest place in the Peruvian Amazon to have a great meal and
enjoy the company of locals and travelers—-quelle bonhuer!!!!

15 Verhulst Jean-Christophe September 15, 2014 at 2:59 am

Congratulations Plume, you actually are a genius!!!
Hope to see you on of these days…

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