Charapita Party Bus Tour Of Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Charapita party bus tour near the boulevard on Nauta Street

Saturday night, Marmelita and I and 9 of our friends that hang out with us at the Dawn on the Amazon Café, joined several other party people for a fun evening on the Charapita Party Bus, riding around on a tour of Iquitos and the outskirts of town, drinking delicious chuchuhuasi, a regional drink, and cold beer, listening to live music and commentary by Pedro Peña with lots of bantering, and joking.

Caleb told the best joke. I think It’s an original. He asked “Why do so many hippies and gypsies come to Iquitos?” Total silence on the bus, wheels turning, but gears not engaging …”Because they heard there weren’t any jobs here.” followed by laughter and general agreement. Later Caleb took a turn on the guitar and sang a Bob Dylan song.

The Carapita Party Bus Tour is not a Dawn on the Amazon project. We just thought it sounded like fun, and we were right. There was only one seat not occupied so I believe it was a success. I hope there will be more in the future. Possibly a late afternoon Charapita Sunset Party Bus would also be popular.

Marmelita is sensitive to motion sickness and we had to bail out before the end of the tour. The last stop was at Noa nightclub. Our $16 apiece fare for the bus party included the entry fee into Noa, a free beer and a reservation in the VIP section, dancing till dawn, but instead we were in bed a little after midnight. Still, it was a fun night in Iquitos and I recommend you join the next Charapita Party Bus Tour.

Singing and dancing on the Charapita Party Bus Tour of Iquitos

The Charapita Party Bus Tour was a fun night in Iquitos

Bill and Marmelita were on the first Charapita Party Bus Tour in Iquitos. It was conceived and organized by our friend Norma Cordova, manager of the Iquitos branch of Domiruth Travel Service.

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1 The warrior May 23, 2011 at 5:27 pm

I have been reading your blog for about a week or now vand really like. I especially liked the post about fishing. Any most of my vacation revolve around martial arts and other fighting styles. Do you know of anything that would be of interest to me around the Amazon?

2 Captain Bill May 24, 2011 at 8:21 am

My favorite is the group of capoeiristas that performs the capoeira, an acrobatic martial arts dance. I’m sure they would want you to join right in.

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