Flood Victims In The Amazon

by Captain Bill

A guest post by Amanda Garratt of Flood Victims of Ucayali

Flood victims in the Amazon

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you may know, I have been living in the Amazon of Peru for the last 2 years working with indigenous communities.

This past rainy season (November to April), the river grew to record highs, flooding hundreds of indigenous communities, and leaving thousands of people without homes and without farmland. These people make less than $5/day, and their major means of survival is their land, so that they may provide food to their families. The river has devastated this land, and these people are without homes and without food. Additionally, the public health concerns associated with these high water levels, including Dengue fever, fungus, cholera, etc. are on the rise, and many of the communities are without medical care.

It is a catastrophe, and there is little to no international media coverage. The governments are trying to help, but we live in a very poor region, and the support is not reaching the majority of the people. For example, the regional government allocated food to each district that was in need, however, this translated to only 30 sacks of food per community, which is not enough. They need food in the short term until they can recover their farmland to begin planting again. They do not have the money to buy food in markets, and without support, many will starve.

I am working with the local government in the district of Iparia, located on the upper Ucayali River, 15 hours by boat from Pucallpa, the nearest city, to raise funds for food, clothes, and medicine for these people. In this district alone, there are 15,000 people without homes or food, the majority of which are children.

I urge you to help. I know that economic times are tough right now, but even $20 translates into 44 pounds of rice. We are in the process of creating a non-profit so that donations may be tax-deductible, but the need is urgent at this present time, and cannot wait.

Also, if you know of people or organizations that may be able to provide support, or if you would be willing to set up your own collection at your university or work, please let me know. These people are in great need, and your support will help save a life. Please help.

In Solidarity,

Amanda Garratt

Flood Victims In The Amazon

Bill Grimes here. Please do what you can to help. Don’t send me money. I’m only trying to raise awarness. Click this link to learn how to help; https://www.wepay.com/donate/166025

Check out this link to Amazon Flooding More Than Usual to see a chart of the water levels of the Amazon River near Iquitos downstream from the Ucayali River.

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