A Prince Drops In

by Captain Bill

A Guest Post By Colin Michaels,

Prince Andrew

The British Consul got up early that day, had his black shoes polished, put on his long trousers, shirt and tie and made his way to Iquitos Airport. Many other dignitaries were there waiting on the tarmac with the red carpet laid out. They were waiting for the arrival of His Royal Highness Prince Andrew of England. At 9:15 the royal jet appeared in the blue skies above. After a copybook landing the jet taxied and stopped on the airport apron. Everyone straightened their ties and prepared to be presented to His Royal Highness.

The door opened and Prince Andrew descended the steps and was wearing  black pinstriped trousers, an open necked white shirt and, unbelievably, a Davy Crockett fur hat!

No one uttered a word about the unusual headwear the prince was wearing. Well that was until he was presented to the British Consul. “I’m very pleased to meet you your Royal Highness” said the Consul.

The prince replied, “Awfully hot here don’t you think?”

The consul replied  “Its always hot here Sir which brings me to ask you, Sir, why are you wearing a fur hat?”

“Oh that’s my Mother” replied the prince “When she asked me what was my schedule for this week I told her, Mother I’m going to open your new embassy in Lima, Peru and on the way back I’m stopping off in Iquitos.”

“Iquitos?” my Mother asked “Wear the fox hat?”

A Guest Post By Colin Michaels

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