What We Learned About Celebrating Your Peru Vacation

by Captain Bill

What we learned from our Peru vacation about celebrating your Peru vacation.

Let me run this past you. I learned something important about vacations. We want to celebrate them. That seems like a simple concept but I was missing it.

At work, living a “normal” life, I was on a diet and not drinking. When Marmelita and I went on our two week vacation in Peru I abandoned my diet to eat lots of exotic food, and drank a glass or two of fine wine nearly every evening with dinner. Marmelita does not drink at all during her “normal” every day working life, but she drank 3 pisco sours on vacation. We were celebrating our good fortune to be on vacation. When we returned to work, I started over on my diet and have not had a glass of wine since. Isn’t that human nature? Don’t most of us cut loose a little bit on vacation? Don’t we put on a couple of pounds, and maybe drink an extra beer? Don’t we celebrate our vacation?

Now that I have relearned that lesson, I realize how important it is to celebrate your vacation. From now on, when you book a tour or cruise with Dawn on the Amazon it comes with a complimentary bottle of my favorite Peruvian champagne (sparkling wine) for every couple, or if you prefer, two large, cold bottles of beer, or all of the iced soda pop you want.

I have been too complacent about accepting the quality of the wine we can buy in Iquitos. I have to be more proactive than just buying the best wine I can find off the shelf to serve fine wine in Iquitos. That probably means ordering from the distributor or the vineyard by the case. I am looking into it.

I was satisfied to just have Iquitaña Extra Beer, but everyone is unique, and now I understand you might rather celebrate your vacation drinking Cusqueña or Pilson. I’m not the beer dictator, so I will stock them also.

We have always done a good job of serving big portions of delicious exotic food, tropical fruits, and juices for your vacation, and we will continue that tradition. If you think you are going to lose weight traveling to the Amazon jungle, better book your tour with someone besides Dawn on the Amazon, cause it ain’t gonna happen with us. We are going to help you celebrate.

Sure you want to have new experiences, and accumulate new information, but you also want to smile, laugh, and have fun. Most of us won’t remember learning Iquitos is 2,300 miles upstream from the Atlantic Ocean, but we can all enjoy my friend Robbie Dowling’s story of “the dub in the tub”. Robbie attempted to navigate the Amazon River from Iquitos to the Atlantic Ocean,…in a bath tub. Amazingly enough, he made it as far as the triple frontier of Peru, Brazil, and Columbia, but when he tried to cross the border, the coast guard would not give him permission to continue because there is no boat category for bathtubs…Ha, ja, he, je, hi, ji, jijijijijiji

What do you think? Would you like to celebrate your vacation with complimentary champagne, lots of fantastic food, and fun? There is only one choice in Iquitos for you. Dawn on the Amazon. Remember us. Write it down. Dawn on the Amazon.

What we learned from our Peru vacation about celebrating your Peru vacation.

Bill Grimes is back on his diet and is back at work as the president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises.

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