Huaraz To Lima, The Beginning of the End Of Bill and Marmelita’s Peru Vacation

by Captain Bill

Huaraz to Lima, the beginning of the end of Bill and Marmelita’s Peru vacation

To your health from Lima

To your health from Lima

El Tumi Hotel

I got up early around 4:30am to write the latest blog post and answer emails, thanks to the wireless internet connection in our room here at El Tumi Hotel. This was a real test of whether my only requirement in a hotel is wi-fi. They assignied us the noisiest, ugliest, smallest, worst room in the building. I had to take the head board off the bed to access the only plug-in for my lap top. I should have complained and got a better room, but I didn’t. We were paying $50 for a double. That is too much for the sub-par room we had. If they want to get a good review from me they should have given us a better room with a bigger discount. Wireless internet in the room is my only requirement, that’s how it is.

LC Busre Airlines

We have our tickets with LC Busre Airlines who only have one small propeller passenger plane from Huaraz to Lima that leaves at 11:00am every day for $129 per person. It only takes one hour to get from Huaraz to Lima by plane and 8 hours by bus.


OK, now we are in Lima after a smooth easy flight. The plane only had one seat on each side of the aisle, and the roof of the plane was so low I had to bend doubled over at the waist to get to my seat. The Huaraz airport is new and spotless. Everything was professional and also personal. The woman that seemed to be in charge of everything also held the babies while the mothers sent their purses and luggage through the X-ray machine.

Pretty House Hostel

We made reservations for a matrimonial room at the Pretty House Hostel for $25 per night. We usually stay there when we are in Lima. It is located at Av. Mariátegui #1711 Jesús Maria District, 35 minutes by taxi from the airport. The taxi charged $13. We like the owner, and the price. It is clean, safe, and it will come as no surprise that every room has wireless internet.

Don Fernando Restaurant

This time we discovered a fantastic seafood restaurant only two blocks from the Pretty House, Don Fernando where I savored one of the best meals of our Peru vacation. It was simple shrimp saute in olive oil, but the catch was the approximately twenty shrimp were sauteed with 30 cloves of garlic for $10. It came with crusty French style bread to dip in the garlic flavored olive oil. Delicious; my breath was ruined for two days.

Here is the condensed version of our stay in Lima.

We came to Lima with two goals; to buy chairs and tables to put out in front of the Amazon Explorers Club Lounge, and to visit with the Peruvian Federation of Golf. We accomplished those goals and are ready to go home to Iquitos.

Peruvian Airlines

We reserved our tickets to Iquitos with the new Peruvian Airlines for $114.95 per ticket. They have some kinks to work out with their computer ticket sales. The line was very slow, but we were there early enough it did not adversely affect us. Baggage check in was efficient, the plane was nice, the food good, and the pilot and crew were professional.

Back home in Iquitos

When we got off the plane in Iquitos the warm humid air felt great. We saw friends at the airport, and on the boulevard before we unlocked our door, and were so happy to be back home. Bill and Marmelita’s Peru vacation is over. Time to get back to work.

Lima cake

Lima cake

Huaraz to Lima, the beginning of the end of Bill and Marmelita’s Peru vacation

Bill Grimes is president of Dawn on the Amazon, studying tourism in Huaraz and Lima.

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