Be Remarkable, Not Mediocre

by Captain Bill

Be Remarkable, Not Mediocre

Me on my remarkable balcony, with my remarkable view. Be remarkable, not mediocre

Me on my remarkable balcony, with my remarkable view. Be remarkable, not mediocre

The white board sign hangs above my computer desk reminds me, Be Remarkable, Not Mediocre. That is not a slogan or a mission statement. It is an achievable goal for me, my businesses, my crew, my blogs, my writing, and for my future.

I have attempted and done a lot in my life. Some of it turned out mediocre. That is how I know for sure it is better to be remarkable. Looking back through my personal history, I accept some of the mediocre results as an inexperienced young man learning about life. I was a little slow to learn, but we are not born experts in every subject. Some mediocre results were caused by a lack of time, focus, or interest.

Now I am a very focused, interested, experienced 63 year old who does not have time to waste on mediocrity. I will not be involved in any more half-assed operations. I would rather be remarkable and fail than be mediocre and just squeak by.

I have been advised I am “over the top”. People coming to Iquitos do not want remarkable. It is too time consuming and expensive to provide remarkable. They would rather pay less for mediocre, and call it remarkable. If that is true, which I doubt, I am here to provide an alternative.

Anyone paying attention to what I am doing can see; Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, Remarkable, not mediocre. The Amazon Golf Course, Remarkable, not mediocre. Marmelita and our relationship, Remarkable… I am still building the Amazon Explorers Club, it will be Remarkable…

This Captain’s Blog has been a learning experience.  The 200 plus articles run the gauntlet between remarkable and mediocre. I have learned new ways to present information. I changed directions a couple of times. First it was about me. Then I switched to promoting my tours and cruises. Then I discovered search engine optimization and started ranking well for my main search terms and keywords, but that was not remarkable. Next I moved from writing for search engines to writing to provide more valuable information for you. That was an improvement. Lately I have been emphasizing some of my favorite places in Iquitos to encourage new visitors, show the diversity of our charming city, and promote general tourism for everyone.

None of those strategies have been remarkable enough to satisfy me, or probably you. I have a new vision of how the Captain’s Blog can be consistently remarkable. It will take time to implement my vision. Please stay tuned. Come back. The Captain’s Blog is growing up. It will be remarkable.

I am learning new things on the internet and from books. I have new ideas to think about, to improve my style, and ultimately to reinvent myself again. I am careful to commit to the remarkable.

To be remarkable means to be worthy of notice or attention, that you must acknowledge as extraordinary, and pass the word on to people that might be interested. I hope you do me the favor of remarking on my businesses and the Captains Blog to your friends and associates. Thank you.

Be Remarkable, Not Mediocre

Bill Grimes is president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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1 Scott August 31, 2009 at 7:51 am

Well said. Anyone can be mediocre, but what’s the fun in that?

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