Promise Less, Deliver More

by Captain Bill

In Tourism, Business, and Life, Promise Less, Deliver More

We traveled to Colca Canyon with Sipia Tours. The guide never once said we would see the condors. He always said, “If we are lucky, we will see the Condors.” That was smart. We did see the condors and we felt lucky.

We were on a working vacation. We had our cell phones and lap top computer. An important part of my job is communicating by email, and writing articles for the Captains Blog. My only requirement was the hotels where we stayed had to have wireless internet for my lap top, so I could run my business from anywhere.

The Pozo del Ciello Hotel in Chivay promised wireless internet. They were more expensive, but I was willing to pay more for wi-fi. The Pozo del Ciello had the best view, and the most comfortable accommodations. They even brought us hot water jugs to put under the covers at night to keep our feet warm…but they did not have wireless internet. I hate the Pozo del Ciello. I do not recommend the Pozo del Ciello. I did not pay for warm feet.  I payed for wireless internet service. They promised, and did not deliver, and did not seem to care. That is a big mistake for a business to make.

I lose some travelers because they want me to guarantee they will see pink dolphins, or specific wildlife, or catch Peacock Bass. I never promise what I can not deliver. This is the Amazon River and rainforest, not a zoo. Anyone that promises specific wildlife is a liar.

I will promise my guests, “If we are lucky we will see the Pink Dolphins. If we are lucky we will catch Peacock Bass.” Then do my best to deliver more.

Promise Less, Deliver More

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon

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