We Don’t Sell an Amazon Tour, We Provide a Dream Come True For You

by Captain Bill

We Don’t Sell an Amazon Tour, We Provide a Dream Come True For You

Iquitos Peru, Amazon Cruise, Dream Come True

We don’t sell you an Amazon tour, an Amazon cruise, or a city tour. We provide the experience of going back in history to discover 1899 at the apex of the Rubber Boom. Why would you buy just an Amazon tour, or an Amazon cruise instead of investing in the experience of being on a voyage of discovery on the Amazon River in the rainforest with Dawn on the Amazon.

We built our Amazon River boats of beautiful tropical hardwoods, retro-designed from the rubber boom era. The boats give you the feeling of following the flow of the river back in time to a way of life that no longer exists in most of the civilized world. Along the way you will discover that life has not changed much the last hundred years in the upper Amazon rainforest.

We are selling what you get after you leave us, when you get back home. We want you to have more than memories and photos. We want you to have an emotional association with Iquitos, the Amazon River, the rainforest. You will be welcomed aboard as our guest, and leave as part of our Dawn on the Amazon family.

Dawn on the Amazon, the beginning of a new day, everything seems possible, but nothing is carved in stone, or locked into a set itinerary. We rarely do business with travel agencies. They sell Amazon tours or Amazon cruises. They do not sell dreams come true. They have to to sell an itinerary scheduling every hour, every detail. How is that a voyage of discovery? It is a commodity, a product.

We are always looking for the opportunity to experience the unexpected. If you want an hourly itinerary, Dawn on the Amazon may not be right for you. We do business with independent travelers hoping to have their dreams come true. That is what we do.

We Don’t Sell an Amazon Tour, We Provide a Dream Come True For You

Bill Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

We Build and Own Our Amazon River Boats

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