The History Channel Films Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

The History Channel Films Iquitos Peru

The History Channel emailed me about providing support for a documentary they were planning to film about Iquitos Peru. I immediately started brushing up on pre-Incan and Incan Andean trade with the rainforest indigenous, Francisco Orellana “discovering” the Amazon River, the rubber boom era, and the wars.

Then Amanda Mears, the producer, called and told me they planned to film The Ancient History of Shamanism, Ayauasca, and How it Relates to Modern Tourism in Iquitos Peru.

They met a shaman, went with him into the jungle, harvested and prepared the ayauasca vine and other natural medicines, brewed the ayauasca tea, participated in an ayauasca ceremony, and filmed the whole sequence.

They also filmed a short segment from Dawn on the Amazon III as we cruised slowly past the Iquitos water front and the floating village of Belen. The next day they photographed the Butterfly Farm.

The history of Shamanism and the use of ayauasca is a fascinating subject for a documentary. I look forward to watching it. I am curious if they will use the more accurate term curandero, or vegetalista, instead of Shaman. Probably not; the word shaman has instant international recognition.

The History Channel film crew had an amazing experience in Iquitos that they will never forget. I expect them to come back some day.

The History Channel Films Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, President, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and CruisesWelcome to Iquitos Peru

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1 alan shoemaker June 6, 2008 at 12:18 pm

They followed my wife Mariella into the jungle. Initially they were to follow me going to a curandero but they had to change their dates and so I had already been contracted to guide Cuzco, MPicchu and the Sacred Valley. But Mariella had an excellent time and she´s easier on the eyes than me…. and what she lacks in English she makes up in charm… so we´re very much looking forward to seeing it as well.
Nice one Bill!

2 Bill June 6, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Thanks for your comment Alan. Obviously Mariella is much more photogenic than either of us. Only the timing kept you from having a major role in the documentary. The History Channel film crew all spoke very highly of you and Mariella.

Bill Grimes

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