Your Amazon Cruise and Golf Adventure in Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

Your Amazon Cruise and Golf Adventure in Iquitos Peru

I am going to show you how easy it can be to have a safe adventure in the Amazon Rainforest. You will stay at the best hotels, eat at my favorite restaurants, cruise the Amazon on a famous Amazon River boat, play golf at the Amazon Golf Course, and have a great story to tell your family and friends.

Amazon Golf Course, Green # 6, Danger, Piranhas, Wolf Fish

This is the Amazon Golf Course, carved out of second growth jungle near Iquitos Peru by men with machetes. Water hazards take on a literal meaning when they are full of large toothy sport fish called, WOLF FISH, Hoplias malabaricus. We rent fishing poles to carry with your clubs and machete. You can use golf balls for bait.

Plan to play a round at the Amazon Golf Course soon.

Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises has teamed up with the Amazon Golf Course to create two travel packages to make it easy for you to play this challenging course, to enjoy exotic Iquitos, and to explore the Amazon River and rainforest cruising on the beautiful Dawn on the Amazon river boats.

The only differences in the two packages are The Luxury Amazon Cruise and Golf Adventure, for $1800, provides the benefit of the additional comfort of staying in 5 star hotels and cruising in Dawn on the Amazon III. The Half Price Amazon Cruise and Golf Adventure, for $900, provide the same golf and other benefits, but you will stay in three star hotels, and cruise through the Amazon rainforest in Dawn on the Amazon I. All of the other benefits are the same. Really, the only decision that you need to make is $1800, or $900. Bring three friends.

Your Amazon Cruise and Golf Adventure, Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes

Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, Open Under New Management

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1 Golf Tours June 25, 2008 at 5:20 pm

I have never been in Peru, but that looks like a great golfing place. It looks like rustic adventurous golf! Great article and thanks for the picture!

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