Hotels of Iquitos Peru; Reviews, Rates, Recommendations

by Captain Bill

Hotels of Iquitos Peru; Reviews, Rates, Recommendations

I updated all prices, addresses, and information on the Hotels of Iquitos Peru, April 25th, 2009.

I am asked for recommendations about the hotels in Iquitos Peru nearly every day. This article should be a valuable resource for travelers to Iquitos. I have listed the benefits and the prices of the hotels I recommend.

Prices range from $4 to $600, and fluctuate with the exchange rate, the season, promotions, supply and demand, and sometimes the whims of the owners.

At some hotels, you can negotiate a discount. It won’t hurt to ask. The lowest rates can usually be negotiated from November to May.

A lot of this information about the hotels of Iquitos Peru, comes from my personal experiences and opinions, from the experiences and opinions of my friends, and from guests who have stayed at the hotels reviewed here.

If a hotel or hostel is in this list you can consider it a recommendation within the hotel’s price range and your budget. If the price is under $20 do not expect hot water and air conditioning. If you require hot water and air conditioning you will not be happy with the low price choices. If you are on a tight budget, you will not be happy with the El Dorado Plaza, or the Victoria Regia. Please choose accordingly. Don’t say, “I can not believe Bill recommended this hotel. It doesn’t have a pool.”

I love Iquitos Peru, and want to share that love with you. I always recommend my guests schedule at least one day in Iquitos before their Amazon cruise or Jungle Cabin adventure and at least one day after we return. That usually means hotel rooms. If you choose Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises for your Amazon adventure, we will make the reservations at the hotel of your choice for you.

The Iquitos Peru Hotel Reviews, Rates, Benefits, and Recommendations

Listed by price, not strength of recommendation

El Dorado Plaza, Napo #252, $220 King, $270 double or matrimonial, $350 Junior suite, $600 Presidential. The El Dorado Plaza Hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Iquitos, very nice, excellent breakfast, fancy swimming pool with fountain, and water fall. Well located on the Plaza de Armas, one and a half blocks to the river and boulevard, two blocks to our Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises office. The El Dorado Plaza Hotel is the best and most expensive hotel in Iquitos. Airport pick-up and delivery included. I like Francisco Grippa’s art on display in the lobby.

El Dorado Isabel Hotel, Napo #362, $61 single, $74 double, triple, $88, Junior Suite $154. The El Dorado Hotel is a sister hotel to the El Dorado Plaza Hotel, continental breakfast and airport pick up included. A half block to the Plaza de Armas, two and a half blocks to the river and boulevard. I stayed here. I like the swimming pool and Francisco Grippa’s art on display in the lobby.

La Casa Morey, Av. Raimondi con Av. Loreto, Plaza Ramón Castilla, $70 for a single, $95 for a matrimonial, double, $140 triple, includes breakfast. I particularly recommend staying at Casa Morey if you are interested in the history of Iquitos. Casa Morey is equal parts living museum and elegant hotel. Click this link for more information and several photos, Casa Morey, The Historic Iquitos Hotel.

Victoria Regia, Ricardo Palma #252, $74 single, $84 double, $111 triple, $138 junior suit $165 Deluxe Suit. The Victoria Regia is well run and arguably the best hotel over all for the price, comfortable rooms, air conditioning, hot water, nice swimming pool, buffet breakfast, complimentary airport pickup and delivery, fairly quiet, but not as well located, 8 blocks from the Plaza, 10 blocks from the Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises office, 4 blocks from the river and boulevard. I have stayed here many times. The Victoria Regia is the best hotel in Iquitos for the price.

Acosta, Huallaga #254, $55 single, $66 double, triple $77. The Acosta Hotel is owned and operated by the same family that owns and operates the Victoria Regia. Very well run, air conditioning, hot water, beautiful lobby with fresh bouquets, continental breakfast, complimentary airport pick up, noisy, ask for a room in the back, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, 4 blocks from our office, 3 blocks from the river and boulevard. I have had friends stay here. The rooms are comfortable. I like the lobby décor, the heliconia and ginger bouquets. The Acosta Hotel might be the best hotel for the price if a swimming pool is not important to you.

La Casa Fitzcarraldo, Avenida La Marina #2153, not really a hotel, rather a large famous house with possibly the best pool and jungle garden in Iquitos. It is certainly the only place with a three story tree house. It is the house that Warner Hertzog and Walter Saxer bought for a home base to produce the most famous movie made in Iquitos, Fitzcarraldo, considered by many to be the most difficult movie ever made. Marmelita and I lived here for several months. There are a lot of good things about La Casa Fitzcarraldo, but it is a 10 minute moto-kar ride from the Plaza de Armas and our office. If getting away from the hustle and noise of the city center sounds good to you, I recommend La Casa Fitzcarraldo. Cost $40-$80, depending on the room. For more information and photos read this article, You Will Enjoy the Pool and Jungle Garden at La Casa Fitzcarraldo, Iquitos Peru.

Nativa Apartments, Nanay #144, $55 single, $59 double, conveniently located three blocks from the Plaza de Aramas, 5 blocks from the boulevard and Dawn on the Amazon. Good security, air conditioning, kitchenette, patio, call 51-65-600-270. Has ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for a couple of years. Highly recommended.

Hotel Marañon, Located on the corner of Fitzcarrald and Nauta # 285-289, $33 single, $43 double or matrimonial, $56 triple, air conditioning, hot water, swimming pool, continental breakfast, airport pick-up. The Hotel Marañon is located two blocks from the river and boulevard, one block from the Plaza de Armas, rooms on the street side are noisy; rooms facing the pool are quieter. Arguably the best value, considering the pool, location, and price. Reservations recommended. The Hotel Marañon is one of only four hotels on the list that lowered their 2009 prices. The others are the Hotel El Dorado, the Hotel Safari, and the Hobo Hideout.

Hotel Doral Inn, Raymondi #220, $35 single, $50 double, $60 triple, suite, $80, includes continental breakfast and pick up from the airport. The top floor is an observation tower, the floor below is a roof top patio where the complimentary breakfast is served and is occasionally used for parties. The lobby is small, and the rooms, and bathrooms are too small; the rooms to the back are quieter, but the air conditioning unit is so noisy it hardly matters. The Hotel Doral Inn is well located a block and a half from the Plaza de Armas and the boulevard.

Apart Hotel, Av. Agurrie #1151 $32 single, $43 double, $45 matrimonial, triple $50, suite $55, master suite $65 , includes air conditioning, free internet, and a pool. Located near the Belen Market and Plaza 28 de Julio. The Apart Hotel and the owner are very nice. The location is not so tourist friendly unless your interests are the market, or the Chinese businesses. The Apart Hotel is new on this list, highly recommended by guests that have stayed there.

Hotel Safari, Napo #118, $28 single, $40 double or matrimonial, triple, $98, price includes continental breakfast. The Safari Hotel is only a few yards from the boulevard, and one block from the Plaza de Armas. The matrimonial rooms have a view of the river. The Hotel Safari was completely remodeled in 2006-2007, so it is practically new. The Hotel Safari is one of only four hotels that lowered their prices for 2009. The others are the El Dorado Hotel, the Marañon Hotel, and the Hobo Hideout.

Hotel Ambassador, Pevas #260, $25 single, $35 double or matrimonial, $45 triple, includes continental breakfast. I do not have any personal experience with the Hotel Ambassador, but a friend of mine always stays there and likes it, so I include it on his recommendation. The Ambassador Hotel is two and a half blocks from the Plaza de Armas, and the boulevard.

Hostal El Colibri, $13 single, $16 matrimonial, triple, $19, private bath rooms, safe, clean, affordable, fairly quiet, well located, you can choose to pay extra for hot water, and air conditioning, no complimentary breakfast. El Colibri is located right around the corner from the Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises office, half block from the river, and boulevard, one block from the Plaza de Armas. I frequently recommend the Hostel El Colibri to my guests.

Hospedaje La Pascana, Pevas # 133-A, $11 single, $15 double, $18, triple. La Pascana is well located on a quiet street that ends at the river, three blocks from the Plaza de Armas, two blocks from the Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises office, and the boulevard. The two best features of La Pascana are the quiet tropical garden every room faces and opens on to, and the nice family who owns the hostel. They will help you with nearly everything you will need. The brewed coffee is excellent for S/2 soles per cup. I lived here for several months. If you are on a budget, and are staying for a month or more ask for the monthly rate, it is a small discount that helps makes La Pascana a good choice.

Hobo Hideout, Putumayo # 437, budget alternative three blocks from the main square. The rooms to the back are the quietest, $6 dormitory bed, $8 single, $12 double, $15 matrimonial. The Hobo Hideout is a good choice for outdoors people, fishermen and hunters on a budget. The décor tends toward a hunter’s den, with pet parrots and macaws, snake skins, animal hides, trophy fish, etc. The Hobo Hideout lets their guests use the kitchen to cook meals and store food for additional savings. The Hobo Hideout is one of only four hotels that lowered their prices for 2009. The others are the El Dorado Hotel, the Marañon Hotel and the Safari Hotel.

Mad Mick’s Trading Post and Bunkhouse, #163-202 Putumayo, up the stairs, $4, bunk bed, dormitory style. Mad Mick’s Trading Post and Bunkhouse is well located a half block from the Plaza de Armas, half block from the river and boulevard, two blocks from the Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises office. I know this place well. Mad Mick’s Trading Post and Bunkhouse is the most secure place to stay on a tight budget. Be sure to bring your own lock for the security box. Mad Mick is actually Mike Collis, owner and editor of the Iquitos Times

There are many more hotels in Iquitos Peru that are not mentioned here, either because I do not know them, do not like them, or because I do not consider their location to be favorable for most travelers.

I stayed at the Real Iquitos over a decade ago. It has fallen on hard times, but is still an interesting place, with huge rooms, a view of the river, and a great location.

I lived at the Posada Del Lobo, Cabo Pantoja 417, for six months. It has a nice pool, friendly staff, nice owners, but is a 10 minute moto-kar ride from the city center.

The Parthenon and the Sol de Oriente are both fine hotels but not well located for most travelers. They have excellent swimming pools. The Sol de Oriente is the best hotel near the airport, and makes a good choice if your flight is delayed or canceled.

Posado Del Lobo, Oro Verde, Amazonas, Real Iquitos, Anaconda, Europa, Sandalo, Copoazu, Jhuliana all have their loyal guests.

I invite you to share your opinions and experiences about the hotels of Iquitos Peru with us in the comments below this article.

I will update this article periodically (article updated on April 25th, 2009) as prices change and with new additions to the recommended list as you convince me with your comments. What do you say? Did I miss any?

Hotels of Iquitos Peru; Reviews, Rates, Recommendations

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Bill Grimes

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Hotels of Iquitos Peru, Reviews, Rates, Recommendations, Updated April 25th 2009

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1 David Volkmann June 21, 2008 at 12:57 pm

My favorite with the biggest bang for the buck has to be Victoria Regia. Remember that most of the prices mentioned here are there official rates and many of the hotels will drop there price as much as 50% if need be. Mention my name and I know the owner, Tito who speaks great english, will give you a discount.

2 Yasmin October 19, 2008 at 2:53 pm

La Pascana was a good place to stay…very quiet and peaceful. I have also stayed at the Ambassador which was also good. As for the Victoria Regia, I have only gone swimming in the pool! I lived in Iquitos in 1997-1998 and it was the best year of my life. I really need to go back! I hear it’s changed a lot though since then….

chau! chaufa!

a true charapa

3 Bill October 19, 2008 at 9:06 pm

From one true charapa to another, thank you for your comment. Iquitos has changed in the last decade, but not as much as you may imagine. Mrs Petty, Rosi and Victor still keep La Pascana quiet and peaceful. Remember Marmelita? She is my favorite woman on earth.

There are several stop lights now, and more one way streets, which improves traffic flow. I still consider these the best years of my life. Iquitos remains full of charm and friendly people, similar to 1998. Come back and visit…

Bill Grimes

4 Derrick Arnott March 1, 2009 at 1:41 pm

My wife and I stayted at Hotel El Dorado Plaza where her jewellery was stolen from a locked safe. The hotel did not want to know! We later heard that this was one of many robberies from hotel rooms there.

5 Alan Sinfield March 3, 2009 at 6:59 pm

I also have been robbed in the Hotel El Dorado; they (I think it was a group effort) stole over $3,000 out of my locked safe. The police were called and made a report, but hotel management did not even offer a free cup of coffee. I had been staying at the Hotel since the year it opened, I would always stay in the Presidential suite and when that was not open I would stay in one of the other suits. I would suggest to anyone staying at this hotel to use the safes that have a number combination, these I believe are a little more difficult for the thieves to open. The problem is that if one does not leave their valuables in the Hotel’s main safe Hotel management is not responsible if articles are stolen. However, now we know for sure there is a problem with hotel staff robbing customers. I guess I was lucky in some regards as the thieves did not steal all my money. It is saddening but the mentality (in some cases) is that if one has money it is not considered robbery if they take a little for themselves. Stay away from this Hotel travelers until management can respect and safeguard their customers.

6 don cooper March 4, 2009 at 6:12 am

hotel acosta is a great place to stay,the prices are good ,the staff is great.mrs bustamante is very helpful.

7 Aaron Smith March 5, 2009 at 6:51 pm

I stayed at Mad Mick’s, the worst and best place I ever stayed in during my 6 months in south america.There’s no rules there except the hand written sign in the dorm “No smoking, No shagging”. I will stay there again one day.

8 Chuck Wheeler March 11, 2009 at 11:44 am

How yer doin, Aaron ?

Yes I was there with Aaron last year, what a great place to stay, cheap as muck only 10 soles a night, but clean (Alex is like a woman always sweepin up),
safe, close to the plaza de armes, but you aint go no privacy, what de you expect ? We loved it there, long may Mad Mick do his thing, got it made,lucky bastard, I’m gona do that when I grow up. LOL

9 Captain Bill March 18, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Hi Derrick, Hi Alan, Thank you for informing us of this problem with the El Dorado Hotel. It would be interesting if the hotel management would come on Captain’s Blog and make a comment explaining how they plan to safeguard their guests valuables now and in the future.

Hi Aaron, Hi Chuck, Thanks for letting us know about your experience at Mad Mick’s Bunkhouse. The difference between the most expensive hotel and the least expensive hotel is not always what a traveler might expect.

Bill Grimes
Amazon Explorers Club

10 Joseph March 26, 2009 at 11:17 am

please fix the link for Hotel Marañon, this is the correct one.

11 Captain Bill March 26, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Hi Joseph, Thanks for letting me know about the Hotel Marañon link. It is the correct one now.

Bill Grimes

12 rob April 1, 2009 at 10:06 am

for me it will be gringo linda,,,what a woman,,,wouldnt you say bill.

13 Captain Bill April 1, 2009 at 10:55 am

I agree, Gringa Linda House for me Rob.

14 Ryan Kelley April 2, 2009 at 10:11 am

Mad Mike…..your place is hot, loud, stinky and one of the best places I have ever stayed in my years of travel. Thanks for creating it.Ryan

15 Robert Connor June 29, 2009 at 11:36 am

Hi Bill, my name is Robert, I’ve been in Iquitos for 2 weeks in May and I just wanted to say that had a great stay at the Amazon Apart Hotel in Iquitos. Everyone was really friendly and told me where the best places were to take tours. They recommeded me dawn on the amazon and I’d like recommend this hotel to everyone who visits Iquitos.

16 Felix July 22, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Amazon Apart Hotel. Stayed a weekend there in an apartment for 50 bucks a night. I felt the place has everything you may need in Iquitos. It doesn’t have the carpets or aircon lobby as the Dorado (or the risk of being robbed from your safe either), but has a great, well functioning aircon in the apartment ( large and well appointed) an, even more important, great staff, ready for every need. The breakfast was simple but well done. They arranged a very personalized tour in the nearby market of Belen, and the jungle of Rio Nanay, guided by a Belen dweller, Raul. He is a perfect local guide, knows every detail and is respected by the market and jungle people. We felt very safe with him. The downside is that the Boras tribe is clearly a theatrical farce, probably was interesting a decade ago, now is very clearly boring and fake. In any case not interesting.
A great recommendation of the Hotel ownwer was Al frio y al fuego, a fantastic floating reataurant. Could perfectly stay a whole day there. Even it is expensive for Iquitos standards, a lunch or dinner will cost less than 20 dollars per person. And the place is unbelievable.

17 jimzoni October 11, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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Next on the list is a little trick I learned from Austin Viking at, which I use sometimes when I’m not so pressed for time.  I start by purchasing a ticket on a flight that is almost always full. I base my decision on day of the week and time of flight.  I usually book my flights on Monday and Friday. Eight times out of ten, the flight is overbooked and they offer someone willing to give up a seat a free ticket, or three hundred dollars towards a future flight. This is always a good move when looking for the lowest airfares.
Next step on the road to acquiring the lowest airfares is booking two weeks or more in advance. That is such common knowledge that I almost left it out but for those of you who didn’t know, well now you know.  Last but not least on my list is always and I mean always search for your cheapest airfares by examining fares to and from nearby airports. In a city like Houston or Dallas, where there are multiple airports minutes from each other, you can really get a drastic price difference. Sure, you may find that to get the cheap airfare you need to fly a different airline, because your favorite airline doesn’t fly to the other airport. I say, if cost isn’t an object, don’t worry about it, but if you are a penny pinching, cheap airfares nut like me then always go for the cheaper flights at the alternate airport.
More to come in my next post!…

18 Hector Glass May 14, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Ok, so you want to go to Iquitos and you’re looking for a place to stay. There are a lot of choices From cheap Hotels to a expensive 5 star at the main plaza.

I came to Iquitos twice. The first time i changed my Hotels/Hostels every 2 days because I couldn’t find anyplace safe, clean, and nice.
The second time i came to Iquitos this winter i got the advice to check out the Nativa Apartment Hotel. The room prices ranged about 100 Soles and my first thought was, maybe I could get a cheeper place, but i will take a look. So I checked it out and in the end I stayed a month.
This Apart-Suites had everything I needed to relax. Beautiful, big and cleaned everyday. The apartments are in great shape and include wifi, cable tv and a friendly staff. The owner, Monica, is very open-minded and will help you however she can. Be it spanish-english translation, issues whith locals, or just good advice for a restaurant.

19 Edward April 2, 2012 at 10:36 pm

To both of the charapas who have written on this blog, Yasmin and Bill, I am also a true Charapa, haha. I believe Yasmin is a buddy of mine, I also did live in Iquitos in up until 1998 and hang out with Yasmin and Steve. Yasmin, if you’re Canadian, then you’re the same Yasmin I’m thinking about. I hope things are going well with you and I’m glad that you returned to Iquitos in 2010 while I was there as well… Iquitos always will be my home. Being born in Iquitos makes me want to comeback every year, the people, the climate, the night life, the beautiful dawns and sunsets overlooking the Amazon river, etc. I’m lucky to go back almost every year. In all of my travels that I have been, Iquitos, Peru is the place I look forward to visiting the most.

Thank you all people for loving my hometown.

From Jackson, MO


20 Shafer April 16, 2012 at 8:41 pm

I have booked a trip to Explorarama Lodge on June 29, 12. I will arrive at Iquitos at noon on 6/28 and meet boat to explorarama lodge at noon on 6/29. I will return to Iquitos on 7/3. I have a 10:30 flight from lima on7/4. My daughter, her friend, and I would like to go to Belin Market, see medicinal merchants, eat at Dawn on the Amazon and see any other fun things and enjoy a few beers and meet some interesting people. I believe we will make hotel reservation at Safari Hotel in Lima. Please advise.

21 Captain Bill April 17, 2012 at 5:17 pm

Hello D.S. Shafer, Thanks for contacting me. Perhaps I can help with the Belen Market, medicinal merchants, Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, a few cold beers, and meeting some interesting characters:) Let me know you like the Safari.

22 Juan Carlos January 15, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Definitely the best hotel in iquitos is Amazon Apart Hotel

23 Jim Norton April 2, 2015 at 10:44 am

Hi Bill,

Mary and I will be back May 6.
I just found out that La Pascana no longer exists. The building has been sold.

Kind regards,


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