Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, Open under New Management

by Captain Bill

Amazon Golf Course Green #9

Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, Open under New Management

Golfers, lets play golf at the Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos, Peru. Are you wishing for a great game of golf in the jungle? Now it is possible. We open today.

The Amazon Golf Course in Iquitos, Peru, is the only place in the Peruvian Amazon to play golf. It was designed on 10 hectares, (over 24 acres) near the Iquitos to Nauta highway, 10 minutes from the airport, or 30 minutes by moto-kar from the Plaza de Armas. The Amazon Golf Course’s 9 holes are laid out over 2,500 yards with traditional sand traps, and water hazards and some surprises you will find only in the jungle. The Amazon Golf Course is the only golf course in the world that issues each golfer a machete to carry with their golf clubs.

Over one hundred beautiful Amarillo Palm trees line the fairways, with landscaping in appropriate locations. The driving range is in the shade under a high, typical, palm leaf thatch roof. The volleyball net is set up in a good place. Come on out and play. What are you doing next weekend?

I was at the Amazon Golf Course a few days ago inspecting and photographing the course, and was impressed with the bird watching. The martins, swifts, and swallows are controlling the mosquitoes, and numerous species of flycatchers are hard at work helping control the other insects. Wattled Jacanas made the water hazards their home, walking with their long feet on the water lilies. A pair of Yellow-headed Caracaras landed in the rough in front of me, and didn’t fly until I was within 20 yards. I want to go back in the next few days and concentrate on bird watching. If you plan to bird watch in Iquitos Peru, consider adding the Amazon Golf Course to your birding sites. Bring your binoculars.

If you are in Iquitos Peru, or are planning to visit soon, come on out and play a round of golf at the Amazon Golf Course. Contact Mike Collis, upstairs at Mad Micks Trading Post and Bunkhouse, on Putumayo Street, #163-202 to “pay and play” for only $20, members $10.

The Amazon Golf Course has a new web site and a new blog, Amazon Golf Course Blog that we would like for you to leave constructive comments on. One of the links on the navigation bar at the top of the web site is to the members page, where you will find a list of the investor/members, and the Oversight Committee. The purpose of the Oversight Committee is to;

1. Protect the rights of the investors.
2. To insure the continuing success of the Amazon Golf Course.
3. To promote golf tourism.
4. To encourage the people of Iquitos to take up the sport of golf.

As one of the members of the Oversight Committee I am asking the investors to please share your wisdom, time, and money, to help us accomplish the four goals listed above.

We are preparing to landscape with several hundred more Palm, Ficus, and Pomarosa trees, mixed with Hibiscus, Locura, and other flowering shrubs. Anyone that would like to make a donation toward dramatically improving bird watching, wildlife habitat, and the beauty of the land the Amazon Golf Course is on, please let us know. Your donation will be appreciated.

More than Just a Golf Course, an Adventure Destination

The Amazon Golf Course is your bird watchers paradise and wildlife sanctuary; a peaceful retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of Iquitos. The Amazon Golf Course creates an adventure story to tell your family and friends, that you were issued a machete to play golf, but thank God, did not have to use it.

As you line up to drive the par 4 #2 green, don’t let the jungle on your left bluff you into the water hazards on your right, and take care not to step on the Red-tailed Boa in the middle of the fairway. Fore!

Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, Open under New Management

Bill Grimes, Welcome to Iquitos Peru, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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Working at the Amazon Golf Course

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1 Jason Robards III May 2, 2008 at 9:40 pm

I can’t believe it! The Golf Course has finally arrived in the hands of its rightful owners. Us!!!
Bro, Congratulations on all of your and Mad Mick’s hard work. Seeing the news made me feel like coming home…to Iquitos.


2 Jane Kenny(South Africa) May 16, 2008 at 10:21 am

I have been reading up on Peru for our up coming trip to Peru in December in the Lonely Planet guide and came across your information in the book.
We are arriving in Iquitos on the 31st December via Lima and staying over that night in Iquitos before leaving the next day to go up river to our lodge. We are avid golfers and would like to find out if it would be possible to play a round of golf at the Amazon Golf Course. We would obviously need to hire the clubs as well.

3 John the Golfer May 18, 2008 at 9:54 am

Hello Amazon Golfers,
I was one of the first people ever to play golf in the amazon. Although it was before the club was open, and we played for free I did play there, I suppose not officially.

Please read my account of that glorious day by clicking here ;
Hope you like it.
Congratulationss to all concerned in bringing golf to the peruvian amazon.

4 Online Payday Loans May 28, 2009 at 9:33 am

This is wonderful news. We’re going on vacation down there this year and I was hoping I could bring the golf clubs. Looks great!

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