Kikiriki, for Chicken in Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Kikiriki, for Chicken in Iquitos Peru

Kikiriki is my favorite place to eat chicken in Iquitos, Peru. It is easy to find at Napo # 159, one block west and a little north of the Plaza de Armas, away from the river. Kikiriki. Cock a doodle doo…get it? In Spanish, Kikiriki…say it…opens at 6:00PM.

We always eat downstairs because it is interesting to watch the unusually large rotisserie the chickens are cooked on, over a big bed of charcoal. The contraption that washes the dishes is also worth a look. The upstairs is air-conditioned but I think it costs a little more.

We usually eat at Kikiriki’s once a week and call for delivery at least once a week. Their phone # is 23-2020. We almost always get a quarter of chicken, fried bananas, and slaw for S/7.50, around $2.20. French fries instead of bananas cost 50 centavos more. I like both of the green sauces.

They also serve a good anticucho (Quechua for kabobs) made of beef heart, with boiled Andean potatoes. The price is S/7.

The tenderloin steak costs S/14. It is alright but there are better places to eat steak near by.

I hesitate to share this secret with you. Do you like homemade lemon meringue pie, or homemade chocolate cakes or coconut cakes?

Too often we walk out of Kikiriki and turn to the left, and walk less than half a block along Condamine to Norma Mía #153. (phone #23-1933.)

The best table is the one in the middle, closest to the street, because the fan blows directly on you. I always get a piece of lemon meringue pie (S/3.50). Norma must whip her egg whites more than my grandma used to, and dare I say, it is even better than hers. I try not to stop at Norma Mía’s every time. I am getting a bit portly. It is easiest not to stop after 9:00 PM; she is closed then.

Kikiriki, for Chicken in Iquitos Peru

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