A Suggestion for Lunch

by Captain Bill

A Suggestion for Lunch in Iquitos Peru

The Huasai is one of my favorite restaurants for lunch in Iquitos Peru. It is easy to find, at Fitzcarrald # 131, across the street and a few doors from the Plaza de Armas, northwest, away from the river.

We eat lunch at the Huasai a couple of times a week. They feature fast service, several choices of specials, hand written in Spanish and clipped onto the printed menu. The choice of specials nearly always includes, a beef, a pork, a chicken, a fish, and a vegetarian dish. Enjoy a beautifully prepared and presented meal, with great sauces, plus a pitcher of juice for only $2.50.

Some of my favorite meals at the Huasai are cooked in the oven, “asado al horno”. My least favorite meal is cau-cau. Be warned, cows stomach is only for the adventurous.

There are always choices of juice, depending on what is in season. I recommend trying a pitcher of maracuya (passion fruit), carambola (star fruit), camu-camu (highest vitamin C content), cocona, tumbo, maiz marado (purple corn and lemon juice), or for something really different, try cebada (root beer with lemon but no carbonation).

The Huasai is a great value. I do not know where you could eat a better meal for $2.50. The proof can be seen between 1:00PM and 2:00PM, when it can be difficult to get a table. The Huasai is very popular with local business people.

A Suggestion for Lunch in Iquitos Peru

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