Marmelita’s Pisco Butter Cake

by Captain Bill

Pisco Butter Cake

Cake batter
500 grams of real butter
650 grams of flour mix (mixed with baking powder)
18 egg yolks
9 egg whites
500 grams of sugar
Pinch of salt
Shred peels of 2 oranges
Squeeze juice of one and a half of the oranges
1/8th cup of pisco, rum, or wine
2 tsp vanilla
Brazil nuts or pecans and raisins to taste

Sauce to pour over cake after it is baked
½ cup pisco, rum, or wine
500 grams of sugar
3 cups water

Pre-heat oven to 230° C or 450° F

Combine sugar and butter to creamy texture, add a little egg yolk and mix, add more, a little at a time, mixing till all the yolk is incorporated in the butter and sugar.

Add egg whites a little at a time until incorporated into the mix.
Add the pinch of salt.
Add the fresh squeezed orange juice.
Add the pisco and the vanilla.
Add the shredded orange peel.
Add the raisins and nuts.
Add flour.

Rub oil or butter on two pans and sprinkle with a dusting of flour. Pour mixture into the two pans, and place in the preheated oven for one hour or until done.

Have the sauce mixed and ready to pour over the cake as soon as it is removed from the oven.

Make an attractive design on the cake with peach slices interspersed with cherries, or whatever fruit is available.

Dawn on the Amazon Recipes of Peru Cookbook, Marmelita’s Pisco Butter Cake.

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1 Dave Bonnett July 13, 2007 at 12:04 am

I’m almost out of pisco – hope I can find some here. Dottie

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