Marjorie’s Special Salsa Criolla

by Captain Bill

Recipes of Peru

1 large onion
½ Ripe red Pimiento or Ripe Red Bell Pepper
½ Rocoto pepper
2 Aji Dulce, green, thin walled sweet peppers.
1 Yellow Aji Mirasol pepper
A lot of chopped cilantro and parsely
The juice of 1 or 2 limes, or the golf ball size limones, (tart limes)
A small amount of olive oil, just a few drops
Salt to taste

Serves 5

Wash and soak all of the vegetables in pure water. Make a final rinse in fresh pure water. Slice all of the vegetables into long narrow slivers, not chopped. Mix with the lime juice, olive oil, and salt.

Salsa Criolla compliments cecina and tacacho, and all fried foods like fish and potatoes.

This recipe is different than a salsa from Mexico or the South Western US.

Part of what makes it different is the rocoto, or locoto (Capsicum pubescens). The Rocoto is one of the oldest domesticated peppers, from 5000 years ago in the pre-Incan Andes. The walls are thick like a Bell Pepper but hot, I would say very hot. Do not handle with your bare hands…

The Aji Dulce are pepper related to and shaped like a habanero, without the intense heat. Instead they have a wonderfully unique mild sweet smoky flavor.

The Aji Mirasol pepper, Capsicum Annuum, has a fruity apricot taste and smell. It is mildly hot.

Dawn on the Amazon Recipes of Peru Cookbook, Marjorie’s Special Salsa Criolla

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