Is Gerald Mayeaux the Iquitos Scoundrel?

by Captain Bill

Is Gerald Mayeaux the Scoundrel of Iquitos Peru?

The original seventy three comments are still complete with no changes in the comment section of the article, The Dawn on the Amazon Christmas Program 2006. These exerts are what caught my eye as important, profound, or funny. I was pleased that there was so much content that deserved merit. The original list I saved was twice this long, too long to accomplish my objective. Let’s start over and leave our comments under this condensed summary. Is Gerald Mayeaux the Iquitos Scoundrel?

# 2: “I decided delivering educational and medicinal supplies where there are none as I make my rounds to the remote jungle villages is a way for me to extend a helping hand and to give back to the communities that have been so kind to me.”

# 5: “Well done Bill Grimes. I am a missionary (type) that frequently visits Iquitos. When in Iquitos we regularly dine at the Yellow Rose of Texas Bar run by Gerald Mayeaux. When last there in November we heard some terrible things said about Gerald. If they are true then we will never eat there again. We have heard that he mistreats the street kids and sticks needles in their arms. We have also heard that about 2 years ago he beat up an 8 year old street kid in the street in front of some other missionaries. Are these claims true? Can anyone shed any light on these allegations?”

# 6: “I am a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps and was in Iquitos on and off from 2000 to 2005.
It is true about Gerald Mayeaux, he admitted to me with great pride that he pricks the kids with a needle embedded in the skin of his thumb. I have seen him do it with my own eyes. I don’t think he cleans the needle either. Terrible man.”

# 8: “I too have been to Iquitos and met the man known as Gerald Mayeaux. What a piece of slime he really is, Liar, Cheat, Fraud and Thief. A rumour says he beats his wife, treats his staff badly. All in all a good all round ***hole.”

# 9: “I was with my wife in the Cumaceba office and I could not fail to hear Gerald Mayeaux’s loud mouth telling his customers that Iquitos people were dishonorable, the men were all thieves and that ALL the women from Iquitos were prostitutes (that includes my wife). My wife kept me from going over there a punching his lights out. I do not know how he gets away with it, something should be done.”

# 10: “I know this man very well he is very, very bad. He is well connected and will bribe officials like the police, prosecuters etc. to get you into real deep shit. It is true about this man Gerald Mayeaux . I maintain a false friendship with him because if I told him what I thought he would ruin me. That’s why I have used a false name. BEWARE BILL, BUT BE BRAVE.”

# 12: “I was a friend of Gerald Mayeaux for more than 7 years. I tried many times to stop him mistreating the kids and saying terrible things about the wonderful people here. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.”

# 13: “Yes I know this man, what a spiteful piece of work he is. He lives in Peru but has absolutely no respect for the people of Iquitos. As for mistreating the kids, its true. After he beat up an 8 year boy 4 years ago he had the audacity to go on the local T.V. and said the police told him to do it. Why doesn’t he pick on someone his own size. Cowardly Bully.”

# 14: “It’s about time someone had the guts to stand up to the piece of shit known as Gerald Mayeaux.”

# 16: “I have been in Iquitos for many years and everything I have read on this site is true plus a lot more. I have a few questions?”
“Why did gerald leave Parker Drilling? Stealing? Why did gerald get the street paving process completed, and then sell the process to the city? Why did he join the rotary and promise to drill wells for all the poor villages? How many did he drill? Two? Where did gerald get the title to the barge he ownes? Herald Whiteside had the title locked up in his desk only a week before his death. Did gerald really sell Camp Peacock to a sucker and then reprocess it from the same sucker and tell everyone about his deal? Why did gerald lie about having a daughter in Iquitos? Maybe it was just to get his immigration documents? He said the immigration people were too stupid to ever catch on? I was just wondering what other great stories exist out there in the twilight zone of The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

# 17: “I have known Mayeaux for some time I have never met anyone who talks so badly about people, good people, who considers Gerald their friend. I have heard him say; Mad Mick stole all the money from the golf club, that’s why he had to rescue it. Scott Peterson of Refugio Altiplano abuses his customers while under the influence of ayahuasca. Muyuna Lodge is no good. Bill Grimes, too expensive, Peter Schneider’s Amazon Rainforest lodge is too close to Iquitos and the only animals tourists are likely to see are the ones tied up at the lodge. Leo Jones who takes care of homeless children is a pedophile and abuses the children in his care. Alan Shoemaker, (the jungle medicine guy) is the “fugitive from justice”.”

# 18: “It is TRUE that he only sends the innocent tourists to the tour companies and jungle guides who pay him 20% commission, those that don’t pay him he bad mouths.”

# 19: “This dishonest man told me he was the American Consul in Iquitos. I have since found out he is a liar. Has he told anyone else this? Why don’t the authorities do something to stop him?”

# 21: “I have never in my entire life, (60 years) met someone who is despised so much by so many as this man Mayeaux.”

# 22: “I am always amazed when I see a person of color or a Peruvian paying him money to be ridiculed and insulted as soon as they are out of hearing. How many of you have heard him say he is the American Consul in Iquitos? I have personally heard it dozens of times. Is there any one at the American Embassy in Lima that can do something about this fraud? Someone needs to take action. He makes all of us gringos look bad, the ugly American in Iquitos. Have you ever wondered why so few ex-pats eat or drink at the Yellow Rose?”

# 23: “Instead of jumping on the band wagon to lynch the dumb bastard, (sorry gerald), why not say a prayer for the man and find it in your hearts to forgive him like I did and stop feeding into his madness.”

# 24: “Over the following months Gerald tried in many ways to ensure that when the trial came up she would go to prison. When the trial took place she was given a suspended prison sentence because she had a 2 year old daughter. Now this woman who had never been in trouble with the police in her life has a criminal record.”

“Gerald chased the boy, caught him, knocked him to the ground and in front of the missionaries and witnesses like myself, Gerald removed his leather belt and proceeded to thrash the child with the buckle end. He would have done the child serious harm was it not for a customer in the adjacent bar stopping him. Soon after, the police came with the boy and his Mother. They all spoke inside the bar. What happened after that? Absolutely NOTHING. We can only guess why charges were not filed. In England Gerald would have gone to jail for at least 2 years for such an atrocity.”

# 25: “i am a Guide for 30 years i never had any complaints. i am 60 years old and i cried, because i had 6 tourist decide to go with me next day, but they ate in yellow rose of texas and after they told me that gerald said i was a bad man. gerald send where pay him 20 % commission. he said that all the iquitos guides are thief. we make a march against to him but he got power, he invite free lunch and drinks to the big generals of the police. i have a big family to feed and is no possible he do this with us the Peruvians. some body must to do some thing, please. thank you.”

# 27: “People always told me, cream floats to the top (gerald), but if you ever looked inside a septic tank, them lumps ain’t cream, they are “geralds”. It’s really sad to see a person demeaned and talked so badly about, BUT in this case gerald deserves it all. He has worked so hard to have this reputation. My only fear is that gerald will continue to use his good old boy powers to cause problems for anyone that bad mouths him, even if it is the truth. Gerald has recently claimed to be the U.S. Marshals representative in Iquitos. He has further claimed that he is the acting American Consul in Iquitos. If any people on this blog have problems with certain authorities or persons of political clout, act carefully and be sure to contact other Americans and make sure they are aware of the problem. Was gerald ever the director of tourism in Iquitos? Why did he leave? Did gerald really have all inquiries to the tourism bureau directed to his restaurant? Did this conflict have anything to do with his leaving? How did gerald GET CONTROL OF THE GOLF COURSE? Where did he get all those documented papers? GOSH, who would you believe Gerald, or Mike Collis. Good old honest Mike, you bet. There is a lot of dirty work afoot on that golf course theft, but, lets not forget gerald’s partners in this deal, ryan, adam and the mystery man? This might be the true test of the law in Iquitos.”

# 28: “I am part of a group of missionaries who regularly visit Iquitos. This blog site was forwarded to us by our church contacts there. We read with horror the allegations made against Gerald Mayeaux. Our people in Iquitos have confirmed that the allegations relating to the mistreating of the children are true and well documented. I would like to address this to Mr. Mayeaux;
Sir, we have heard about the way you behave in Iquitos, what you say about the people in Iquitos is terrible. Beating an 8 year old child in the street is very bad. I don’t care about the golf club. What causes me much concern is the pricking of the street kids with an unclean needle. I am a doctor here in Atlanta and I know that some of these children could be immune to, but carrying infectious diseases such as hepatitis or aids or even more and you could be transferring these terrible and dangerous infections to innocent street kids.
Needless to say we have forwarded this blog site to all of the other church groups that visit Iquitos. My group will be returning in March and I will most certainly be visiting you, not to buy something but to give you a “piece of my mind”. May the good Lord protect those children and May the good Lord find it within himself to forgive you for what you have done. Stupid Man.”

# 30: “I will not waste my time or yours re-hashing the reliability and factual basis for all the previous comments, most are well documented, witnessed and even admitted to by Mr. Mayeaux. Unfortunately, however, one flaw in this man´s character that has been only briefly touched upon. It is greed that in my opinion has caused Mr. Gerald Mayeaux to at the very least allow child prostitution to be conducted in his restaurant in front of many. On one particular occasion I witnessed three girls whom I estimate to be 13 to 15 years old ¨delivered¨ to a paying customer. I was so irate that I asked a friend to call the police (my Spanish is less than perfect to say the least). He did so. The police watched his place and the individuals for about an hour then left. I do not have any proof of who received money for the event of the children being sold and for that matter I did not follow the customer to his room to see what kind of activities the children were subjected to, I leave the conclusions to you.”

# 31: “Gerald Mayeaux has in his bar some wonderful things but many new tourists will confirm his pride and joy is the Confederate Flag, a hanging noose and a scorched cross. What do these signify?”

# 32: From Gerald; “Bill please cut off this website. It does not hurt me but Pamela is really upset and she crys to sleep at night. It was true that I hurt the kids but they upset my custumers and stole from the, I did hurt
the street kid who threw a bottle at me but I paid his mother $150 compensation so that was like a fine. I do not say bad things about loretanos anymore and I have not touched a kid for 2 years. Please take this off for Pamela.
If you do not I will sue you.”

# 33: Gerald Mayeaux, you will sue me? What for? Because so many people hated your meanness so bad they felt compelled to comment on a blog post about Santa Clause; some commented two or three times? Some are so afraid of you they used false names. Why are they afraid of you?
Will you sue me because someone accused you of impersonating the American Consul of Iquitos? Have you impersonated the American Consul to Iquitos? I heard you say that several times! Have you impersonated any other employee of the American embassy? Has anyone else reading this heard Gerald Mayeaux bragging about being the American Consulate of Iquitos? Please leave a comment telling us about it.
What will you sue me for? Because some one made the comment, “you will only send innocent tourists to a tour company or guide that pays 20% commission; those that don’t pay 20% commission you bad mouth.” I know that for a fact!”

# 34: “Gee——let me get this straight—–it is all true but stop it or I’ll sue you—–hmmmmm”

# 35: “When Gerald said in his comment that he had not touched a street kid for 2 years he lied. I know because my balcony overlooks Gerald’s bar. One Sunday about 2 months ago I saw 4 shoe shine boys approach some of Geralds’s customers having breakfast outside. He immediately ushered them away. As it was Sunday morning there was no traffic so the street kids sat out in the street in front of The Yellow Rose of Texas. I was watching when Gerald came out with his big arms in the air telling them to go away. One little boy refused and stayed sitting on his shoe shine box. Gerald came over and told the kid to clear off but the kid stayed put, so Gerald pushed him and he fell over backwards into the street. What a sight it was, this little boy lying in the street with this 200lbs+ bully standing over him.”

# 36: “I was sent this blog by a friend of mine and I just cannot believe what I see. I have been to Iquitos 3 times in the last 4 years and I love the place. If it is true then why don’t the authorities do something? If it’s true you must send this blog to Save The Children or something.”

# 37: “Gerald, I am very guilty in the past for doing nothing to defend the poor people who you abused in Iquitos. These are sins I am ashamed of and ask for forgiveness of these people and my God.
I am only going to deal with fact and not opinion.
In August when I was Iquitos, about 6:45 AM, I was sitting at The Yellow Rose of Texas. You saw a homeless skinny kid sleeping way down the street by the drug store. You went down there and start kicking him and yelling at him. Later you told me he was a thief. He was sleeping, not stealing, when you were kicking him.
In August you were bragging to me and anyone else that would listen to you that you would take needles and poke the street kids to move off the public sidewalk in front of the Yellow Rose of Texas. You were not apologizing for this or for beating the small child that you admitted to in your comment on this blog.
You told me all Peruvians are thieves and liars, especially those that work for you. When a friend of mine was there a year ago you told him he forgot to pay his bill when he left earlier. He said he had paid it. (He ate every meal at The Yellow Rose of Texas for 7 days.) You said don’t worry about it; the money will come out of the waitress’s pay. He then paid his bill again, because of his compassion for your help.
You told me you would like to kill every stray pet in Iquitos.
You told me every woman in Iquitos is a whore and that is why you had to get your wife from Lima.
You told me that you never take commissions from guides for sending business their way but many have denied that to me.
One guide who is well known for dealing in child prostitution was in your restaurant one day with a tourist who comes to Iquitos regularly. I asked you why you allowed him in there. You said he is allowed in the restaurant when this tourist comes to Iquitos because this guide is selling what he wants. Does this make you an accessory to the crime?
Getting away from your disrespect of the people of Iquitos, treating friends and fellow ex-pats the way you do is stupid. If I was to get into all the rumors I have heard about you I would need my own website. I don’t want to hear the stories about how you treated your children, your ex-wife, and your previous business partners. Let alone the stories about how you treated your good friends who own and did own the restaurants on either side of you.
God forgive me for associating with this man,”

# 39: “Interesting reading this…hmm, hmm, I have sent it to the UNESCO office in Lima, why don’t you?

# 40: “I have been looking at this blog for a few days now, wondering if I should comment or not. What I witnessed was; one evening while I was having a beer in front of the Gringo Bar I saw some tourists in front of the Yellow Rose of Texas and Mayaeux was talking to them. The girl from the Gringo bar looked over and Mayaeux said, “Wait your turn bitch”. I am ashamed to say I sat still but a tall man who I think lives in Iquitos but comes from South Africa confronted him. Mayaeux called his wife and she stood in front of the man while Mayaeux went inside and came back with a baseball bat. That is all I can say.”

# 41: Gerald Mayeaux, as accused in this Iquitos gringo colony version of the Salem witch trials as maltreating children. Did he stick pins in children? Personally, I doubt you could stick a pin in one, their arms indurated by sun and filth, but experiments could be carried out using different children, different pins under varying pressure. (Indurate is a high-class $20 word and much too good for this two-bit blog but no matter), Also, that he beat one with a belt, buckle end. Has no contributor ever totally lost it when put up against an absolutely perverse and stubborn child? Are you all moral majority morons who thrash a child in cold blood with a bible in one hand or liberal no-spanking wankers?”

# 43: “If you want security then eat and drink on private property. Not the public sidewalk.”

# 44: Children do have rights. If under the legal age they are deemed to be innocent. No one has the right to hurt them, not even the police, it is a crime. No one has the right to take the law into their own hands.”

# 46: “I know very well that the street kids can be a nuisance and even I have lost my temper with a persistent t-shirt seller who would not take no for an answer BUT I have never hurt one. I think that someone who does must have a problem. I would like you to meet one called Luis who claims that Gerald stuck needles in him twice. Just click here to meet him; . Just gives you a name and a face. Could you hurt him?”

# 49: “We really thank you for writing and your interest in what is happening to children in Iquitos. We as Save the Children Sweden´s Regional Office for South America and the Caribbean at; , thank you so much for the information provided. We are contacting local organizations in Iquitos in order to act with the pertinent entities that have to do with these problems. We have alerted the organization IDEIF and they will also start to work on it.”

# 50: “I have known Mayeaux since he first came here with Parker Drilling. I know all about him.
In 1998 a new politician came onto the Iquitos political scene, Ivan Vasques. Mayeaux supported his campaign with hard cash in return for the promise of the position of the Director of Tourism for Iquitos if he won. Ivan became mayor and so began the reign of terror that Mayeaux brought to tourism in Iquitos. One of Mayeauxs first tasks was to organize the Millennium festivities in Iquitos. Mayeaux had a great idea which he put into action in late 1999. He rented 6 big, flat topped barges and had them anchored below the Malecon boulevard, He had a great canvas canopy put over the barges and a walkway built from the bank for access. He filled the floating platform with tables and chairs, built a stage and then proceeded to sell tickets for the Iquitos Millennium Gala at $50 per person. He booked a top class band and everything was set. The gala was a sell out, all the “wanabees” of Iquitos were there, it was a great idea. During the first week of January 2000 the auditors found that they were short about 200,000 soles ($60,000US). Neither the money nor the culprit has been found. The gala turned out to be a financial failure.”

# 52: “As a resident of Peru responding to the many of you asking why no one “informs authorities, agencies, etc…” all I can say is, ‘If only it were that simple.” Yet, here in Peru, nothing is as simple as many of us think it should be. If nothing else, Bill, this will bring awareness to the future visitors of Iquitos, as it seems nary a resident is unaware of the darker side of Gerald Mayeaux. Oh, and if you decide to begin working with non-profits in order to deliver goods to the people on the river let me know. I’m sure I can find plenty of folks in the states willing to donate and come along and help!”

# 55: “Hi Micah, it is great to hear from you, and thanks for bringing us full circle back to where we started, when I asked for help finding generous donors to supply educational and medicinal supplies to deliver when we travel to remote jungle villages in need. As you can read here, this blog has a life of its own, and there is plenty of work to do confronting the problems that challenge us right here in Iquitos. Hundreds of people are reading this everyday, and I say again, we can make a big difference. Let’s do it.”

# 53: “As a means to liven things up I am going to answer as if I were Gerald Mayeaux:
Hey y’all!!! Stop pickin on me. You all knowed I were somewhat on tha shady side wen y’all startid to deal wit me. What in tarnation did ya ekspect? Honesty?? Gimme a break. Yu invitin me inta yur club was not zactly an inteligunt move I dare say (heh heh). Why back in Lusiana (where I reely come frum) they sur do recunize snakes when they see um. Thas why I lives here now. But golly gee, I am gibbin y’all too much infermation. I surly do promis I ain’t gonna kick no mor street kids when anybudy is lookin (especially that Tom fool theavin varmint Mike across the street). Why I alweys thouht I cud trust him!!! Now that sheep eatin fatso Santa claus is rattin me out and plannin to catch me with hiz camera machine. Why I may gust disguise myself as a Texas man so they’all never know. An as fer that Gulf Cours stuff, why yu’all shud be real happy I saved all yur asses from that theavin Mike and Bill (Capt. Hook) Grimes. Why iffin it wern’t for me yu’all wud be havin to contend with what to do with this infernal club I seem to hav inherited. I mean lawdy lawdy, i’ve had to sell golf balls, clubs, tee shirts an lawnmewers. I hav been havin to dispose of green fee money, donations and all kinds of stuf just to get the club book balance to zero. That sur be a lot a work fellas. Give this here Lusianna boy sum credit by golly. An whilst yu be at it, pik on sumboddy what has the grit to defend himself.”

# 58: “Where do you suggest the missionary type go to eat now? We’ll be there soon.”

# 59: “I recommend you start with Bill and Marmelita’s Favorite Restaurants, on my web site at . Scroll to near the bottom of the home page and click the live link.”

# 61: “There’s more than one RAT in Iquitos. He stole the money we sent for her. We came to Iquitos to take a little disabled girl to Lima for surgery and met a very helpful ‘missionary’ who helped us translate. We had a tumor removed from her back and sent her back to Iquitos when she was able to travel. Our ‘missionary’ offered to set up an email account so we could keep in touch, so we sent the money. We also sent various other amounts to help her, over the next few weeks. In December last we received an email from our ‘missionary’ to say she had been hit by a car & needed urgent surgery to save her life. By this time we were suspicious but when we received an email from a surgeon at the hospital telling us she had 48 hours to live we sent the money. We phoned the hospital & a contact in Iquitos & confirmed she was in fact OK and it was a scam. The ‘missionary’, the girl’s ‘mother’ and the ‘doctor’ are the very same person, URI TORRES. We recently met an American who claims he was duped out of $8,000 by this RAT.”

# 68: “I spent 6 months in Iquitos last year and I just love the place. I know all about Mayeaux and always avoid his bar. Now about Uri Torres , of course I know him and yes I have been uried at least 3 times. I never thought he would go so low as to cheat a Peruvian disabled street girl. Shame on you Uri I hope they lock you up and throw away the key and leave you locked up with your cellmate Mayeaux.”

# 73: “Mayeaux Takes over the “El Gringo” Bar: For many years the place where once stood the “El Gringo” bar was derelict until an englishman called Steve Elliot opened it up as “Jungle Jims Pub”. What a great place it was, great music ,good food and open 24 hours a day. Mayeaux saw its success and opened up his place right next door. So started Mayeaux’s reign of terror, causing trouble everyday, putting up big signboards so no one could see “Jungle Jims”. Steve Elliot didn’t come to Iquitos for this day after day problems with Mayeaux so he sold out to Mike Ella another englishman. It started again, the war of attrition. So Mike Ella sold out to Doug Morris an american. Mayeaux made Doug’s life a misery so he too sold out to Cleve and Parodia Durden. They said they would never give in to the inherently evil Mayeaux so they stayed put. So Mayeaux got someone to help him buy the property over Cleve and Parodia’s heads. So now the evil Mayeaux, “Ryker” has got what he always coveted the “El Gringo” bar. I hope you are pleased with yourself Mayeaux. If there is any justice in this world you will lose your ass.”

# 65: From Justin: I hope potential and returning tourists to Iquitos take this blog as a forewarning to spend their dollar, and thus use their influence, wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask tour companies what arrangements they have with local communities, how their Peruvian staff is paid, and what efforts they take toward sustainability. The tourist industry will respond to the desires of its consumers. Iquitos should avoid becoming a de facto area of Western influence – rather a confluence of ideas, peoples, and rivers which advances a beauty and spirit compatible, and commensurate, with that of the Amazon basin. Best of luck to all whose paths cross the Amazon and I look forward to continued comments from travelers past, present, and future.

# 69: “Hello Justin I enjoyed your thoughtful comment. I tried to respond here but the response became so long I decided to make it an article of its own. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell a little about how Dawn on the Amazon affects the economy and the people of Iquitos, Loreto, and Peru. I would appreciate if you would read my post and share your thoughts with us in the comments, at , titled; To Answer Questions You Should Ask Before Booking an Amazon Adventure, posted Feb 8 2007. Thanks for caring.”

Is Gerald Mayeaux the Scoundrel of Iquitos Peru?

Bill Grimes, Bill and Marmelita’s List of Favorite Restaurants in Iquitos Peru,

Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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1 Jim Richardson April 19, 2007 at 11:19 am

Bill, I really enjoy reading about your trips and the other wealth of information found on your web site. However, I believe that you are crossing the line with this subject. Everyone cruxcified Gerald under the Golf course subject and I should add it was unfair. People believed or were lead to believe that Gerald had more power and influence as was really far from reality.

Now, the subject is clear..get Gerald and pile up the character assasination. Bill, how would you feel if someone took a swipe at you this way and it affected your business? I am sure many locals resent you making money with your business as a gringo. I don’t, but I am just raising the point that I am sure you would not be happy if people spread rumours and innuendo about you in a public forum. There are laws about this type of unfounded character assisination in a public forum. I may be an exception, but I consider Grald a friend, warts and all.

2 Bill April 19, 2007 at 4:16 pm

Hello Jim, thank you for your comments here and on How the Amazon Golf Club was Stolen. You have consistently supported mayeaux and have exhibited traits we all value in our friends.

Many people have tried to convince me of your point that mayeaux was given too big a share of the blame for stealing the Amazon Golf Club. Nearly everyone thinks that Ryan Richards, was the mastermind, that Adam Andrews played a major role, and that some how Sergio was a thief also. What ever the role of the other three, the fact is The Amazon Golf Club was dissolved illegally. Gerald Mayeaux signed the documents as the liquidator of the clubs assets, which he declared to be zero. Gerald Mayeaux then donated the assets he had previously declared not to exist to the new club. What ever the role of the other three, it is mayeaux that was the liquidator. It is mayeaux who is in contempt of court for refusing to turn over to the courts the very documents that could prove he is innocent. Now I ask you, why would he do that if he is so innocent?

This blog is doing a public service. I am only trying to do what is right. I reviewed my personal statements and stand by them. Jim, which specific comments do you consider to be “rumor or innuendo?” As a gesture of friendship and good will, tell me which comments offend you and if I do not know for a fact those comments are true, I will delete them off this blog within 24 hours. Fair enough?

3 Jim Richardson April 20, 2007 at 8:00 am

Thanks for your gesture, Bill. First of all, I have had the opportunity to sit with many of the players re the golf club. Ryan, Adam and Shawn and I can tell you that they have no motive other than to see the golf club grow and benefit everyone. They have as much influence as Gerald in the club dealings from my perspective.Ryan has becom defensive because there was an attempt to take his land away. That is a fact and I have to admit I would become suspicious of those who tried to steal my land too.

Now, too the subject of this thread. I have personally ate at the Yellow Rose countless times and never once did I get sick…so anyone raising comments about the food and generalizing about contamination etc., is a real exception. That can happen at the best restaurants around the world! The question of Gerald getting a kick back for referrals to guides and lodges is hearsay. I call on anyone to prove it. I remember when Gerald fist took over as the Director of Tourism and he found out about my decision to take a certain guide which he opposed. I listened to him but decided to stick with my decision. In retrospect, he had raised some very good points based on my experience with this certain guide. I believe alot of comments abouct kickbacks and political influence are urban legend and exaggeration. If there is hard evidence,,,then I stand to be corrected. In terms of needles…again I have never witnessed Gerald poking kids with dirty needles over the many years that I have known him. He certainly does not wants any kids hanging around his restaurant and for good reason. Stealing is a necessity when you have extreme poverty and many of these kids would do so given the opportunity. I know many of these kids and I have seen them grow up. I like many of them but I understand that they will do what they have to do to survive. Yes,,he has views on locals that I do not share but that is Gerald…he has strong views and is opinionated..that does not make him bad!

Bill, as a business person you know all about the bottom line and cause and effect. From my perspective, where there is hard evidence confirmed…then you may be justified in printing the version…,otherwise, it is merely rumour and innuendo and it is unethical to give credence to such a view. Thank you, Bill.

4 Bill April 20, 2007 at 7:06 pm

(1.) Jim, because of your request in comment # 3, I have deleted comment # 15 I also deleted the original full version of the comment # 15 at;

(2.) You sat down with a few of the players on one side…To be fair, you have an obligation to sit down with David Sheridan, Mike Collis, John Zellar, Peter Schneider, Dave Volkmann, (ooops, maybe not Dave), Brian Yancy and his wife, Harry Kelley, Steve McAlear, Maria Earls, Martha Costa, Alicia Retigo, or myself. What about talking to Papa Dan Buzzo, the most respected gringo in Iquitos. Those shareholders are all players, and I think you should sit down and talk with most or all of us before taking sides. A person that only sat down with Hitler, would not get an unbiased opinion of the holocaust. I understand you are mayeaux’s friend, and you do not know me very well. I would like the opportunity to earn your respect and trust.

(3.) I am sure you would agree that it would be unethical for the ex-director of tourism, the man who claims to be the # 1 source of unbiased tourist information in Iquitos, the man I have personally heard dozens of times tell innocent tourists that he does not accept commissions, to in fact not only accept commissions but insist on 20 % commissions. That is not rumor or innuendo to me. I have personally paid mayeaux commissions. Jim stop by my office, I will show you the receipts. An example of how this blog works as a public service is that I recently learned mayeaux has sent tourists to three lodges in the last few days that he always used to talk bad about; and that they did not pay him any commission. I am confident that is a response to this thread on this blog.

(4.) mayeaux has personally bragged to me, and many others about sticking pins in the street children. Many times he told me he wished he could get a cattle prod to “shock the shit out of em.” That is not an action that can be swept under the rug and ignored. Gerald Mayeaux has repeatedly hurt innocent children. That is not rumor or innuendo to me. If you are a guest in Iquitos and do not want the street children approaching you, please do not sit at tables on the public side walk. Go inside the restaurants and bars to private property. Do not hurt the children.

(5.) My policy has been to publish every non-spam comment, no matter what the opinion, or how well that opinion is expressed. A person reading my blog can find several comments critical of me. I am not happy with those comments, and considered them to be incorrect, but I published them anyway and countered with comments explaining my point of view. Where does a moderator draw the line? I am new to blogs, and do not know the answer. I have always been an advocate of freedom of speech. The comments are open. It is like the coffee table. Speak your mind. If someone says something you do not like, please feel free to argue your position.

5 mike collis April 20, 2007 at 7:35 pm

Hello Jim,

Gerald Mayeaux showed me , with great pride , the needle he had embedded in the skin of his right thumb. I have seen the infected arms of the children he pricked with it.

It is absolutely true that in April 2002 he beat a child in the sreet, in full view of at least 20 people including myself and would have continued doing so untill Jim Ford an american resident here stopped him.

It is true that he has claimed commissions whilst claiming to be unbiased. In fact the
cocama indians on the Marañon River complained to the Tourist office that he was taking too much from them.

It is true that Gerald Mayeaux claimed to be the American Consul I was there when an official from the U.S. Embassy surupticiously asked him if he was the Consul. When Gerald replied yes the official warned Gerald that this was a federal crime and that he would be prosecuted if he did it again. He continued with his claim for a long time after that.I
cannot confirm if he says it now as I have absolutely nothing to do with this evil man.

Another child was supposedly knocked unconsciuos by Gerald last Monday at approx. 1 .00p.m.
The little boy has not been seen since so we have not been able to confirm this , but you
can be assured we are looking for him and other witneeses. When we have the evidence that
the alleged assault did take place we intend to take the matter to the highest appropriate office.

Theres more than this but I’m bored now.

6 David Volkmann April 20, 2007 at 8:22 pm

To Jim. I apologize again for my language on the blog to you. It just seamed so fitting at the time. You asked for proof of many things that have been said about Gerald and yet you said many things about me in two of your comments that I see no proof of.

For me this golf course was the straw that broke the camels back. Gerald is very like able, he has done many things for me which I feel I paid him back with patronizing his restraunt. Someone once said “everyone has a right to there own opinion but not to there own facts”.I am going to deal with facts. I don’t like taking sides. I have learned in the court system there are three sides to every story. What he said, she said and what really happen. I wish someone with authority would deny that I and the other investers have not had our ownership taken or stolen from us. Then we could have an honest debate on it. Last August Bill and I was eating at Geralds and Gerald came over to us and said to Bill “Peter is going to be in town tomorrow and I think he is on our side” I said to Bill “do we have to choose sides?” Bill said “I hope not.” If Gerald or “the gang” as I have been told they are known as took my ownership in the golf course and my 8 sets of golf clubs I would have just distant myself from him or them and that would have been the end. In the beginning I asked Adam for my golf clubs and my investment back. My investment is part of the improvements of the golf course. Adams response was he wanted the name of each golf club and the money, which translates into improvements to the golf course, was in Mikes hands and go ask him for the money. Of course Mike had no access to the assets of the golf club. I could not go and take some of the lumber off of the club house which of course would be crazy.

The fact is, the golf club is not in the ownership of the investers,stock holders, share holders or what you want to call them except don’t call us members because I don’t want to be a member of any golf club. There are no officers or directors that were elected by investers or members as far as that goes. They were self appointed. There is no denial of this by anyone. There is no disagreement by everyone that Mike made alot of mistakes in building the golf course. There is no argument here. We as investers have to pay for those mistakes. But Mike never took one dime from that golf course and he has never been acused of it. He has records to show where every penny went including the money I gave him.

I have to testify that Gerald braged to me many times how he abused Peruvians. Poking them with pins. This is there country and we are guest in there country. Mike, who was the only Gringo that was invited to Geralds wedding 28 months ago, told me last August he loved Gerald like a brother. (Bad brother that is). And “I would be the first one to come and help him in a moment of need”. I had an oportunity to repeat this to Gerald and his comment was “ya, well he still owes me money on his bar bill”

My argument is not against Gerald. He is part of the inviroment. Just like the thieves that are lurking the streets. Your not going to abolish thieves or prostitues or Geralds in Iquitos.

I am going to help and stand by my friends and those to week to help themself. I am very angry I can’t go to the YROT any more. I had alot of good times there. This is one of the biggest sacrifices I am making. I know my friends appreciate it and have showed it many times.

I have always taken a very positive atitutde when poor people steal from me. I had my shoes stolen once in a hotel lobby when I sliped them off for a minute. As the kid was running I just thought to myself he needed them more then me.

I don’t believe it is good enough for humans to live a life of never doing anything negative such as the ten commandments. Don’t steal, lie, kill, ect. We have to go out of our way to do positive things such as feeding hungry people, helping people in distress, ect.

7 Jim Richardson April 21, 2007 at 7:49 am

Bill, Mike and David, I thank you for your rational comments. Obviously, we have a difference of opinion and validated evidence. I can only speak from my own personal experience. I know that my friend Gerald has a tendency to use quite a bit of bravado and exaggeration when talking but I have learned to filter that out. I remember him confronting an American who had an underage girl with him, brought to him by a guide who hangs out at the Gringo bar I might add. Gerald pointed out that that was wrong and that this individual was jeopardizing his career and risking prison. As a banker I have learned to deal with the facts and I can honestly say that I do not have the first hand evidence that you folks have. I have heard perspectives that I know are false and fabricated. However, I do not accuse you folks of that.

Bill, your blog does a great job in promoting the wonderful things about Peru and the Iquitos area. However, I must admit that this thread does nothing but show the negative side of gringos. The one question that, I have Bill is this. What do you hope to accomplish with this blog? I agree in free thought and expression but not ganging up on an individual in a public forum. How would you feel Bill if the cards were turned? I am sure that you would be the first to complain to the authorities about character assassination. If you have evidence of wrongdoing and illegal ,activity than use the justice system. Children are protected..even in Peru.

Gentlemen, thank you for your rational thought! Mike…you are still my friend and I hope to buy you a drink when I visit next!

8 Mike Collis April 21, 2007 at 7:05 pm

Thank you Jim.

If there was some kind of justice here in Iquitos Gerald Mayeaux would have gone to jail for the things he has done to the street kids, in fact I think he would have got 3 years in an english jail for what he did to the 8 year old boy in April 2002. He got away with it, if he had been caught and tried and convicted for what he did we would,nt have to punish him on this blog.

Regarding Gerald’s alleged assault of another 8 year old boy on 15th April this year. I have now spoken to the injured boy who had been too frightened to venture out of his house since the incident. At first he told me that Gerald hit him , then he said Gerald pushed him, when I pressured him a little he said that all he could remember was Gerald shouting at him and then waking up on the sidewalk. I could find any other witnesses so I think its best we leave this case unsolved untill a reliable witness comes forward. I leave you to your own conclusion.

9 Bill April 21, 2007 at 9:10 pm

Jim,I know this could never happen at your bank, but lets just say a good old boy comes in with a good old boy story and talks a small bank branch manager out of an unsecured $60,000 loan, and a couple of years later, without making a single payment, goes to another small branch of your bank with another good old boy story and attempts to take out another unsecured $60,000 loan. Are you going to reward the good old boy, or are you going to have already warned the other bank manager that the good old boy can not be trusted? Now listen, if someone steals from me and my friends, lies compulsively, repeatedly hurts innocent children, calls all women from Iquitos whores, (the woman I love is from Iquitos), calls all the people of Peru thieves, calls me a piece of shit, threatens to “get me”, talks bad about me and my friends to anyone that will listen; Jim, do you think I am going to reward that good old boy? Or am I going warn other people that the good old boy can not be trusted?

There is evidence of wrong doing and illegal activity, and we are using the justice system. This blog thread is the least of the good old boys troubles.

10 Jim Richardson April 23, 2007 at 7:17 am

The due diligence process would avoid any new loan being issued in the case of your analogy, Bill. The poor credit rating would be detected because of the factual evidence of previous default. I am glad to hear that you are using the justice system which will weigh hard evidence and not hearsay and rumour. Until, then Bill, I consider an individual innocent and character assasination in a public forum both illegal and unethical. I know that Gerald is guilty of speaking badly about locals but so do many others. Albeit, not in such an exaggerated and generalized way. However, that in itself does not warrant a public crucifixion.

11 Bill April 23, 2007 at 10:46 am

Thank you very much for your comments Jim. You are a valuable contributer to the blog. The next time you visit our fair city of Iquitos, please stop by my office some late afternoon and we can watch the light change over the river while enjoying an interesting conversation together. I will report in The Captain’s Blog about the news from the legal system as the slow wheels of justice grind out the verdicts.

12 David Volkmann April 23, 2007 at 4:06 pm

To Jim
I agree with you when someone pleads not guilty. I like to hear both sides of the story. Then the third story where you find out what really happen. But in this situation it is so unusual. Gerald has not only not denied everything that has been said in these blogs but he has admitted it in these blogs. Further he has bragged about it to me, Mike Bill and many others. Innocent until proven guilty only pertains to those that plead not guilty. This man is proud of everything he has done. Ask him if you don’t believe me.

13 mike collis April 25, 2007 at 10:25 am

At approximately 8.30 p.m. yesterday (24th April 2007) Mayeaux physically attacked a 22 year old woman. The police were called and she has filed assault charges against him.

At 6 a.m. today the girl was interviewed by the press ,we will see what the papers say tomorrow.

This man is seriously mentally unstable and I call on his friends (those he has left) to try and help him and avoid any more violent assaults on innocent women and children.

There is a report which we are investigating that pushed an 82 year old disabled lady who was
supposidly begging at his outside tables. I will get a statement from her and a photograph
and I will encourage her to press charges too.

14 monica laplant April 30, 2007 at 10:34 am

Hello, I have recently returned to the US after visiting Peru. I was enjoying dinner at the Yellow Rose of Texas last week and witnessed the incident with the young lady. It disturbed me so much on my return I checked out Gerald Mayeaux on Google and came across this site.

We were eating outside when suddenly the owner started shouting at the young lady , the language he used was disgusting , he did not hit the girl but he did shake her and made her cry.
I don’t know why he did it, but to do it infront of myself and about 12 other customers was so stupid . We very quickly ate our meal and left , we did not return to that place during the remaining 4 days we spent in Iquitos.
Having read the comments which I found hard to believe, but having witnessed his behaviour I first hand I tend to believe them and I agree I think he should seek help in controlling his temper.

15 Cleve Durden May 7, 2007 at 9:03 am

Hello, my name is Cleve Durden and here are a few things that I will say about the lying S.O.B. next door. That man, or what ever you want to call the sorry S.O.B., lies about his competition, and the people who listen to those lies without even bothering to find out the truth, are even sorrier S.O.B.s. He tells people my place is dirty, I do not have a real cook, my food is no good, and that I lie and steal, (talk about the skillet calling the kettle black). He tells people I was a pretty good old boy until I married Paula, who to tell the truth is a very good person that won’t take any “do-do” off of that piece of shit. My wife and I did run the Gringo Bar located on the back row, but now we run The Amazon Café, upstairs in the Iron House, located on the front row…he, he, he…Come on up and sit with me on the balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas.

That Louisiana ass is the only person I have met in my many travels, THE ONLY PERSON that I really don’t like. This may seem to be childish, but it is the way I feel, like many, many others. I am living in peace with my many friends and I would like the persons that I am supposed to have said bad things or done some things to them to come forward and tell me about it. Let’s be good ol’ boys and get shit straightened out. If you don’t, I will sue you. HE…he…he…

C. C. D.

16 mike collis May 8, 2007 at 10:08 am
17 Michele Mayeaux June 7, 2007 at 6:51 pm

You know, I think I was a little angry after reading all the comments about Gerald. I have not been angry about him since I was about 14. I apologize for my negativity. I am a very religious person and agree with # 23. Let’s just pray for him to see what he needs to do in his life. Hopefully the Holy Spirit will manifest himself to Gerald and he will see.


18 Bill June 10, 2007 at 10:06 pm

Hi Michele,

Don’t be sorry. As you can tell from most of the response to your other comment, you reached out and touched us, and made a difference. I was furious at Alan for assuming you did not exist. He is actually a good person that I happen to disagree with on this issue. I hope you can forgive him for being so insensitive. He is very involved in trying to help another gringo here, Dr. Jack, who has very bad health problems, so he is probably feeling a lot of stress.

Thank you,

19 Michael Buzzo June 11, 2007 at 5:09 pm

Firstly, I’d like to thank Mike Collis for using this forum to wish my dad, ‘Papa Dan’ Buzzo, a happy birthday and reminding all that he just turned 86 years old. He has had to attend yet another funeral since he’s been up here.

Bill, I’d like to thank you for the forum.

I don’t believe Dan has posted any comments here and doubt he will. I do know that he did ‘invest’ in the club as one of its founding members and was very excited about that fact. I, also, know he has very many, many dear and close friends in Iquitos and he is proud to be their friend. Of those friends, he speaks highly & often. Of others, he says nothing unless pressed and even then does not berate them.

I am extremely disappointed, as are those of you whom post your comments here, that it has come to this and pray this whole mess can be resolved, and that peace among the gringos (and Peruvians) can be restored and that an old man whom has suffered much throughout his life can just get what he paid for and not have to pay any more or suffer any more over this whole situation.

It is a shame that this has created such turmoil, angst, and bitterness among the ex-pat community in Iquitos. Many of you whom live there know that I have many ties to Iquitos and that my plan is to return there as soon as possible & while Papa Dan is still living there.

Over the last thirty three years, I have seen Iquitos grow & change a lot and was excited myself about the golf club. I had hoped to be able ‘duff’ a few rounds on the course. My dad’s plans “were” for me to inherit his membership and possibly keep his legacy alive as one of the charter members. Alas, it looks as if that won’t happen.

To Michele; I am sorry to hear of your tragedies as a child and your continuing saga with your grandparents. I am glad that you are a believer and have Him as your ‘rock’. I, too, live in Texas and if you would like to contact me via e-mail, I give Bill my permission to provide you with my address and will send him a personal e-mail stating the same. I do this with no ulterior motives to post anything here about Gerald. I am only on one side…my father’s.

Someone wrote in here that there always three sides to every story; his, hers, and the truth…that’s God’s side.

I do resent some people whom have used this forum to promote their ‘establishments’ (not Bill or Mike).

I wish you all the best of luck and all whom have invested to get what you paid for. I’d like to thank all our mutual friends and Papa Dan’s friends for being such good friends to him and for looking out for him.
Michael Buzzo

20 Michael Buzzo June 12, 2007 at 11:15 am

Hi Bill,

I think I inadvertently posted my comments in the wrong place yesterday, so I reposted where it should have gone chronologically.

I appreciate your response to my comments and your quick response to my e-mail. It all reinforces my faith in you and our other friends. I, too, never doubted that he attended UT or that he had played baseball there. I did some research, but as of yet have not been able to find anything one way or the other. I have written to the Athletic Department requesting verification. As to whether they respond or not is a different matter. If someone knows how old he is or what years he attended UT, it might help me narrow my search.

Please, be assured I am not taking Mayeaux’s side, but I have noticed that a couple of postings have associated Gerald with Parker Drilling. In all my conversations with him, he never said anything about having been with Parker, but always said he had worked for Oxy (Occidental Petroleum Co.).

Gerald himself (or someone posing as him) wrote that he had hurt children, but had not done so in 2 years. Sort of sounds like a recovering alcoholic saying, “…I haven’t had a drink in 2 years, 1 month, 3 days, & 9 hours, but whose counting?” So for those who have accused you and others of using this forum for “character assassination”; they have no basis. Gerald’s already admitted he’s hurt children. To me that is where it has to end. Child abuse of any kind is the worst thing in the world. No child, no matter who he (or she) is or what he has done deserves to be abused.

Michael Buzzo

21 Bill June 12, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Thanks again Michael, You are the original, authentic Amazon Man.

In a sense these threads are woven together. The Iquitos Scoundrel Stole the Amazon Golf Club. One leads to the other, comments become more and more interchangeable.

Here is what I remember. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. My source’s credibility leaves a lot to be desired. What’s his name, is 60 years old. Batted .580, while hitting with power, and catching every ball that came to the outfield, for the University of Texas baseball team, and became an “engineer” with Occidental Pertoleum Co. He retired early because he did not believe in the direction that Oxy was moving in.

The only connection to Parker Drilling that I am aware of is that Gerald Mayeaux started Camp Peacock (a sport fishing tourism business) using barges that he acquired immediately after Harold Whitehead’s death in a plane crash. I do not know why a few people associate him with Parker Drilling instead of Oxy?


22 David Volkmann June 12, 2007 at 3:42 pm

Gerald told me he would be 62 in December of 2007.

23 Cleve Durden June 13, 2007 at 5:25 pm


24 Bill June 13, 2007 at 6:18 pm

Hi Cleve,

I know there is a lot of animosity that has been building up between you and mayeaux since you took over the Gringo Bar that was next to his restaurant. I remember well the day he had your awning torn down. He probably lost more ex-pat friends that day than any day until he stole the Amazon Golf Club.

You say he was not an engineer? What was his job description with OXY?

Best regards,

25 cleve curden June 16, 2007 at 9:04 am

Bill as i have heard and understand that gerald was not a engineer but was a construcsion foreman untill Oxy laid him off.

26 Karma Chongyi Zangmo June 16, 2007 at 10:59 pm

Hi Dave, Bill and Mike,

Thank you so much for your contributions to the Dawn on the Amazon blog. You all seem like men who respect and help Peruvians rather than abuse them as Gerald Mayeaux does. I salute all three of you for
all the good you are doing and wish you continued success in your lives and in helping Peruvians.

With respect to Mr. Mayeaux, he knows about me and knows my name. I have been warning the world about him and investigating him for quite some time. Would all of you be interested in helping out? Together we can rid Iquitos of Mr. Mayeaux and his supporters. I would like to go to the American Embassy to complain about Mr. Mayeaux who has been impersonating the American Consul in Iquitos. I am sure if enough people complain, they will prosecute him. All the American Embassy needs is enough witnesses. I have more information on Mr. Mayeaux. Gerald Wayne Mayeaux (Social Security No. 451-72-9004, (which I found at the Dallas County Clerk of Public Records.) Peruvian Carnet de Extranjeria 000113525) is a con man from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area where he cheated people by selling them defective used cars and used phony car accident injury scams to defraud insurance companies. The car dealership was call “Ventura Marketing Company” in Grapevine, Texas. He had a phony car accident on August 20, 1989 and defrauded the insurance company on medical claims. His former house in Grapevine was at 1959 Casa Loma Court, Grapevine, TX 76051 and the hospital put a lien on the house when he didn’t pay his doctors bills. He was married to Claudia Joy and later with Linda S. Leverette, (Marriage Certificate Number: 7710336100, Date 12/27/1977) in Texas. Mr. Mayeaux also has many records at the Tarrant and Travis County Clerk’s archives in Texas. He was also married in Travis County. He never played baseball for the University of Texas and dropped out, never graduating from college.

Please feel free to contact me at and please let Mike Buzzo know that my email address is legitimate, not “bogus” and to please write me.

Thank you again for all the good you are doing.

Kind Regards,

Karma Chongyi Zangmo

27 uri torres June 19, 2007 at 1:23 pm

hello to everyone who read’s these blog of the big ass hole gerald mayeaux i was one of the kid’s from the streek bofore and i am very angry with gerald because these does not come from now these come’s many year’s a go but now he is more trouble for the iquitos people and for the kid’s on the streek they all are scare to him and i dont undestand why he like to have everyone like that but i must to tell him now that here is uri to fight for then i will not let you scare the kid’s from the streek anymore incluide the vendedor’s and every cain of kid’s in the streek ok, i am so up sad that are president of are rgion keep take care him i know that IVAN VASQUES are regional president is a good friend with him but we vote for him to take care US not to him but now the FRENTE PATRIOTICO is going go make a walk in the streek’s with all the iquitos woman’s because the iquitos girl’s and any girl’s in any world they have didnity and we are not going to let gerald to keep talking of US now we need to be to gethere to get him out from iquitos and i know that i will make it i please ask to the people in the embassy to make something with these guy the name gerald mayeaux we are tired of him please help US iquitos people are good not bad like he said if gerald have not forget june 4-5-6.that’s good so he can know by there not i am not scare to the police and iam not scare to fight with him or with carlos the guy who look’s the motorcicly on hes bar i am uri i grow up in the streek and by that gerald need’s to respet the iquitos people and must to lear to pay more to hes work people i will close these by saying gerald not good for my city,

28 uri torres June 19, 2007 at 9:09 pm

hello to everyone again i just finish a meeting with the frente patriotico de loreto and of what we talk gerald ass hole mayeaux will be on may trouble soon but i need to have everybuddy with me we need to have so many people to help US because we are talk in about going to lima to the american embassy to ask the embassdaro to come to iquitos or iquitos will stop again because him my email address is who ever waht’s to help Us i thank’s to bill grimes and to michael collis and to everyone because you guy’s are a good help for my city but who want’s to help US welcome and i will just tell everyone of the people that read’s these blog IQUITOS GIRL’S ARE ANGRY THEY ARE GOING TO BE ON THE STREEK VERY SOON AND THE PATHER’S FROM THE KID’S TO LIKE ME HELP US
uri torres

29 alan shoemaker June 20, 2007 at 10:57 pm

Well, shit is everywhere…
Uri, you are the piss.
You know it.
Jack is dying and you get me to buy you bullshit tv for 500 Soles. Fine, I helped you and your lovely baby out…
Then the DVD player, which is why I bought the tv from you!!! I gave you 150 Soles URI. You disappeared. This is a long story but just another story to know that this child is a real piece! …and I was yet again, stupid.

30 alan shoemaker June 20, 2007 at 11:10 pm

Jeez… some people make me sleepy. Haahahahaha
I have been here 15 years. The 1st Gringo Bar belonged to Gary… whatever his last name was. It was on the first block of Napo. i know, because I had an arts and crafts store right beside it. That lasted about 6 months. When Papa Dan got here, there had already been a bar called Gringo Bar.
I also had a newspaper that was called, La Guia Del Gringo and was in English and Spanish… was a real nightmare…. When I decided to do this again, I was just too busy and so I finally gave it over to Mike, and he does an excellent job… but just in English. Nice decision there. Gerald has been, as needs be, unkind to children that haunt is bar, stealing from his clients. Obviously. What would you do?
Beyond that, he has to make a living. Perhaps he has been over the top… but when you have seen several of your clients without a purse or a camera or…. what would you do?
Remember… I said… over the top.. Ok?
He has surely been over the top with many things… So don’t marry him, ok? He’s not a bad person that I have seen, except with me and when I was in the shits… but hell, that’s me.. let me react to that please. Beyond that, perhaps he has learned some lessons.. or perhapes he needs to be spanked… But to cast ridiculous asperisons… Jerry Gould? Who said that to begin with?

31 uri torres June 21, 2007 at 10:22 am

hello to everyone again well i am so up sad to hear or read how alan shoemaker take’s care the ass hole but i must to know or maybe i need to undestand that the are good friend’s and that’s why he said old that but alan i like you so much but remenber your wife and your kid’s are from iquitos your wife have a didnity ok, and you will not like to see the ass hole bother it your kid’s is like me i wont let him bother the streek boy’s and not all of the boy are like what you say but i will undestand that but now remenber that does boy’s know you and when you got druck before over in the bulebar in nixon place or nila’s place they take care you but i need to undestand that you dont care of the iquitos people and with these you are show it me that you dont care of your iquitos family because we are fighting for are girls didnity and to get bad are name’s to US ok, alan i hope that you undestand these ok,

32 uri torres June 21, 2007 at 10:29 am

i will still fighting with gerald and now read these to everyone because i know that everyone read’s these they have come to my house last night to tell me that pamela is paying people to bother me or to kill me but i must to say i am not scare and i never walk by my self i have my buddy with me ok, to everyone if something happend’s to me you guy’s know it already,

33 Cindy Martin June 21, 2007 at 6:50 pm

Alan Shoemaker, just where do you get off defending someone’s right to physically abuse children. How dare you state that Gerald Mayeaux “needs” to “be unkind” to these children and falsely state that they are stealing purses and cameras. These street kids work selling candies and shining shoes and that is the only reason they come by Mayeaux’s bar, not to steal. You are starting to sound more and more like Mayeaux saying that all Peruvians are thieves. Soon you will be telling us that all the Peruvian women are whores, just like Mayeaux. You are one cold SOB. If you had any conscience, you would be helping these poor street kids rather than defending Mayeax’s right to physically abuse them. Why don’t you donate some of the hundred of thousands of dollars you are sucking out of tourists with your cons and help some of these kids rather stating that Gerald Mayeaux, who admits beats them with a belt, is “not a bad person?” If people knew how your really are they would boycott your International Amazonian Shamanism Conference and tourism business. Thanks for letting us know how you really are and we spread the word on you.

34 Bill June 23, 2007 at 11:39 am

Uri, just because you have a new computer in your home now does not mean you can threaten people all day, at least not on my blog. As soon as you have a few minutes, please stop by my office.

35 Alan Sinfield June 23, 2007 at 4:03 pm


As administrator of this Blog I implore you to censor Uri’s comments. Can you possible ban him from your log? We all know for a fact (at least I do) that he is a no good thief and liar. He has not only robbed the people that trusted him, mainly gringos, but when stealing from them has also robbed the good people of Iquitos. There is only so much money to go around and we Gringos are very generous in helping others.

I basically live here now in town and Uri has no right to question the integrity of another, he is bad for Iquitos, the people and gives Peru a bad name in general. Besides this he is also a coward…if in doubt talk to Mike C. as we saw him in the Amazon café last week and when he saw me he ran like a little doggie with his tail between his legs….Little doggie Uri. Because he stole thousands of dollars from me…me…someone that called him friend. I broke bread with this man and his family and he robbed me.

If Uri makes an appointment to see you at your office, perhaps you would be kind enough to notify all the Gringos the date and time, I know many of us would like to talk with him.

Seldom do I write on your Blog Bill, but we need to warn people about this man and for the Blog to remain somewhat objective I think Known crooks should be excluded.

If you think I am being unfair or for that matter, anyone thinks that I am being unfair…I have kept all my e-mail correspondence with this man and can produce it if necessary. For the record I gave Uri money and he said the bar was on the boulevard, I had peter from Explorama check it out for me…no bar.

Uri thinks he is good like a Robin Hood or something? Did he help out the little cripple girl? No Uri only helps himself…I have never seen or heard of him helping his fellow country people.

He is bad for the reputation of Iquitos and one if not the man reason for the Universal warnings to travelers to take care when visiting this wonderful country. How he lives with himself is beyond me.

Must admit to wondering were he got a laptop computer from…I would like to see the receipt.

Hope I am not out-of-line Bill.

Regards Alan

36 Bill June 23, 2007 at 7:59 pm

Hello Alan Sinfield, welcome back, thanks for commenting again. No you are not out of line at all. I agree with most of what you say. He did stop by my office and we visited for half an hour. I explained my point of view and he explained his. I would like to think that we understand each other, at least on this subject.

To those of you reading this blog thinking about coming to Iquitos take heed, listen to Alan’s warning, and mine. Uri Torres taught himself to speak near perfect English, is super street smart, and will talk you out of your money. He will make a great politician someday, if you know what I mean.

Consider this; after our polite discussion Uri and his lovely wife teamed up on me to buy three tickets to a charcoal cook out party…They are the last three tickets…I thank him very much for the opportunity but plenty of other people will want to buy those tickets…Oh I have 40 more of them at home, these are the only three here now…No thank you, I won’t go, talk to Mike he is a sucker…Can you loan me S/10?…Uri, unfortunately your reputation precedes you…Oh Bill, you never help me…That is not true…Can you loan me S/5?…the reason we can still be friendly is because I do not loan you any money…I really need S/3…I will not let money get in the way of our friendship…can you give me S/2?…I have work to do…Bill please, just S/1?…remember what we talked about…OK.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is a blue print to follow. Any momentary weakness will be pounced upon. If you think “loaning” Uri S/5 will cause him to go away and leave you alone you are sadly mistaken. In his mind that must prove that you are filthy rich, or stupid, or probably both, and he will follow you to your hotel and be waiting in the lobby the next morning when you come down to breakfast. Please everyone, consider yourselves warned.

I do not want to ban Uri completely. He brings a unique outlook to the blog. A sad fact of life is that blogs love controversy. I could post about flowers and birds and butterflies till the cows come home and have a hundred people read my blog. Add the controversy of the Amazon Golf Club being stolen, or mayeaux beating the child with the belt buckle or Uri hustling the gringos, and I have thousands of readers. Look Alan, if it were not for Uri you would not have blessed us with your comment. I bet we get at least half a dozen more testimonials from people who have been “uried”. I am sure to get hate mail for this, but he is a smart, likable rouge. That is why he is so successful. If he was stupid and uncouth he would not own two houses, a computer, and nice cloths for his wife and cute son. Look at him, he is not starving.

I hope that Alan’s comment and my response is considered a public service.

Uri, I do reserve the right to censor or ban you if you ignore my advice.

37 Bill June 23, 2007 at 11:17 pm

It is true you stole thousands of dollars off of Alan, and then you want to trash talk him on my blog as if it was his fault. That little experiment failed. Good by Uri. Don’t come back.

38 usstud September 13, 2007 at 8:32 pm

I have been to Iquitos a few times. The first time I went there, I was accompanied by my nephew who wanted to do a 3 to 4 day trip down the Amazon. He read in the Planet magazine that gerald was a knowledgable individual and would give him advice as to who to hire for his expedition. gerarld rambled on about having been the director of tourism for Peru. Now, I’m from Texas and I said to myself “There’s no way this guy is from Texas cause he’s full of shit. He bragged about his 15 seconds of fame in the movie The Motorcycle Diaries. Right away I had a dislike for the man. My nephew went on his trek into the Amazon while I decided to stay in Iquitos and have some fun. I had seen a waitress at the Gringo bar who filled my eye. The next day I went there, met with all the people who worked there and they all told me horrific tales about gerald. On one particular night, there was a big ruckus outside. It was so loud that you couldn’t help but to lister to an exchange between gerald and a local lady. gerald did not want the lady to use the public sidewalk. He apparently asked her to walk through the street. The lady refused and a shouting match ensued. The local lady held her own and said a few choice words to gerald. Then the waitresses told me about his use of needles to remove the children who come to sell their wares of to do a shoe shine. gerald will have none of that. I was relieved to find out that gerald in not from Texas but from Louisiana. I do have to say one positive thing about gerald and his attitude towards all people in general. Thanks to his demeanor, I met and have married the most beautiful and adorable loretana who worked at the Old Gringo Bar. No hay nada malo que por bien no venga. At least in my case.

39 Bill September 13, 2007 at 9:18 pm

Welcome to the Captains Blog usstud. Congratulation on your marriage. mayeaux changed the course of history.

40 stanley whitehead June 29, 2008 at 1:07 am

my name is Stanley Whitehead, (Harold Whiteheads youngest son).

inregards to Gerold Mayeaux, i dont really know him but, my dad never had anything good to say about him. my dad was a very good judge of character so ill take his and Cleve’s word for it. in regards to paragraph 21, i have no idea how he aquired the barge from my dad, but if he got it by stealing it he will eventualy get what is coming to him becouse what gos around comes around. all these people thats talking shit on gm cant be wrong i know most of them.
CLEVE, if you read this email me at

41 Bill June 29, 2008 at 5:49 am

Hello Stanley, Thanks for commenting. I want you to know that even now, years after the tragic plane crash, your father has one of the best reputations of any gringo that ever came to Iquitos. I talk to lots of people that worked for him and with him or knew him and I believe he is respected, liked, and admired by all of the people he would care about.

Bill Grimes

42 stanley whitehead June 29, 2008 at 2:37 pm

Thanks Bill, I dont know if i ever met you are not, but you sound like a stand up guy. If what you people are saying is true about Turd Mayeaux, then somebody should realy put him in his place, you know, kinda adjust his carborator for him. Naw, just joshing. But somthing really should be done about his behavior.

43 Bill June 29, 2008 at 5:48 pm

Hi Stan, we have not met yet, but I look forward to it. We are working on it. It would be great if you and your family would give us a hand and pursue what happened to all your fathers property in Peru. There would be some interesting things uncovered.

Best regards,

44 stanley whitehead June 29, 2008 at 8:19 pm

Hey Bill, I will more than likely be going to iquitos in December, with friends, not family, for vacation,. I look forward to meeting you and discusing these things. I was even considering taking one of your tours down the river. I kinda want to show my friends from the states a good time over there. Best regards, stan

45 Bill June 29, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Sounds like the beginning of a plan. I leave in the morning for an Amazon expedition and will be out of touch for a few days. Go to the top of this page in the right sidebar column under “Pages”, and click “about dawn on the amazon”, or “contact bill”. My email is on those two pages. We will work on the details of some plans when I get back to Iquitos. Sounds good to me. Bill

46 A victimtoo June 30, 2008 at 10:22 am

Did you know Mayeaux uses aliases ?

Like Gerald Wayne Mayeaux
Gerald Wayne Gould

I have another for him ;


47 Mike Collis July 24, 2008 at 10:30 am

I have’nt commented on this blog for sometime. But what I saw yesterday compelled me to write about what I and others witnessed.

It was 1.45 in the afternoon when suddenly there was a torrential rainstorm, it was coming down in buckets. 2 little girls who I know (Milagros* 8 years and her little sister Cecilia 5 years old) took shelter under the canopy of Mayeaux’s bar. I must point out that below this canopy it is a public right of way. Milagros and Cecilia stood there to keep dry. Mayeaux stormed out of his bar and physically, I mean physically pushed the 2 little girls out into the pouring rain, they scurried off to find cover. I saw everything from my balcony opposite and I shouted “Hey Mayeaux , you ***hole leave them kids alone”, 2 tourists dining at a table in front of Mayeaux’s bar also said something to him, but I could not hear. When they left they looked up at me and gestured that Mayeaux was crazy.

Mayeaux has done some bad things here in Iquitos but this was the most callous,most cruel thing I have ever witnessed.


I also say this, anyone who knows what Mayeaux does and still patronizes his place must be as sick as he is.

Milagros is the current Street Kid of the Month, take a look at her, click here ;

48 leviticus Cole March 24, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Seems like he is a real #uck. Why doesn’t someone in this town ‘take care’ of him? Meaning have him run out of town. I got here today. I already know this guy is a bastard. There might need to be something done, No?

49 David Sun May 28, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Sounds like he needs some (a lot of) ayahuasca! I’ve seen his ayahuasca diet menus, it surprises me that he doesn’t take ayahuasca himself? It would save him and others a lot of pain… bashing aside, the Tex-ass french toast there is pretty good..

50 Mark Adler July 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm

I was sitting with a buddy in the Yellow Rose when Gerald asked me to look at something he had pasted on the wall. It was a photo of the lovely, soon-to-be first lady Michelle Obama. He called her an ape. He then continued addressing my buddy and me,commenting that, “They hang niggers in Texas”. I never went to that place ever again.

51 Ryan from Galway, Ireland July 26, 2010 at 2:04 pm

i was there a month ago and what that man said stuck in my mind. I googled the man and found this site.
I was having a coffee when he approached me. He starting asking questions like where was i from, before I could say ireland he asked me another and then another but did not let me answer he was just like a tape
recording. He did not listen at all except to his own voice. When he stopped for breath I asked him a question “What do you think of your new president ? he replied “Yey we got a f***k++g n*g*** for president”.
Before i could get up and leave his company he insisted on showing me with much pride the fire burned cross
and a noosed rope.
I left and like the previous writer did not go back to that rascists establishment.

52 Douglass G. Norvell, Ph.D. January 1, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Dear Colleagues,

I am surprised at the rancor of the comments about Gerald Mayeaux, which lack balance. I believe that he has a bad temper, but also that his temper has moderated since he married Pam, who would be a calming influence on anyone.

Let’s look at the positive side of Gerald.

He has:

1. Been consistently been generous with information and advice to visitors.

2. His public relations efforts have helped to put Iquitos on the map.

3. By investing in the Yellow Rose of Texasb, Gerald substansially increased the base of tourism services in Iquitos. By operating 24 hours a day, there is always a place for foreign tourists to find help, if they need it.

4. When ex-patriates get in trouble, Gerald is often the one to deal with the embassy. I have seen him escort a young American, who had lost his way, to Lima.

5. He is consistent in his efforts to keep his clients safe. Obne night when Gerald was not there, a sneak thief stole a lap top out of the back on a Canadian engineer’s pickup and the man lost all of his data.

6. He is an incredibly hard worker. Always on the job.

I have seen Gerald lose his temper and it is not pretty. And he may tell a tall tale or two, or three.

I recognize the contributions of Bill Grimes, Alan Shoemaker, Mike Collis, Richard Fowler and others, as well.


Douglass G. Norvell

53 Captain Bill December 23, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Hey Dan, Why don’t you try to do something positive for once?

54 Jim Nazarkewych January 21, 2012 at 1:59 am

I have lived in Peru over a decade. I know Gerald very well and have spent a lot of time with him. Reading this blog I realized that many persons have (without signatures) stated many false things about Gerald.

I know his daughter and she was raised with my girlfriend. They are fine descent people as is Gerald. He does not like thieves, pedophiles, perverts and most likely the people that write comments that are promoted by the persons that compete against him in business and do not have a spine.

I can only wonder which category the persons that write these things ( spineless, thieves, pedophiles, or perverts) take your choices.


P.S. Now look who we have as our U.S. Embassy Representatives in Iquitos, cannot get anymore pathetic.

55 Mike Collis January 21, 2012 at 9:35 am

Good one Jimbo, everyone thought this blog was dead and buried but you brought it back to life, great work.
You imply that you are a friend of Mayeaux’s and obviously a regular customer. Well if that is true
I would like you to give us your personal opinion of the racist memorabilia in that place.

The scorched cross.
The hangman’s noose.
The confederate flag.
The Willie Nelson poster,
The photograph of President Obama and his wife Michelle with Mayeaux’s hand written words below.

Got lots more for you, but answer this and we’ll get this blog back to full health in no time

56 Captain Bill January 21, 2012 at 10:14 am

Jim Nazarkewych, Thank you for taking the time to comment on Is Gerald Mayeaux The Iquitos Scoundrel? That is a question, not a statement, and it is nice that someone is trying to balance the scale. I don’t doubt that you are an intelligent man, but you are ignorant of many of the points of your comment. For instance this article was published in early 2007, I did not “compete against him in business” until I opened the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe in 2010, and only one of the other commentators “compete against him in business.”

Also, I wonder if you clicked the link back to The Dawn on the Amazon Christmas Program 2006 and read the comments there. That article became unwieldy with 74 comments, some of them lengthy, that I condensed in the new article. I suspect you did not follow the instructions at the top of the page to click that link for the full comments where the vast majority used their real names, except ironically Jack Lumber who supported Gerrald. If you do click that article you will find a Major Jose Gonzales, U. S Marines, left a comment. I doubt you could honestly call him spineless. Several missionaries left comments, chances are you offended them by suggesting they were thieves, pedophiles and perverts. As I scroll down through the comments I recognize only one person that could be considered a “competitor” and I see many successful businessmen, a couple of millionaires, an author, and a school teacher that I know of. I only see two commentators that I know of that could possibly be considered “thieves, pedophiles, or perverts.”

No one ever said any thing negative about his daughter Yurico, who I know and like, or his son Max who is a personal friend of mine. I’m sure you should talk to them, and many other people about my character before slandering me.

As for me, why not stop by the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe some time and visit with me before declaring me pathetic and worse.

Bill Grimes

57 Jim Nazarkewych January 22, 2012 at 2:53 am

Good Evening,

First thanks for both the positive and negative comments ! Eye opening to say the least.

I was not talking about the Dawn on the Amazon at all, I have been there and seems like a descent place. I think we know whom the bad guys are and they are not the ministers as well as missionaries ( I hope).

My views are based on knowing Gerald, his family, his friends, and the good things that I have seen him do. The views of others I can only assume are based on bad experiences and my views are contrasting, very contrasting ,based on my observations.

I did not see the noose or the other things you bring out that are hanging in the bar I guess because there are so many things all over the place although I do not condone anything negative.

Thanks for saying nice things about Yuriko they are well deserved and it is honorable that even if someone does not like a family member they choose to be fair.


58 Captain Bill January 22, 2012 at 7:54 am

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your fair comment.


59 Bobby DelRio February 28, 2012 at 3:08 am

I stumbled across this interesting discussion while doing a little research for an upcoming trip to Iquitos later this year. I do not know this Mayeaux fella in the least. However, I felt compelled to ask Mike Collis why would he include “The Willie Nelson poster” in the list of racist memorabilia? I can see why the other things listed would be considered deplorable, as well they should be, but save something overtly racist being added to the poster not attributable to Willie himself , the notion that displaying a poster of W.N. is somehow in and of itself a racist act, is ridiculous.

60 Joel May 20, 2012 at 5:33 pm

Thanks for all of the info contained herein, I know Jim Naz from a facebook group where he trashes all of you guy’s whenever someone asks about Iquitos and has his tounge up Geralds ass the whole time…
Believe me this guy is an insecure idiot who talks about nonsense and argues and insults anyone who does not agree with him, join if you like i’m sure others would like to hear about your tours and expertese on matters of the Amazon. Good Luck Gents.

61 Joel May 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Here’s the Groups link. Theres a lot of great people on this page.!/groups/expatriatesinperu/

62 Captain Bill May 24, 2012 at 11:37 am

Thanks for reaching out with your good suggestion Joel. I did join the Expatriats in Peru facebook page and I see a lot of interesting people are active there. I think some of us can be friends. I hope so and I will tell my friends about it.

63 Dario Alfonso Moscoso May 26, 2012 at 12:43 am

Hello Captain Bill, and welcome to Expatriates In Peru. I appreciate your good effort in bringing happiness to the people in Iquitos. I know you a lot because you have been always a good person with the people in my country. And my good friend Harry, the Venezuelan guy (I saw him tonight in Miraflores) sends you greetings. And as for Jim Nazarkewitch, he`s a fantastic friend of mine. Believe me, I met him 14 years ago and I can assure you, he`s a good person. He always dissented with me in many points, but we never have clashed. And as for Joel Poole, I blocked him on Facebook 2 weeks ago because he used my name, without consulting me, for a nasty joke. And he (Joel) is a racist because he hates Mexican people without reason. I know you are always defending people in Iquitos, against any abuse, including Gerald`s ones. And that`s the reason I changed my plans about going to Colca Canyon. I`ll fly to Iquitos in November this year. I understand your position because you have been always respectful of my country. My idea is to have Jim, you and me in Iquitos for a coffee and some drinks at the Dawn In the Amazon and clarify anyone`s position here. And it`s time to meet Mad Mick, also. See you in November.

64 Jim May 26, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Dario , Thanks for the comments and a great idea. I always recommend a few places that I know in Iquitos like the Texas Bar, Dawn on The Amazon, El Carbon , El Dorado Hotel, and the Maranon Hotel. I do not worry about what Joel Poole from North Carolina says I just do like you did as well as many other do, just block him. I think the above businesses are well run and I recommend them. As far as all the arguing about who is good and who is bad , I cannot judge. I think a lot of it is competition but it would be nice to see them work together. I blocked Joel Poole basically for the same reason that you and all the other have, he is bigoted, he insulted you , and he has extreme hatred for people of Mexican decent. If you are a Republican or a Democrat I do not care, just vote. If you are American, Peruvian, Black, White, Homosexual , Heterosexual or Bi-sexual like Joel Poole it does not matter to me. Yes, I like Gerald he has always been very good around me and he seems to have a lot of friends and his bar and restaurant is nice. I also agree that all the other places that I mentioned are very nice and well run and this includes the Dawn on the Amazon ( great view as well). As Joel said so well I have my “tounge up Geralds ass” I can only say two things 1) Tounge is spelled tongue. 2) Gerald has always been nice to me and I have not seen him do any of the things described , in fact, my fiancee and his daughter are best friends. He has helped her when she was a little girl and I am appreciative so that is why I like him. He is a friend. Dario is my friend and anyone I call a friend I would have a tendency like any decent person to defend. I spoke with Dario about Bill Grimes and he also assures me that he is a real good guy. I hope this clarifies my position completely. I feel in my mind a lot of this has to do with competition and I also thought Bill Grimes is the Embassy Rep (Marshall) . Nobody that I am aware of has made fun of Joel Poole for being Bi-Sexual or for having one leg. Joel has been the insulting bigoted person that has been blocked by Dario, myself and others and that has apparently insulted him. I personally think the Mexicans are great hard working people and after speaking to Joel Poole I even have a better opinion of them.

65 Joel May 28, 2012 at 10:49 am

Jim, Dario the 2 of you crack me up I see working in tadem to gang up on people suits the low character you suffer from well…As far as being a racist and bigot I’m the farthest thing from it i’m married to a Latina and I have a Latina baby. I’ve also employed dozens of Mexicans, Hondurans among others and you’re right about one thing they are very hard workers, As i’ve expressed many times there are many problems with the immigration system in the USA. As to the whole Facebook blocking thing like I said before and i’ll say it to your face YOUR AN IDIOT!!! If you can’t take the heat get outta the kitchen. Your controlling attitude is probably why you had 5 or 6 wives ditch your ass…you cannot attempt control other peoples thoughts and insult them simply because you don’t agree with them. I’ve called you out for your behavior several times even to the point where you left the group sure wish you would have stayed gone…Funny part of it is you got called on your crap by others as well so i’m not the only one that thinks or feels the same. You and Dario were the only that blocked me…NOBODY ELSE!!! You changed your tune as soon as Bill and Mike joined the group. Hope others see you for what you really are a DRUNK THATS ALL…

66 Joel May 28, 2012 at 11:01 am

Bill Grimes thank you very much for your kind words. I’ve directed several people to friend you and I see they have. I’m glad we have a bit of truth on the Ex-Pats page I don’t like people being dragged through the mud and not being able to defend themselves.

67 Captain Bill May 28, 2012 at 11:09 am

Hi Jim, I am angry at Joel also, for using Mike and I like pawns to sacrifice in a cyber chess game. I thought that we were given an opportunity to make new friends in the facebook expat community, and I still think so…

I only tell things as I see and understand, as clearly as my limited skills allow. I don’t play cyber-chess…

I will always downplay my role with the Embassy. Marshall or sheriff, are loaded terms implying some active power to use force. My title is warden, a more passive role with little or no direct authority. I pass on embassy messages and warnings to the U. S. expat community in Loreto, and I have direct communication with my contacts at the embassy, and I try to help all nationalities of expats when ever I can. I did that before I was a warden.

I do work together with those that I like and respect. I am good friends with Stacy who owns the Karma Cafe, and with Marc and Tanya and Alan, who own the Amazon Bistro. We help each other in many ways and I have written and published three articles in my Captain’s Blog promoting their restaurants and I have a list of my 10 favorite restaurants in Iquitos that are on my web site, and on my blog, and that have been picked up by various media.
Fine French Food At The Amazon Bistro On The Boulevard In Iquitos;
The Amazon Bistro On The Boulevard;
Chill Out At The Amazon Cafe Lounge In Ikitos;
I am not in competition with any one. I continue to work to make Dawn on the Amazon Cafe better. We have ranked #1 in TripAdvisor for 18 months. I recommend that you look at TripAdvisor restaurants in Iquitos Peru to read the reviews of the top restaurants in Iquitos to learn more. My point is, I do work with good people that I trust. I could never work together with a racist compulsive liar that can not be trusted.

To sort out a few things that seem to be misunderstood, my friend Wally Lloyd killed himself on January 30 2009. Here is the; In Memorial To Wally Lloyd. Mourners left 39 comments expressing their sadness and shock. The next morning, someone, allegedly the scoundrel, the subject of this article, tossed a hangman’s noose up onto Mike Collis’s balcony, across the street from the Yellow Rose of Texas. Two years later Barry Brett was killed. The two events are unrelated. While Barry’s death was strange, contrary to what might be heard from some sources, he did not have a beer bottle up his ass.

As I recall, Mike and gerald made a deal. Mike would run advertising for the Yellow Rose of Texas in the Iquitos Times in exchange for Mike drinking beer at the Yellow Rose. Mike did run the adds and technically gerald probably owes Mike a few soles above what he allegedly owes according to the warning upstairs at the Yellow…

Jim, I’m satisfied we have sorted out most of our misunderstandings. I look forward to visiting with you in person, hopefully in November, or sometime soon.

Best regards,

68 Joel May 28, 2012 at 11:47 am

Bill I did not put you or Mike out there as Pawns, I only wished for you to know what was being said about the goings on in Iquitos. This last thread was very mild in comparason to the things that were said in several earlier posts about some people there.
While on the surface some people seem to want diplomacy they are wolves in sheeps clothing. Beware!!!

69 Jim May 28, 2012 at 2:30 pm


That was probably one of the best posts I have read on the page !

I must congratulate you on your fairness and level headed response. To be the representative of the Embassy is important and really I just like coming there and enjoying all the places. I do not know Mike but I enjoy his paper and I always read it. He has done a very good job with it.

Dario has been a friend of mine for 14 years and is really a great guy. To be able to have friends for that long is probably like the way both you and Mike are friends. I will be there soon with the Patch Adams guys so I will drop by and see you guys.

I always recommend the list I posted because I have a lot of people that work for and with me which enjoy good places. I apologize for any (non factual statements like any man should). We do have parties for the ex pat group often and we do tend to tip quite a few at these affairs. I do not mind what Joel says, he is manipulative and at times I am naive.

I am the jester on the site and there are a lot of good people on the site.

Looking forward to seeing you and I will bring some clowns along.


P.S. We are not drunk (unfortunately) and Joel has never been to one of our parties for obvious reasons. I do block out anything to do with him so I must apologize again for that.

70 Joel May 28, 2012 at 2:57 pm

If i’m lying let the proof be in the pudding.
How is it Jim found this blog? On/around January 21st,
there were posts asking about Iquitos in the expats forum
after hearing Jim post wonderful things about a gentleman
in Iquitos I decided to look him up well knowing Jim associates
with scoundrels…and I posted a link to the comments, This blog
as well as Tripadvisor comments made by customers @ a place there
disgusted by treatment of locals @ the hands of one individual. Anyone who wishes to look back in the files of the expat forum can…This is how he came to be here way back in January. There were also several comments made by Jim as to the fact that Bill and his buddies stole the golf course and ripped people off and it was all tied up in litigation.

So Jim the proof is in the pudding have fun going back that far into the post and trying to erase your comments…

71 Jim May 28, 2012 at 4:51 pm

Bill and I have been over all of this and as I said before I like Gerald and have never seen any of this stuff happen in the 30 or so times I have been in there.

I still recommend The Texas Bar, Dawn on the Amazon, El Carbon, El Dorado and Hotel Maranon. These are well run businesses and I recommend them. Sometimes people recommend places that they have never been too but I do not.

I like Dario and Gerald as well as hundreds of other people. It is not necessary that Bill or I or Dario all like the same people for the same reasons. I stick to my recommendations.

The question on the blog “IS this person a scoundrel?” and allows people to put what they want on the blog. Many people say negative and many people say positive things. That is their right. It is a question not the outcome,people can draw their own conclusions.

Many people say things about certain people that play “Cyber Chess” (sorry for the use of the term , I have never heard it and it is appropriate) and are called names like “little assholes etc. Some people talk about Tongues in mens certainbody parts because they deem it necessary and that is what they may do in their own personal lives. I will refrain from agreeing or disagreeing. I can always learn from others. It also helps to hear both sides of a story, however, I have always liked the above places and now I am going to try the new places Bill recommended like the Karma Cafe.

Sorry I do not have time to sit with one leg up on a coffee table and write or rehash things over and over again. I will certainly never try to lure someone into a site that owns a business and try to effect outcomes.

Sorry Bill for responding and I will not waste anymore time. I just certainly never heard of anyone not liking Dario nor did I hear both sides of a story put in a fair and equitable manner.

As far as certain people not being “bigoted”, please we have seen the rants. I again will refrain but I like the Mexican people as well as every other group, dislikes usually should be limited to individuals.


72 Joel May 28, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Like I said Jim the proof is in the pudding baby!!!
I also like how you respond quickly…
You have said many times to stay away
from certain ppl. in Iquitos because they are BAD…
The truth will come out in the end it always does, by the way
where is Dario? I would have expected him to be here to back
you up…people are smarter than you give them credit for.
I don’t think your drunken charm or swagger will help you
here because it seems some people already know the facts.

OH JIM BY THE WAY “CHECKMATE” with my last about
your previous posts everyone knows where to find it…

73 Dario Alfonso Moscoso May 28, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Here I am, again. And I won´t respond Joel because I believe Bill Grimes set up this page because he wanted to help people in Iquitos. And I´m not here to use Bill´s website as a punching bag. Jim and Bill have expressed their opinions and own points of view about this particular fact. See you in November, Bill. I wonder if your restaurant can prepare a good pisco sour.

74 Jim May 28, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Dario , you are correct. I just find it strange that Joel has this obsessed with my swagger, men normally do not look at other mens asses when they walk but then again , I simply consider the source. I wish ” Lil Joel Poele” luck and as the old saying goes ” break a leg”. My last response with his cyber chess.

75 Joel May 28, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Dario Exactly, he set up this page to help protect innocent women and children among others from being further abused by the guy Jim calls his friend and to let people with firsthand knowledge of that abuse speak their mind. I felt compelled to share it with some of the expat community as well. I found NOTHING but truths on this page after having conversed with several people from the area…
Thanks for your 2 cents.

76 Joel May 28, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Jim what kind of person would make fun of a man with one leg,
who simply wants the truth out in the public eye…
Oh and by the way use the dictionary next time swagger has nothing to do with asses!!!
Definition of SWAGGER-
: to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially: to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence
: boast, brag
transitive verb
: to force by argument or threat : bully

77 Toby August 26, 2012 at 11:32 pm

I had heard the stories about this scumbag but did not know the full extent of Geralds evil. I have not been in Iquitos for a while, but when I go back next I will take great joy in taking off my belt with a heafty buckle and giving Gerald a vicious public flogging. Bastard.

78 jenny arce December 21, 2012 at 8:52 pm

do not think that geralds wife (pamela) is an innocent player at the yellow rose. she is so greedy, more then gerald, just because she is from lima, dosent mean nothing, it is her that treats the girls at the restaurant so badly and work them like slaves. i have to agree that gerald tries to protect his customers from the street kids, that have stolen all their lives to survive. i would say most of the girls there are whores. dawn on the amazon is a great place, so is the yellow rose.
i try to be equal and to the way i see it.

79 bobby December 29, 2012 at 9:42 pm

yes, gerald is a old con man that will help you, but if necessary will screw the hell out of u. he can be a mean s.o.b., but u know the other people down there are just jealous because he is a better con artist. he knows how to bring in the general of police and his officers to eat for favors. he can lie with a straight face and we all know he never played ball at the university or any of that stuff, and he dosent let him phase him. he continues, he is a pro. he has taught his wife to play bad cop, good cop. what a interesting bunch in iquitos. theatrical and comical, with some color. to bad hollywood hasnt discovered it yet.

80 Philip Smith June 1, 2013 at 4:55 pm

I met Gerald in 2002 and he was very friendly,helpful and entertaining.I suspect many people are trying to pull him down because he has a popular personality,he is hardworking and successful.
In raising children,the bible says “do not spare the rod”
I would guess he has every right to stop street kids from stealing in his restauarant.
He is also a family man unlike many of the sexually perverse who flock to places like Iquitos.
I am sure he would be only to happy to support any genuine charity that helps homelss children and orphans if he was asked.

81 Colin Rawlings June 20, 2013 at 4:25 pm

To Mr Philip Smith, although I doubt you even exist.
Mr Smith are we really talking about the same person?
Mayeaux is nothing more than a poor excuse of a human being, an evil man that is hated by all that know him, and with reason.
A family man you call him, did you not know he abandoned his wife and 2 daughters in the mid 80s and made no effort to support them. Now grown up, his daughter Michelle wrote on this same blog some years ago, and finished by saying, “He is in Peru and we all want him to stay there!”
Did you not know Mr Smith that this loving, kind, family man beat up an 8 year old boy in front of his restaurant in 2006 and could have done the boy serious injury if a customer from the adjoining bar had not intervened. The boy’s crime , he threw an empty plastic coke bottle at Mayeaux after Mayeaux had pushed him away.
Did you not know Mr Smith that after that he resorted to implanting a needle in the tip of his thumb and would stick little children as young as 5 if they came anywhere near his precious restaurant.
It is well known that Mayeaux has physically attacked many street people including an old 80+ year old invalid lady who he pushed to the ground.
Only recently Mayeaux squirted a pepper spray into the face and eyes of a physically and mentally handicapped 30+ year woman because she thought she could walk between his outside tables and his restaurant, the poor woman then suffered an epileptic fit and could have died.
What did you say the bible said “Dont spare the rod”. I wager you even deny the holocaust happened. Get a life Mr Smith.

82 William Crabbe June 21, 2013 at 5:53 pm

Thank You Colin,well said.
I suppose you Philip Smith are one of those bible belt,god fearing,bible bouncing,nigger burning hypocrites.
Mayeaux is an asshole that no one should pass the time of day with. Everything Colin said is completely true but he failed to add that inside Mayeauxs bar are, a Willy Nelson poster, a confederate flag, a scorched cross and his piece de resistance is a photo of Michelle Obama with Mayeauxs own handwritten words saying “ And now we have an ape for a first lady”.
Mayeaux is a Racist Pig and you Philip Smith support him.

83 Jim Clayton June 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

A friend of mine who lives in Peru sent me this blog because we both worked for the same company and we both know Gerald Mayeax. In the 80s I knew this man because we worked together in Oxy.No one liked him because he was so arrogant and he was a bully who would pick on weaker people and make fools of them. I know that many things have been said already about this character. But not many know that in the mid 60s when the Vietnam war was at its height he deliberately made a young girl pregnant just so he could escape the draft. Apparently she was the daughter of a important local businessman.I Know this is true because he bragged about it. It pissed me off because I like many others were drafted into the military. I was lucky to survive that war and I came home and raised a family. I am proud that I served my country but what about you Mayeaux?

84 Jim Allerton January 4, 2014 at 8:17 pm

I will just say 2 things :

The poor child boys, who ask for money in your restaurant, are victims of lack of fortune, love of his parents, cruelty of the street and jungle live in his short life.
Dear Gerald, try to love this young people. This can be you sons. The money is not so important in the short life we live.
You have the opportunity to be a great person, reverting all the bad things and be a good persons, specially with this poor people.

2. If i dont see this happen in 4 months. You can be sure, i will donate between 10K to 50K US$ , to make you change your way of thinking, and receive some justice in this life.

YES i was not just a TALKER, I will do something, because I am plenty of money, and try to used it to good things in live, philantropical ones, I think i can donate this money, to a people who take care of you, and make some justice.
In the past i waste so much money, in other things that are not important. So for me is also a way, to make some justice for this inocent people.

Of course, all the things will be legal. But now this people, will have money, for advertising purposes, legal services, office in iquitos, secretary, etc, etc, etc… Right now i am designating one very dedicated person to this matter. So i think you will be have news very soon.


Jim Allerton

85 Melody March 28, 2015 at 11:21 pm

I was in the Yellow Rose of Texas several days ago. Gerald called the President of the United States a “nappy headed hoe.” Then he called the First Lady an Ape.

I was incredulous.

86 Sandro July 22, 2015 at 12:32 am

Not sure why anyone gives this bigoted scum of the earth the time of day?? The unfortunate thing of Mayeaux and people like him is it re enforces to the rest of the world pre conceptions of Yanks. Mayeaux is just another self indulgent gringo wallowing in his own self worth. Unfortunately this is just copy and paste the world over.
His day will come, in this life or the next.

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