Yuru, Amazónica Princess, Featuring Dawn on the Amazon III

by Captain Bill

Yuru, Amazónica Princess, Featuring Dawn on the Amazon III

My crew and I are very proud that Dawn on the Amazon III will play a prominent roll in the twenty episode mini series, Yuru, Amazónica Princess. The adventure series is based on illegal international wildlife trafficking from the rainforest. Tunche and Culebra are the villains who steal the lovely Yuru’s pet monkey. The adventure and romance are driven by her struggle to reclaim her pet and to free the other wild life the poachers have caged ready to smuggle out of Peru.

I do not want to ruin the ending for you…but…naw…I will just tell you that by the ending, both of my boats were a muddy mess. The villains thought nothing of flopping down on our hand embroidered sheets with their muddy boots, or scratching our hardwood floors dragging equipment around. My crew sanded and cleaned for days after we finished the shoot. We think the boat gained character from one scene. Tunche was supposed to stab his knife into the rail. The rail is made of Purple Heart, one of the densest, hardest woods in the world. Purple Heart does not stab easily. Sparks flew! That scene was shot over and over and he never really got it right. We left the stab marks for our souvenirs.

We still laugh among ourselves remembering one scene, filmed from the island at the confluence of the Momon and Nanay Rivers. Dawn III comes around the bend and no one is supposed to be visible. Captain Santos, who is comically short anyway, was barely peeking over the pilot house window to steer the ship and the director is screaming into the VHF radio, “I see one head, I see a head. That head had better disappear.” Santos can’t believe it is his head and says, “I have to see to steer, what do they want, a ghost boat.”

Filming a movie is hard and boring. Making movies in the jungle is harder still. My crew was ready to mutiny several times. Oh, you should have heard them complain. During one three-day film session, which was only supposed to last eight hours, most of the crew did not even have a change of clothes. Everyone was mad at me. Now that the promotional clips are on TV every half hour, my crew tell a different story. Dawn on the Amazon III comes around the bend and it looks like a beautiful ghost ship; not one head in sight. They all get to tell their friends and family how it was done. They are celebrities in their own neighborhoods, and I am not such a bad “jefe” after all.

The first installment of Yuru, Amazónica Princess, begins February 5th on Peru national TV, channel 9.

Yuru, Amazónica Princess, Featuring Dawn on the Amazon III

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1 Bill February 6, 2007 at 6:21 am

Sunday evening there was an hour long special about the making of Yuru Amazónica Princess, and last night was the first episode. The mini series will not be mistaken for great art in the film industry, but it is funny, charming, and Dawn on the Amazon III looks like the fantasy boat she is.

2 Bill February 8, 2007 at 9:19 am

Yuru, the mini series, irritates me, but nearly all television is irritating. The actors and actresses portraying life in the remote jungle village are dressed like in a Lima soap opera. This story could have been better, and maybe it will be. They shot Dawn on the Amazon III in the golden light and it looks like the wonderful fantasy boat it is. The scene where Tunche stabs the knife into the rail seems natural and easy, so it could have been worse. I am sure they worked on a tight budget, but they should have filmed this for a couple of months, with many more takes, and then edited it tighter. What do I know? They have not asked me to be the executive producer of the sequel.

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