The Characters of Iquitos, Peru

by Captain Bill

The Characters of Iquitos Peru

Characters abound along every waterfront in the world. Many novels have been written based on the lives of men and women struggling with themselves and nature in third world waterfront locations. Here in this island city surrounded by rivers, in the midst of the jungle, three degrees south of the equator, there is a crowd of characters modeling for their role in my novel.

Every character has a story waiting to be told, or in some cases being repeated over and over to whoever will listen. Some of the best tales are hinted at but left untold. Some cannot go back, and the trail forward is obscured by dense jungle shadows. A few are fugitives from justice, others fugitives from their past lives. All are trying to do the best their characters will allow.

How did they get here? Why did they stay? What will they do now? What next?

How will Mike Collins, the main character and the editor of the Iquitos Bugle, help the street children and those in need: “Hi. I am Mad Mick, oldest and largest paper boy in the world. Welcome to paradise. Would you like a copy of the Bugle? It’s free.”

Jarard is the antagonist, and owner of The Flowers of the Amazon, better known as The Red Rose, a house of ill repute near the ports: “Hi, I am Jarard. Keep those little bastards away from my place or I’ll shock the shit out of them with a cattle prod.”

Richard Ryan is Jarard’s mysterious accomplice.

The Cobbler is a gringo shaman, apprentice to a master curandero. He learns the secrets of how to cure cancer and diabetes using a recipe of plant extracts from the tropical rainforest.

Juaneco is a jungle guide and hustler, blessed with 7 pretty daughters and three granddaughters: “Hola, I am Juaneco. I am a jongle guied. I cry when Jarard steal my customers. Ef there es anyting you need, you ask me. Tha’s one dollor pleese.”

Ahara, Mike’s faithful sidekick.

Urie, creative street hustler. Mad Mick turned his name into a verb. His clients are never hustled, they are Uried.

Maukoo, jungle guide, professionalle: “Hi, I’m Maaaukcoooooo. You ever eat monkey? It’s delicious. Tastes like human.”

My character is the as yet unnamed narrator who inserts himself into the dialogue whenever it pleases him.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please help this creative process. Thanks.

The Characters of Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, Welcome to Iquitos Peru, Dawn on the Amazon

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1 mike collis January 24, 2007 at 6:54 pm

What about the aging german that goes by the name Johann Zellerman who lives alone in a cabin on the Momon River. Some say he is an ex nazi SS officer running from charges of alleged war crimes . He comes into town once a month to buy a crate of Johnny Walker and 600 cigarettes.
Some say he made a fortune out of human skin lampshades.

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