How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen

by Captain Bill

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How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen

Mike Collis the editor of the Iquitos Times had the dream. He exploded out of his chair while watching CNN, “We can build the first golf course ever in the Peruvian Amazon.”

Leo Jones shouted from the bar, “You are mad, Mick.” Mike is also the owner of Mad Mick’s Trading Post and Bunkhouse.

Fate cursed me for being there at that moment in time, January 24th, 2004. For reasons that I forget now, I volunteered to be the first share holder.

I remember Mike said, “I didn’t know you liked golf.”

“I don’t like golf and I don’t like people who play golf,” I joked, and we laughed as I gave him my investment money to buy the first share of the Amazon Golf Club. Nothing has happened since that day to change my opinion of golf or golfers.

Marmelita was furious with me when I proudly told her of my brilliant investment. “Now Sugrita, this share could be worth a lot of money some day.” She is a smart young woman, and I wish with all my heart that I had taken her advice and demanded my money back. I always knew it would be a risky investment, and I knew there was a good chance I would lose my money, but I never dreamed that some varmints would steal it.

Ryan Richards offered to rent us 10 hectares of land where he squatted, on the outskirts of the city. It was 99 % jungle. We arrived at a mutually agreeable price, but Ryan did not have title to the land, so there could be no long term lease agreement. We proceeded in good faith, but I always questioned why Ryan did not take steps to get a clear title of the land.

This story is not about the building of the golf course, although that is an interesting subject. No one had ever built a golf course in theAmazon Golf Club green 2, sponsored by Dawn on the Amazon Amazon jungle, and the difficulty that presented can hardly be underestimated. If that is not bad enough, none of us had ever built a golf course anywhere and our ignorance could hardly be overestimated. A lot of the early work was trial and error, with emphasis on the error. Some implied that they could have done better with less. That is fine, maybe they could have, but they did not. The nine hole course, with a difficult par 5, and a couple of par 4s is turning out to be better than I imagined, but that is not this story.

This story is about how the Amazon Golf Club, Mad Mick’s dream, was stolen. Of the original 62 founding investors, only 7 are now considered to be members. All of the rest of us have been disenfranchised. I accept some responsibility. I was preoccupied building my boats, and then building my new business, while the weasels watched the hen house.

I do not believe my friend Mike Collis will be mad at me for stating the obvious. Mike’s strength is the “bright idea” followed by promoting that idea. Managing the details should best be left to the managers. Unfortunately the managers were busy on other projects of their own and Mike was in a hurry. It would take a long time to build a golf course. Grass only grows fast when you do not want it to.

We should have hired a lawyer, but we didn’t. The Amazon Golf Club was set up as a non-profit organization, but the shares were sold as an investment that could be resold for a profit. That was the detail. If we had hired a lawyer, he could have advised us to change the constitution of the club from a non-profit to a for-profit club. It would have cost less than $100 and all 62 founding members could be happy.

First the club was hijacked from the investors. A resolution was passed that only members who play golf that live in Iquitos could be on the board of directors. There were 8 members that fit that requirement and 7 board member positions to fill. Castro could not have better job security. The other 55 investors were told not to worry, the hen house is secure.

Shortly after commandeering the club, a secret meeting was called for board members only. No letters of notification were necessary for the other members, because at this point it was declared there were only seven members, the board of directors. Signatures were forged, documents falsified, officials bribed, lies told, the club was dissolved. Gerald Mayeaux was named the liquidator of the clubs assets. The club was declared to have no assets. The coup d’état was complete.

Or is it? Are we going to let the weasels get away with stealing our Amazon Golf Club? Hell no we are not! We already tried persuasion. We already tried diplomacy. You can not reason with a weasel. Who knows what a weasel thinks?

Several of us have hired two lawyers who agree, everything that has been done by the weasels is illegal. We will pursue the varmints in the legal system of Peru to the Supreme Court if necessary. If any of you reading this, particularly the other 50 investors from 14 countries, would like to help, we can use all the help we can get.

Anyone who would like to tell their version of this story can do so by clicking the comment link below.

How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen

Bill Grimes, Welcome to Iquitos Peru, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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1 mike collis January 18, 2007 at 10:51 am

Six months after we started the project in June 2004 Gerald Mayeaux joined the club. I told Phil Duffy the ex British Consul that Gerald had joined . He replied, “Mike, you mark my words Gerald will be the kiss of death to that club”.

Oh, how those words ring true now!

Mike Collis

2 Michael Buzzo January 18, 2007 at 12:09 pm

Excellent writing Bill, may I use it in my book? Just kidding. Though I am not directly involved, this whole situation has sure had an impact on my 85 year old father, whom has been more than a good friend to at least one of the culprits. When he came to the states shortly after the club was formed, he could not have been more excited #1 that ya’ll were building a golf club in the Amazon, #2 that he was a founding member. This last time he was here for his annual visit and learned of the demise, I watched the air just come out of that man. He has suffered enough in his life (as having spent 3 1/2 years as a POW under the Japanese) and just wants to enjoy his remaining years. I want to take this opportunity to make an appeal to Gerald Mayeaux. Don’t you care about my father? He has been your friend since 1999.

3 ME January 18, 2007 at 2:42 pm

I am truly sorry to be the one to say ” I TOLD YOU SO”
when mike first told me his plans for a golf course, I was estatic, which quickly turned to crap, mike, are you nuts ? your going to include ryan richards and gerald Mayeux (that aint no TEXAS NAME) why dont you just bang your head against a rock wall until your dizzy then burn your money in the middle of the street.
Mike I know these guys, they will skin an honest, nimrod like you in 30 seconds flat or less, they have already shown what type of people they are, plus, I have already had a similar experence with ryan richards before and found that he was not a man of his word or to be trusted.
well you all know mike, he believes everyone is honest and should always be given a second chance ( MIKE, you reading this ??? theres a reason why the say a tiger never changes its stripes) well guess what ??? Neither do these guys, and look what they are trying to to do, BUT, wait, dont forget the part the gringo adam is playing in this heist or the Golf Pro-Sergio,maybe golf is not their only game ????
our only hope is the Peruvian Legal system, they are honest and through in their work and we can only hope they arnt side tracked by some low life politicians .
even though it might take some time, Peruvian law and truth should prevail, based on my experence with the Peruvian courts,they are a first class operation.
all you honest golf course members, hang in there, there is hope.
the rats will be caught in their own trap……………………….

4 Amazon Gary January 18, 2007 at 6:47 pm

I wanted to be a founder member of this club,what a brilliant idea. But when I found out that Ryan Richards and Mayeaux were involved , NO WAY.

If you members want to blame someone for this blame Mike. How can anyone be so STUPID to trust Mayeaux and the Snake Man.

Ryan has a history of sucking people in if they have a good idea then Ryan takes over
and boots out the one who had the idea in the first place.

Very bad men.

Amazon Gary

5 Jo January 18, 2007 at 8:46 pm

I´m gutted for you guys! The course looks so beautiful and I remember the twinkle in Mike´s eye when the idea first started to come together. I don´t think I know most of you, but whilst reading, as soon as Gerald´s name was mentioned, I was pretty sure this was a venture that would not end well. not for the good guys anyway. !Fuerza!

6 Bill January 18, 2007 at 11:33 pm

To my friend that contacted me today;
I sent out dozens of responsible, thoughtful, diplomatic emails, which were deleted by the very people I tried to reach. The disenfranchised agreed but the golfers only wanted to play golf in peace and quite and you were the first golfer to respond and you waited till the day I posted this blog. I gave everyone a chance to help fix this problem that some have ironically called the Golf War. This did not start yesterday. This started last February, a year ago, and the problem was going to be fixed every day tomorrow, and Adam Andrews was corresponding with me in July that it would all be fixed by the end of the week and we would have the club back like it should be, and that was 7 months ago. Mayeaux, Andrews, Richards, and Flores, look more guilty every day this goes on. We should have taken legal action a year ago, certainly 6 months ago, but we thought reasonable people would know this is not right and fix it just because it needed fixing, not because some judge said it had to be fixed. The time for negotiating and diplomacy came and went and is over. My opinion of golfers has been reinforced every single day. You all not only ignored me, but ignored all of the others that cared enough to try to persuade who ever you think is in charge with hundreds of emails that got deleted.

And finally Peter Schneider; do you know how much he has contributed to the club? Find out. You would not even have a place to play golf but for him. He has donated three or four times as much as all of the other members combined, and he makes a proposal that no fair person could disagree with, and he is ignored like me, and the other 20 or 30 who also had opinions. Now I ask you to examine that issue with whoever you think is in charge. Any one that does not think that is a fair solution we will know to be a thief.

Your friend Bill

7 Brian Yancey January 18, 2007 at 11:57 pm

Look out folks,I’m bringing Bill Covington with me. He is an owner and wants to play. Shame on all who want to prevent this course from taking off!

8 Dave Sheridan January 19, 2007 at 10:42 am

To anyone who has a position other than the fact that the Golf Club was swindled from the overwhelming majority I send an invitation. This invitation is extended to anyone, however, it is especially offered to Gerald Mayeaux and Ryan Richards (I know they read this).

The offer is; since you don´t have the backbone to sit face to face and attempt to justify your position, do so on this blog. That way you can´t look quite so ridiculous dancing around direct questions which you would find it impossible to answer in an honest manner. I challenge anyone, ANYONE, to justify the take-over of the Amazon Golf Club (besides the obvious, greed, power, etc.). Quite obviously Mr. Mayeaux (your right not a Texas name) shows nothing but cowardice. Any real Texan is being disgraced by his claim. I will make it a personal issue to be sure that the Daily Texan knows of the Captain´s Blog Gerald.

Gerald be something more than a mouse. Justify your disolution of the club. In other words tell us WHY it was disolved.

I have traveled to almost all countries in S. America and have many friends throughout. I know hundreds. But Gringo cowards are hard to come by. If you have an ounce of backbone, tell give us your justification (let´s see—Mayeaux-backbone?? sounds like an oxymoron)

9 Dave Sheridan January 19, 2007 at 10:43 am

By the way Gerald–YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!!!!!

10 member 17 January 19, 2007 at 10:49 am

If the constitution was set up wrong , who set it up ?

Was it Mike or Ryan & Sergio ?

11 Bill January 19, 2007 at 11:17 am

Ryan was very proud of the constitution he set up after hours of research on the internet. The only copy I ever saw was in Spanish. I believe that was Ryan’s third or forth move on the chess board and we did not even know we were playing the game.

12 Molly Mednikow January 19, 2007 at 1:12 pm

I know very little of the dealings of the Amazon Golf Club. To me, the concept of a golf club in this climate was always ridiculous. Investors / members were taken in by a passionate vision, that was apparently not backed up by any business plan, market research or management control.

As an adult, I take it upon myself to form my OWN judgements of people. It is obvious many people dislike Gerald (although it is also obvious that he is being scapegoated by those who don’t want to admit they weren’t managing a group enterprise according to their fiduciary duty). Gerald is not my friend. But he runs a really good restaurant. It is one of the few restaurants in town where I have eaten regularly and NEVER gotten sick from the food. This is my relationship with Gerald. He runs a restaurant that I enjoy eating at.

Gerald has supported my charity, the local humane society. He and his wife adopted a cat (which Mike claimed they no longer had, but that was untrue). Gerald has never badmouthed Mike to me. But if he did, I would be an adult and afford Mike the same courtesy I have afforded Gerald. I WOULD FORM MY OWN OPINION BASED ON MY OWN INTERACTIONS WITH THE PERSON. To me, this is an adult way to conduct oneself.

Mike is an affable guy, and what I am about to say I would gladly say to his face (and much of it I have said to his face). I fear his retaliation, and that is sad, because all I have done since moving to Iquitos three years ago is invest ALL of my money into bettering living conditions for animals and people here.

He runs a “newspaper” that is basically one big advertisement. Articles are paid for. Once when my Peruvian Veterinarian submitted an article it was clear nobody even took a glance at it, as it was filled with glaring mistakes (referring to me as the Directress of Amazon c.a.r.e.s.). I have asked repeatedly for him to post our current articles on his website, but the “chica of the month” has higher priority. I have asked REPEATEDLY that he AT LEAST give Amazon c.a.r.e.s. equal or more attention than the extra-terrestrial articles, to no avail. He told me once people really enjoyed the alien articles, to which I responded “Are the aliens paying for advertising space?”

Despite the fact that I must pay for an article that I must write and that he will not edit in any way, when I sent along three items recently, one of them was an “Adoption of the Month” feature with a picture of Gerald and Pamela. At this point I was blissfully unaware of the conflict. Mike refused to print the article. He also didn’t print my tribute to an Australian Vet that volunteered with me for 6 months, claiming he didn’t get that article. Yet all three articles (the one he printed, the one he refused to print, and the one he claims he never got) were in the same email.

We recently produced a beautiful 36 page color calendar to benefit Amazon c.a.r.e.s. It contains dozens of photos, one of which, a small one, is of Pamela and Gerald. When he saw it he slammed the calendar closed. But rather than call a spade a spade he patted my volunteer on the back and said “Tell Molly it’s a nice calendar but I don’t have any money right now.” The calendar cost 10 soles, by the way. Gerald and Pamela purchased 10 calendars. It benefits a worthy cause.

Later Mike saw my volunteer and ignored him.

So I ask you, if you were me, based on MY EXPERIENCE, what would your opinion be?
I still like Mike, but think it is a shame he is letting emotions get in the way of his “newspaper.” I also don’t respect the fact that he pretends it is a newspaper (the British consulate, Camu Camu art gallery, etc have been gone for years, but are still listed). He CHARGES charities for publicity, yet writes ridiculous articles about anacondas and aliens.

As for Gerald, he has always been pleasant to me, and Pamela is a delight. I have no idea what happended with the golf club.

I only write this because I felt SOMEBODY should at least offer a balanced view regarding the characters portrayed.


Molly Mednikow
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety

PS – I am traveling to the US today, so please delay any attempts on my life until March. Thanks.

13 John Bernhart January 19, 2007 at 1:36 pm

I live in Lima and visit Iquitos three or four times a year. I am a founding member and was sold on this marvelous project with equal enthusiasm by both Mike and Gerald. In fact, at the time, I thought it was more Gerald’s brainchild than Mike’s. Gerald raved about the possibilities of the Golf course and sold me on the idea under the same conditions of Mike’s original conditions that are stated on my ‘founding member’ certificate. I have gotten the full explanation from people on both sides of this issue supported by documents, hyperbole, and many insults. I have concluded that Mike has made many mistakes in the way he opened the club without proper legal documentation, how he spent the original investors’ money without proper accounting, and how he naively signed the papers allowing the original constitution to be dissolved. I also know that Gerald has taken the subsequent attacks and insults very personally and will never back down as long has his ‘honor’ is at stake.

Like Bill, I wrote to Adam several times around July, 2006, asking him how he planned on resolving the issue, along with my suggestions on how to comply with the original agreement offered the founding members. Adam answered me, like he did Bill, that these issues would be worked out and a new constitution would be in place shortly that would protect most of the investors’ rights under the original agreement.

I have listened to all this patiently for a year now, offering my comments when requested. The bottom line is this: Gerald, Adam: with all due respect, you have a moral obligation to set up the new constitution of the club as closely (and legally) as possible to the original conditions given to the founding members. I know there are some legal restrictions concerning members living outside of Peru. I request that you explain any other rational you have for not honoring the original conditions.

Gerald, I know that Mike and others have insulted your honor, but this is not about you and Mike. This is about the rights of all the other founding members. To have your honor insulted means that you believe that you are an honorable man. I am asking you now to do the honorable thing: forget about the petty insults that have been thrown at you. Work with Adam and the other founding members to create a constitution that follows the original agreements given to the founding members as closely as possible, agreements that you endorsed to me as whole heartedly as Mike did.

And let’s not forget the big picture: When I became a member, I did so thinking that the course had a 50/50 chance of success. I was confident that the men I was giving my money to would earnestly try to make this a reality but I was content with the thought that the only return for my investment would be the actual certificate that is mounted on my wall. Now the course is near completion, a club house is partially built, and I have played a few very enjoyable rounds out there. What I’m saying is that now I have real faith that the club will be finished and will be a success, and I am willing to invest much more money to ensure it‘s continued success. I am sure that this is the case with, not only other founding members, but other golf courses as well. The idea of an Amazon golf course is so original that I’m sure, with the right marketing, that ‘sister’ golf courses all over the world would be willing to donate money, golf and maintenance equipment, as well as pay for ‘honorary‘ memberships.

But before all this can happen, we must overcome this petty bickering and work together to create a legal, and fair constitution. One last word: all the above could not happen, indeed, the club itself would never have come into existence, if it were not for the vision, generosity, and faith, of the founding members. Gerald, Adam, and the other members of the board, please keep this in mind as you create the new constitution.

I will be in Iquitos in February. I am looking forward to seeing my friends there and playing a few rounds!!!

Lima Peru

14 Bill January 19, 2007 at 3:17 pm

I posted John Bernhart’s email here, but his identical comment arrived two days later and is now posted above.

15 Bill January 19, 2007 at 4:40 pm

To my friend that emailed today;
It seems to me that some of the people that think they are in charge apparently do not want any non-golfing investors in the Amazon Golf Club. Unfortunately for them, we know it was Mike Collis’s idea, a non-golfer, I was the first investor, a non-golfer, 6 out of the first 10 share holders, non-golfers, 30 out of the first 49 share holders, non-golfers, 37 out of the original 62 share holders, non-golfers, and a very important point, Peter Schneider, the man that saved the club, without whom the golfers would have no wonderful golf course in the middle of the Amazon jungle, you know it already, a non-golfer. But for the non-golfers, those that think they are in charge would all be sitting around wishing someone would start a golf course. That is all that really needs to be written about the history of the Amazon Golf Club.
Your friend,

16 Bill January 20, 2007 at 11:42 pm

From Jason Robards III, Amazon Golf Club “Fiasco”,
Hola Bill, It’s hard to make an intelligent comment when faced with such a ridiculous conundrum. In my
own naivety, I rushed down to sign on so I could get the “low introductory price” for early membership.
Without a doubt, Gerald has demonstrated a through lack of reputable character throughout this whole
charade. Gerald and Ryan do not seem to want to settle the affair in an amiable fashion. They seem
very “fishy” to me.
My final thought is that the Golf Club situation will have to be resolved by lawyers. If any money is
needed for a retainer I will be willing to send down my fair “Peruvian” share.
Best, J

17 Bill January 21, 2007 at 12:03 am

I was friendly with Mayeaux and Richards for six years, and I know them well. I am a quiet man. Ryan lectured, I listened. Mayeaux bragged, I listened. I did not have to be among the disenfranchised. I chose to be. I listened to Ryan’s lectures, I remember nearly every bad breath. I memorized all of the meanness that spewed out of Mayeaux’s big mouth…and I knew, without any doubt that they were wrong. One day I got up and walked out and have felt good ever since. They have been wrong since the early days of the club. Mayeaux has told lots of people, including my friends, that he swept out the riff-raff, and that he had banned me and I am a piece of shit, and worse. Mayeaux lies every hour of every day. I got up in the middle of one of his lying sentences and walked out. I could be one of the eight or nine or how ever many it is now, “members”, but it would have been wrong.

Papa Dan, the most respected Gringo in Iquitos, could be one of the “members”. He told them when hell freezes over. Do you know about how Papa Dan fits into this puzzle? The day Papa Dan turned 85, one of the local ex-pats, had a birthday party for him. Among the many guests, (witnesses) were Manuel, Papa Dan’s lawyer, Percy, the head investigator of the state police, and get this, Gerald Mayeaux. Do you know what night they said they held the meeting that disolved the Amazon Golf Club? The night of Papa Dan’s birthday. Papa Dan was on the Board of Directors. His signature is on the paper that the board of directors signed that dissolved the club that night of the meeting that was never held, allegedly on Papa Dan’s birthday party night. Dan never signed that document. He knows it, they know it, and I know it. I filed a denuncia over a month ago to see the minutes of that meeting, and all of the documents pertaining to the dissolution of the club. They had 72 hours to deliver those documents and they claimed they were lost. I filed another denuncia but Mayeaux has bribed the prosecuting attorney. He bragged that he had the fiscal “in his pocket.” Maybe Ryan Richards is smart. Maybe Adam Andrews is smart. But that Gerald Mayeaux…his mouth is bigger than his brain.

David Sheriden has filed another denuncia with a different lawyer demanding the same documents that I requested of the meeting that dissolved the club and led to Mayeaux being named liquidator of the clubs assets which were declared to be zero. They only had 48 hours to turn them over, but that was 100 hours ago.

The Yellow Rose of Texas hosts a high percentage of high ranking police officers, army officers, coast guard officers, ironically DEA agents, and members of the US embassy in Lima, some of which are invited to pull up to the trough and eat for free. I believe he feels protected, but I will bet my boat that they see right through him. Most people know right from wrong.

The beginning of the end of this club was when they declared that a member had to play golf to be on the board of directors. That is what got us in this mess. That was how the golfers threw the non golfers out and took over our investment. All of our trouble is because only golfers could be on the board of directors and I completely reject that as a requirement. Do not listen to what Gerald Mayeaux says. He is completely without authority. The most illegitimate of the illegitimate.

I have given Adam Andrews and Sergio Flores the benefit of the doubt throughout. I know them very little, only meeting them after the club was formed. I instinctively liked both of them, but I have to ask myself how could they be so unfair, and why?

18 spectater January 21, 2007 at 11:14 am

I am not an invester in the Amazon Golf Club , thank God.

I never paid anything but what fun I now get now for free ! To watch you lot making fools of yourselves while the lawyers,police and local officials get fat.

Thank you all, I have never had so much fun for years.

Please sort yourselves out boys.

19 Mike Collis January 21, 2007 at 11:22 am

I thank John Bernhart for his contribution on this blog .
I agree with everything he says.

But my friend John,

I have recieved 2 emails about your comments and they complain only about your
greeting “Dear Gentlemen”. The Amazon Golf Club has 6 lady investors.

3 Peruvian Women.
2 ladies from England
and my friend Maureen (Mick) Portlock from Cape Town, South Africa.

Sorry to pull you up on that John.

Where are your comments girls ?

20 Bill January 22, 2007 at 9:19 am

Bill, Would you please post this comment for me in our names, Dave and Wilma Volkmann. Thanks.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have to say I am angry. A new club can’t come and take the assets of the investors of the first club with out compensating them. This is stealing. I did not buy a membership. I know I bought shares because I have never golfed or plan on ever golfing. Why would I buy a membership if I don’t golf? I am an investor and part owner of a golf course. I have been involved in real estate all my life. I have been involved in 3 golf courses. There has always been the one who owns the land, the one who owns the golf course and the members. Three separate entities. Many times the same person will wear several hats. But there are three separate regular meetings of the organizations.

The way I see it Ryan Richards owns the land ( although I have been told he does not have title and does not pay taxes on it), Mike owns the golf club and has sold shares of it to many of us, and then there is this group of golfers who had a secret meeting sometime ago and first appointed themselves as the board of directors, and then made a rule only people who live in Iquitos and play golf can serve as an officer or on the board of directors. Though I am a legal resident of Peru and my wife is a citizen of Peru, we are not allowed to go to any meetings of this organization. I was there when you had that first meeting and I have been there since and have been told I could not go to the meetings. This is a fact. Any rules or actions this group makes has no legal effect on the golf course. Roberts Rules state “The majority shall rule, the minority shall be heard and those not present shall be protected.” What organization does not adopt Roberts Rules of Order to conduct their meetings? Of course you can say Mike was there and this one was there and they said nothing. I can not say Mike did anything right through this whole ordeal. He was living in some fairyland where he thought all Gringos were honorable men. Coming from England he did not know what backstabbing people Americans can be to get ahead of the next guy and stealing is only a crime if someone steals from you.


In all my investments over my life time I have always found the investors control the investment but are not involved with the product they are investing in. Ballparks are not owned by ballplayers, movie studios are not owned by movie stars, recording studios are not owned by recording artists, oil companies are not owned by oil drillers, taverns are not owned by drunks, restaurants are not owned by obese people, tobacco companies are not owned by smokers, and golf courses are not owned by golfers.

The right thing to do in business, not necessarily the moral thing to do, is learn by the mistakes of this golf course and the golfers can build one across the street. Do not steal Mike’s golf club and the golf club of his investors.

Dave and Wilma Volkmann

21 mike collis January 22, 2007 at 10:14 am

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have read again the comments of Founder member John Bernhart and again I say ” I agree with his comments”.
In a separate email you said Gerald had told you only golfers that are residents of Peru and are capable of attending the majority of meetings can be elected to the board.
I ask ; by what authority does Gerald say this ?
and if such a rule was implemented I have worked out that there are only 8 people who meet the criteria. The Board usually consists of 7 directors. So this means that the same people
who have ran this club since January 2005 will continue to rule indefinately. Look what has happened during that time? Ok the golf course looks great but our glorious club is fragmented with division between these people and the reasonably minded other Founder Members.

Mike Collis.

22 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 12:29 pm

I have read all the above comments and have listened intently to many espousing their confused views of what has transpired circa The Amazon Golf Course and Country Club. I spent most of my formative years playing on a private golf course in Appalachia and even though many of the members there had married and divorced their sisters, leaving them with their retarded offspring, they still behaved like gentlemen and ladies! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that joke.) And here I am in Peru, dealing with infighting, sub-grouping and slanderous gringos that obviously are offspring of incestuous affairs! Mistakes have certainly been made but that could be expected when attempting to organize ANYTHING here in Peru. We all know that the laws are somewhat more formal, complicated and ridiculously redundant here and we all fully understand that when you get involved in the legal system here that the authorities never want to play catch and release.
The situation as I see it? Yes, a constitution was registered to our Golf Club that was a for-profit organization. All those papers, constitution, etc. was submitted and accepted by the Registro Publico. Later it was discovered that this consititution was not legal because the Club we joined was a non-profit venture. There was no legal alternative but to dissolve the Club and begin again, submitting a constitution that was congruent with what we founders had in mind when we purchased our SHARES. Yes, I say SHARES here because that is what I bought. At one point during Board of Directors meetings, we believed that because of the way the Club was formed and because of Peruvian laws, no one had SHARES but only held memberships that could not be sold or transferred. We were told by a Peruvian attorney that this was the case by virture of Peruvian law. (I speak with some authority here because I used to be the VP but resigned because of the bickering and ungentlemen-like behavior.) When the news that no one had SHARES but memberships only hit the streets, the shit hit the fan with everyone. (I too made an investment; took a chance that this incredible vision could become a reality and knew that at any time I could sell my share if I wanted to and sell at a profit.) The knowledge of the dissoulution of the Club then took a very strange turn: Someone began spreading the rumour that there were now no members of the Club, everyone had lost their shares AND membership. That the Club was then stolen from us. That was never the case. Technically there was a time when there was not a legal Club anymore so technically there were no memebers either. But that time has passed now. A new constitution has been written and formally submitted to Registro Publico. As I quickly read it over before signing it, it gives us the rights to sell our memberships at any time we desire. Each and every one of us need to sign the book for this new Amazon Golf Club when you come to Iquitos. You have your memberships in tact, the golf course itself now has 9 beautiful playable holes, Ryan’s monstrosity boa farm is being moved off the course, a tactful concrete wall will soon be built along the roadside, swimming pool and tennis courts are coming as well as a restaurant-bar. Finally the dream is coming to fruition. We all need to get back to square one again and realize that Iquitos is a very small town to have enemies and there are so few of us gringos here so we must set examples by our public behaviours.
Now,…. I was able to write my mind without bastardizing anyone. Can’t we all?

23 Shinji Nakamaro January 22, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Hello,my english is bad.

I pay Leo Jones an Adam Andews $4000Us for 8 shares in Amazon Golf Club on July 2005. I seell
6 for my frends.

Have lost money,please.


24 Mike Collis January 22, 2007 at 12:37 pm

Hello Shinji,
If Gerald Mayeaux and his associates get their way I’m afraid you and your friends have lost your investment.

Peru is hungry for foreign investment so I suggest you make a formal complaint to the Peruvian Embassy in Tokyo.

25 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 12:57 pm

The icing on the cake:
No one has lost their investment.
We have a new registered constitution.
9 very playable holes!
Ryan’s work and living space will no longer be in the middle of the golf course, it will be moved off to the side.
Papa Dan did celebrate a birthday that was well attended. However, it appears that he also signed the liquidation papers before he went to the party. (His signature was not forged.)
And last but not least: Forgive and forget. It’s the only way you can live down here.

And for those that don’t know yet: The grinch did not steal Christmas!

26 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 1:31 pm

The icing on the cake:
No one has lost their investment.
We have a new registered constitution.
9 very playable holes!
Ryan’s work and living space will no longer be in the middle of the golf course, it will be moved off to the side.
Papa Dan did celebrate a birthday that was well attended. However, it appears that he also signed the liquidation papers before he went to the party. (His signature was not forged.)
Only members that live in Iquitos have a vote. That’s the only logical solution to making educated decisions concerning the golf course. Decisions that have anything to do with the golf course should be made by those that have played golf. How could anyone make an educated vote on whether or not to put certain types of trees on a fairway, sand and water traps, placement of women’s tees, etc.?
Any member, when present in Iquitos, can attend any Board meeting and voice their opinion.
Ryan had possession of the property and now is getting the title.
Sergio is an excellent golfer and wonderful instructor. My wife Mariella is proof of that. What a beautiful swing she has!
He has spent every day at the club, instructing the laborers in the proper way to build this incredible miracle in the middle of the Upper Amazon. He’s done most of this without any pay except for donations from other members.
Gerald has fed Sergio every day in order to help him continue providing experienced instruction to the workers and teaching those that have never played how to swing a club.
Shawn moved us from a three hole course to getting most all the greens built. His money and his own workers.
Were it not for Adam, this club would have fallen by the wayside long ago.
Leo mostly built the driving range out of his own pocket.
Miracle of miracles: Ryan plays golf now.
Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just one of those tricks that life plays on us. Wally should be allowed to play golf again.
Joe Boatwright has also put his money where his mouth is, purchasing things needed to further cultivate this golfcourse.
All the above mentioned people are golfers, actively donating time, energy and money to see that this dream came true.
If you don’t play golf, perhaps you should take some lessons. (I think he’s charging 6 dollars per hour!) It’s a wonderful pastime, excellent exercise and afterall, you don’t have to pay to play because you have a membership!
Michael, the visionary, has clearly stated that once the Club is up and running he wants nothing to do with it anymore. It is from the pressures that Mike and others have issued that the legal issues of the Club have been resolved!
Peter Schneider is a saint. Bless that man!
And for those that don’t know yet: The Grinch did not steal Christmas!
Last, but not least: Forgive and forget. It’s the only way you can live down here. Remember, there are only three games where gentlemanly conduct is a prerequisite: Cricket, Tennis and Golf If you can not maintain yourself, you are not welcome on the course on in the Clubhouse. As we say: It’s just not Cricket!

27 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 1:34 pm

Shinji, you have lost nothing at all. You have everything you invested in.

28 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 1:34 pm

Shinji, you have lost nothing at all. You have everything you invested in.
Send me your email and I’ll send you photos of your investment.

29 alan shoemaker January 22, 2007 at 3:46 pm

And we also must give thanks to Captain Easy Bill Grimes. Without Bill having plopped down his money to become the first member, no one else would have followed suit. I think I waited until 33 had paid before I jumped on the bandwagon. And thank Captain Bill also for having the fortitude to push for the right things to be done in order to get this mess cleaned up!
Now… Let’s play golf!!!

30 mike collis January 22, 2007 at 4:00 pm

Until I see everything in black and white with fingerprints and a notary seal I will not be pleased, we have been here before. But I do hope sincerely that we can all share in our dream to bring golf to the Amazon.

31 mike collis January 22, 2007 at 6:43 pm

If there is a new constitution then it must be possible to put it on a disc and sent to Bill Grimes who could publish it on his blog for all to see. Those of us interested will take a copy for our lawyers to check over. The fact that it will be in spanish is acceptable to me ,those who don’t speak spanish will have it translated if they are interested enough.
I don’t think it should take too long to get a disc to Bill do you ?

32 The Warlord January 22, 2007 at 9:23 pm

Dont trust “The Cobbler”

33 David Volkmann January 23, 2007 at 7:29 am

If only those that live in Iquitos and golf can vote and make decisions on the golf course then they should not take money from those that don’t live in Iquitos. I forgot. It was those that don’t golf and live in Iquitos that first invested money into this golf course. Since then Bill Grimes now lives in Iquitos. And I have become a resident but don’t live there yet. For anyone that invests in the stock market in the USA, your investment is probably in countries around the world and I have a right to vote on the decisions of that corporation, limited partnership, ect. if I own shares.

If these transactions would have happen in the USA people would be going to prison.

34 mike collis January 23, 2007 at 9:56 am

Regarding Alan Shoemaker’s comments relating to the constitution etc.
I have reflected on what you say and although there are inaccuracies on which I will not
comment here, there are 2 things I will say.

Alan are you the spokesman for the other side ?

Alan we all remember well the interchange of e mails last March and April. Some members like myself and others voiced our concern over the club being taken over by Adam, Gerald and others. Within 48 hours of the suspicions being emailed to the members you responded
with a 2 liner which I remember very well. You said in response.

“It is not true that Adam and Gerald are taking over the club, what the others say is bullshit”

You signed off ; Alan Shoemaker, Vice President, Amazon Golf Club.

Within 10 days we all recieved an e mail from Adam Andrews, it said

“Yes it is true that we are setting up a new golf club and you are all invited to be members etc.etc.etc.”. Members, not shareholders. The rest is history.

I have known Alan Shoemaker for nearly 9 years, he is an honest man , he is not a liar.
I just think Alan is fed with bullshit from the conspirators and he just distributes it to
us. Alan is not in the loop.

35 Bill January 23, 2007 at 11:27 am

I have not seen the new constitution. I do not know who wrote the new constitution or what it contains. I made an appeal to Peter Schneider to have his lawyer construct the new constitution. Did that happen?

Trust and respect must be earned. If anyone other than Peter Schneider’s attorney constructed this constitution, we have to ask, by what authority, with what goal?

Alan, you have seen this constitution, does it say that only members who play golf can be on the board of directors? If it says that, nothing has changed. The club was nearly ruined because of the golfers’ only requirement. Any member that is a resident of Peru, attends the majority of the meetings, and has enough backing from the other members must be allowed to serve.

36 alan shoemaker January 23, 2007 at 3:00 pm

I completely agree with you Easy Bill: Any member that is a resident of Peru, attends the majority of the meetings, and has enough backing from the other members must be allowed to serve.
If it is not such, let’s make it so.
I will see what I can do about getting a copy of the constitution. I believe it has already been registered and all those papers are public domain. Perhaps Adam has a copy on disc already, but I think he is in the States now.
Frankly I have been fed nothing from either side. I have spent my time at home, recuperating my health.
The Warlord (obviously without balls so he could never play golf anyway) has to use a pseudonym because he’s afraid of repercussions, says: Don’t trust the Cobbler. I like that! Cobbler! Hahahahahahhahhhhh!!

37 alan shoemaker January 23, 2007 at 3:14 pm

Dave V.,
Sir. If everyone that has a membership (shares) in the golf course were allowed to vote on every item that comes up, NOTHING would ever get done.
For example: The Board needs to vote on the color of the flags on the flagpole for each green. Need to vote on the design of the signage for the Amazon Golf and Country Club, vote on how much to pay the manual laborers daily, vote on keeping the club open on Sunday and closing on Monday as all clubs do, vote on how much to pay a caddie, how much to pay for golf balls found by caddies, blah, blah and blah.
Yes, sometimes decisions will be made that you are not going to like. So waht happens then? Do you pick up your marbles and go home? No, you just deal with that. It’s life. When I was VP, there were several times that I disagreed with decisions made but we voted and I lost. One time Mike and I both voted for the same thing and we lost.
And Dave, apparently you play the stock market. Did they let you vote on their constitution? No. All you can every hope for is that the Board of Directors will represent the shareholers in the best way they know how. So you just have to trust that this will be the case here too. When you finally come to Iquitos I agree that you should come to the meetings and that you should have a vote. Why not?

38 David Volkmann January 24, 2007 at 8:06 am

Dear Alan
I vote for every issue by voting for the board of directors and officers. They represent me just like in goverment. And depending on how large the organization is they delegate authority to others. There was no election of officers or board of directers by the share holders in the golf course. And yes if the constitution is not in place when I purchase my stock then I have the option of getting my money back if I don’t like the constitution. Also if I don’t like the way a company is run that I have stock in I always have the option of selling my stock. Sometimes there are rules that you have to give first option to other members or the organization itself before you sell your stock on the open market. Again, when we started this investment golfing was not relevant. It was an investment into a recreational facility to generate income hopefully for the investers.

39 mike collis January 24, 2007 at 6:50 pm

If they have written a new constitution for our club why don’t they post it on the
website for all interested parties to study.

40 Harry Kelley January 25, 2007 at 8:47 am

To all concerned:

I have read, listen to and examined everything that has come to my attention yet I have not been able to get down to solid facts and I must say that it is my believe that the reason I have not hit solid ground is because there is a layer of muck that has not been washed away. It is also my believe that this layer of muck can only be washed away by Gerald, Ryan and Adam. There should be NOTHING hidden in a layer of muck! It should be open and above board with no grey areas for ALL concerned parties to view. The Golf Club is not a secreat society. I joined the club because I wanted to be a part of, what I thought at the time, a great idea and a way and place to spend some time with my fellow expats and peruvians with a like interest. I am not an avid golfer but I do enjoy the challenge of the game, however, that was not the only reason I joined. I too thought that maybe, just maybe, it might turn into something big someday and I wanted to be a part of it. More than anything it sounding like fun and I took pleasue in telling my fellow co-workers (around the world) that I was a proud member (founding member) of the Amazon Golf Club. My favorite story was telling them that they know of people that belong to golf clubs that are for the rich and famous and now they know someone that belong to a club this is for the poor and infamous. Little did I know how infamous we are becoming and how true my little joke is becoming. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this conflict will end and we call all be a united expat community again.

Harry Kelley

41 Bill January 25, 2007 at 9:35 am

Dave Sheridan accidentally made this comment on the live link below where Mayeaux has threatened to sue me. I have taken the liberty to move it to it’s proper location.

Dave Sheridan comments;
I have heard a new constitution is either on the way or been registered. I agree with Mike…”under whose authority?? Or are we to take the position that Mayeaux and the gang “saved us” by dissolving the club for our own good and have taken a year to construct a new one that will really protect our rights? I am still awaiting some justification for the midnite coupe wherein the club was dissolved with absolutely zero assets (gee where did the $ etc go?). Alan, every reasonable person here hopes what you are saying is right. But I must admit when we suddenly hear from you that a new constitution exists and is recorded without any communication or input from those of us who were being saved by Mayeaux and the gang “sumpin ain’t right Sherlock”. Are people like Bill Grimes, Papa Dan etc not worthy of the opportunity of comment??? Or are they just non golfing Grunts who don’t understand what is good for them?? Someone please enlighten me!!!!! Why were we saved in the dead of night without input? Why is there a “new” constitution without the right of comment? My guess is the heat being turned to high is the reason there is rustling in the bushes.

42 Bill January 25, 2007 at 10:29 am

Lady Mick from Cape Town……..
have just spent an hour or so reading all the messages on the blog site !!!!…….whew!! and I tried to make a comment but couldn’t find a link…I make no apologies for being cyber deficient!!! anyway a few comments below if anyone is interested…..

Hi fellow Amazon Golf Club Members……..there is still a golf club I hope????!!!!

Just been reading the Captain’s blog……….makes for interesting reading on a cold, wintry day in UK!!!…….what a big bunch of girls blouses you blokes are!!!!

I visited Iquitos in Dec 2003…..Jan 2004 with my dear friend John Zeller and what a delightful place it is, too……..I met a lot of nice …and not so
nice…people (same the world over, hey???) and I can remember being in the Yellow Rose when Mike posited the idea of a Golf Club……..I can still remember his enthusiasm and complete faith that this would be a great tourist attraction etc……John and I were also convinced it could only be for the good of Iquitos and promptly became Founder Members…… whether it had been spoken about before this I have no idea but I have been back a couple of times and was so impressed with what has already been accomplished on the site…

I really don’t know the ins and outs of who owns the land etc etc but surely you can sort something out between you all??? …….that is legal and unbiased???……..I don’t live in Iquitos,I don’t play golf but I do have many friends who do …….whenever I wear my Amazon Golf Club teeshirt I get asked by lots of guys all about it, where is it etc etc…….no good me being a walking advert if
there isn’t going to be one, is there???……..Last time I was there Adam refused to take my money to sponsor a hole after I had been told I could do this and had been out with Mike and John to look and choose the one I liked…….no explanation given apart from the fact that Mike had no power to do this…… when did he Adam, become the big deal then?????

There must be voices of reason out there….. like Dave and Wilma Volkmann’s comment on the blog site……..and Bill Grimes etc etc and Mike and John …….

leave the power hungry grandiose twatts out of it and make a bloody good Golf Club which hopefully will benefit the community too????

Good Luck


Cape Town

South Africa

43 David Volkmann January 26, 2007 at 2:21 pm

OK Gerald Mayeaux,
I have been waiting for a denial from you that you stole our investment, the golf course. There has yet to be one denial of this by you, Adam, or Ryan. Why? You and Ryan never answer my emails. We can only assume you’re guilty. In the USA you are assumed innocent until proven guilty only if you plead not guilty. So if you took it from me, OUR friends in Iquitos, and around the world why? If you’re having financial problems I know you could have come to me, Bill, Mike, and many other friends you had before this started and we would have all helped you.

For all these people that want you to give them a copy of the new constitution I think you should tell them to shove it. It’s your golf course now. Right? They are only allowed to be members not owners. Right?

I am very guilty in the past for doing nothing to defend the poor people who you abused in Iquitos. These are sins I am ashamed of and ask for forgiveness of these people and my God.

I am only going to deal with fact and not opinion.

In August when I was Iquitos, about 6:45 AM, I was sitting at The Yellow Rose of Texas. You saw a homeless skinny kid sleeping way down the street by the drug store. You went down there and start kicking him and yelling at him. Later you told me he was a thief. He was sleeping, not stealing, when you were kicking him.

In August you were bragging to me and anyone else that would listen to you that you would take needles and poke the street kids to move off the public sidewalk in front of the Yellow Rose of Texas. You were not apologizing for this or for beating the small child that you admitted to in your comment on this blog.

You told me all Peruvians are thieves and liars, especially those that work for you. When a friend of mine was there a year ago you told him he forgot to pay his bill when he left earlier. He said he had paid it. (He ate every meal at The Yellow Rose of Texas for 7 days.) You said don’t worry about it; the money will come out of the waitress’s pay. He then paid his bill again, because of his compassion for your help.

You told me you would like to kill every stray pet in Iquitos.

You told me every woman in Iquitos is a whore and that is why you had to get your wife from Lima.

You told me that you never take commissions from guides for sending business their way but many have denied that to me.

One guide who is well known for dealing in child prostitution was in your restaurant one day with a tourist who comes to Iquitos regularly. I asked you why you allowed him in there. You said he is allowed in the restaurant when this tourist comes to Iquitos because this guide is selling what he wants. Does this make you an accessory to the crime?

Getting away from your disrespect of the people of Iquitos, treating friends and fellow ex-pats the way you do is stupid. It was just last August Mike Collis told me he loved you like a brother and he would be the first to come help you if in need. I repeated this to you and you said, “Ya, well he still owes me on his bar bill.” Before you got married I would see him watch The Yellow Rose of Texas like it was his own when you would be gone. Actually all of us would have, including Bill Grimes and me.

If I was to get into all the rumors I have heard about you I would need my own website. I don’t want to hear the stories about how you treated your children, your ex-wife, and your previous business partners. Let alone the stories about how you treated your good friends who own and did own the restaurants on either side of you.

God forgive me for associating with this man,
David Volkmann

44 Bill January 27, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Every day I go to the golf club web site thinking I will see a copy of the new constitution. There is a link that says constitution, but there is no constitution. In fact there is not much on the web site at all. What I do see are a few photos. Only four of them are sharp, in focus, well composed, and colorful. Those four photos and the photo of Sergio walking on the course carrying his clubs and umbrella with the club house in the background that you use for your posters and membership certificates, have been copyrighted by William David Grimes, as are 105 other photos of the golf course taken between 8:28 AM and 1:29 PM the end of August 2005. Those are good photos aren’t they? Didn’t give me credit for them did you?

Gerald Mayeaux, Ryan Richards, Adam Andrews, and Sergio Flores, I gave permission to Mike Collis to use those photos to promote OUR Amazon Golf Club. I am positive I am not going to allow you to steal my share of the golf club, and I am positive you will not steal my intellectual property rights. Take those off that web site immediately. Do not use those posters or any other photo of mine.

Dave Volkmann donated several sets of golf clubs to Mike Collis and our club. When he demanded to have them back from this group of subversive obstructionists, Andrews answered disingeniously, “All you have to do is identify them by make and model of each club and you can claim them and pick them up.” You can be absolutely sure that I can identify each photograph by date, time, number, and camera used. The other photos are too unclear to be sure, but I do not see a single photo of Peter Schneider. Ohhhhhhh, that’s right, he doesn’t play golf.

William David Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises,

45 alan shoemaker January 27, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Yesterday I asked Gerald for a copy of the constitution. He said he’d print out a copy for me. I was at the Yellow Rose today but Gerald was out playing golf. I’ll go back by this afternoon. Since he said he would print me a copy, I am guessing that it must be in his hard drive so I’ll ask that he send that to me and I’ll post it here asap.
This will all get worked out Dave. Hang in there, we’re close now. You still have a golf course, it is the same course you donated clubs to. When you get here to Iquitos, why don’t you become one of the Directors. You will really love it. The meetings last for a few hours, some times longer, are very boring. They are properly run, i.e. the minutes of the last meeting are first read off for everyone to hear. this takes a while. Oh, you should probably begin studying spanish as well because the meetings and minutes are held and written in spanish. Had I enjoyed going to the meetings, I would have remained the VP. Believe me, you really don’t want to be that involved with the whole thing. But I’ll back you if you do. Anybody else want to throw their hat into the ring, jump on the bandwagon? If you do, your lights are on but nobodies home. When we all finally see the Constitution, I would suggest that you make comments on it, things that you would like to have amended. That is a standard way of changing Constitutions, right? I don’t know of any Constitution that has not been ammened. So please everyone, lighten up. There’s no fat lady singing anywhere that I can hear.

46 Erik Wragge January 28, 2007 at 7:47 am

All I know that a bunch of thieves have stolen the golf club from the people who first invested. Ask how some of the memberships were paid for.

47 Dave Sheridan January 28, 2007 at 8:53 am

So as I understand Alan, if anyone is interested in going to a meeting his intelligence is in question. Further, unless you are fluent in Spanish, don’t bother. Why is it that when Papa Dan wanted Luis as a member Gerald piped in and said “the club is only for gringos”? Further, I can understand the legal necessity of the constitution being in Spanish, however, as a business man I have had an enormous amount of documents translated. In addition, we still need the following addressed:
1. Have not seen a copy of the new constitution.
2. Have not been told who drew it up (who was the individual who blew it last time?).
3. Under whose authority was the new constitution drawn?
4. Who appointed Gerald Mayeaux liquidator to “protect our rights”?
5. Where the assets of the club went?
6. Why were some members/investors included automatically in the new club and all others ignored?

I could go on. As I see it these answers will not come voluntarily. I shall continue along with my lawyer.

I would suggest that all those now disenfranchised take a long look at the moral character of those presently running the club and compare it to the business men such as Bill Grimes (member number one). There isn’t any comparison. As I understand it some of the so called current members can’t even return to the US without facing arrest. Should they be members? Gerald called Henry Gray a “piece of shit”. Bill Grimes asked him “as compared to who”!!! Guess what, no answer. I don’t know Mr. Gray/Grey whatever. I can’t judge the man. I can, however. judge some of those playing golf.

48 alan shoemaker January 28, 2007 at 1:38 pm

Back when I had an interest in going to the meetings, I was told that they had to be held in spanish because the minutes had to be written in spanish, so how could the woman writing the minutes do so if we were speaking in english.
Papa Dan never asked for Luis to become a member. He did say that he wanted Luis to have his membership if he passed away. The Club is obviously open to Peruvians and has Peruvian members. I frankly am not going to spend one second of my time, beyond writing this here, wondering why Gerald said the club was for gringos. Someone else think about that and get back to me when you have figured it out.
As I understood it, the first club had to be dissovled and another put in its place. To dissove this club, it had to be liquadated. As to whom was to be the liquadator? I have no idea and again I didn’t and still don’t really care. It apparently was done as it needed to be done and that’s that. I would have gladly liked you to do the job Dave Sheridan, or anybody else that had a mind to. Gerald got nothing from doing this task but somebody had to do it. I too am still waiting to get a copy of the Constitution. No one is hiding it from me either. I wasn’t able to get back to Gerald yesterday so I’ll try and get there today and hopefully it will be on a CD and I can simply copy that here for everyone to see. THEN….. if there are things you would like changed (of course there will be, there always are things that need fine tuned) these can be brought up at the Board of Directors meeting. (I won’t be there, that’s for sure.) From what I see, we have the beginnings of a real Amazon Golf and Country Club. It ain’t perfect yet, never will be, but the base is there to work and improve upon. Now, just because you don’t speak spanish doesn’t mean you couldn’t help play an essential part in moving the Club in the right direction. What we have done before was to call a halt to the official minutes taking and discussed things in spanish until we came to a conclusion, then we began again officially in spanish. So there’s even a way around that obstacle as well. Dave S., if you are nominating Bill Grimes to be on the Board of Directors, I would second that one instantly. From the ill-intent I have seen from so many members of this Amazon Golf and Country Club, it appears obvious that we should change the name to the Amazon Golf Club. I can’t fathom all this negative energy pent up in such brash and over-confident but immature and ill-informed personalities meeting at this Social Club. Can you? What’s the answer to this? Give people certain times when they can go to the Club, knowing that the others they are against would be given different times so everyones safe? What a joke that would be! No, we all have to find a way to get along, get over this mess. Can you do that? Can everyone do this? If you can’t, I am in full favor of refunding membership fees in a New York minute.

49 Dave Sheridan January 29, 2007 at 6:23 pm


Without conferring with Bill Grimes I do nominate him. He is, I believe, mutually respected. Regarding the meetings being in Spanish, however, I belong to a Chamber of Commerce group in Brazil. The native language there, as I am sure you know, is Portugese. The meetings are held and recorded in both English and Portugese.
Again, who exactly asked Gerald to dissolve the club to save us all from what?? I am not quite sure.
And lest anyone not be sure, I WANT THE CLUB TO BE AS INTENDED. At the present new rules have been implimented under a new name without the concurrence of the membership (such as only golfers can be directors). I do not now and never will buy into the fact that Gerald “volunteered to save us”. He accused Mike of being a thief and said (to me) he stold the money of the club. Mike was the inspiration!!!!!! Mike was thrilled the Club was born!!!!! Why does the club have zero assets???

50 alan shoemaker January 29, 2007 at 11:02 pm

I have the Constitution in my hands now, but it is in Spanish. I will have to type this into my computer and then load it for everyone.
Brazil and Peru have different laws, apparently. Anyway, as tiring as this is for everyone, I will type this in asap.

51 alan shoemaker January 29, 2007 at 11:08 pm

oops…. after looking at it, this Constitution is the old one. Here I am, off in my car to visit Gerald again to get the new on. I’ll get back to everyone shortly. Don’t get your panties in a knot please.

52 Helen Collis January 30, 2007 at 10:27 am

I am Helen Collis the daughter of Mike Collis. I have been reading all the comments on the blog and I cannot understand whats going on down there . Why cant that Gerald get off his high horse and put right what is wrong ? Why can’t you all be proud of the wonderful achievement you have created, the first golf course in the amazon ?
I was in Iquitos last March and I brought with me 24 boxes of new golf balls which family and friends had donated to the club. I went out with Dad and I was amazed at what you have all done. I gave the golf balls to the american man I think his name is Adam. He thanked me and asked me if I had ever played golf . I said I had,nt but wanted to try: He called over a peruvian guy who Adam said was the golf instructor. The instructor offered to give me a free lesson which I accepted. Please tell me was it really nesessary for him to touch me so much ?
I see he has benn giving lessons to other women so I say beware.

53 Bill January 30, 2007 at 12:25 pm

I sent this email to Adam Andrews around 12:20, January 30th 2007

Hello Adam,

I understand you are in the US and may not be aware of the furor that Mayeaux, Richards, Flores and you have caused here. The four of you are conspicuous by your absence among the 51 comments to the article, How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen; posted on the Dawn on the Amazon Captain’s Blog at;
or just cut right to the chase at

I recommend you respond with your opinions, what ever they may be. I will post any comments you send. Your opinion is very important to me. I recommend you encourage your friends to respond also.

Please post,

54 alan shoemaker January 30, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Yesterday I received a copy of the old constitution. I went by last night and this morning but Gerald was not available. I will go back by there later this afternoon or early evening. Bill G. has suggested that I give him the copy of the new constitution so it can be translated for all to see. I will do that asap.
Helen, the golf balls you gave to the club are being sold to club members as they need them. The profits from this have been put back into the club as well. Thankyou for your donation!
Sergio also has given my wife several golf lessons and I was quite amazed that she now has a very nice swing and enjoys the game as well. He has also taught my 8 year old son and 7 year old daughter and now they have their own childrens clubs! There are also a few other Peruvian women that have taken lessons and are now playing. the golf course has 9 playable and beautiful holes, water traps everywhere, one hole with a moat all the way around it, palm trees planted on the fairways, sand traps… We’re just missing a couple of crocidiles, some beautiful peacocks walking around the course, perhaps some piranhas in the small ponds (just kidding, although I think it was Mike that had a sign up on the first hole marking out DANGER to reach into the water traps to retrieve a ball as he had painted a piranah with a big X on it! to joke people… ). Now the course has to mature, that will take a while. It’s very nice now but in 5 years it will truly be a showpiece. It’s my understanding the the major funder is also going to put in a swimming pool, tennis courts and a restaurant as well. Keep your fingers crossed!

55 Bill January 31, 2007 at 7:42 am





56 Helen Collis January 31, 2007 at 9:31 am

Hello its Helen Collis again,

After I posted my comments yesterday I e mailed my Dad (Mike Collis) and asked him if Alan’s description of the club was right, is it as beautiful as Alan says.

I could not believe what my Father said in his reply. He told me that both he and Bill Grimes were banned from the club and if they went out there they would be arrested.

God Damn you Gerald and your gang , if it was’nt for Bill Grimes and my Dad being the founders you would’nt even have a f***ing golf club. Please scuse my french.

57 Mike Collis January 31, 2007 at 10:22 am

It looks to me like Gerald,Adam etc., are just “hunkering down” and hoping that all this will just blow over and then they can crawl out of their holes and continue their evil work.

I would like all foriegn Founder Members to make a formal complaint to the peruvian embassies in your country, Like the U.S.A.England,Canada,Sweden,South africa and Japan . Don’t for to make sure to tell them that its NOT peruvians that are causing you the loss BUT FORIEGNERS.

58 alan shoemaker February 2, 2007 at 11:32 am

The new papers for the Club have been formerly been given to Registro Publico for officially registering our Club. Gerald does not have a copy of this, perhaps Adam does but he’s currently in the States. It takes Registro Publico 5 days to process the paperwork, then the information (papers) are in public domain and we can simply pay the 50 Soles or whatever to get an official copy of the Clubs papers. Perhaps today is 5 days? I don’t know exactly but certainly by Monday or Tuesday we should have the papers. Bill G. will immediately have the papers translated to English and will post it here. Stay tuned.

59 Mark Gordon February 2, 2007 at 11:42 am

I notice that all contributors to the blog are golf club members. I am not a member. I do not play sports and I do not join clubs. My sport is the solitary one of trying to understand things. Presently I am trying to make sense out of the “who stole the golf club” issue.

It is apparent that the matter is not about free speech but rather about a higher moral issue, the right to protect private property, in this case an investment. Apart from it being a moral right it is a universal principal whether it is written down as law or not. I hope we are all agreed on that.

The crux of the issue seems to be whether individual investments in the golf club have been pilfered, purloined, stolen, or in any way, shape or form been taken dishonestly. Contributors, all golf club members, contradict wach other. There are the nays and the yeas. How to make sense of this contradiction?

Remember, I am not a member. I have no stake in the club and no right to tell an investor, “believe so and so, he’s a good guy and I have known him since whenever.” The only right I claim is to appeal to your capacity for objective thought and to attempt to disentangle the knots of this contradiction using the tools of logic and common sense.

By the way, contradictions are not uncommon, let that first be stated and admitted. Philosophy, Science, and Religion all have their contradictions. But here: life itself is a contradiction or put another way, if you took the contradictions out of life, life would no longer be recognizable as such. But the serious business of life is to resolve contradictions so we must push forward.

The title of the blog is “How the Golf Club Was Stolen.” I cannot but think that you have started off badly, surely you must see that. You have begun by assuming something was stolen and later you argued whether it was stolen or not. False assumptions give rise to more contradictions that you can shake a stick at.

Secondly, it was assumed that the value of the private property that was stolen, the individual monetary investment of each member, reside in – I refer again to the title of the blog – the social organization for purposes of obtaining privileges that we call a ‘club’. If we accept this assumption then it is necessary to accept that a club without members has no value and is not even a club unless a new source of subcribers is available to replace the old. Logic would probably have no objections to this assumption but common sense indicates that it is highly improbable. The faction that maintains that a ‘club’ was stolen is under the obligation to demonstrate how new members can be obtained or old members convinced or coerced into paying a new subscription.

If, on the other hand, it be taken that the underlying value of the individual investment resides in the links, in the golf course as a material entity, or put another way, in the ‘assets’ that the club possesses, the same faction must explain how three people (for no more than three have been mentioned) one of whom is notoriously impecunious, plan to pay for the upkeep of approximately 25 acres of fairways and greens for their private enjoyment. Theft is theft but stealing a golf course is different from stealing an HD wide screen television or a SUV, both of which can be enjoyed or stored relatively economically. A golf course, on the other hand, especially one in the Amazon, ceases to be a golf course and regresses to jungle in short order if not maintained daily.

Put in criminological terms, it is not sufficient to show a ‘modus operandi’: it is necessary to show a motive as well. I have read the entire blog and I find no mention of motive.

To summarize: Reason indicates that it would be useful to identify what exactly is is suspected has been stolen and then try to understand why it was stolen. Arguing whether so and so is a good guy or a rat does not seem to have advanced the issue an iota.

60 Bill February 2, 2007 at 4:57 pm

Thanks for taking the time to make a comment Mark. Logic and common sense are in short supply. Because you and I share interesting conversation over a cup of coffee two or three mornings per week, you know very well, How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen did not materialize out of thin air as a beginning. You know it is a step in a progression of one years worth of investigation, persuasion, diplomacy, threats, and lawsuits. It was written to be provocative, and succeeded, with over 2,300 viewers, and 59 comments, on a new blog in less than one month.
I read all of the comments again, including yours to determine if your reasoning is sound. Unfortunately it is not clear that you have read the comments? Nine of the comments are from non members like your self. There is very little yea-nay. There should have been yeas and nays. There should have been a contradiction. The ones accused of the crime, have chosen not to defend themselves on this blog. Their supporters have not defended them. They will have to defend themselves in a court of law and then we will see.

Alan Shoemaker’s comments are the only ones that could be taken as a defense of their actions. I shouldn’t try to interpret Alan’s meaning, but I believe he is making a valiant effort at diplomacy to bring the two sides together. Although he did call us, “offspring of incestuous affairs,” and my Mom wants me to wash his mouth out with soap, I believe Alan agrees that a moral code has been broken, but he wants us to move on and the two sides be friends again. Harry Kelly, Papa Dan and others have similar feelings.

I did not call them rats, I called them weasels. As to their motives I asked, “Who knows what a weasel thinks?” Let me just guess. If you have one pie, do you want to divide it into 62 slivers, or quarter it? I want to ask other readers and investors to express their views as to the potential value of the “pie”. Then we will have a clearer understanding of their motive.

61 Mark Gordon February 2, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Bill, I stand corrected. Thank you. I made several false assumptions while attempting to correct other people’s false assumptions. I assumed incorrectly that all contributors were members and it appears otherwise. I assumed that the working hypothesis was that three members were trying to seize the club and now you imply that it is more like fifteen. I was totally unaware of this. This puts an entirely new light on the matter. Rather than call it theft, perhaps you should term it a conpiracy.

However, I must take issue with your attempt to discard my analysis on the basis that no contradiction exists. You neatly sweep under the carpet Alan’s lengthy and well thought out comments and group together as fellow accusers many investors living outside of the country who were simply trying to find out what was going on. They were informed that they had been robbed and they were mad as hell. You assume that the persons you accuse in a court of your own construction do not wish to defend themselves when the possibility exists that they do not wish to exercise the right to to defence on a blog entitled, “How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen”. The title, I agree, is snappy but it fails to transmit the idea of impartiality. I mean Bill, if a fellow were accused of infidelity you wouldn’t expect him to agree to be defend himself at a makeshift trial where his wife’s friends were jurors, his wife judge and the verdict predetermined.

You assume that I know of the “progression of one year’s worth of investigation, persuasion, threats, and lawsuits.” True enough, but I didn’t lend a great deal of attention to it. But now that you bring it up wouldn’t it be better to give an account, brief and schematic, of the events leading up to the present so we could all have a better idea of your version of how this all came to pass?

62 Bill February 2, 2007 at 7:20 pm

I agree that a brief history of the events leading up to this point would be a valuable contribution to the dialog, and I will work on it. As always, I encourage others to tell their versions of our story. Thanks again for commenting.

63 Mike Collis February 3, 2007 at 10:18 am

In this blog there are many comments regarding the alledged theft.

I intend to show to all of you who are interested how it was taken over by Gerald
Mayeaux and his associates. I will be talking about evidence that is in the public domain
and is availiable to anyone in Peru at the Public Register Office.

According to the Public Register an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Amazon Golf Club
was held at the Yellow Rose of Texas bar in Iquitos at 8.00 p.m. on the 7th April 2006.
According to the public register there were 7 members at that meeting they were ;
Michael Collis
Maria Earls
Dan Buzzo
Delmer de Aguila
Sergio Bargas
Gerald Mayeaux
Ryan Richards.
The Public Records state that the meeting was chaired by me Michael Collis.
The Public Records show that the minutes of this meeting state that I Michael Collis
proposed that the Amazon Golf Club be disolved and that Gerald Mayeaux be appointed
as Liquidator of the Club’s assets.
The Public Register shows that the proposals were accepted unnanimously and all in attendance signed the minutes in acceptance.

THE TRUTH IS THIS ; There was no such meeting , I Michael collis was not there,Maria Earls was not there, Dan Buzzo was not there, Delmer de Aguila was not there and Gerald Mayeaux
was with Dan Buzzo in another location celebrating Dan Buzzo’s 85th birthday so he was not there either. THE MEETING NEVER TOOK PLACE.

The Public Register shows that Gerald Mayeaux declared that when the Amazon Golf Club was disolved it had NO ASSETS whatsoever, not even 50 cents. At that time the club had its clubhouse (photo above) machinery , golfing equipment and possibly a bank balance.

As Liquidator of the assets of the club Gerald has 3 options as to their disposal ;

1. Sell the assets to the highest bidder and the proceeds distributed between the investors.
2. Donate the assets to a school.
3. Donate the assets to a similar organisation like the recently formed Amazon Golf and Country Club which is being run by Gerald Mayeaux and his associates.

The law also states that before a club or businees like this can be disolved 3 announcements should be placed in the local newspapers and these announcments should be lodged in the Public Register Office. There are NO such annoucments on file.

If the Amazon Golf Club was disolved at a Non Existent Extraordinary General Meeting that
did not take place then it was disolved illegally and Gerald Mayeaux and his associates are controlling the club illegally.

The accused have decided to use their right to remain silent so I ask Alan Shoemaker
to speak in their defence if he so desires.

I ask all of you who have studied this case both members and non members to post their verdict on this blog.

Did Gerald Mayeaux, Ryan Richards,Segio Bargas and Adam Andrews take over the Amazon
Golf Club illegally ?

Post your verdict .

64 Jim Richardson February 3, 2007 at 1:07 pm

I have travelled to Iquitos every year for the past 15 years. Most of my time has been spent visiting the jungle. However, I met Gerald when he first took over the tourist office and I have known the cast of other characters for some time. Gerald does have warts but then again I would argue we all do.

I am not an investor in the club but I know many of the players. I have also seen the
Gringo Bar crowd and the Yellow Rose crowd staring at each other. Both crowds made up of great folks that can make the expat community strong and great ambassadors for foreigners. But wounds featering and being fed by rumour and innuendo.

Mike, your recent post on passing judgment by simply stating guilty or not guilt is unfair. I have heard both sides of the story and I can recall being in Iquitos when the special meeting was called to rescuse the provide momentum and comfort to current and potential new members. I can recall conversations with some people who are not mentioned in this bloq about perceptions surrounding Mike’s handling of the money. I must emphasize that these were percetions from my perspective but they nonetheless point to the degree of discomfort that some people were having.

One of the contributors to this bloq is quite accurate in saying that that the expat community is small and you must get along together. Rumours and innuendos continue to fly. I have heard it from both sides. I have seen swipes taken at Gerald in a public domain such as the Iquitos times. Things such as not appearing on the best restaurant list and comments by street kids. As a banker I have learned the importance of due diligence and putting rumour and innuendo aside and dealing with the facts. This bloq is largely void of the facts and merely continues to support the status quo.

65 Dave Sheridan February 3, 2007 at 1:50 pm

How many out there get the distinct impression we are beating our collective heads against the wall. It is as apparent as it can be that the present club (if there is a legal club) is controlled by individuals who are without concern of others. Others who gave birth to the concept and invested with excitement and anticipation of success. The apparent central figure in the entire issue certainly appears to be Gerald Mayeaux. He obviously could not pull off this coup d’éta alone, however. For those of you who seem to feel perhaps no wrong has been done, please explain why the club was dissolved without the knowledge of the majority almost a year ago. Why in fact was the original club dissolved at all? According to Gerald’s answer to me a long time ago, it was because “Mike Collis stold all the money”. What a feeble excuse to institute an act of piracy. If the answer to the question is bereft of reason I am not surprised and neither am I any longer amused. For anyone to hide behind a satement such as “you must be registered in the notary to be a legal member” is as disingenuous as stating your membership certificate was signed in the wrong color ink so you are really not a memmber, or when I accepted your money I had my fingers crossed behind my back. Everyone who has a shred of honesty knows what each persons intent was when they paid their membership fee or donated funds for greens etc. Further, anyone with a shred of honesty knows there has been a coup. Not to over use the word, but it takes someone bereft of moral character to peruse the list of members of the original club and not feel ashamed at what has been done to them and the current state of affairs. I would pay for a banquet in the Dorado to have ALL previous members in the audience and Gerald Mayeaux at the podium with a moderator directing him to answer questions. It will never happen. This will only be solved in court. And I for one am will ing continue to pay whatever legal fees are needed.

Lastly, Alan, I believe you are sincere. However, you are attempting to defend the indefensible. And I have come to harbor little doubt that the individuals in question do not deserve your defense. As the saying goes, when something looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk and acts like a skunk…..guess what??? It is probably a skunk!!!!!!

66 Jack Lumber February 5, 2007 at 8:31 am

Mike, I gather from your last post that you agree with me that this is a mock trial. So let’s go with that but you can’t change the venue from Iquitos to the Old Baily, OK? I mean even in mock trials that is not permitted unless you intend to make a mockery of a mock trial. Now first, take the cultural gear level in my head and move it all the way down from where it says UK/USA to Peru/Latin America. If you are a cultural relativist you can say that the two legal systems are different but one is not necessarily better than the other, each one serving the needs of its culture, but you have to admit that they are different.

Now then, you ask for a verdict against the accused of GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY on the two specific charges:

1) Inventing, forging and registering in the public records the minutes of a meeting that supposedly never took place and,
2) Not giving notification in the local newspapers of the dissolution of the organization (Amazon Golf Club as a non-profit organization)

As we agreed to leave our gowns and wigs in chambers, let me state my case in the simplest possible terms: The irregularities to which you call our attention, if inf act they occurred, are not commonly considered irregular in Peru. The standard drill is call up the company accountant and ask him to trot over to receive instructions. The instructions given, the accountant starts to enumerate all the innumerable documentary steps that have to be taken to accomplish the task at hand but inevitably he is cut short with a verbal pat on the head, “well hands to the job…all possible haste…when the documents are ready for signing call me.”

I have had several companies during the past 30 years in Peru and ‘libros de actas’ wherein are recorded the minutes of nonexistent General Meetings have been filled up cover to cover one after an other. Many of the entries were registered in the public records when required and yet not one meeting ever took place. It is necessary to understand that this practice is not limited to small businesses but also takes place in large corporations. Call it ‘Peruvian informality’ or anything you like but that’s the way it is.

All Peruvians with any experience under their belt and the slightest legal knowledge understand that there are two worlds in Peru: the real world and the legal world. Only sometimes do they overlap, about as frequently as a solar eclipse, and like the broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day, the legal corresponds with real. The accountant’s job is to create documentarily the legal reality. And that’s how things are done.

As for the second point, the non-compliance with the the publication of the dissolution of the company, my accountants always told me at the outset that this would be necessary and that the cost was not insignificant. Well, I never paid for any printing of announcements and I congratulate myself on having saved a pretty penny over the years.

I hope this has been of some use to you.

67 Jack Lumber February 5, 2007 at 8:48 am

Mike, you can take the cultural gear level in YOUR head and do the same thing. No sense me being here and you being there.

68 Jack Lumber February 5, 2007 at 9:42 am

Mike, may it be entered into the court record that the defence meant cultural gear LEVER and not LEVEL. The idea is that we get level and that’s what the lever is for.

69 Mike Collis February 5, 2007 at 11:25 am

Thank you for your comments Jack.

You are right of course that laws can be sometimes broken and if no one loses out and does’nt complain nothing is done about it. However in this case a lot of people have lost out and they are complaining and the authorities are doing something about it.

Last Thursday I spent 3 hours with the Fiscal (Public Prosecuter) and he said that he thought a crime had been committed and that they were going to investigate it further.
I told the Fiscal that we did’nt want to get people into trouble we only wanted what was wrong put right i.e. the Annullment of the “Disolusion of the Amazon Golf Club” so that we can return to the status quo and work it out between ourselves. He replied “If a crime has been committed against the Public Interest (Contra la Fe Publica) then the accused WILL face trial.”

70 Jim Richardson February 5, 2007 at 12:14 pm

Mike, the approach of having the public prosecuter investigate the whole incident may finally bring peace. In a a similar approach in North America the investigation would also include a forensic audit encompassing the monies recieved and of expenses incurred.In this case, that should include from the point of initial formation of the club or that point in time when you received the first membership fee. That would also clear the air with respect to perceptions of what precipitated the alleged “take-over” of the club.

71 Mike Collis February 5, 2007 at 7:02 pm

Hello jim, Thanks for your input, its most welcome.

I think a liitle potted history will come in here.

In January 2004 I had the idea to build a golf course. Bill Grimes was first to pay $350
I was 2nd . Bill was busy so then I was then the Interim President and remained so untill the lst AGM was held 5th January 2005. I resigned the presidency at that meeting and a new Board of Directors was elected. LLens Brunner Ruiz was President, Adam Andrews Club Secretary. Leo Jones Treasurer and 4 others. I had no part from that date in the day to day running of the club. A few days after that meeting I handed over the cash book to Leo Jones along with the cash balance.
I refused to hand over all of the reciepts for the money I spent during the first 10 months.
and have kept them safe but the authroities have all the copies.
The Police asked Adam Andrews about a month ago to hand over the cash book and the 3 Minutes books. He had 72 hours to do so and has not done so yet.

When a theft takes place there are always the culprits and the victims . Myself and the other 50+ Founder Members did NOT give the controll of our golf club and all its assets to Gerald Mayeaux and his associates they were “taken” from us.

It might be interesting if you clicked on this link to remind yourselves of the history of the amazon Golf Club ;

72 Bill February 6, 2007 at 7:28 am

Hi Jim, Bill Grimes here. I should have responded to your first comment but I expected ten or twelve other members to chime in. Since they did not I am here to respond to; Gerald Mayeaux’s claim he “rescued the club to provide momentum and comfort to current and new members…” Now Jim, I am just a simple farm boy and jungle guide but I know horse shit when I step in it. You read the comments. Did Dave Volkmann, Dave Sheridan, Maureen Portlock, Harry Kelley, Papa Dan, and Brian Yancy sound comforted to you? Do you think 50 out of 60 investors are comforted? Mayeaux accuses Mike Collis of mishandling the funds. By God, I did not mishandle any funds. They call Mike, John Zeller, Henry Gray, and me trouble makers. We are living in “Through the Looking Glass.” We are not the trouble makers. Gerald Mayeaux goes through the looking glass every day and thinks it is someone else’s fault. Mayeaux, it is your fault! Ryan Richards, I remember all those hours of arguments we had, more like lectures from you, I am sure you remember them just like I do. You need to look in the mirror to see who is responsible for your troubles. It is you! Adam Andrews, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to protect the rights of all the investors. I have made excuses for you since last April. Sergio Flores, you just wanted to be on the winning side. Wrong side! Mayeaux, Richards, and Andrews have definitely commited a crime. They have been in contempt of court for nearly a month for refusing to hand over the documents that could prove they are innocent of fraud and theft. Why would they do that, hmmmmm, I wonder? Now Jim, you say you have heard both sides. We need to talk. I want to be positive you have heard both sides.

73 David Volkmann February 6, 2007 at 8:14 am

Mike I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but your wrong. There was no meeting of the AGM investors on 1-5-2005 that elected officers and a board of directors. There was a secret meeting of some golfers that formed a fraternal organization of some sort for the purpose of I don’t know. But not to manage my investment. That was no more an official meeting of the AGM investors than if me Bill and a few others had a secret meeting somewhere and declared ourself the directors. That is what happen. Everyone at the meeting was elected to the board of directors by themself of that group. I don’t care. They had nothing to do with my investment then. But now I understand this group “took our investment”. And everyone of them needs to take some blame for what happen, even you Mike, for taking an elected position of the board of directors without being elected by the investors. Prior to that you were operating as the administrator with full knowledge of your position and authority of all the investors. Everyone that was at that meeting has to denounce that meeting had any legality at all.
Dave Volkmann

74 Jim Richardson February 6, 2007 at 8:28 am

Thanks for your response Bill.Believe me, in my field of banking I to have learned alot about horseshit. As I mentioned in a previous post, Gerald has warts but so do we all. Granted some perhaps a little more than other!

The only point that I raise is that, based on my perspective on speaking with various people since this incident has happened, there is a lot of rumour and innuendo and character assassination going on and an absence of facts. I agree with Mike’s comment about the prosectutor investigating this incident to determine if a crime has been committed. I am personally sceptical that this is the case. Albeit, one could question ethics and moral behaviour!

Congratulations on the great work you are doing such as your Christmas journey on the river. You are building a great reputation for ex-pats, Ambassador, Bill!

75 alan shoemaker February 6, 2007 at 9:32 am

Bill G., I believe that you can get a copy at the Public Registers now. I’m down for the count, keeping my foot higher than my heart for a few days. That seems to be working so I’d rather not be walking around much.
Let’s all get a good look at the new papers, ok? Then we can amend as necessary and move forward.

76 Jack Lumber February 6, 2007 at 9:53 am


You say you handed over the cash book but refused to hand over all the receipts. Now I don’t know squat about accounting but if I were in your place I would have saved all the receipts in a draw, possibly in a plastic bag, or maybe even in a folder and handed them over to the accountant to have the cash book drawn up in a legible hand. My handwriting isn’t legible, it can’t even be said to be writing. But no doubt I would have handed over both book and receipts so everything was above board. By the fact that the authorities have copies of the receipts but the club has neither originals or copies, you make it seem as if discord was your original intention.

77 Bill February 6, 2007 at 10:27 am

Thank you Jim, I appreciate that you have experience in the field of life, and I agree, none of us are wart free. I am no longer unbiased on the legality of The Amazon Golf and Country Club, but I did not come to this conclusion by accident. April, May, and June 2006 I was going to the Yellow Rose of Texas nearly every day trying to find out what was going on with the Amazon Golf Club. It was very secretive and NO ONE that was not on the board of directors could go to those secret meetings. The conspirators talked in code, but even I could decipher some of it. Gerald Mayeaux knows he is wrong. One of the 3 or 4 last conversations Gerald Mayeaux and I had was in June of 2006 at the Yellow Rose of Texas, and he told me, “We don’t want to let it look like those ass holes (Mike and John) made us change our plans.” Now that is one stubborn hombre. A couple of days later when he was making excuses for their actions and it was completely obvious they were in the wrong, I got up and left the Yellow Rose of Texas for the last time. Now, 7 months later, they still don’t want to let it look like Mike and John made them change their plans. Those are some foooolishly stubborn hombres…

The point that I originally wanted to make in the previous comment and in this one may have been lost in the good old boy slang. Let me start over in the next paragraph.

At least one crime has been committed, contempt of court, for failure to turn over the Amazon Golf Club bank account information, minutes of the meeting, and documents pertaining to the dissolution of the Amazon Golf Club. I filed the lawsuit over a month ago. They were required to turn that information over to the fiscal within 72 hours. Mike is testifying to the prosecuting attorney as a witness to my lawsuit. The prosecuting attorney told us they are in contempt of court and it is a crime. David Sheridan filed a similar lawsuit from a different angle and with a different attorney, a couple of weeks ago, and they were given 48 hours to hand the same information to the courts. So there is no doubt a crime has been committed. They are guilty of contempt of court. History is clear, it is not the crime, but the cover up.

78 mike collis February 6, 2007 at 10:45 am

Hello Jack,
I don’t know why I did not give all of the reciepts to leo along with the cash book. But Thank God I did’nt thats my proof that I controlled the club’s cash correctly.

Could you imagine what they would say now I had given them the reciepts and I wanted them to prove how I spent my friends money. Those reciepts are my salvation.

79 Bill February 7, 2007 at 11:59 am

As of yesterday, there was no new constitution in the public records. If I had more time, I would make up a constitution myself, and with as much authority. Everyone that reads this has as much authority to make a new constitution as Mayeaux, Richards, Andrews, and Flores. They are illegitimate, and every single maneuver that they make is illegal. The Amazon Golf and Country Club does not exist. They have no authority to make a new constitution. My only interest is to have my lawyer and Peter Schneider’s lawyer, study it to see what loopholes they provide themselves. It should be good for some laughs. That is all I expect.

80 alan shoemaker February 8, 2007 at 4:41 pm

The last time I spoke to Gerald, he told me that it was at the Registro Publico. That normally takes about 5 business days to clear, unless there are errors (even simple spelling errors). So if there are errors, then they have to be corrected and it is then submitted again. That’s all I know.

81 David Volkmann February 8, 2007 at 6:22 pm

As I have been saying all along what Bill said. Who elected them to the board of directors and officers of our investment?

82 alan shoemaker February 8, 2007 at 11:52 pm

Well Dave, you weren’t here… but there was an organization set up to control the funds. I wish you had been here and everyone else, but you weren’t, so what were they to do? A board of directors had to be established, if not, you could not move anything… So, like it or not, it was done. AND…. I don’t see where any harm was done. Everyone that paid for a membership STILL has membership! They just had to change the constitution. How many times do I have to say this? My face is blue already!!! The constitution went to the registro publico and it’s not out yet, I don’t know why, do you? Check it out.
If you stole the golf course, where would you hide it?
Ryan is working on the titles to the property, has been for months. We had the holidays and so nothing happened here within the system.
There is a golf course!!! If you don’t play golf and you wanted to sell your investment for thousands of dollars at a later date…. my hat is off to you!! I like that idea too! However, I prefer to play golf forever and the idea that I bought into Microsoft at the onset is a bit silly. If any of you were thinking the same, …. Why don’t you sell me your shares? This whole thing has been a ridiculous adventure into slamming Gerald, who really has nothing to do with the golf course, had no power as a board member to do anything and has nothing now except as another director. If you want to play that role, there are openings for other directors as well. If you want to establish another constitution, then do. Bottom line, … let’s get on with it. Why would anyone drag the Peruvian legal system into this? What a numbscull thing to do.

83 Hunter M. February 9, 2007 at 7:46 am

1 Corinthians 14:38

84 Bill February 9, 2007 at 7:50 am

Hi Alan, now, now, I hope your face is bluer than your foot. Keep it elevated. If everyone’s rights had been protected, we would not be participating in this “ridiculous adventure”. We are saying the same thing over and over, and we are all “blue in the face.” I am looking at a different angle this morning. Let’s examine the group of us that are angry about the circumstances of how the Amazon Golf Club was closed, and have participated in this forum commenting on Mayeaux’s and Richard’s role in that closing. We are not a bunch of young rebels with more testosterone than experience. Our average age must be 60, we are world travelers, successful businessmen and women, independent leaders, and more or less intelligent. We are not trouble makers, (well, maybe Mike, ha ha). This is not a case of mass hysteria, we are not drinking the same water. How do you think that we arrived at this point in time in this “ridiculous adventure”. Not one of us are enjoying this. Not one of us believe we have tapped into the next Microsoft. Do not make it sound like we are furious because some important investment went sour. We are furious because of the principles of right and wrong. If Gerald Mayeaux was an honorable man there would not be this suspicion of corruption. Gerald Mayeaux should be banned from the Amazon Golf Club. He is an investor, so he keeps his share, but needs to step completely out of the picture and stay to hell out.

85 Jim Richardson February 9, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Finally, Bill. I see you have used the term “suspicion of corruption”…. a deviation from previous certainty of a crime. You are on your way to healing! Now, now, Bill think before you respond emotionally!

Your comments Alan are rational and certainly reflect a non biased perspective. Good work in trying to eliminate the emotion from this thread!

86 Jim Richardson February 9, 2007 at 1:32 pm

Finally, Bill. I see some signs of healing from you. You have used the phrase “suspicion of corruption” for the first time. This is a good deviation from “hang the guilty bastard for his criminal behaviour”! Now, now Bill count to 10 and eliminate emotion from your response. Remember the longest journey one must travel in their life is from their heart to their head.

Congratulations Alan on your rational and unbiased approach in attempting to resolve and cure this festering wound.

87 Jim Richardson February 9, 2007 at 1:48 pm

I have learned long ago that it is difficult to discuss issues on a rational level when emotion takes over. This appears to be the case here on both sides!

I leave this conversation with the following story embedded in North American Indian culture:

A young Indian boy was talking with an Elder. ‘What do you think about how we are treated?’ he asked.
The Elder replied, “I feel like two wolves are fighting in my heart. One is full of anger and hatred.
The other is full of love, forgiveness and peace.“ “Which one will win” asked the boy.
To which the Elder replied, “The one I feed.”

Yours in friendship,


88 David Volkmann February 9, 2007 at 2:44 pm

Alan, for the record I was in Iquitos as a legal Peruvian resident eating and drinking at the yellow rose the day you had your first meeting. No one told me or invited me to the meeting. Other investors also were in Iquitos and were never told about the meeting. It was a “clique” of people who hung out at the yellow rose. There was no effort to notify any investers in or out of Iquitos of that first meeting. There are investers who have been banned from the golf course last August before any of the legal wars started or occupations. What harm is done if a small group of people get together and have a coup and take over the goverment,provided they do a good job? Its not only is not the way to do it, it is not right. Thats what we are talking about. RIGHT FROM WRONG. I think I can speak not only for myself, but many many of the investers when I say I never expected not only to not make any money on this investment but never expected to even get my original investment back. You keep talking about membership. I don’t want a membership and neither do many of the investers. We just want ownership of our investment. This means the right to vote for the board of directors. Or at least the CEO. Roberts Rules are very clear. The majority shall rule, the minority shall have the right to speak and those not present shall be protected.

89 alan shoemaker February 9, 2007 at 5:51 pm

I too was in town when they began meetings, but since I became a member (or owner…however you want to label it is fine with me) well after the Board of Directors was formed, I certainly did not feel that I had a right to be on that Board unless asked or elected to it. At one point there was a vacancy at the VP level and I was asked by Mick (more like begged)
to take that position. I came to a meeting and the other members of the Board immediately voted me in. There was nothing real serious to talk about as the meetings were held weekly: The motor on the jeep had problems and there was no money to fix it ( I donated the funds to do that), something else was needed… I forget exactly.. but Papa Dan paid for it. We planned a turnament to raise funds so we could continue paying workers, we held another so we could give each of the workers a Xmas basket, etc.. Nothing real earth shaking. Now many of you are saying that this was all illegal, that each of you had the right to vote on these earth shaking decisions. Go figure. As stated earlier, there really was not much to talk about until it was discovered that the constitution we had registered was incongruent with the type of Club we had intentioned. So we were advised to liquidate the first Club and begin again with a new Constitution. During this time, Henry Gray decided he wanted to become a member and so it was brought up to a vote at the Board’s meeting. Mike and I voted for Henry, everyone else voted against him. Demoracy, that’s how it works. Should we have asked everyone who was a member to cast their vote? Absurd proposition as most everyone not living here has no idea of Henry is. Regardless, at this time Mick turned in his resignation and probably 4 weeks later I also tendered mine. Rumours were flying that the Club had been dissolved and that there were no members anymore, everyone had lost their membership (ownership or whatever you want to call it). That of course was completely untrue. What was true is that there was a time when there really wan no Club anymore because it was now being formed again… but no matter what I would say to the nay-sayers on the streets, the rumours continued that everyone except a select few (oft times mentioned above in this Blog).
Many things have been done with mal intent and those responsible know who and what you have done and why. So do I, but a public forum like this is not the place to start casting stones. There really is no reason to point fingers at anyone, especially over things like having to re-new the constitution. It had to be done. The point now is to get this Constitution translated and copies emailed to all the members so they can look it over and suggest changes.
As far as the original Board of Directors is concerned, are or was there ever anyone living in Iquitos that wanted to be on the Board? I don’t think so. If so, please speak up so you can be counted and then voted in as a Director or President or whatever title you might like to be called.
Seems to me that it has been the Board that has put in the extra efforts to keep the Club up and running when it was completely out of funds. As I recall, didn’t Adam send off emails to everyone asking for donations to help out? If you got one of these emails, how much money did you send down to help out?
From what I have read above and heard on the grapevine, the real damage to the Club has not been caused by those that have been going out of their way to see that it had a future. The damage done is from innuendo, slander and libel. Personally, it embarasses me.

90 David Volkmann February 9, 2007 at 7:22 pm

I don’t want to get in a pissing match with anyone, especially you Allan. I cherish our friendship. All I want is for everyone to be notified of the first meeting to vote on who is going to make the decisions. The officers and directors. After that I will live with there decisons until there term is over. Better yet, being most of the investers don’t live in Iquitos that a proxy vote be allowed. No one says the meetings have to be held in Peru not that I would want it any different. And if the investment goes down the tube so be it. That is for the investers to decide. Everytime a goverment is overthrown that is what they tell the citizens. Our dictatorship will be better for you. Your not smart enought to vote for the right person to run your country.

What if you sold a few of us a small part of your business, we being the minority stock holders like the board is now and has been, and we start making all the decisions and electing ourselves to run your business?

Adam never asked me for money. He has just sent me emails bad mouthing our founder. Mike Collis. Simple question “Who elected Adam to anything and with what authority did they do it?” Don’t tell me it had to be done.

And being it is 30 below zero F. air temperature here and I have nothing else to do I am going to make a comment about P.S. I have never met the man and have only heard good things about him. From both sides. I understand he has put a lot of money into the golf course and received nothing for it. And he has said he wants nothing. I believe strongly he should be issued more stock, whether he likes it or not, for the money he has given and then he keep it, give it away or give it back to the golf course. I forgot we only are members not owners anymore so Disregard that last comment.

Have those who claim to be the officers and board send an email to everyone that all of us who are investers have stock in the golf course,according to the size of our investment, with rights to vote for the officers and board and this war will be over. Is that to much to ask? If you could get this done you wouldn’t be able to drink all the beer that would be bought for you. I will buy the first.

91 David Volkmann February 10, 2007 at 6:29 am

Allan, I hate to burst your bubble, noone but you cares about the constitution. We all would rather fail honestly then succeed dishonestly. We would rather have the jungle take over the golf course than lose friendships over it. A constitution alone has no merit. Are the people of Iraq better off the day after they had a new constitution?

92 David Volkmann February 10, 2007 at 6:33 am

I spoke to soon. I just got a copy of the constitution in English emailed to me and it looks fantastic. If this can be implimented, I think it would be great.

93 David Volkmann February 10, 2007 at 6:44 am

IQUITOS Golf Club Constitution
Article I:
Official Name of Organization
IQUITOS Golf Club (throughout this constitution “club” refers to
IQUITOS Golf Club) This club must be fully and legally registered by a notary in the public registers office and all government agencies such as the city of San Juan, Civil Defense, SUNAT etc..

Article II:
Organizational History
The club was established in theory in ——- of 200– . It is the hope that the club will bring players of all skill levels together in a relaxing and enjoyable game. The club was organized and promoted as a stock company with the intent of making a profit for the investors at some future date. The Treasurer of the club shall issue stock certificates to all stockholders. Two forms of shares shall be issued, actual and honorary. Actual shares are for stockholders that conform to the laws of Peru and legally may purchase shares in a profit making company and the honorary shares shall be issued to all people whom have invested as stockholders and are convertible to actual shares when the stockholder visits Iquitos and pays $15 to immigration for a temporary business visa and can legally receive his stock certificate. Each share actual or honorary may vote equally.

The club will own all assets and improvements on the land rented from Ryan Richards where the current club has been started.. A rental agreement must be designed and agreed upon with Ryan Richards by the new officers of the club. An outright purchase agreement for the land of Ryan Richards by the club would be beneficial to all concerned if possible.

Article III:
Purpose of Organization
The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for those who play golf and want to play golf a chance to come together.
The club will also participate in charitable organizations by ways of volunteering and/or donations. In addition the club will also offer education opportunities throughout the year.

Article IV:
Quorum (% needed for a vote) is defined as 67% of the membership. Voting may be done in person at the annual stockholders meeting or by proxy by mail or email.
Membership is being admitted to the club with all the honors, rights and privileges belonging hereto.

Article V:
Membership is open to all.
Officers Terms
Officer terms of office are one year, with elections held in
June every year. There is no limitation on re-election of
incumbents, although no person may hold more than one
position during a given term.
Nomination procedures and time frames
Nominations shall be taken up to 30 days prior to election.

Page 2
Election procedures and time frames
The elections will be held in June every year, with the winner
of each office being decided by the majority of votes
received either in person at the meeting or by proxy.
Prerequisites of each officer
Each officer must be in good standing with the club. .
Job descriptions for officer positions
President: shall oversee the club officers duties and maintain
the integrity of the club; shall preside over all meetings.
Vice President: shall aid the president as deemed necessary;
shall preside over the club during absence of the president.
Treasurer: shall oversee the financial stability of the club,
while being charged with the security of the club’s financial
Secretary: shall maintain the records of the club to include
meeting minutes, membership records, and club orders.
Tournament Coordinator: shall oversee the annual golf
tournament hosted by IQUITOS Golf Club which includes
retaining the venue, establishing sponsorship, recruiting
volunteers, and registering golfers.
Appointed positions
The officers may appoint non-officer positions as they see
necessary for special events or business with a majority vote approval of the officers.
Officer replacement
If an officer leaves or is removed from office, the remaining
officers will appoint a new officer. In the event of a tie, the
tie breaking vote lies in the following order (1) President (2)
Vice-President (3) Treasurer. The highest rank individual
present represents the tie-breaking vote.
Audit committee:
The audit committee shall consist of three persons elected by the shareholders and must have open access to all company information in order to advise stockholders quarterly of operations .
Article VII:
Frequency of regular meetings

Page 3
Meeting time, place, and agenda shall be set by the officers.
It is the duty of the officers to attempt to notify all members
of meeting time, place, and agenda via whatever means including email.
Identify who presides in absence of the president
In the absence of the president the vice-president presides,
followed by the treasurer, secretary, and then the tournament
Proxy authorization
All proxy of voting members must be submitted 24 hours
prior to meeting time to the secretary of the club via mail or email.
Identify quorum for voting
A quorum is needed for any change to the constitution. All
other votes are to be counted as official, independent of the
number of membership votes, as long as the election
procedures set forth by the club are honored and proper
notice of the vote has occurred.
Identify voting and non-voting membership
Voting membership consists of all members who are in good
standing with the club.
Article VIII:
Rules of Order
The President shall hold the order in all meetings including officer and general membership meetings.

Article IX:
Passing requirements
A quorum must be meet with 75% passing vote to amend the
Time frame for notice to be given
All proposed amendments shall be acknowledged 30 days
prior to voting day.

Unique problems of the IQUITOS GOLF CLUB.

Due to the international aspect of the club and having stockholders living worldwide the Stockholders List/Book must me maintained on an up to date basis and be open for inspection by stockholders any time due to the unique membership and the unknown times of visits to Iquitos and be maintained by the Secretary of the club.

Due to the chaos currently controlling the IQUITOS GOLF CLUB a web site will be started by any member for the purpose of contacting current stockholders of pending actions. The first action shall be the election of officers and shall be done by March 31st, 2007. This election shall be published 30 days in advance for three consecutive days in the Iquitos newspaper the Region.
Also all known stockholders must be notified by email or letter 30 days prior to the meeting.

Large investors and or loans

Persons borrowing money to or investing in the club in amounts in excess of the other investors combined shall have the special but not obligatory right to name two of the tree person Audit committee.

Shareholders meeting agenda

Election of officers

Changes , amendments or alterations to this constitution previously discussed on the new club website..

Conversion of the original investment share to an actual or honorary share in the IQUITOS GOLF CLUB.

Discussion of greens fees and income producing events.

Proposal for an annual budget and financial planning. This should also be discussed fully on the new web site prior to a meeting.

Here is a copy for those that did not get a copy emailed.

94 Bill February 10, 2007 at 9:16 am

I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I understand now that the constitution could have been at the Public Registers office. We were asking about the Amazon Golf Club, or the Amazon Golf and Country Club, and did not know to ask about the Iquitos Golf Club. Although the new name may not be as powerful for promotional purposes, I think that it could be good for tourism in Iquitos, and give Iquitos more fame world wide, so I approve.

I look forward to putting this controversy behind me. I am a positive person and have rarely been involved in such negativity. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to achieving this goal. I am very grateful.

95 Jim Richardson February 10, 2007 at 9:57 am

Kudos to you Bill for creating this forum and congratulations to you once again Alan for being so unbiasd and rational throughout your various postings. Albeit, I did sense a touch of frustration in your last posting. No doubt, rumour, innuendo and character assination does wear you down when you see the good side of the people being targeted.In the end, I believe that a resolution to this issue is near and that the ex pat community will be stronger for it. What an opportunity…to contribute in a significant way to making a difference to the people in the area by creating a beautiful attraction like the golf course to attract tourists.

96 Mike Collis February 10, 2007 at 10:19 am

I don’t want to sound sceptical butI have been here before.
However if what I have read above will in fact be the basis of our Club’ constitution I am in in favour, although a few minor points need slightly touching up . First of all, Who is the author of this constitution ? Will this constitution be acceptable to Gerald , Ryan and the others ? I hope so.
I agree with Bill that the title “Iquitos Golf Club” does’nt have the same impact as a title which includes “Amazon” has but I can live with that.

If we can all agree to this constitution, which with a few minor alterations will protect everyones rights, then our club has a very bright future. We will ALL be involved , we will ALL be working together to assure that our Club has the success that is only just waiting out there for us. We have members who will assure the club that they will help financially if the Club ever needed that kind of help.
I ask all Founder Members to study the constitution carefully and any alterations you might propose could be put here on this Bulletin Board.

I hope this is the end of a dark era in our Club, and we can return to the peace and harmony we once all enjoyed.

97 alan shoemaker February 10, 2007 at 10:50 am

I understand that the Gringo Bar is closing at the end of this month. If we can all put this behind us, perhaps we can all share a beer at the Yellow Rose, laugh at everything and begin to enjoy each other again.
Now let’s talk about changes that should be made.

98 David Volkmann February 10, 2007 at 1:28 pm

Has anyone went over to the Yellow Rose yet and tell him or her or they “Job well done”?

99 Steve McAlear February 11, 2007 at 5:22 am

The proposed constitution looks very promising, however it is a long way from being in place so lets save the celebration until we have got it in place and working. That will take some further work and understanding from all of us. I would like to start the ball rolling by asking the obvious question

Who decides and by what criteria is someone adjudged to be “in good standing with the club”.

Unless I have missed something in the thread I am not sure to whom any questions are being addressed , perhaps the authors of the proposal can stand up now in the light of the fact everyone seems happy with the work.
If its all the work of Alan Shoemaker then my specials thanks go to him.

100 Chipshot February 11, 2007 at 10:40 am

Some suggestions for the initial steps in putting order to the golf club.

1: Name a temporary honorary president with the powers to put in action the organization of the club and negotiate the rental agreement with Ryan Richards to insure that there is a club. If there is no rental agreement there can be no club and a new one must be built.
Personal choice as temporary President neutral and acceptable to all Peter Schnidermam and his office is the temporary address for the club where all documentation will be maintained until the stockholders vote on March 31st finalizing all legal details of the club. Of course if Peter accepts.

Does anyone know how to put a poll on the site for voting for a temporary President or how could this be done ?

2: Any and all comments and recommendations for changing the published constitution shall be made prior to the final day of February, 2007 . Any “good standing” member shall vote either by proxy or in person at the stockholders meeting March 31st in accord with the proposed constitution.

3: First proposed amendment would be to state that all documents pertaining to the club be in both Spanish and English. This would include legal registered documents as well as meeting minutes.

Second proposed change would be the name of the club to Amazon Golf Course if the stockholders approve based on above comments.

4: Good question about the term “good standing” as there appears at this time to be no legal and registered club done in accordance with Peruvian law I would believe that “good standing” at this time would indicate membership paid. Future “good standing” changes may be made by stockholder vote per the constitution.

5: All stockholders must be notified immediately and advised that proxy votes are acceptable to eliminate the need for international travel and undue hardship to the international members.

6: I believe everyone owes Gerald and Alan a big thank you for getting the constitution ready to be voted on for and by all stockholders/investors and the initiation of a wonderful addition to the social life of Iquitos. Everyone knows you all need it there .

Best of luck to us, Chip Shot

101 alan shoemaker February 11, 2007 at 2:37 pm

Now it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of it all. How can anyone who does not play golf cast a vote? What would happen if numerous persons gave their proxy to someone living in Iquitos who had no concept of what a golf course is all about? Perhaps there should be voting and non-voting members?

102 David Volkmann February 11, 2007 at 5:17 pm

Allan, I have built 3 multimillion dollar golf courses in the USA and I don’t believe any of the architects and engineers ever played golf including myself. We of course did hire consultants who had a proven track record in designing golf courses and maybe they did play golf. I don’t know. Most airlines are owned by people that are not pilots and don’t understand how to fly a plane.

All I need to do to qualify to vote is buy shares. Don’t sell me shares if I can’t vote.

103 alan shoemaker February 11, 2007 at 6:24 pm

I agree with you Dave.

104 Mike Collis February 11, 2007 at 7:04 pm

If this constitution is for real , and it was thw work of Gerald or Alan then we do owe one of them a big thank you.

I agree that Peter Schneider would be an ideal Temporary president but knowing Peter like I do I dont think he could be here to do the job.

Regarding non golfers on the Board of Directors. Yes it would be stupid if the President of our club was a non golfer because his duties would include representing the club at meetings such as a Golf Federation of Peru meetings etc. and golfers speak a different language than non golfers and I don’t mean spanish. However to say that ONLY golfers should be elected is simply undemocrartic. Board members should be elected on merit and only the members can judge that. Example you could have a non golfer who is very influentual locally, who is experienced in marketting and is a successful businessman . I’m sure we would need that sort of person on the board. Knowing golf would be an important requisit but it should still be open to all and trust the membership to make the right choice. We could always demand that a non playing board member should spend sometime learning all about the game not nesessary playing it.

105 David Volkmann February 11, 2007 at 7:34 pm

Mike, leave it up to me and the investers on who we want to be the officers and directors. Trust us to vote for the person who would benefits our investment the best. The ones who is the most qualified.

As a non-golfer myself, I would only be an officer if I lived there full time or was able to fly down there on a moments notice. Also I would constantly be thinking of what was best for the golfersas much as I hate the game. One of my previous businessess was a tavern where I was an abstentee owner. I hated drunks but I had more of than, than all the other taverns in town put together, because me and my managers were not alcoholics. We went to great length to get them there favorite whiskey or beer even thou they all tasted the same to me.

106 alan shoemaker February 11, 2007 at 10:27 pm

Just to be very clear, I had nothing to do with the writing of the Constitution and I don’t know who did.

107 dawson February 15, 2007 at 9:43 am

Sitting here…deep in the winter of the northern hemisphere, have been getting quite a bit of vicarious enjoyment reading the golf club drama in Iquitos. Granted, I am in the safe position of having no emotional involvement in this conflict, yet still….would like to pass along a CONGRATULATIONS to everyone for letting their feelings fly…. Most of the problems in this world are caused by people not being willing to go through the discomfort of heartfelt discourse.

108 mike collis February 19, 2007 at 10:14 am

Hello Mike Collis here,
Bill Grimes asked me to convey this event to you all.
Last week after seeing the proposed constitution for our club Dave Volkmann asked me to “bite the bullet” and go to Gerald and thank him for his work. Reluctantly I did so , but I did more. I went over to Gerald’s place and offered him a brand new boxed set of Slazenger golf balls that a friend had given me.

He said “Stick em up ya ass”
I replied “O.K. but i just wanted to thank you for the new constitution.”
He said ” Thats just a joke!”
“Gerald don’t you want peace?” I said,
His parting words were “I’m just gonna kick all yas asses you see!”

109 Dawson February 21, 2007 at 8:33 am

Maybe Gerald really is from Texas….because if that last exchange is accurate, he is reminding me of G.W. Bush….who is very good at causing more problems…than good… in the world.

110 Bill February 21, 2007 at 9:39 am

Hello everyone,

I left for Pacaya Samiria National Reserve eleven days ago. We conducted scientific research on Pink River Dolphin communication with hydrophones and digital recorders. I have to tell you the Pink Dolphins are better communicators than the contributors to this blog. Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on? The day before I left someone submitted a constitution that seemed to be acceptable to all. Does anyone besides Mayeaux think it is a joke. John Bernhart, Jim Richardson, you are reasonable men. What was in that constitution to make it a joke? Hans Jarlind, are you still playing golf at our golf course? Did you get the joke? David Sheridan, are you laughing? Jack Lumber, you have a good sense of humor, make me laugh at that constitution. Come on everyone, lets all have a good laugh…comment your thoughts right here on good old Bill’s Captain’s Blog. Convince me the human species can communicate better than the Pink River Dolphins. This is a scientific experiment. So far we are losing…

111 mike collis February 24, 2007 at 10:40 am

It is impossible to communicate with these people , their belligerency astounds me, are they inhuman. I see Mayeaux and his associates going out to our golf club daily taking tourists with them. They rent out David Volkmann’s donated golf clubs, collect green fees and sell their Amazon Golf & Country Club shirts and hats. Where does this money go.
Have they NO SHAME.
I firmly believe that anyone who supports this injustice is just as bad as they are.

112 dave sheridan February 24, 2007 at 9:29 pm

Mike, I am not sure what to say. When you swallowed your pride and went to see Mayeaux I think you were simply blinded by your desire to have everyone treated fairly. I don’t think anyone else believed the skunk lost his stripe. When you walk by the Yellow Rose what smell eminates from within?? As I said before, it is my opinion that Gerald Mayeaux is an individual absolutely and completely bereft of decency. In my opinion he does not deserve to be in association with any honorable person. Alan, what do you have to say? Do you still hang on to the belief that Gerald is a normal human being deserving of anything but disgust? I will say this. I have been very sick and unable to return in a timely fashion. But take this to the bank. I am not finished. Gerald——- when you see me again look me in the eye and try to think what I am up to. And when you see all of the people you have swindled, look in their eyes, try to guess what they are thinking. Keep in mind “what goes around comes around”. To me it is amazing that someone you have screwed over hasn’t axtracted their “pound of flesh”.
Your day will come Gerald. Bet on it!!!!!

113 Chipshot February 25, 2007 at 10:13 am

Does anyone know any info about the Chinese buying a large peice of land on KM 16 for a full size golf course ?

114 alan shoemaker February 25, 2007 at 12:31 pm

Sergio prints the t-shirts in Lima and sells them here. All profits are his. If anyone wishes to sell t-shirts, they are more than welcome. Gerald printed the score cards with the Yellow Rose on the front. He paid for them and gives them away. Smart business. You are welcome to print score cards too if you want. The Tourist that play golf pay 50 soles as green fee charges. That money goes to help pay the workers on the course. Sergio gives lessons as well. I think he charges 20 soles for an hour. He gets this money. If you want to teach someone to play golf, you can charge whatever the buyer will pay and you can keep the money as well.
I haven’t heard a word about the Chinese buying land to build a golf course but if they did and do, more power to them. What’s the problem with that?
Mike made a noble gesture in trying to make amends with Gerald. Gerald refused that offer. Sounds like a personal problem to me and has nothing to do with the golf course. It’s Gerald’s decision to respond to individuals the way he sees fit.

115 Bill February 25, 2007 at 3:02 pm

Hi Alan, How are you feeling? Fine I hope. Thanks for checking back in on the blog. I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks. What happened to the constitution presented in comment # 93? I thought everything was fine. I was going to recommend we all join forces to implement some version of that constitution combined with Chipshots suggestions in comment # 100 and peace would reign in the upper Amazon.

Hi Mike, I just want to make sure I got this right. Mayeaux threatened “to kick all of our asses…” There goes that stupid ex-jock strap’s big mouth again. I will not miss our morning meetings at El Gringo Bar for one second. We will meet somewhere else. I liked the comment you made about the history of the businesses that have been in the building currently occupied by El Gringo Bar titled, Mayeaux Takes Over “El Gringo” Bar, on another post in this blog that our readers can easily access by clicking the link below.

Hi Dave, From your comment # 112 it seems safe to say your health is improving every day and we can look forward to your arrival back in Iquitos soon. I think you were too charitable in trying to understand Mike’s motive in going to talk to Mayeaux. That ranks up there with some of the stupidest things I ever heard of. No wonder Dave Volkmann has disappeared from sight…or hummmmmm, I am the stupid one…hummmmm.

Hi Chipshot, Do I know you? Are you in Iquitos? This is a formal invitation to stop by my office. Lets talk. I always admire the Chinese. Maybe they need a token Gringo investor. I might even take up golf.

116 dave sheridan February 25, 2007 at 7:39 pm


I truly think you want to believe what you are saying, but do you really believe this so called constitution is something more than the “joke” Gerald said it was? Do you feel that the norm is what you say? In other words do you think I could go to ANY OTHER golf course/club in the world and print my own tee shirts, give lessons, sell green fees, etc etc etc and “keep the money” and that would be accepted as normal and honest?? Please tell me you jest. Maybe I should send a letter to all the clubs in Peru, Brazil or anywhere and say that is what I want to do. I am sure they might even offer me a free office in which to work out of whilst I make money on their facility. I am even sure their membership would think it fine. And if they don’t, hell, I could always dissolve their golf club and take it over and do what ever I want. That seems to be okay in Iquitos.

Also, I sincerely hope you are feeling well. If this friggin situation ever gets resolved amicably I will be amazed.

By the way Alan, what do you think the reception commitee would be if Bill, Papa Dan, Luis and myself wondered out to the golf course for a round of cow pasture pool? Do you think we would be offered to “play through”? Or met with baseball bats?

117 alan shoemaker February 26, 2007 at 11:30 am

Hahahahahhaha…. Well, let me try and clear this up. Sergio moved here from Lima to become the club pro. No one had any money to pay him a salary yet as the club was just being built. Sergio was and is out there every day making sure the greens, fairways, tees, sandtraps, water traps, etc. were all being built to spec. He came up with an idea of how he could survive here in Iquitos until the club was opening and generating a profit. One of those ideas was to have shirts made and printed with the Club logo and to sell those at a profit. We discussed this at a Board meeting and decided that it was fine and that if anyone else wanted to do the same, go for it. The only control was that the shirts had to be of a good quality and the printing as well. I never had a problem with that. We also decided that he could give lessons and make some cash this way too. There’s not much teaching going on by the way. I grew up on a private golf course, we had a club pro who lived there and he was on salary as well. However, if you wanted some private lessons, you paid him and that money was for him, not for the club. When Gerald printed up some score cards with the Yellow Rose on the outside, I thought hey, what an excellent idea. They’re nice score cards too and they are given to anyone who wants one, free of charge. Frankly I don’t have the time or energy to print up shirts or score cards, nor the desire, but if anyone would like to do so, just do it with style, nothing sloppy. And Dave, you could give lessons too if you wanted but why would anyone want to take a lesson from you? Hahahahahhahahaha… When the clubhouse if open and there is a pro-shop, that shop would either be leased out to someone who had interest in it or the club would have it and collect the profits from the sales. Either way, that would be the time when Sergio would be told (or anyone) that he no longer can sell shirts. The Ex President of the Club is helping Sergio too by donating a very small amount of money to him, Gerald is feeding him lunch, so if he can augment his pocketbook a little by giving some lessons or selling shirts, why not? Or, let’s put this another way: Why don’t everyone pitch in and let’s put Sergio on a salary?

118 dave sheridan February 26, 2007 at 8:07 pm

I guess a hmmmmmmm is in order. What your describing Alan, is a bunch of decisions made by ??? as to who can do what when and where. Definite organization problem here wouldn’t you say? You have failed to address the “joke” constitution Gerald told Mike he (Gerald) made up just to stir the shit and spit in our eye(s). That is when he said he was going was going to “kick all our asses”. I am trembling here at the thought. Almost afraid to come to Iquitos. Alan why do you defend Gerald? They (he) have/has no intention of restoring the Golf Club voluntarily. It will only be accomplished in court. And believe me, if it costs me 10K I will continue. Forget me, why do you think a year has gone by and member number one, Bill Grimes, is still an outsider and not given the courtesy of one answer to all of his requests? You know why, stop deluding yourself!!! For every member who is satisfied with the status quo (what status quo) I will give you five who say they have been robbed!!!!!!! Why?? How would you describe the “new” constitution?

As for pitching in for a salary, maybe we all should pitch in and pay Gerald!!! I mean he saved us all from Mike!!!!! How about it Alan? Care to be the first to donate $50.00 to Gerald’s salary as King?
Care to address the below Alan?

1 Alan why do you defend Gerald?
2 Forget me, why do you think a year has gone by and member number one, Bill Grimes, is still an outsider and not given the courtesy of one answer to all of his requests?
3 For every member who is satisfied with the status quo (what status quo) I will give you five who say they have been robbed!!!!!!! Why??
4. How would you describe the “new” constitution?

119 David Volkmann February 27, 2007 at 7:32 am

To Dave Sheridan who ever you are. Comment 118. I am jealous you wrote what I was thinking.

120 mike collis February 27, 2007 at 4:21 pm

Not wanting to let Mayeaux off the hook but I think its time to look at some of his dispicable associates and ask a few questions.

Why did Sergio Bargas leave the bright lights of Lima and come to the backwater of
Iquitos ? He did not know about the golf course untill after he arrived.

Why is Sergio no longer a member of thr Trujillo Golf & Country Club ?

Is it true that he is only allowed back there for tournaments ?

Is it true that Sergio stole one of Dave Volkmann’s donated golf clubs and sold it for
$40 to Mayeaux and that it was only returned to the club after Ryan Richards reported the theft ?

Is it true that Adam Andrews paid for his membership with a jeep of east european origin ?

Is it true that the jeep was someone else’s property and therefore did not belong to Adam ?

Watch this blog for more.

121 David Volkmann February 27, 2007 at 5:05 pm

Everything you said is true Mike.

122 dave sheridan February 27, 2007 at 6:24 pm

Sounds like a neat idea if the three of them were in business together eh Mike (the old who could screw who?) (actually I suppose they are in business together some ways, at our expense).

123 tee shot February 27, 2007 at 6:52 pm

What you say about Sergio is true , but you forgot to mention the $320 he conned out of Tni Espoko . Sergio (scurgio) told Toni he was going to Lima to play in the famous Cup of Gold
tourment and would represent the amazon golf club, but needed the airfare to go. Toni gave it to him. The truth is now known Sergio never played in the tourment , he was never invited to play.

I have heard that Sergio has now conned Canadian Sean Sowlner out of money for the second time.

I heard this saying once “Con me once, shame on you, con me a second time, shame on me”.

124 mike collis February 28, 2007 at 12:28 pm


Damn this golf club shit, I’ve gone an forgot a friends wedding anniversary.

Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary Greetings to Dave and Wilma Volkmann.

Dave and Wilma got married here in Iquitos a couple of years ago. You don’t need to ask why we call Dave “Lucky Dave”. Wilma is a treasure and they are so very happy together it makes me wanna vomit.
Dave you varmint, I had my eyes on Wilma and you stole her from me.

No, the truth is Wilma knows a good man when she sees one.

With Much Love to you both and the kids.

Mike Collis

p.s. What about you, Bill & Marmalita ?

125 tee shot February 28, 2007 at 6:52 pm

Its true about Andrews paid for his membership with a jeep that was not his to give.
He told me that if the club ever went belly up he could just go and get it back.

Where is the jeep now ?

Well just after the club was disolved (first week April) last year the jeep mysteriously disappeared from the golf course . Obviuosly Andrews did not want any one checking on its
titled owner etc.

So does that mean, if Andrews took back the jeep that ;

He stole it from the club ?

Has cancelled his membership ?

hmmhmmhmmm very interesting.

126 mike collis March 1, 2007 at 11:00 am

Here a little tale you might find interesting.

Late in 2004 Sergio came to me with great news. He said ” Lima Golf Club has sent us 9 square
meters of their best grass for our greens , we can cut it up and cultivate it for the
course”. “Fantastic !” I said. Sergio then asked me for 532 soles. “What for?” I replied,
“For the cost of the air frieght” he said . “No way” I said “We cant afford that” . “But if we dont collect it today it will die” Sergio said. “I dont f****ing care we cant pay that”
I replied. Sergio suddenly changed colour and his face seemed to become bloated. I could
see he was pissed off so I thought about it, and considered what Lima Golf Club would say
if we rejected their kind gift. So I told Sergio to go with Aura (my secretary) to the air cargo office and see if we could get a reduction, I told her to tell them if we did,nt get
a good price they could keep the grass. Aura and Sergio returned an hour later and Aura
said the price was not 532 soles like Sergio had said but was 450 soles, still too much
Aura told them, they reduced the price to 250 soles . I asked Sergio why he had asked me
for 83 soles more than the air cargo, he explained that this was the cost of transport
from Lima golf club to the airport.
I thought about it again and gave Aura the 250 soles and told her to go with Sergio and collect the grass and bring it back to my shop. Again Sergio went ballistic , he demanded that he take the grass directly to his home where he would water it. I said ” No , bring
it back here” Sergio was now really mad but went to the airport and returned with a large cardboard box about a metre square. It took 4 men to carry it into my shop.
With great pleasure I took a box cutter and sliced the top open and delved inside.
What did I pull out of the box ?
“Its Christmas!” I yelled as I pulled out a television, a radio,a CD player, a gas cooker
(table top)and the bottle and lots more goodies”. “So kind of Lima Golf club to send us
all this” I said ” No thats for my apartment here in Iquitos, my son sent it for me”Sergio
said. At the bottom of this huge box was about 2 metres of grass which we sent out to the course and laid it on green No.9.

I leave you to dwell on this and remember that integrity and honesty are important
requisites of any golfer they say.

127 dave sheridan March 1, 2007 at 3:14 pm


I guess the grass story shows the kind of thing Gerald is protecting us from. What a freaking joke!!!! It certainly sounds like Gerald is making a buck from the golf course. He is certainly a man devoid of conscience. I have a feeling that you could write a book with the flim-flam of Gerald et als.
But take heart Mike. I and most all others believe in you. I also know you feel like your child has been stolen. Just keep smiling and keep those stories coming.

128 Mike Collis March 1, 2007 at 6:57 pm

A few words for Ryan Richards.

“Have you read the RESOLUTION pal ?”

129 dave sheridan March 1, 2007 at 7:21 pm

Does anybody know how Ryan Richards is coming with the title on the Golf Course land?? It seems to me a long long time has passed since he made a deal with the club for “his” land. How about it Ryan? Care to comment?? Or you Gerald? Or anyone? Alan?

I sense some Bear Shit in the Buckwheat on this title!!!

130 David Volkmann March 1, 2007 at 8:34 pm


Who owns the land where the golf course sets? I always thought Ryan did, and I once received an email that says Peter Schneider was helping him obtain legal ownership. Now I get the feeling Ryan does not own the land. Then there was something going on where Mike was going to own the land. Then the question is who owns the improvements to the land?

Has a constitution of some sort been filed? I have only seen one constitution which Mike said Gerald denies has been filed and I believe Alan has made the same claim. If there is some sort of a constitution filed it should be a matter of public record for everyone to see. Isn’t it a simple matter of getting a copy of what was filed, even if not approved by the government yet, translate it into english and post it to the blog?

In Peru don’t business have to file taxes regularly even if there is no profit or income? Who is filing these papers? This also should be public record.

Are not licenses of some sort needed for any business that operates in Iquitos or San Juan where the golf course is? If so this would also be public records.

In the USA hiding behind a corporation shield is very porous when it comes to the government. The government goes after officers first and then stockholders for taxes,ect.

Perhaps those of us who have assets in Peru want to keep our distance from this investment which might be more of a liability than an asset.

I am not looking for opinions on who should own this or that but what the status is today legally.

131 mike collis March 2, 2007 at 10:33 am

I know whats going on with the land and so do they.

Ryan was granted the land many years ago but only for agricultural purposes.The Ministry of agriculture have been investigating this and 2 weeks ago the Minstry Of Agriculture came to
a decision and issued a Resolution . The Resolution states that Ryan has forfieted ALL
rights to the land and it now belongs to the Min.of Agrig.
Ryan had 10 days or so to appeal and he did just that on Wednesday. The evidence against
Ryan is overwhelming and it is very doubtful that the Ministry will accept his appeal. I always thought Ryan Richards was a clever man but listen to this.
In his recent claim for the Title to the land he told the Ministry of Agriculture that
there was NOT a golf course on the land only “fish ponds for rearing gamitana (fish)and
fruit trees”. But in his claim for the land with the Municipality of San Juan he said that there was a golf course on the land and that he and Adam Andrews built it.They produced as
evidence copies of reciepts for the materials etc., and would you believe it they are all mine, they are in the name of Mad Mick’s Trading Post. Was Ryan so stupid to think that
these 2 seperate documents would not eventually come together and his fraud expòsed.

You’ve lost it Ryan , and Don’t blame me.

132 mike collis March 2, 2007 at 10:39 am

Sorry I forgot to say I have a copy of the Resolution if anyone wants to see it.Pop round anytime Alan it makes very interesting reading.

133 dave sheridan March 2, 2007 at 12:50 pm


Are those receipts Ryan used part of the funds you embezzled (wink)? Mike I think back to about six months ago when I told Jim King what Gerald said (that you pilfered the funds) and Jim King said “hell, Mike is one of the few honest in that group”!! And Mike so you know, I agree with Jim.

134 tee shot March 3, 2007 at 10:04 am

Is it true that Sergio sold his ONLY membership to Harry Kelly in
November 2005 for $400 ?

If it is true then Sergio is not a member of our club, Thank God.

135 dave sheridan March 3, 2007 at 2:23 pm

tee shot, Mike, Bill etc, etc, etc…… keep referencing “our club”. It doesn’t exist. It has been dissolved!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of the facts of legally or illegally disolved………IT AIN”T NO MORE!!!!!!!!!! Unless and until the legal system recognizes this through our efforts (recognizes and does something I should add) we are without a club. Alan…..haven’t heard from you lately?!?! Maybe you have recognized the plight of the majority of ex-members?? Gerald is of the opinion that his influence has bought (not brought) him victory. Well we shall see. There is more than one way to skin a cat…..or in this case RAT!!!! I know you read this Alan. You might actually be a key player here.

136 tee shot March 4, 2007 at 10:31 am

Gerald you are going to lose but please don’t be too disheartened I’ll give you a very
good price for your golf clubs.

137 David Volkmann March 4, 2007 at 7:26 pm

To tee shot
They are my golf clubs.

138 tee shot March 5, 2007 at 7:05 pm

To Mike,
Did Sergio pay cash for his membership ?

139 dave sheridan March 5, 2007 at 9:48 pm


You do not have a clue. I cut my teeth on the docks of New York City. You don’t have a clue as to where I am coming from. I have been chased and threatened by the NYC union strong arms, the feds, and some others who are major players. I have had contracts on my knees and worse. You are but a pimple on an ant’s ass. Wonder where you will be in a year??? You make the choice.
My patience is all but gone. Like your life as it is? I doubt it. As an artist with the verse once said– “coming events cast their shadows before”. Time to reflect—–believe me.

140 mike collis March 6, 2007 at 10:04 am

In reply to Tee Shot,

When Sergio first appeared in Iquitos he immediately wanted to join the club and asked me
if I would accept his old set of golf clubs in lieu of the $350 inscription fee,he said
the clubs were worth more than $350.I thought about it, and thinking that he would be a
good asset for the club I accepted. I was told later that you could buy those clubs in
any yard sale for less than $50. I told someone shortly after that that Sergio would be a “God Send” or cause a lot of trouble. The rest is history.

141 alan shoemaker March 7, 2007 at 10:35 pm

Wow… I have not heard many of the new stories before…
Anyway, back to square one. David, who sent you the email with the new constitution? I alwayas assumed it was Bill G. and he had it translated… Who sent it to you?

142 David Volkmann March 8, 2007 at 8:05 am

Good morning Alan.
Bill G. did not send me the constitution. When I received it the source asked me to make any changes I seen fit, and put it on the blog. I made no changes and accomodated the source. The source asked me to keep idenity a secret. Which I have done. This was the first time I have ever had any communications what so ever from this source. I don’t know how the source got my email address ect. I can’t say if you know the source or not. At first I thought you and Gerald were involved in the writing of this constitution and the source got a copy, translated it, and wanted it to be made public. I have seen nothing but praise from everyone to both of you for this constituiton. Since then you have denied having anything to do with it. Comment 108 shows clearly that Gerald had nothing to do with it and he is the only one that does not like it. Can you find out why Gerald, Adam and Ryan does not like the concept of this constitution? Can you can get an answer to that simple question from any of them? Be a hero of the NEW GRINGO community.

143 alan shoemaker March 9, 2007 at 6:03 pm

I can0t do anything right now as I am not in Iquitos. Will be back in week. As I wrote here before when the constitution was posted, I did not write it and I have nothing to do with it nor do I know who did.

144 tee shot March 10, 2007 at 10:35 am

I have heard that the police are pressing charges against Ryan and Gerald for trespassing
on the golf course . Is it true ? cant believe it. If it is true then “Its game over” for the gang of thieves. Someone please tell me it is true.

145 mike collis March 11, 2007 at 10:14 am

To Tee Shot,

It is true.

How ? you might say.

Well on the 17th November last year myself, John Zeller, Aura , our lawyer, 2 policemen
and a security guard went onto the golf course . The clubhouse was empty so we installed
the security guard there, we stayed for a couple of hours then left our guard there to
stay overnight.
The next day Ryan, Gerald, some others and about 20 men with machetes tried to drive
our man out but he stayed holed up in the clubhouse until Monday when hunger and thirst forced him to vacate the property.
A few days later I was told by the police that Ryan had filed charges against us for
trespass. Our lawyer advised us to file charges against Ryan and the others but for
trespass with threats of violence.

In the following months the police have carried out extensive inquiries, checking over
many documents and interviewing many witnesses.

I was told the other day that the trespass charges against us have been dismissed
and that the charges against Ryan,Gerald and others still stand and because the trespass charge against them was with threats of violence these charges are criminal charges.
So Tee Shot, there you have it.

146 dave sheridan March 11, 2007 at 11:40 am

Hey Everyone!!!!

Mike has informed most of you of the opening of a new location for the restaurant “Gringo Bar”, the balcony at the Iron House, for Cleve Durden. I guess a new name has not been chosen of yet so any suggestions from anyone regarding a new name might provoke some thought by Cleve. A few of us quaffed some suds at Cleve’s place last night sharing his birthday. Any of you that know Cleve I would suspect agree he is a real “down to earth” guy. I urge everyone to spread the word of his new endeaver. The site is historical. The name Eifel is known around the world (if you do not know the Eifel connection to the Iron House check it out). Spread the word for this gentleman!! He has withstood the riff raff and the harrassment of the joint next door to him a long time. I understand from Cleve he has brought three excellent chefs on board also. I for one look forward to enjoying an evening meal overlooking the square.

147 dave sheridan March 15, 2007 at 5:39 pm

I guess an apology is in order. My last post was, at best, obliquely related to my ex-friend “The Iquitos Scoundrel”, Gerald Mayeaux. This blog, I would suggest should be reserved for enlightening the world with regard to this deplorable human being. I just today returned from Iquitos, where (no surprise here) the skunk could not look me in the eye (I gave him several opportunities). On the trip back to the US I tried to envision being in a position where I faced each day encountering people I have screwed. People who once foolishly trusted me. What a lonely life. Try to envision facing each day knowing most people look upon you with disdain. Only those patronizing you or who are there to steal their portion are hanging with you. In that position maybe a true low life could delude themselves into thinking they have a friend, who knows. In my humble opinion he has no friends. Those around him (we and they know who they are) would “jump ship” in a heartbeat. I would assume we all have heard the saying “honor among thieves”?? There is no honor in that camp. The Iquitos Scoundrel” probably cannot even look in his own mirror and see a friend. He is a man bereft of decency and worth. He deserves to be cast aside and set adrift. Absent of all value. A carcass of a human being.

The next salvo is being prepared.

148 Brian Yancey March 22, 2007 at 12:04 am

Ok, I’ve read through this site extingsivly (spelling sucks). But I’ll tell you, William Covington and myself were on the course and William, being a former pro, said for our first investment, what a wonderful course. He is owner 59 and 60 of our project. He cares and wants this course to become somtething, just like all of us. Therefore let’s organize and make a diference Do we take a vote or what? When do we take charge?

149 dave sheridan March 22, 2007 at 7:14 pm


Just to follow up. I am 61 and 62 of what used to be “our club”. That club was dissolved. Have you a new certificate with the supposed new club name? I am interested. When do we take charge? When we win in the court is my guess (you will notice I did not say if).

150 dave sheridan March 27, 2007 at 7:44 am

In the next month I expect some legal actions against Mayeaux et als to force some response. Please note that I use the word expect. I intend to pursue in the legal venue until I am satisfied I have done all I can, then, if the courts have failed us, I will continue in other ways. I am not sure where it will end up, but I want answers. I would like to request some support from any of you. Not financial, only a note/email saying to sic em in your behalf. Alan Shoemaker has assured us we all are protected. Does anyone believe it? Alan is in a dream world. We have been beating this “dead horse for over a year. Anyone, ANYONE, including you Alan, who thinks there is any honor among those thieves please request a reservation in a mental clinic. If any of you wish to be recognized as still having an interest, please email me. Further, contact anyone else in this regard.

151 Bill March 27, 2007 at 11:09 am

I would like to thank the thirty persons that contributed 150 comments to this discussion. For the last couple of months we have been content to patiently wait for the legal system to sort out right from wrong. Way back in the early comments, Alan called us something, I forget what, maybe numbskulls, for presenting our problems to the legal system. Others have commented that only the lawyers and the officials receiving the bribes will benefit. Many have told us that we do not know how to play the game. Smart people have told us mayeaux is too well connected, politically and personally. I guess we are the underdogs.

We would have been numbskulls to resort to guns, machetes or iron bars. We have not given any bribe to any official. I assume bribing must be part of knowing how to play the game. I admit it, I do not know how, and do not intend to learn. It would be very interesting to know how much they have paid in bribe money. Any one connected to mayeaux politically or personally has a big liability to over come, and that burden will become more obvious as time goes on.

I have learned about some new corruption involving mayeaux and how he plays the game, and will post a new article in the next couple of days. First, I want to research the accusations to make absolutely sure they are correct. If the accusations are factual, I will report what I find out. I hope you will find it interesting and we can meet again in the comments of the new post.

Thanks for caring and best regards to my international blog community, Bill

152 dave sheridan March 30, 2007 at 5:10 pm

I leave for Peru tomorrow. Not sure what day I will arrive in Iquitos, but my first order of business is to sign the papers against Mayeaux. I will relish every stroke of the pen. I may even personally drop off a copy at The Smelly Rose. I will savor the sound of his voice in court one day. What a tragedy that this Gringo went all the way to Peru to get screwed by another Gringo. If it was a destitute Peruano I could actually smile at myself. Oh well. At 66 years I still haven’t learned. But folks; I do remember. And……………

153 John Zeller May 30, 2007 at 3:14 am

Dear Fellow Founding Members of the Amazon Golf Club,

In reply to Mike’s email to all of us concerning the most recent events in the continuing “Golf War” and the legal implications for Jerry Gould (aka, Gerald Mayeaux, yes…that’s his REAL name I understand)…this is truly the fulfillment of your mother’s old saying, “The chickens have come home to roost”. And the kaka hasn’t even BEGUN to rain upon this detestable, evil thief and child-abuser. Buckets-more justifiable retribution shall be visited upon him, this common, vulgar hitman, of that you may be certain. He and his ugly pocked-dwarf “go-for” (sic.) are history, anyway. But let us
not focus exclusively on that idiot mouthpiece, the public face of their backstabbing thuggery and, thereby, miss the BIGfish, the instigators of all this vile cabal’s greed, ie,: (1)The mad chess player who masquerades as a teen age girl so his online victories on the chess board, such as they are, sting his opponent all the more deeply as a result of his loss (“Hell, I lost to a teen age girl???”)…Yes, that same silly hermit who has, for the last 20 years, squatted on land which NEVER belonged to him, raising snakes and rats in the moonless dark of night…and living


in a paper-thin, sheet-metal railroad FREIGHT CONTAINER! Honestly, can you imagine any sane man
doing anything even remotely similar? And given all those lonely years in that tin box,
hunkered down always alone whilst the thrashing storm-driven rains drilled holes in his tiny cranium…is it then any wonder that he could, along with “That Missionary Boy”, dream up such a fiendishly diabolical and greedy scheme to fleece their so-called “Bretheran”? The brains behind the scheme certainly isn’t Gould or his pocket-puppet “Skorgio”, or even Snowey in his tin cage repleat with the latest in fashionable fake windows and a generous can-opener sized hole in the middle to
piss in, certainly NOT…the demented mastermind behind all our legitimate woes, the Jerk on the Off-road dirty white 125cc motorbike is Adam Andrews who, through all of the filthy mess he and the crazy hermit created, remains unscathed…no fingerprints no signatures anywhere = no responsibility… right? WRONG! The file’s not closed on either of these two soiled villains, dear fellow members.
We are searching dilligently for their foul DNA and when we find it, these two prime plotters
SHALL BE PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW for taking their 30 pieces of silver!

When this unfortunate “Interregnum” is finally at an end and some semblance of sanity and good leadership is restored to our beloved club, and Mike’s original ideals are enshrined in a new constitution, IS IT conceivable that we would allow ANY MEMBER this notorious “Gang Of Four” to track their muddy feet over our re-constituted Amazon Golf Club turf? It is my deepest feeling that all four of these contaminated low-lifes should NEVER again be allowed to cast their forbidding shadows over the lush, deep green of our fairways. IF they are “forgiven” their abominable treachery, those of us who did the forgiving will be forever cursed by those honest members who follow after us.
Each and every one of this miserable lot must go down with their black galleon which, at this very hour, still fly’s the black and white Skull and Bones banner.

Then, when our house has properly been disinfected of this vermin, and ONLY then, can we set about a bright morning’s golf with a happy heart and clear conscience.

Yours Faithfully,

John Zeller.
(2 Memberships)

154 Mike Collis January 21, 2008 at 10:29 am

It is with much sadness that I report the death of Founder Member Melvin Lawrence from Birmingham,England
who passed away Friday 18th January 2008 after a long illness.
Melvin, one of the first to join us bought 2 memberships. During his 5 years illness I refrained from telling him about our “troubles”.
I send my sincerest condolences to Melvin’s family and friends. His dying wish was to be cremated and his ashes spread on his beloved Amazon River.
Rest in Peace Melvin

155 John Bernhart February 16, 2008 at 7:46 pm

Hello Mike,

Long time no blog. I am a bit confused and lost here. I have three ‘Dawn of the Amazon blog’ windows open; one window has comments up to May of 2007, and then a comment from you in January of 2008. Another window has comments up to about November 2007. Yet another window that the blog has twice recommended that we all go to is a new feed website that only had 10 comments. And I can’t figure out a way to put another comment, unless I go back to the previous blog.

Where can I read the comments from November 2007. Up until now? I’m very interested to know how the court case came out.

John Bernhart

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