An Introduction

by Captain Bill

An Introduction to Bill Grimes, Captain of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, Iquitos Peru

Hello, my name is Bill Grimes, Captain of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises. I live in Iquitos, Peru, Gateway to the upper Amazon Rivers and rainforest. I am a writer with a story to tell, a photographer with a Bill, made honorary Chief of the Boravision, a fisherman on the greatest fresh water fishery, and a naturalist in the midst of the most bio-diversity on earth. I live in the spectacle of the largest Indian village in the world with no roads, with interesting characters, and many adventures. I expect this blog to be a success on many levels and become the raw material for a book.

Sitting at my computer on the top floor of my building, located between the edge of the city, and the bank of the Itaya River, with the jungle on the far side, I have an inspiring view. Whatever I create here comes, From the Crow’s Nest. The crow’s nest on the early whaling ships was mounted on the upper part of the main mast and provided the best view for a look out. I use the term metaphorically. “Thar she blows!”

From the Crows Nest

An Introduction to Bill Grimes, Captain of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, Welcome to Iquitos Peru, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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1 Steven Alexander May 20, 2007 at 8:50 pm

Bill, it seems that we should know one another. Appreciate your looking at my blog and thanks for the comments. Is Paul Wright still in Iquitos? Haven’t seen him in a while. I used to lead groups into the Iquitos and Napo River areas. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your blog entries. Cheers. Steven

2 Bill June 10, 2007 at 10:43 pm

Hello Steven,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I certainly agree that we should know one another. I hope we can arrange that some day.

Yes Paul Wright is still in Iquitos. His knees are causing him some trouble but he can still climb the stairs to his office to see one of the best views in Iquitos, so I take that as a good sign.

I have enjoyed your story of the Brazil Nut Tree. Hopefully it will outlive you by several decades. Anyone interested in my blog will surely want to read, Tropical Biodiversity-The Amazon, at; .

Best wishes, lets keep in touch,

3 warren robinson November 7, 2008 at 7:31 pm

Paul Wright is now a notorious thief in Iquitos. Contact me for details. Do NOT have any dealing with this crook.

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