The Dawn on the Amazon Christmas Program 2006

by Captain Bill

The Dawn on the Amazon Christmas Program 2006

We cast off early in the morning of December 23rd with a boat load of Christmas cheer destined to brighten the lives of all the good little boys and girls in two remote jungle villages up the Nanay River. Our guest of Santa arrives riding Dawn on the Amazonhonor was Santa Clause who consented to ride on Dawn on the Amazon III instead of his traditional mode of transportation. Seven hours later we arrived at Mishana, deep in the green heart of Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve.

We sounded our fog horn and Santa boomed, “Ho, ho, ho, Feliz Navidad.” With Santa waving and ho, ho, hoing, we edged our boat to shore. As my crew secured the boat, Santa stepped ashore followed by his cute little elves, Marmelita, Marina, Marjorie, Lupa, Loremy, and my son Matt.

Our cook, Judy, and some of the village parents, gathered wood to start a fire and began to make hot chocolate in a giant pan. The elves shared candy and snacks with the children while Santa introduced himself Santa speaks with a British accentspeaking Spanish with a British accent. The children were very polite and well behaved but it was obvious they had never seen such a strange creature as Santa.

One of our Mishana friends, Alicia, told us that the village elders have no memory of a Christmas program in the village. No one in Mishana had ever seen Papa Noel in the flesh and the children were in awe. When Santa handed out the gifts, which the elves had wrapped in pretty Christmas paper, the children did not open the presents. They had never been given a wrapped present and did not know what to do. Matt offered a little boy a candy sucker and he declined because one of the other elves had already given him one. Street children in the city would push an elf down and take the whole bag of suckers and steal the elf’s hat.

Only when we started the contests did the children know what to do. They were very enthusiastic about who could jump the farthest, pull the hardest, hop the fastest…and they were enthusiastic about the fruit Santa's elves pass out hot chocolate and candycakes. Judy made enough hot chocolate for two villages.

This was Matt’s first trip to the Amazon rainforest so, after the festivities, we slipped out the back of the village for a jungle hike. As we walked quietly on a trail through the white sand forest watching blue morpho butterflies flitting among thirty species of palms, I was thinking: It is hard to imagine life in a jungle village from the comfort of your living room in the advanced economies of the world. Mishana does not have electricity and of course no computers or television, not to mention refrigeration or running water.

A noisy flock of parakeets flew out of a ripe fruit tree while I was remembering last July when four of my favorite guests brought school supplies to the one room school house in Mishana. There were no educational supplies before that thoughtful donation. Matt and I watched an iridescent beetle hide under a fungus and I remembered how concerned another of my favorite guests, a doctor, was when we visited a remote jungle village “hospital” where everyone in the village had parasites and there were hardly any medical supplies. As we backtracked to Mishana I thought again that Dawn on the Amazon should be the partner of corporate donors for distributing educational and medical supplies to improve the lives of the most interesting mammals of the rainforest, its human inhabitants.

We cast off from Mishana late in the afternoon and cruised for an hour or so before looking for a good place to tie up for the night. By the time we tied up and ate a big supper, Santa was exhausted and went to bed early. Matt and I went to the observation deck and star gazed the clear, dark, tropical night skies. A few shooting stars later I went to bed also.

The next morning we ate a leisurely breakfast before moving on to our next stop at Llanchama, the village where we have our Jungle Cabin. I always like pulling into the small entrance to the Llanchama Cocha, how it opens up into the lake with an island covered with jungle in the middle. I like cruising slow around the edge of the island and entering our little port.

Every child receives a gift from SantaSeveral children heard the fog horn and Santa. They were waiting as we tied up. We started the same program again. Judy and our Llanchama neighbors started a wood fire and made enough hot chocolate for two more villages, everyone enjoyed the contests with special gifts for prizes, and every child received a gift wrapped by Santa’s elves, from Santa’s lap.

A few hours later we started back to Iquitos leaving many happy families in our wake. When we anchored at our home port at the Hunting and Fishing Club, I gave the entire crew Christmas Eve and Christmas day off. Marmelita, Matt, and I pulled guard duty on the two boats. We watched the fireworks over the city. Although my main job was taking photos and saying Feliz Navidad to each individual in the two villages as they received their fruit cake and hot chocolate, I was pretty tired and had a difficult time staying awake for my shift. I spent the night asking myself how I can make a difference in 2007. The answer could be to start an NGO, a non-profit organization, using Dawn on the Amazon as a conduit to provide health and education opportunities for disadvantaged river, rainforest children. What do you think?

I would like to thank my good friend Mike Collis for wearing the hot, Santa costume and sweating so much he lost 10 pounds in two days. This makes the 8th year in a row that Mike has played Father Christmas, carrying on the legacy that his father created by playing Santa for 40 years in the UK. Mike is the owner of Mad Mick’s Trading Post and Bunkhouse, and the publisher of the Iquitos Times, the only English newspaper in Peru. His web site contains many interesting stories and is a valuable resource for what goes on in and around Iquitos.

I recommend going to and reading the article about a friend of mine, Richard “Aukcoo” Fowler, called Jungle Survival Tales. That article was previously published in Soldier of Fortune. Also there are five articles about Dawn on the Amazon including one previously published in Living in Peru, called An American Dream Comes True.

I would also like to thank my good friends David Sheridan, Luis de Freitas, Jim Anderson, Dr. Larry Williams, and Dr. Dave Williams for their generous donations and contributions to our 2006 Christmas Program.
Happy New Year to you, from the Dawn on the Amazon Crows Nest

The Dawn on the Amazon Christmas Program 2006

Bill Grimes, Welcome to Iquitos Peru, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

Christmas Cheer

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1 etmius January 5, 2007 at 10:26 pm

Why do you want to teach these people all the lies that you were taught as a child?
The Bible tell us that we will know the thruth and it will make us free. Do you still live and believe the lies? Teach them the truth and they will tell the truth to you, they have already seen enough lies from the gringo’s.

Larry Everette

2 Bill January 8, 2007 at 5:52 pm

My blog has been up for two weeks. I have spent most of those two weeks trying to learn the software and familiarize myself with the process. Other than a couple of test messages, I have only made two posts. I have not even told my family, friends, or peers, yet this man has already found my new blog and called me a liar. How did he find it, so small a spot in the world web? I am not a huge fan of the old legend, but I have never had the time or inclination to Google Santa and go to all of the million sites that reference him and call the million web masters liars.

The important part of our Christmas program is that the children and elders of both villages had fun, thanked us, and expressed their hope that we will continue the program in the future. While I do enjoy making children laugh and feel important, what I concluded from it was that I want to do something more, something that will make a bigger difference than games, hot chocolate, and cake.

Rather than the word of God, I decided delivering educational and medicinal supplies where there are none as I make my rounds to the remote jungle villages is a way for me to extend a helping hand and to give back to the communities that have been so kind to me. Help me do that.

3 John Dearing January 14, 2007 at 6:50 pm

I think what you did for the poor children of the rainforest is highly commendable.
I cant believe that someone could criticise you. He is more than likely one of those
missionary types that dontgive a damn about the mortal ilives of the indiginous they just want to save their mortal souls. HYPOCRITS THATS WHAT THEY ARE, SHAME ON YOU

4 Liz Stockwell January 14, 2007 at 6:54 pm

I am a missionary type and I wish to apologise on behalf of us considerate missionaries that encourage people like you to improve the lot of the forest people. Well Done Bill

5 Mary Hales January 14, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Well Done Bill Grimes. I am a missionary (type) that frequently visits Iquitos. When in Iquitos we regularly dine at the Yellow Rosem of Texas Bar run by Gerald Mayeaux. When last there in November we heard some terrible things said about Gerald . If they are true then we will never eat there again.

We have heard that he mistreats the street kids and sticks needles in their arms. We have
also heard that about 2 years ago he beat up an 8 year old street kid in the street in front
of some other missionaries. Are these claims true ? Can anyone shed any light on these aligations ?

6 Major Jose Gonzales January 14, 2007 at 7:06 pm

I am in the U.S.Marine Corps and was in Iquitos on and off from 2000 to 2005.
It is true about Gerald Mayeaux, he admitted to me with great pride that he pricks the kids with a needle embedded in the skin of his thumb. I have seen him do it with my own eyes.I don’t think he cleans the needle either. I cannot confirm about the kid being beaten up but I did hear about it. Terrible man.

7 Bill January 15, 2007 at 12:47 am

Thank you all for the kind posts. Maybe having a blog is not so bad after all.

Mary asks if anyone can shed light on Gerald Mayeaux, owner of the Yellow Rose of Texas, and his cruelty to children, the poor, the helpless, and the disadvantaged. Major Gonzales answers her with his personal observation; “Terrible man.” Mary, Major, you can not imagine half of it. Due to interest in this subject I plan to post an expose next week on the sociopath, Gerald Mayeaux. Learn why he calls every woman in Iquitos a prostitute, and every Peruvian a thief, how he bribes the police, the mayor, and the prosecuting attorney, (what is he doing that he has to bribe them?), how I know that he lies when he says he does not take commissions and much more. While we are waiting for my investigative journalism to document and polish the expose, does anyone out there want to make some comments on personal experiences they have had with Mayeaux? Does anyone want to defend him?

Mary you and all persons of good conscience, might be interested in this link;
Follow it to my list of favorite restaurants in Iquitos. Does the Yellow Rose of Texas makes the list? That is another post for later.
Major Gonzales, thank you for your courage on posting your personal observations and feelings about this bully. Semper Fi.

8 Erik Wragge January 15, 2007 at 7:33 am

I too have been to Iquitos and met the man known as Gerald Mayeaux. What a piece of slime he really is, Liar, Cheat, Fraud and Thief. A rumour says he beats his wife, treats his staff badly. All in all a good all round ***hole.

9 Rob Occonor January 15, 2007 at 10:12 am

I first came to Iquitos in 1999 and came into contact with Mayeaux then. I am married to an Iquitos girl. We were both very distressed a couple of years ago when this thing (I refrain from calling him otherwise) said some inflamatory things about the people from Iquitos. I was with my wife in the Cumaceba office and I could not fail to hear his loud mouth telling his customers that Iquitos people were dishonorable, the men were all thieves and that ALL the women from Iquitos were prostitutes (that includes my wife). My wife kept me from going over there a punching his lights out.
I do not know how he gets away with it, something should be done. I do not have proof that he mistreats the kids but I would put nothing beyond this cruel bully. Rob

10 joe bloggs January 15, 2007 at 10:41 am

I know this man very well he is very very bad. He is well connected and will bribe officials like the police,prosecuters etc. to get you into real deep shit.
It is true about this man Gerald Mayeaux . I maintain a false friendship with him
because if I told him what I thought he would ruin me. Thats why I have used a false name.

11 Tony bee January 15, 2007 at 10:43 am


12 Mike Collis January 15, 2007 at 10:48 am

I was a friend of Gerald Mayeaux for more than 7 years. I tried many times to stop him mistreating the kids and saying terrible things about the wonderful people here.

But what about the golf club and how he took it over with his evil gang .

I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

13 tom snead January 15, 2007 at 10:53 am

Yes I know this man, what a spiteful piece of work he is. He lives in Peru but has absolutely no respect for the people of Iquitos .

As for mistreating the kids its true . After he beat up an 8 year boy 4 years ago he had the audacity to go on the local T.V. and said the police told him to do it.
Why dont he pick on someone his own size. Cowardly Bully.

14 archie nichols January 15, 2007 at 10:56 am

Well done Bill , its about time someone had the guts to stand up to the peice of shit known as Gerald Mayeaux . I thought Mike Collis would have had the balls to do it. obviusly not
or perhaps Mayeaux has something on him.
Keep going bill.

15 Bill January 15, 2007 at 1:51 pm

As moderator of this blog I, Bill Grimes, have deleted this comment at the request of my friend, who considered it unfair rumor and innuendo. My policy has been to publish every non-spam comment, no matter what the opinion, or how well that opinion is expressed. A person reading my blog can find several comments critical of me. I am not happy with those comments, and considered them to be incorrect, but I published them anyway. Where does a moderator draw the line on what is fair and appropriate? I am new to blogs, and do not know the answer.

16 been there,seen that January 15, 2007 at 2:04 pm

I have been in Iquitos for many years and everything I have read on this site is true plus a lot more.I have a few questions ?
why did gerald leave parker drilling ???steeling ???
why did gerald get the street paving process completed ?,but sold the process to the city ???
why did he joing the rotary and promise to drill wells for all the poor villages ??? how many did he drill ??maybe 2 ???
where did gerald get the title to the barge he ownes ??
not from herald whiteside,herald had the title locked up in his desk only a week before his death.
why are clive and gerald such emenies now ?? is gerald mad because clive took the lathe,the floating crane and the catapiller motor for his boat ????
did gerald really sell camp peacock to a sucker and the reprocess it from the same sucker ??? and tell everyone about his deal ?????
why did gerald lie about having a daughter in Iquitos ???? or maybe it was just to get his doccuments???after all they were just small lies ???? and he said the immigration people were too stupid to ever catch on ???
why does gerald say he is from texas ????he is from louisanna..
why does gerald not talk about his playing days for the dallas cowboys ????
gosh, I was just thinking about a few things that came to mind,no mind you I am not accusing honest gerald about anything,I was just wondering ?????? hummmmmmmmmm wonded what other great stories exist out there in the twillight zone of the yellow rose of texas.

17 nick maroles January 15, 2007 at 3:18 pm

I have known Mayeaux for some time I have never met anyone who talks so badley about people ,good people, who considers Gerald their friend.
I have heard him say ;

Mad Mick stole all the money from the golf club thats why he had to rescue it.
That Scott Peterson of Refugio altiplano abuses his customers while under the influence of

That Muyuna Lodge is no good . Muyuna Lodge is one of the most popular and respected
lodges in Iquitos.

Bill Grimes’s cruises are too expensive for too little.

Peter schneider’s Amazon Rainforest lodge is too close to Iquitos and the only animals tourists are likely to see are the ones tied up at the lodge.

Leo Jones who takes care of homeless children is a pedaphile and abuses the children in his care.

Mayeaux refers to Alan shoemaker (the jungle medicine guy) as the “fugitive from justice”.

Nick Maroles

18 Amy Giles January 15, 2007 at 3:22 pm

I know Gerald Mayeaux is bad, but why does it say in the guide books like Lonely Planet,
Going Places etc., that he is a good source of Honest and unbiased tourist information.

It is TRUE that he only sends the innocent tourists to the tour companies and jungle guides who pay him 20% commission, those that dont pay him he bad mouths.


19 Mike Templing January 15, 2007 at 3:25 pm

This dishonest man told me he was the American Consul in Iquitos. I have since found out
he is a liar. Has he told anyone else this ? Why do not the authorities do something to stop him

20 Peter Gilling January 15, 2007 at 3:28 pm

I have heard that Gerald has taken over the Amazon Golf Club. If this is true how did he
do it ? I know why, he is a jealous man hungry for money and power.

But how did he get the club , I cant believe it.

21 tom snead January 15, 2007 at 3:35 pm

I have never in my entire life (60 years)met someone who is despised so much by so many as this man Mayeaux . Reading the comments on this blog I understand why.

Why does’nt he come on here and defend himself, or has anybody got a good word or two to say about him

tom snead

22 Bill January 15, 2007 at 4:31 pm

I have known Mayeaux for 8 years. I am looking through these comments to see if there is anything unfair. I doubt that he beats his new wife, maybe most of his other wives. He will be lucky if Pamela does not beat him.

Mike Collis has plenty of guts, he stands up to Mayeaux every hour of every day. That is why Mayeaux has filed half a dozen law suits against Mr. Collis and tried to get him arrested, discredited, thrown out of Peru, or worse. I am sure he will start trying to do the same to me tomorrow morning. All I did was post a blog about Santa Clause and look what happened. Who started this thread? Mary, if anything happens to me it will be your responsibility to bring Mayeaux to justice.

Wow, post# 16, “been there seen that,” you are stealing the material for my investigative reporting, my master expose, what is left for me to say? Plenty, let’s collaborate. Does anyone see any similarity between what happened to Herald Whiteside’s property and what is happening to the Amazon Golf Club?

Does anyone want to address the subject of racism? I am always amazed when I see a person of color or a Peruvian paying him money to ridicule and insult them as soon as they are out of hearing, sometimes sooner.

How many of you have heard him say he is the American Consul in Iquitos? I have personally heard it dozens of times. Is there any one at the American Embassy in Lima that can do something about this fraud? Someone needs to take action. He makes all of us gringos look bad, the ugly American in Iquitos. Have you ever wondered why so few ex-pats eat or drink at the Yellow Rose? Any comments?

23 SEAN ROBERTSON January 15, 2007 at 11:33 pm


24 mike collis January 16, 2007 at 10:22 am

Crime # 1.
In August 2005 four german tourists arrived in Iquitos. They spoke to Jessica Peyner the part owner of a jungle lodge. They agreed a price, but because it was only 8.00 a.m they needed to wait for the bank to open in order to pay for the trip. They decided to have breakfast in Gerald’s place. Gerald as usual asked them if they were going into the jungle. They told him they were going with Jessica on her trip. Gerald then told them that this company had a habit of frauding tourists and that they were sure to be victims. They returned to Jessica’s office, cancelled the trip and told Jessica what Gerald had said. Jessica decided to go and confront Gerald who just told her to go away but in much more colourful terms than that. Enraged, Jessica slapped Gerald acroos the face forgetting that she had her office key in her hand. The key pierced Gerald’s face just below his right eye. Gerald called the police and Jessica was arrested . Over the following months Gerald tried in many ways to ensure that when the trial came up she would go to prison. When the trial took place she was given a suspended prison sentence because she had a 2 year old daughter. Now this woman who had never been in trouble with the police in her life has a criminal record.
Crime # 2
In April 2002 some 14 american missionaries were dining at Gerald’s place. They were sitting outside. when 4 or 5 street kids tried to sell Chiclets, bracelets and t shirts to the group. Gerald told them to go away , but one 8 year old boy told Gerald that he did not own the sidewalk outside and they had the right to be there. Enraged Gerald physically pushed to boy away. As the boy crossed the street he picked up an empty plastic coca cola bottle and threw it at Gerald but missed him. Immediately Gerald chased the boy, caught him,knocked him to the ground and in front of the missionaries and witnesses like myself Gerald removed his leather belt and proceeded to thrash the child with the buckle end. He would have done the child serious harm were it not for a customer in the adjacent bar stopping him. Soon after the police came with the boy and his Mother. They all spoke inside the bar. What happened after that? Absolutely NOTHING. We can only guess why charges were not filed . In England Gerald would have gone to jail for at least 2 years for such an atrocity.


25 Juan N Maldonado Romero January 16, 2007 at 4:30 pm

I am a Guide for 30 years i never had any complaind iam 60 years old and i cried,because i had 6 tourist decided to go with me next day,abd they ate in yello rose and after they told mi that gerald said i was a bad man.he is a partner with a cocamas people and work together and he only recomend to him sel,also in his web side
guides he said that all the iquitos guides are thief.we make a march against to him but he got power,he ivite luch to the big generals police.i have a big family to feed and is no possible he do this with us the peruvian some body must to do some thing please.thank you

26 Bill January 16, 2007 at 10:41 pm

The trouble with blogs is they come back and bite you in the butt. Hi Shawn, I am glad to know you are still alive. How ironic that you are Mayeaux’s defender and my critic. In your madness there is a little truth and I want to acknowledge it.

I did spend a lot of time at the Yellow Rose of Texas. I know Gerald Mayeaux better than most, and believe that I speak with some authority. I know a lot more about gerald than he knows about me. He talked, I listened.

I did over react to the man slobbering on my plate after I told him, “No moleste!” I regret that, but I did not nearly kill him and you did not stand up for me. You called me an axe murderer.

You “lost your flippin mind down” here “and tried to kill” yourself “with alcohol and drugs at the Yellow Rose of Texas…”

Mad Mick is a good guy that helped save you.

Mayeaux “talked a lot of smack” about you to anyone that would listen, including to me.

That is about all that deserves a response from me. If you post again, try to be fair. When you say you, do you mean me? I hope that is an all inclusive generic “you.”

One other thing, I have been mad at you ever since you drank 12 cokes in four hours and never paid for a one, the night Doug hired you to cook that feast on my boat. I gave you permission to drink a coke, not 12 of them. I do want to compliment you on cooking a great meal, and Mayeaux should have given you your knife set back.

27 robert January 17, 2007 at 10:54 am

people always told me,cream floats to the top(gerald),but, if you ever looked inside a septic tank,them lumps aint cream,they are “geralds”
its really sad to see a person demeaned and talked so badly about,BUT ,in this case gerald deserves it all,he has worked so hard to have this reputation ??
He is so starved for attention and “fame” that he will do anything for his 15 minutes of fame or in his case shame( its lasting a bit longer than that.
my only fear is that gerald will continue to use his good old boy powers to cause problems for all that bad mouth him(even if it is the truth)
Gerald has.recently claimed to be the U:S: Marshals representitive in Iquitos ,he has further claimed that he is the acting American Consul in Iquitos,he has represented himself as such.
so, IF any people on this blog have problems with certain authorities or persons of political clout,act crefully and be sure to contact other Americans and make sure they are aware of the problems.
ohhhhhhhh another wondering,was gerald ever the director of tourism in Iquitos ??? why did he leave ????
Did gerald really have all inquiries to the tourism bureau directed to his restraunt ????
did this conflict have anything to do with his leaving ????
How did gerald GET CONTROL OF THE GOLF COURSE ???????where did he get all those signed and doccumented papers signed by michael collis(mike said in court,he never was at those supposed meetings and never signer those papers)GOSH,who would you believe gerald ????naw,Good old honest mike collis,you bet.
there is a lot of dirty work afoot on that golf course theft,but,lets not forget gerald partners in this deal,ryan,adam and the mystery man ??
anyone have more thoughts on the golf course delima ??? this might be the true test of the law in Iquitos, no more, just more thinking , hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

28 mary nunley January 17, 2007 at 1:39 pm

I am part of a group of missionaries who regularly visit Iquitos.This blog site was forwarded to us by our church contacts there. we read with horror the alligations made against Gerald
Mayeaux . Our people in Iquitos have confirmed that the alligations relating to the mistreating of the children are true and well documented.

I would like to address this to Mr Mayeaux.

We have heard about the way you behave in Iquitos, what you say about the people in Iquitos is terrible.Beating an 8 year old child in the street is verey bad and I don’t
care about the golf club.What causes me much concern is the pricking of the street kids with an unclean needle. I am a doctor here in Atlanta and I know that some of these children could be immune to, but carrying infectious deseases such as hepititus or aids or even more and you could be transferring these terrible and dangerous infections to innocent street kids.
Needless to say we have forwarded this bolg site to all of the other church groups that visit Iquitos. My group will be returning in March and I will most certainly be visiting you,not to buy something but to give you a “piece of my mind”.
May the good Lord protect those children
May the good Lord forgive you for what you have done. Stupid Man

Mary Nunley.

29 mary nunley January 17, 2007 at 1:52 pm

I am part of a church group that reguarly visit Iquitos. This blog site was forwarded
to us by our contacts there. We read with horror the terrible alligations made about Gerald Mayeaux. Our friends in Iquitos have confirmed that the alligations made about the street kids are true and well documented. I would like to address this to Mr Mayeaux.

My group know about your behaviour in Iquitos , we don’t care about the golf club business but what you have done to the children is absolutely terrible. Beating an 8 year old street kid is very bad BUT Mr Mayeaux , I am a doctor and I know that some of these children
are immune to, but carrying deseases like hepititus, aids or many more infectious. Are you so stupid ? Did ‘nt you think that when you prick those kids with the same needle you could be committing that child to a horrible death.

My group will be returning to Iquitos in March and I will be visting your restaurant, not to puchase anything but to give you a “piece of my mind”.

I have forwardedthe blog site to all the other church groups that visit Iquitos.

May the Good Lord protect those children and may the Good Lord find it within himself to forgive you . Stupid Man.

Mary Nunley

30 Dave Sheridan January 17, 2007 at 3:54 pm

I must admit I am not a blogger if there is such a word. However, I would be remiss not to comment regarding The Yellow Rose of Texas, and Mr. Mayeaux in particular. I am a frequent visitor and business owner in Iquitos. I too, like many others, was once a friend of Gerald Mayeaux and even helped him with things he needed from the US for his restaurant. At this point, however, I want it to be known by all he and I are a long way from friends. In fact I am proud to be one NOT considered his friend. In my opinion he is a repugnant person who has no remorse about screwing his friends (he is running out of them fast I believe).

The many comments in this blog directed at Mr. Mayeaux seem to describe an individual completely and utterly devoid of moral character.

I will not waste my time or yours re-hashing the reliability and factual basis for all the previous comments, most are well documented, witnessed and even admitted to by Mr. Mayeaux. Unfortunately, however, one flaw in this man´s character that has been only briefly touched upon is pure and unadulterated GREED!!! Greed has been the downfall of so many, from those in the political arena of many countries to those of the criminal leaning (how far apart are they in some minds?). It is greed that in my opinion has caused Mr. Gerald Mayeaux to at the very least allow child prostitution to be conducted in his restaurant in front of many. On one particular occasion I witnessed three girls whom I estimate to be 13 to 15 years old ¨delivered¨ to a paying customer. I was so irate that I asked a friend to call the police (my Spanish is less than perfect to say the least). He did so. The police watched his place and the individuals for about an hour then left.

I do not have any proof of who received money for the event of the children being sold and for that matter I did not follow the customer to his room to see what kind of activities the children were subjected to, I leave the conclusions to you.

31 mike collis January 22, 2007 at 10:18 am

Gerald Mayeaux has in his bar some wonderful things but many new tourists will confirm his pride and joy is the Confederate Flag , a hanging noose and a scorched cross.
What do these signify ?

32 Gerald Mayeaux January 24, 2007 at 12:17 pm

From Gerald,
Bill please cut off this website. It does not hurt me but Pamela is really upset and she crys to sleep at night.
It was true that I hurt the kids but they upset my custumers and stole from the, I did hurt
the street kid who threw a bottle at me but I paid his mother $150 compensation so that was like a fine. I do not say bad things about loretanos anymore and I have not touchd a kid for 2 years.
Please take this off for Pamela.

If you do not I will sue you.


33 Bill January 24, 2007 at 7:24 pm

Pamela, I sincerely regret that you have been embarrassed by the behavior of your husband. I made a post about Dawn on the Amazon and Santa delivering Christmas presents, cakes, and hot chocolate to the disadvantaged children of the jungle. We were in a small argument about the pros and cons of Santa, when a nice missionary woman changed the subject and asked if the allegations about your husband sticking pins into street children were true and if he beat up a 40 pound homeless street boy. I know you have tried your best to rehabilitate him to keep him from such acts of meanness.

Gerald Mayeaux, it is occurring to me you are using your wife to try for some public sympathy. You are a special piece of work. You will sue me? What for? Because 20 people hated your meanness so bad they felt compelled to comment on a blog post about Santa Clause; some commented two or three times? Some are so afraid of you they used false names. Why are they afraid of you? Don’t they know you are rehabilitated?

Will you sue me because someone accused you of impersonating the American Consul of Iquitos? Have you impersonated the American Consul to Iquitos? I heard you say that several times! Have you impersonated any other employee of the American embassy? Did anyone else reading this hear Gerald Mayeaux bragging about being the American Consulate of Iquitos?

What will you sue me for? Because some one made the comment, “you will only send innocent tourists to a tour company or guide that pays 20% commission; those that don’t pay 20% commission you bad mouth.” I know that for a fact!

I defended you from the charges of beating your wife. Shawn provided strong support for you in comment # 23. Molly has a comment offering strong support for you on the post How the Amazon Golf Club Was Stolen. I posted two comments that were derogatory to me, and invite comments from any interested party. Instead of threatening me, why not have your friends tell their versions of these stories on this blog? It could be interesting. Maybe you will want to comment on why you want to sue me?

34 dave sheridan January 24, 2007 at 10:21 pm

Gee——let me get this straight—–it is all true but stop it or i’ll sue you—–hmmmmm

35 mike collis January 25, 2007 at 10:28 am

When Gerald said in his comment that he had not touched a street kid for 2 years that was a lie. I know because my balcony overlooks Gerald’s bar. One Sunday about 2 months ago I saw 4 shoe shine boys approach some of Geralds’s customers having breakfast outside. He immediately ushered them away. As it was Sunday morning there was no traffic so the street kids sat out in the street in front of the bar . I was watching when Gerald came out with his big arms in the air telling them to go away. One little boy refused and stayed sitting on his shoe shine box. Gerald came over and told the kid to clear off but the kid stayed putt so Gerald pushed him and he fell over backwards into the street. What a sight it was, this little boy lying in the street with this 200lbs+ bully standing over him. I was with other people on my balcony and we all wished we had a camera to record the event. I keep one loaded and ready to go.

36 Dave Freeman January 26, 2007 at 10:48 am

I was sent this blog by a friend of mine and I just cannot believe what I see. I have been to Iquitos 3 times in the last 4 years and I love the place. I always eat at the Yellow Rose of Texas because I think its a great place. I have seen him shout at the street kids but never hurt them. Is it really true? I see the message from Gerald and still can’t.

If it is true then why doesnt the authorities do something ?

If its true you must send this blog to Save The Children or something.

I am going to check it out , I hope its not true , I know he can be obnoxious but
I kinda like him.

Dave F

37 David Volkmann January 26, 2007 at 2:22 pm

OK Gerald Mayeaux,
I have been waiting for a denial from you that you stole our investment, the golf course. There has yet to be one denial of this by you, Adam, or Ryan. Why? You and Ryan never answer my emails. We can only assume you’re guilty. In the USA you are assumed innocent until proven guilty only if you plead not guilty. So if you took it from me, OUR friends in Iquitos, and around the world why? If you’re having financial problems I know you could have come to me, Bill, Mike, and many other friends you had before this started and we would have all helped you.

For all these people that want you to give them a copy of the new constitution I think you should tell them to shove it. It’s your golf course now. Right? They are only allowed to be members not owners. Right?

I am very guilty in the past for doing nothing to defend the poor people who you abused in Iquitos. These are sins I am ashamed of and ask for forgiveness of these people and my God.

I am only going to deal with fact and not opinion.

In August when I was Iquitos, about 6:45 AM, I was sitting at The Yellow Rose of Texas. You saw a homeless skinny kid sleeping way down the street by the drug store. You went down there and start kicking him and yelling at him. Later you told me he was a thief. He was sleeping, not stealing, when you were kicking him.

In August you were bragging to me and anyone else that would listen to you that you would take needles and poke the street kids to move off the public sidewalk in front of the Yellow Rose of Texas. You were not apologizing for this or for beating the small child that you admitted to in your comment on this blog.

You told me all Peruvians are thieves and liars, especially those that work for you. When a friend of mine was there a year ago you told him he forgot to pay his bill when he left earlier. He said he had paid it. (He ate every meal at The Yellow Rose of Texas for 7 days.) You said don’t worry about it; the money will come out of the waitress’s pay. He then paid his bill again, because of his compassion for your help.

You told me you would like to kill every stray pet in Iquitos.

You told me every woman in Iquitos is a whore and that is why you had to get your wife from Lima.

You told me that you never take commissions from guides for sending business their way but many have denied that to me.

One guide who is well known for dealing in child prostitution was in your restaurant one day with a tourist who comes to Iquitos regularly. I asked you why you allowed him in there. You said he is allowed in the restaurant when this tourist comes to Iquitos because this guide is selling what he wants. Does this make you an accessory to the crime?

Getting away from your disrespect of the people of Iquitos, treating friends and fellow ex-pats the way you do is stupid. It was just last August Mike Collis told me he loved you like a brother and he would be the first to come help you if in need. I repeated this to you and you said, “Ya, well he still owes me on his bar bill.” Before you got married I would see him watch The Yellow Rose of Texas like it was his own when you would be gone. Actually all of us would have, including Bill Grimes and me.

If I was to get into all the rumors I have heard about you I would need my own website. I don’t want to hear the stories about how you treated your children, your ex-wife, and your previous business partners. Let alone the stories about how you treated your good friends who own and did own the restaurants on either side of you.

God forgive me for associating with this man,
David Volkmann

38 Bill January 26, 2007 at 9:33 pm

Amen brother…

39 tom giles January 27, 2007 at 10:38 am

Interesting reading this ..hmm hmm

I have sent it to the UNESCO office in Lima , why don’t you ?

40 john beckett January 28, 2007 at 6:42 pm

This comment was erroneously funneled into the spam folder. I noticed it at 9:30 PM, Jan. 31, and inserted it in its proper sequence. My apology John.

I have been looking at this blog now for a few days and wondering if I should comment or not.
The only thing I can say is this. I have never seen Mayaeux hurt any children but I have been told about it by gringos and by the kids themselves.
What I did witness was one evening while I was having a beer in front of the Gringo Bar I saw
some tourists in front of the Yellow Rose of Texas and Mayaeux was talkng to them. The
girl from the Gringo bar looked over and Mayaeux said ” Wait your turn bitch” . I am ashamed to say I sat still but a tall man who I think lives in Iquitos but comes from South Africa
confronted him. Mayaeux called his wife and she stood in front of the man while Mayaeux went inside and came back with a baseball bat. That is all I can say.

41 Jack Lumber January 29, 2007 at 12:10 pm

I am not a blogger. Once I contributed to a forum on global warming and asked: How is it that people who are not climatologists, meteorologists, physicists, chemists, or mathematicians believe they ca have a complete understanding of the most complex and non-linear phenomenon that exists and that confounds even the aforementioned specialists?” and received an answer from the forum maser as reply that they were not so much worried about global warming as ‘global dimming’ which I proceeded to Google like the credulous person I am until I realized he was elading me on a merry goose chase. Forums seem like little secular churches, meeting places for the faithful from which sceptics are excluded.

Blogs on the other hand, judging from this one, are for sociopaths only. the two blaring characteristics are impulsiveness unrestrained by common moral tenets and lack of empathy, the impossibility to understand the feelings of others. I find myself then, after having satisfied my morbid curiosity, ready to defend a man I can only take in homeopathic doses but as this applies to a great many other acqaintences as well, I find this no obstacle.

Geral Majeaux us accused in this Iquitos gringo colony version of the Salem witch trials as maltreating chidlren and speaking badly of Peruvians. There are other issues but we can begin here.

Fact: Gringos attract the worse elements in the society of street children. They have studied us and taken our measure and have learned or developed techniques to separate tourists from their belongings. Well, Peruvian-owned establishements, tourist restaurants or otherwise, have taken their measure and do not allow them on or near the premises. Up until 20 years ago, more or less, the Texas Bar was the locale of the landmark Don Giovanni restaurant and the preferred outside seating was occupied by 8:00 p.m.. Under Peruvian ownerwhip this problem did not exist. It was not permitted to exist as the proprietor is morally responsable for the safety of his diners.

But does the end justify the means? you may well ask. The means employed principally by the Texas Bar were toask for police protection and when this failed tot ake the matter up with the general of the national police and the prefect and request judicial restrainign orders on these children. Meanwhile propery continued to be stolen and at the same time Gerald changed from an indiscriminate adorer of little children to one who learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Did he stick pins in children? Personally, I doubt you could stick a pin in one, their arms indurated by sun and filth, but experiments could be caried out usisng different children, different pins under varying pressure. (Indurate is a high-class $20 word and much too good for this two-bit blog but no matter), Also, that he beat one with a belt, buckle end. Has no contributor ever totally lost it when put up against an absolutely perverse and stubborn child? Are you all moral majority morons who thrash a child in cold blood with a bible in one hand or liberal no-spanking wankers? Does a child who is a hardened thief, a child only in the chronological sense, deserve the same respect as an honest child allowing leeway in the sense of the word? And what of the tourists who had belongings stolen? What of the $500 camera that was probably fenced for a 20 sole note?

The next dung hill of accusations is that Gerald speaks badly of Peruvians. Well Peruvians speak badly of Peruvians and as far as I can tell they have been doing this for a great many years. All the great Peruvian intellectuals of the 19th and early 20th century lambasted their compatriots and this habit is carried on briskly to the present day. Gerald, being an old Peruvian hand, has assimilated this national custom. I do not agree with him, nor do I accept this slander which I hear on a daily basis from Peruvians. I do not let it pass. Not because it is morally reprehensible to speak badly of your fellow man but because it simply isn’t true. Visit the industrial areas of Iquitos, go the ports or to the marketplace and tell me they are lazy. Study the ingenuity with which they make do with inexpensive materials to solve costly problems and tell me they are stupid. Take note of their social skills and ask if a group of Peruvians of a cultural and educational level similar to Americans could have developed in such a spiteful and unproductive manner this present anti-Gerald blog. The defence rests its case.

42 Dave Sheridan January 29, 2007 at 4:35 pm

Well Jack, I guess at least one person thinks it is okay for Gerald to beat the kids.

43 David Volkmann January 29, 2007 at 9:00 pm

To Jack:
You are a guest in there country. You don’t have a right to be in Peru. It is a privilege they give you. If you want security then eat and drink on private property. Not the public sidewalk. How do you treat dirty filthy children who you suspect to be a thief in your home town? How do foreigners treat them when they visit your home town? Remember you are given a visa when you enter Peru. This is there way of giving you permission to be in there country.

44 mike collis January 30, 2007 at 10:10 am

To Jack Lumber,
Thank you for your comments which I read in its entirity. I don’t want to dwell too much on childrens rights. However,

Children do have rights.
If under the legal age they are deemed to be innocent.
No one has the right to hurt them not even the police,it is a crime.
No one has the right to take the law into their own hands.

The “street kid” problem exists all over the third world. Would you advocate what they did in San Paolo, Brazil a few years ago where street kids were shot by the police like vermin ?
or perhaps a more subtle approach “the forced sterilization of poor women” ?.

Sorry Bill, I hope I have’nt started a new subject on your Christmas Program blog.

Mike Collis

45 Jack Lumber January 30, 2007 at 7:11 pm


The problem with a Christmas blog is that once the holidays are over the subject is dead.


The problem with entitlement is that once rights are mandated the subject is dead.

Jack Lumber

46 Mike Collis January 31, 2007 at 9:42 am

I know very well that the street kids can be a nuisance and even I have lost my temper with a persistant t shirt seller who would not take no for an answer BUT I have never hurt one.I think that someone who does must have a problem.

I would like you to meet one called Luis who claims that Gerald stuck needles in him twice.
Just click here to meet him ;

Just gives you a name and a face. Could you hurt him ?

47 Jack Lumber January 31, 2007 at 5:10 pm


Of course kids are cute. If they weren’t the race would have perished.

Jack Lumber

48 Miriam Dunnage February 1, 2007 at 1:46 pm

I read your blog every evening after tea. It is more interesting than anything on the telly. It’s the mutt’s nuts if you ask me. Has anyone thought of making a sort of movie script out of it? I see Jack Nicholson as playing Gerald and a street child like Tiny Tim you know with a club foot and all. And there should be a scene where poor Tiny is trying to run away from Jack and his awful needles but he has this club foot you see and he can’t run very far.

I am sorry I did not meet you gentlemen when I was in Iquitos last year for five days. I did not score, not even once, and I don’t think I shall be going back. But I do love the blog ever so much and I hope you keep it going. I want to know what horrible things Gerald does next.


49 Bill February 2, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Dear Michael,

We really thank you for writing and your interest in what is happening to children in Iquitos. We as Save the Children Sweden´s Regional Office for South America and the Caribean thank you so much for the information provided. We are contacting local organizations in Iquitos in order to act with the pertinent entities that have to do with these problems. We have alerted the organization IDEIF and they will also start to work on it.

Best regards,

Alicia Soto
Secretaria Ejecutiva

Save the Children lucha por los
Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas.
Proporcionamos mejoras inmediatas y duraderas para la infancia del mundo.

Save the Children Suecia
Oficina Regional para América Latina y El Caribe
Apartado Postal 14-0393
Lima, Perú
Tel. (51-1) 422-9292 / 422-5944
Fax. (51-1) 422-4632

50 whistle blower February 3, 2007 at 10:16 pm

I have known Mayeaux since he first came here with Parker Drilling. I know all about him.
In 1998 a new politician came onto the Iquitos political scene, Ivan Vasques. Mayeaux supported his campaign with hard cash in return for the promise of the position of the Director of Tourism for Iquitos if he won. Ivan became mayor and so began the reign of terror that Mayeaux brought to tourism in Iquitos.
One of Mayeauxs first tasks was to organize the Millennium festivities in Iquitos. Mayeaux had a great idea which he put into action in late 1999. He rented 6 big,flat topped barges and had them anchored below the malecon boulevard, He had a great canvas canopy put over the barges and a walkway built from the bank for access. He filled the floating platform with tables and chairs, built a stage and then proceeded to sell tickets for the Iquitos Millenium Gala at $50 per person. He booked a top class band and everything was set. The gala was a sell out , all the “wanabees” of Iquitos were there, it was a great idea. During the first week of January 2000 the auditors found that they were short about 200,000 soles ($60,000US). The money or the culprit have never been found. The gala turned out to be a financial failure.

p.s. During the 1st week of Jan 2000 the river dropped dramatically leaving the barges stranded , the river did not rise again for a month when the barges were floated away, but still leaving the council with an extra month of rental for the barges.

51 Miriam Dunnage February 4, 2007 at 8:32 am

Another English Sunday. I think I’ll go bonkers! There has been little news about Gerald this week. I do not like Swedish meatballs much and I will take a good English sausage any day. I have been reading the golf club blog but it is not half as good. Personally, I think men spend too much time on sports when they could be doing nicer things. I not understand about barges. If they are so big why are they flat? Why aren’t they round? As for the 60,000 yank dollars, I must say I do not find that unattractive in a man. Please post more entries.


52 Micah Cantley February 4, 2007 at 1:13 pm

Wow…where do I start? The beginning is as good a place as any, I guess. I, too, am one of those “missionary types.” While I don’t prescribe to the term myself, many apply it to me…I do not know Larry Everette, though after reading his criticisms I may some day wish to meet him. He has grossly misrepresented the message he claims to spread. The “Truth” he speaks of would never condone his criticism of your (Bill, Mike, wives, and friends) wonderful actions!! Like Bill, I am not a fan of the legend of Santa, and chose never to allow my own children to believe in it. At early ages (3-4) they would tell store clerks in the U.S. that Santa wasn’t real…talk about a holiday treat for me!! However, upon reading Mike’s latest edition of the Iquitos Times I immediately emailed him commending him for what he did those two days, and I would like to now commend you, Bill, and all the elves, as well.

As for Gerald, I have met him, was unimpressed, and saw quite clearly a man as insecure and self-absorbed as any I have ever known. My trip to Iquitos last September was centered around the three day Amazon Raft Race. Before the race I, and my traveling companions, ate at the Yellow Rose 2-3 times. I enjoyed the food (more or less), and the atmosphere was nice. As a former restaurant manager and current Peruvian resident (2 1/2 years) it seemed to me Gerald had done a good thing by giving “his girls” (staff) a job they could be proud of, nice uniforms, and the opportunity to meet many tourists and expats.

During the Race I had the opportunity to converse with Mike Collis quite a bit, as I ended up spending more time on the riverboat than on my raft. When I shared my thoughts regarding the Yellow Rose with Mike he very openly and boldly set me straight, sharing with me the stories of Gerald’s actions towards the street kids, Gerald’s verbal abuses of the men and women of Iquitos, and Gerald’s general lack of moral character. Mike also told me of how he had been friends with Gerald many years, and had recently terminated that relationship due to Gerald’s unwillingness to change. To the commenter claiming Mike didn’t have the balls to stand up to Gerald, you owe Mike an apology.

After returning to Iquitos we (my traveling party) never again dined at the Yellow Rose, opting instead for the Gringo Bar. While I never witnessed any perverse activity on the part of Gerald, what I did notice told the story. The sidewalk tables outside the Gringo Bar were full, half occupied by my group, as were those in front of the Yellow Rose. Willie, a “street kid” and t-shirt “salesman” approached us, as did a few other boys looking to shine shoes, sell trinkets, or be fed. As I had bought a t-shirt from Willie my first day in Iquitos, I told him no thank you, and to the rest of the boys I asked them to allow us to enjoy our meal and we would look at their offerings afterward. The funny thing was, none of these boys, nor any other “street kids/vendors” even approached the guests dining outside at the Yellow Rose. Gerald was outside almost the entire time, talking to his guests (gringos), though I doubt any of them would have taken the risk, as it seems the stories Mike told me (of the needle, in particular) have been proven true (at least believable) by others here telling the same story. In fact, much of what Mike told me while we casually cruised along the Amazon has been retold here by others, almost verbatim. A story not true rarely retains its details as much as these have.

As a resident of Peru responding to the many of you asking why no one “informs authorities, agencies, etc…” all I can say is, ‘If only it were that simple.” Yet, herer in Peru, nothing is as simple as many of us think it should be. If nothing else, Bill, this strange occurence that is the response to allowing an Englishmen to play Santa for a bunch of poor, indigenous Amazon folk will bring awareness to the future visitors of Iquitos, as it seems nary a resident is unaware of the darker side of Gerald Mayeaux.

By the way, Bill, thanks again for supplying the gas to the Peruvian Coast Guard so they would “rescue” us!! Oh, and if you decide to begin working with non-profits in order to deliver goods to the people on the river let me know. I’m sure I can find plenty of folks in the states willing to donate and come along and help!!

53 dave sheridan February 4, 2007 at 1:41 pm

As a means to liven things up I am going to answer as if I were Gerald Mayeaux:

Hey y’all!!! Stop pickin on me. You all knowed I were somewhat on tha shady side wen y’all startid to deal wit me. What in tarnation did ya ekspect? Honesty?? Gimme a break. Yu invitin me inta yur club was not zactly an inteligunt move I dare say (heh heh). Why back in Lusiana (where I reely come frum) they sur do recunize snakes when they see um. Thas why I lives here now. But golly gee, I am gibbin y’all too much infermation. I surly do promis I ain’t gonna kick no mor street kids when anybudy is lookin (especially that Tom fool theavin varmint Mike across the street). Why I alweys thouht I cud trust him!!! Now that sheep eatin fatso Santa claus is rattin me out and plannin to catch me with hiz camera machine. Why I may gust disguise myself as a Texas man so they’all never know. An as fer that Gulf Cours stuff, why yu’all shud be real happy I saved all yur asses from that theavin Mike and Bill (Capt. Hook) Grimes. Why iffin it wern’t for me yu’all wud be havin to contend with what to do with this infernal club I seem to hav inherited. I mean lawdy lawdy, i’ve had to sell golf balls, clubs, tee shirts an lawnmewers. I hav been havin to dispose of green fee money, donations and all kinds of stuf just to get the club book balance to zero. That sur be a lot a work fellas. Give this here Lusianna boy sum credit by golly. An whilst yu be at it, pik on sumboddy what has the grit to defend himself.

54 Brett Ascott February 4, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Hello Bill and Mike
I wish you luck and wish you well. My stay in Iquitos was brief but memorable. And I think I know an honest man when I meet one.
Kind regards
Brett Ascott – London

55 Bill February 5, 2007 at 11:34 am

I just read all of the comments again. Thank you all for taking the time and caring enough to respond with your personal observations and experiences. Knowledge is spread by communication. What you are communicating can help to make a difference. Don’t take my word for it. Look again at comment # 49 from Save the Children, and comment # 39, and thank you Mary Nunely for making a difference; read her comment # 29.

Have any of you personally witnessed child prostitution being conducted at the Yellow Rose of Texas? Read in comment # 30 how one concerned person felt compelled to call the police because of what he observed there. Sir, you made a difference. Comment # 37 adds a powerful indictment about child prostitution, and accuses Gerald Mayeaux of being an accomplice to the crime.

To the person that commented in # 27. You ask questions, but already know the answers. We do not know the answers. Spell it out for us. I heard Gerald bragging he is the “Marshall to Iquitos from the American Embassy”. Is that what they used to call an informant or snitch? Would anyone like to comment about Gerald Mayeaux, the new marshal to Iquitos or better yet, Gerald Mayeaux, the American Consul to Iquitos? He could be famous.

I find Comment # 50 to be very intriguing. Whistle Blower, maybe you know something, maybe you don’t. Gerald Mayeaux did not come here with Parker Drilling, and to the best of my knowledge never worked for them. He came here with Occidental Petroleum from Libia, approximately 23 years ago. Being incorrect about the first part of your comment, how are you going to convince me the rest of your information, that Mayeaux stole $60,000 from the city, is accurate? Can anyone provide a first hand account of these charges? Whistle Blower, why did you say, “I know all about him”? What else do you know?

Hi Micah, it is great to hear from you, and thanks for bringing us full circle back to where we started. Nearly a month ago I asked for help finding generous donors to supply educational and medicinal supplies to deliver when we travel to remote jungle villages in need. As you can read here, this blog has a life of its own, and there is plenty of work to do confronting the problems that challenge us right here in Iquitos. I am learning that this blog can be a powerful tool, to use on many levels of problem solving. Hundreds of people are reading this everyday, and I say again, we can make a big difference. Let’s do it.

56 george February 5, 2007 at 5:10 pm

there’s more than one RAT in Iquitos. We came back to Iquitos to help a little disabled girl and were conned by a local who we now know has conned a few visitors recently. He stole the money we sent for her. About time you got together and stopped him before your tourist industry starts to suffer. Some of the people above know who he is….

57 Mike Collis February 5, 2007 at 6:42 pm

Hello George ,
Who is the other RAT ? Please tell all.

58 Cheri February 5, 2007 at 11:14 pm

Where do you suggest the missionary type go to eat now. We’ll be there soon. Cheri

59 Bill February 6, 2007 at 5:32 am

I recommend you start with Bill and Marmelita’s Favorite Restaurants, on my web site at . Scroll to near the bottom of the home page and click the live link. It is important to understand this is not a “best” or “greatest” list, and everyone will have a different “favorite” list. It is simply where we feel comfortable, the food is good, and we do not have health problems after the meal. People always say, “You should have The Gran Maloca, or El Masons, or The Yellow Rose of Texas, and lots of others, on the list.” Those are all good restaurants, but they are not our favorites, and we can not have them on this list. I will revise the list in the next few days. We have two new places that have become favorites also. After exploring some of these exciting new choices, you will soon have your own favorite restaurant list.

60 Miriam Dunnage February 6, 2007 at 8:52 am

Excuse sme for asking, but I am dying to know what is meant by ‘a missionary type’. Several blokes have used that word in this blog and of course I didn’t want to ask. They could have been talking about the position, don’t you see? Do you think there are missionary types in England or is it just a Yank thing?

61 george February 6, 2007 at 7:09 pm

I’d like to know too what a missionary-type is? The RAT we met claimed to work for a mission in Georgia doing work in Peru.
We came to Iquitos to take a little disabled girl to Lima for surgery and met a very helpful ‘missionary’ who helped us translate.
We had a tumor removed from her back and sent her back to Iquitos when she was able to travel.
Our ‘missionary’ offered to set up an email account so we could keep in touch, so we sent the money.
We also sent various other amounts to help her, over the next few weeks.
In December last we received an email from our ‘missionary’ to say she had been hit by a car & needed urgent surgery to save her life.
By this time we were suspicious but when we received an email from a sugeon at the hospital telling us she had 48 hours to live we sent the money.
We phoned the hospital & a contact in Iquitos & confirmed she was in fact OK and it was a scam.
Since then we have taken action against this RAT so we can get back the money and give it the cause it was intended for.
The ‘missionary’, the girl’s ‘mother’ and the ‘doctor’ are the very same person URI TORRES
We recently met an American who claims he was duped out of $8,000 by this RAT.

62 Bill February 7, 2007 at 10:00 am

Hi George, I suspected Uri was the culprit, it is his style. He is the most creative of the street hustlers, and the smartest. He raised himself on the Boulevard and Plaza de Armas shining shoes, and hustling. He taught himself English and speaks it very well. Missionaries did help him, and he helped himself to their funds. They made a web page for him. It is titled, Uri the Bonehead. Gringos tend to be trusting people until the trust is violated. As Jack Lumber pointed out in comment # 41, “Gringos attract the worse elements in the society of street children. They have studied us and taken our measure and have learned or developed techniques to separate tourists from their belongings.” Uri is an adult, but he is also the king of the street children and occasionally organizes them for protests. I doubt that he has held a real job for more than a month but he owns two houses, one in Iquitos, and one in Lima, has a lovely wife and a very smart little son. He is more successful than I was at his age, and frankly he is smarter than me, but I am proud that he has only uried me for S/20 soles. We have turned his name into a verb. We are not hustled, we are uried.

Have you read my post for January 23 2007, titled The Characters of Iquitos Peru, at . When I write a novel, these will be my characters. I change the names “to protect the innocent” but in Uri’s case I only add an e, Urie. Some are more innocent than others.

This is rich ore to mine. Any one care to share their Uri stories with us?

63 Jack Lumber February 7, 2007 at 2:07 pm

Have you ever asked yourself,”What good is anthropology”? I have a Peruvian friend who specializes in that line of knowledge. We’ve known each other for years and our beards have grown grey together but everytime we meet I want to shake him and shout, “But what good is that anthropology anyway?”

Well this morning we met on the street. I’d just tanked up on coffee at the Gringo Bar and my neurons were jumping. Pepe, I said, I remember reading somewhere that in Brazil they relocate indigenous people by putting them together in closed camps, several cultural groups at a time.

“Oh hell,” he said, “that goes back to the Spanish colonization of the Amazon when the Jesuits rounded up natives willy-nilly and put them in enclosures called ‘reductions’. They held them there for several weeks as a previous step to further civilization.” So how did it work out? I asked.

“Normally they exploded. The priest was usually the first to get it.” Hell, I thought, God save Gerry Mayeaux, the ‘high priest of the first half of the first block of Putumayo. Then what happened Pepe?

“Well then they killed each other.” Yes, I can see that, I said. It’s like what the missionary types say: Under the skin we are all brothers.

64 george February 7, 2007 at 5:28 pm

thanks for your comments Bill, you sound quite proud of your ‘smart & creative street hustler’. I don’t consider myself ‘Uried’, I consider a crippled 8 year old Iquitos girl has been robbed by a deceiptful Iquitos bully – one of your own. Unfortunately as these stories get around ( like the Yellow Rose of Texas story) and Uri’s other victims spread the word, it can only bring Iquitos into a bad light and travel warnings will appear resulting in tourists avoiding the place.

65 justin February 7, 2007 at 6:32 pm

As this discussion has taken a broader undertone, I thought I’d throw in my thoughts after visiting Iquitos for a month this summer as a veterinary student volunteering for the local spay/neuter and public health efforts. In the interest of full disclosure, I have no first hand information of Gerald’s alleged actions, only hearsay of the accounts put forth here, and spoke with him several times at his restaurant, where he indicated his distaste for local government and his positioning to potentially be mayor of the city (although many others would share his comments for the inefficiences of local government). Bill offered me insight on areas of Peruvian Amazonia, with no sales pitches about using his company (I ultimately went with a local guide), and found him quite friendly. Mike, also mentioned here, was a jovial guy with info to share as well. In any regard, I found Iquitos to indeed have a dichotomy between tourists along with ex-pats and the local population. I hope that those ex-pats in Peru remember their obligations to local populations and not exploit the power of their foreign currency or clout. Iquitos has undoubtedly benefited from enhanced tourism while at the same time solidifying control of the sector to a relatively small group of companies – leaving many Loretanos incapable of entering the industry at the same level. For instance, a close friend of mine is a well-respected Peruvian archaeologist and author in Iquitos but struggles nonetheless to provide for his family and to be fairly paid for his part-time activities as a guide. Perhaps more importantly, I hope potential and returning tourists to Iquitos take this blog as a forewarning to spend their dollar, and thus use their influence, wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask tour companies what arrangments they have with local communities, how their Peruvian staff is paid, and what efforts they take toward sustainability. The tourist industry will respond to the desires of its consumers. Gather a variety of opinions on companies and seek feedback from those who may still be in Iquitos who went on such tours. Keep in mind that many visit Yellow Rose for its American familiarity and gringo-style atmosphere, others to get away from the street kids (who can be persistent) – Gerald provides both, although if accusations here are true, perhaps in unsavory ways. There are restaurants run by Peruvians which are both comfortable, much less expensive (like 2 USD for a multiple course meal), and which can provide you with other insights – take for example the non-descript vegetarian restaurant on the street Dos de Mayo run by a fabulous couple insightful in botanical medicine and healing traditions. Patronizing such a restaurant allows your dollar to influence the local economy directly. The struggle of Iquitos is not unique – how to ensure tourism truly benefits the traditional inhabitants of the region, maintain an infrastructure commensurate with what tourists desire, and safeguard the cultural vibrancy which remains an integral attraction. I hope all ex-pats, Mike, Bill, Gerald, and others not mentioned here, pursue their own dreams in a way that allows those hard-working, impassioned Loretanos to have the same opportunities. Iquitos should avoid becoming a de facto area of Western influence – rather a confluence of ideas, peoples, and rivers which advances a beauty and spirit compatible, and commensurate, with that of the Amazon basin. Best of luck to all whose paths cross the Amazon and I look forward to continued comments from travelers past, present, and future.

66 Cheri February 7, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Love those comments Justin. To add to the culinary discussion and to the local economy, one of our favorites is Huasai. We’ll be visiting there when we get back! God Bless you, a “missionary type”

67 Bill February 7, 2007 at 7:50 pm

Hi George, I read my comment again. I was telling it like I see it. Would you rather I revealed you were taken advantage of by a dumb ass? The fact is, you gave money to a con man. Repeatedly. Had you asked me, I would have advised you not to give Uri your money for any reason. I also know that girl. She is a sweet girl and needs your help. In some countries she would be taken away from her abusive mother. The mother manages her daughter as a resource and is on the con. She probably got a cut from Uri.

I understand you are a frustrated good man, trying the best you can to help a disadvantaged girl in need. Let’s try to do something positive. Does any one reading this have any experience funneling help to the needy, while avoiding the hustlers? There are many good people in Iquitos. Who do you trust? Share your ideas with us.

68 Jason D February 8, 2007 at 10:24 am

Hi George,

I spent 6 months in Iquitos last year and I just love the place. I know all about Mayeaux and always avoid his bar. Now about Uri Torres , of course I know him and yes I have been uried at least 3 times. The thing is you just cant help liking him even though he is a crook. I never thought he would go so low as to cheat a peruvian disbled street girl though, Shame on you Uri I hope they lock you up and throw away the key and leave you locked up with your cellmate Mayeaux.

69 Bill February 8, 2007 at 9:20 pm

Hello Justin, enjoyed your thoughtful comment. I tried to respond here but the response became so long I decided to make it an article of it’s own. I began by quoting a couple of sentences of what you wrote and went from there. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell a little about how Dawn on the Amazon affects the economy and the people of Iquitos, Loreto, and Peru. I would appreciate if you would read my post and share your thoughts with us in the comments, at ,titled, To Answer Questions You Should Ask Before Booking an Amazon Adventure, posted Feb 8 2007.
Thanks for caring,

70 James February 15, 2007 at 3:11 pm

Good morning,

I was in Iquitos in April 2001. I had a great time and thought it was a beautiful city and would love to return. I met URI Torres and found him to be a very helpful and nice young man. We spent a bit of time together for the 4 days I was there.

I kept in touch with Uri when I returned home and we exchanged emails and pictures etc. We would also occasionally talk with MSN messenger.

Then he asked me if I was interested in opening a restaurant with him. I was hesitant but thinking I am a good judge of character started by sending him $1000 dollars. He then needed some more money and I sent a bit more. Then he said his son was born and I saw pictures but said he needed money because his son would die without medical attention. I would have caught on sooner but at the same time he was requesting that I help work on websites for the missionaries he was involved with so I thought that he was “OK”.

To make a long story short by the time all was said and done I had sent him 4000 dollars of money I had set aside to go to college with. I did finish college but it required me to work a full time job while doing 12 -16 hours of school a day. I made it through and all is well now but I must say I may be a little jaded and a bit more untrusting of people now.

I am a little upset that he would steal money destined to be used to help a disabled girl. That is just not right.

I kept all of his emails he sent requesting money if anybody is interested.



71 Alan S February 19, 2007 at 10:24 am

I sent Uri $2000 for him to set up a bar for me in Iquitos , I sent more for tables and chairs. I ask Uri to send me fotos but they never came.
Yes, you got it,
The bar never existed.
I did catch Uri in a casino when I was there in January but some people pulled me off him before I strangled him to death

Alan S

72 Alan Sinfield February 19, 2007 at 12:27 pm

The above comments are true, however i did not write them. Thanks for whomever did write them. The truth is Uri is not allowed to be seen in town when i am in iquitos …..If I see him he will certainly be in trouble. He is scum. a liar, cheat and thief. The problem is that when he steals money from people with good intentions, he steal from the people that really need the money. My wish (at the time) was to operate a bar in iquitos. Not only for selfish reasons…I had invisioned helping to feed the poor kids on the streets…to make something for them. Perhaps even help with medical and shelter. Uri stole this dream from me. I did open a bar on the Boulivard i operated this place for a year…did not make a penny…not a cent…you guessed it…robbed again. this time by a guy named Piero. I am a trusting soul, some might say stupid soul. But i cannot let my hope and love for people be distroyed by the bad few. Again, i had these dreams of helping the locals…but the bar became a black hole, where money would just dissappear. Really, it has been difficult for me to understand how some people will spend more time thinking of ways to rob someone, rather than working towards a better future. So now own an internet cafe, land, casa and other property. To all of you that know me…and i have some people that i concider friends…just be wise. iquitos is a learning experiance…do not give up on the locals, most are good people. I have been out-right robbed many times in iquitos, yet i still go back. I was robbed in the Hotel Dorado in December….unbelievable but true. the opened my safe (in my room) and lifted nearly $3,000…this is true there is a police report to back this up. The manager of the hotel did not even offer me a free cup of coffee jajajajajjaajaj. Be ever on your gaurd in town. I will be back in a few months to my friends expect a wedding invitation (if someone does not steal the cake. Goodluck to all.
Alan Sinfield

73 mike collis February 25, 2007 at 12:02 pm

Mayeaux Takes over the “El Gringo” Bar.

For many years the place where once stood the “El Gringo” bar was derelict until an englishman called Steve Elliot opened it up as “Jungle Jims Pub”. What a great place it was, great music ,good food and open 24 hours a day. Mayeaux saw its success and opened up his place right next door. So started Mayeaux’s reign of terror, causing trouble everyday,
putting up big signboards so no one could see “Jungle Jims”. Steve Elliot didn’t come to Iquitos for this day after day problems with Mayeaux so he sold out to Mike Ella another englishman. It started again , the war of attrition . So Mike Ella sold out to Doug Morris an american. Mayeaux made Doug’s life a misery so he too sold out to Cleve and Parodia Durden. They said they would never give in to the inherently evil Mayeaux so they stayed put.
So Mayeaux got someone to help him buy the property over Cleve and Parodia’s heads. So now the evil Mayeaux “Ryker” has got what he always coveted the “El Gringo” bar.

“I hope you are pleased with yourself Mayeaux.”

If there is any justice in this world he’ll lose his ass.

74 uri torres June 6, 2007 at 7:25 pm

i will still fight with Mayeaux like i did on these three day’s on the streek’s i am so sorry that he got scare like a baby girl but he must to know that when uri say he will do it he do it and now gerald stop bother to the boy’s or i will come back on play with you again you must to know that the police no scare me ok, i grow up on the streek’s man don’t F with me on you will be so sorry mister embassador you know now that the police respect me on these ok, on the next’s time i will put candel on your place’s ok, and please pamela dont gry again jajajajajaja

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