Explosión on the January 5th Iquitos Anniversary

by Captain Bill

Explosión, Live in Iquitos Peru

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of two steam ships of the Peruvian navy that sailed around the southern tip of South America Iquitos has an international flairand up 2,300 miles of the Amazon River to start construction of what would become the international port the farthest distance from an ocean in Iquitos Peru. In 1864 a ship could arrive from Europe or the United States in less time than it took to arrive from Lima, giving Iquitos an international flair with tiles, designs and architecture from Portugal, Italy, and France. Today there are at least 80 buildings, more or less preserved as historical land marks, from the 1870’s to the end of the rubber boom in 1912.

Tonight we are listening to Explosión, a 20 member band with four drummers playing their hot Latin music on a stage set up under our windows on the boulevard. Part of the Explosión experience is watching the four wonderful dancers. The tassels on the hips of their scanty costumes defy gravity. It is three in the morning, way past my bed time, but sleep will be impossible until the show is over. We have the best seats in the house. You can watch their Explosión de Iquitos 2006 video on www.youtube.com and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, probably even the show we are watching now.

Explosión, Live in Iquitos Peru

Reporting from the Dawn on the Amazon Crows Nest for the Captain’s Blog, Welcome to Iquitos Peru

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