We specialize in adventure, taking you to places that are off the beaten
path, where a river has defined a culture and given the region a sense of
place. Give us 3 to 10 days and we'll give you a whole new story to tell.

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The best view in Iquitos. A corner
apartment, with a kitchen, dining
room, air conditioning, high speed
internet, and a nice bathroom
with hot water is available now.

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Check out Bill's and Marmelita's list of favorite restaurants in Iquitos,
Peru. It isn't a list of best restaurants. It's just a list of good, affordable
places where we eat.
  • Personalized tours and cruises.
  • Unique, intimate, Amazon riverboats.
  • Casual dress.
  • Focus on exploration and adventure.
  • Follow the course of history and culture.
  • Several different river systems to explore.
  • Family atmosphere.
  • Great regional food.
  • 1st world hygiene.
Amazon tours and Amazon cruises on the upper Amazon River and its
tributaries from Iquitos, Peru. Study rain forest flora and fauna. Add
over 100 tropical birds to your list bird watching. Watch for pink
dolphins. Catch the fiercest freshwater fighters on the planet, peacock
bass. Or just get away from it all with a jungle walk in the middle of the
Amazon rainforest. The Dawn on the Amazon riverboat is big enough to
be comfortable and small enough to access the tributaries and lagoons
where larger cruise ships can not go.
Read about Dawn on the Amazon in Living in Peru, An American's Dream
Comes True in Peru. Read an amusing article about the food served on
a recent cruise in Dame,
Postcards From Kevin: Mystery Meat. Or read
this excellent account,
Cruising the Jungles of the Amazon, from
Buoyant Life.

You will enjoy our Amazon cruises to the Peruvian rainforest, on the Amazon
River and its tributaries. We provide luxury and budget custom cruises and
jungle cabins. The Amazon River and the Amazon jungle make the largest
ecosystem and contain the greatest biodiversity of species in the world.

We will use our comfortable riverboats for your Amazon cruise to view wildlife
including pink dolphins, bird watching, reptiles and amphibians, sport fishing
for peacock bass, collecting tropical ornamental aquarium fish, tropical
aquarium plants, and neo-tropical insects. We provide a floating laboratory for
tropical scientific research.

Our Amazon tours and Amazon cruises can be adventure expeditions, with
jungle survival training, or relaxing vacations for sunbathing, swimming,
floating downstream in a canoe, or just getting away from the stress of your
daily life. We provide Amazon tours such as backpacking, camping, or hiking
in the Amazon rain forest.

You can enjoy Amazon tours of Iquitos, Peru, and many small indigenous
villages in the Amazon rainforest. We are authorized to provide cruises to
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Allpahuayo-Mishana Reserve, Tamshiyacu
Tahuayo Reserve, and many other places along the Amazon River and its

Dawn on the Amazon rainforest tours will provide you wonderful opportunities
for wildlife photography, birding, or to slow down and smell the flowers, watch
the butterflies, and enjoy your life.

Please allow me this opportunity to invite you to take an Amazon tour with
Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises. Dawn on the Amazon's specialty
jungle tour is the birdwatching tour. Other jungle tours are insect collecting
tours and wildlife photography tours.

Our specialty Amazon cruise is peacock bass fishing. Another special amazon
river cruise is our aquarium fish cruise, to collect the ornamental fish of the
amazon watershed.

Day trips to the Bora village, to the Yagua village, and to the butterfly farm
are just a few of the wonderful ways to spend a day around Iquitos, Peru.
Amazon Tours and Cruises With Dawn on the Amazon

Amazon Tours and Cruises with Dawn on the Amazon

You can choose from the best Amazon tours and Amazon cruises
provided in Iquitos, Peru. Read what others are saying about their trips
on the
Testimonials page. Contact Dawn on the Amazon Tours and
Cruises for your next adventure.
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Amazon Tours and Cruises with Dawn on the Amazon

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