Tropical Fish Collecting

Picture yourself standing on a sand bar
by a small stream in the middle of the
Amazon rainforest lifting a net full of
shiny, splashing, tropical fish. This
could be one of your most satisfying
adventures. Imagine relaxing in front of
your aquariums, sharing the story with
your friends and family of how you
personally collected your tropical fish,
with a little guidance from the expert crew of Dawn on the Amazon.

The upper Amazon watershed near Iquitos Peru, provides over 420
species of ornamental fish to choose from, including 7 of the most
popular aquarium species, and dozens of rare species. Depending on
conditions, and how hard you want to work, it is possible to collect
between 50 and 150 species on an eight day expedition. Of course we
do not keep all of them. You choose the most interesting perfect
specimens for your aquariums, the rest are photographed and released.
My personal favorites are the red
spotted green discus, angelfish,
cardinal tetra and neon tetra,
Apistogrammas, and leaf fish, but if
you let me know in advance which
species you desire the most, we will
try to find them. I recently learned
some new techniques for catching
popular ornamental fish when the
water is too high. I do not want to give my secret away on the
internet, but will be proud to show you in person. Before you send me
a mean email, I would never use barbasco, rotenone, or any other
illegal method of collecting.

The most productive time to collect tropical fish is when the water is
low, usually in June, July, August, September and October. These
months have the least rainfall and the coolest temperatures, and are
also the best time to fish for peacock bass, piranha, arowana, wolf
fish, oscars, 50 kinds of Peruvian cichlids, red tailed catfish, and the
many other sport fish. Dawn on the Amazon is the only tour company
licensed to export aquarium fish from Iquitos. Unlike other tour
companies selling tours to collect aquarium fish, our price includes the
customs fees and paper work involved in getting your prize jewels
back to your personal aquariums. We oxygenate the water, package
them carefully in plastic fish bags, place them in plastic coolers and
you should not have to worry about them for 60 hours. Should your
travel time take more than 2 ½ days we can advise you on how to
take care of them.

If you are passionate about your aquarium, please join with Dawn on
the Amazon for a fascinating voyage on our safe, comfortable river
boat, Dawn on the Amazon I, to some of the most exotic, biodiverse
areas on earth. We will use our small boats and canoes to access the
small streams and lakes that will provide us with our most memorable
experiences. You can customize your tour to best suit your energy
level or goals.
Tropical Fish Collecting
You can collect your own tropical fish and have a great story to tell
when you get back home. Visit this link to see some of
Dawn on the
Amazon's photos from past cruises.
Amazon sword plant
Neon Tetra with Amazon sword plant
Amazon sword plant
Neon Tetra with Amazon sword plant