The Great River Amazon Raft Race 2011

October 6th - 10th
Five days, one day FREE
World's Longest Raft Race
"The faint of heart need not apply"
The Great River Amazon Raft Race
The Great River Amazon Raft Race is one of the most difficult sporting
events in the world. Participants build their raft from balsa logs. Then
they paddle their balsa log raft nearly 100 miles in three days on the
Amazon River to the finish line in Iquitos Peru.

The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply
The slogan for the Great River Amazon Raft Race says it all. Pay
attention. “The faint of heart need not apply.”

Support your friends and loved ones
If you have friends or loved ones who have entered this race and you
would like to support them, the best way for you to help is to book a
berth with Dawn on the Amazon. We will take you out to deliver food,
water, medical supplies, or whatever your favorite rafter needs. You
will be part of their safety net.

Better food
At the end of each day we will tie up near the rafts and crews. You can
invite your friends and loved ones on board for better food, or easily
join them at their campsite.

One Day is Free
Dawn on the Amazon I
$172.50 X 4 days (one day is free) = $690 per guest

These prices include a charming bi-lingual escort and guide to meet you
at the Iquitos airport to assist you all along the way and back, all the
delicious regional home cooking you can eat, snacks, all the pure water
you can drink.

Contact Us
Please Contact Us and make your reservations as soon as possible. You
must schedule your arrival in Iquitos at least one day prior to the
cruise, because we cast off at first light on October 6th.

Thank you.

Special Cruises Iquitos Peru
Follow this link to our photo album to see pictures of The Great
Amazon River Raft Race and all of our
special cruises.