Day Trips from Iquitos
$85 per guest when booked more than 48 working hours in advance.
$95 per guest when booked less than 48 working hours in advance.
Children age 12 and under, 20% off.

Bi-lingual guide.
Transportation from hotel, 9:00am, back to hotel, 4:30pm.
Picnic lunch, purified water, soda.
Gas, port charges, and all boat expenses.
All entrance fees.
Rain coat.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe for 2 days.

Prices for Jungle Cabin
2 guests...$104.50 per guest per day.
3 guests...$99.50 per guest per day.
4 guests...$94.50 per guest per day.
5 guests...$89.50 per guest per day.
6 guests...$84.50 per guest per day.
Children age 12 and under, 20% off.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.

Bi-lingual guide.
All cooking, cleaning and chores.
All transportation to and from the lodge.
Typical ribereño home cooking, plus condiments, pure water, coffee,
Mosquito nets, hammocks, pads, chairs, and the basic necessities
required to be comfortable in a ribereño village.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.

Prices for Samiria EcoLodge
2 and 3 guests…$175 per guest per day.
4 and 5 guests…$170 per guest per day.
5 and 6 guests…$165 per guest per day.
Children under 6 years old free, 6 to 12 years old half price.

All transportation hotel to lodge, lodge to hotel.
Bi-lingual guides.
All facilities and excursions.
All meals at the lodge, tea, and coffee.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.

Cruise prices for Dawn on the Amazon
$225 per passenger per day.
Children age 12 and under, 20% off.

Custom cruises.
Bi-lingual guide.
All meals on board, pure water, coffee tea.
All transportation from hotel to boat, boat to hotel.
All port charges, gas, fuel, and other boat expenses.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.

Camping in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
$165 per person per day. 3 day minimum.

All camping equipment.
Bi-lingual guide.
All meals.
All transportation.
All boat expenses.
Entrance fees.
10% discount at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.


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I guarantee good email and phone communication and support in
English or Spanish. Every detail will be transparent. There are no
hidden costs. Everything will be just like I describe or your money back.

I built my first boat and began exploring the Amazon River and
Rainforest in 1999. Some of the best adventures of my life occurred
during those early years of exploring. The more I learned, the more I
discovered, the happier I became.

I knew I had discovered an astonishing adventure that many people
would want to share if they could do it safely and comfortably.

What makes Dawn on the Amazon unique?
  • We are not a travel agency, and we do not do business with travel
  • Our guests are independent travelers like you.
  • All of the tours and cruises we offer are based on my personal
    knowledge learned on my explorations and experiences.
  • We are insured and pay taxes in Peru.
  • Dawn on the Amazon employs 20 of the best Peruvians in Iquitos
    full time with health benefits and hires several others part time.
  • Our home and only office is in Iquitos Peru
  • The money stays in Iquitos Peru.
  • Dawn on the Amazon is good for the economy of Iquitos Peru
    where we do business.

Which brings me to these questions:
Would you like to add some serious excitement to your life?

Do you want to create your own unique Amazon Adventure that has the
potential to provide a lifetime of stories and memories?

If that sounds like something you want to add to your life story then
please stay with me because I want to help you.

Dawn on the Amazon is perfect for:
  • People who would like to have an Amazon Adventure, and stay
    safe and comfortable.
  • Families and small groups of friends.
  • Anyone doing rainforest research.  

And the best part is we operate in four price ranges, as low as $65 for
a day trip booked 48 hours in advance, so there are opportunities for
everyone who travels to Iquitos Peru. All of the prices and benefits are
listed below.
Contact me today, I look forward to helping you plan your Amazon
Adventure. If you're not happy, I won't be happy.

Captain Bill Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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