Malaria Prevention

What vaccinations and health precautions should we take before our
Amazon Tour and Cruise?

Malaria prevention is the primary concern. Most travelers to the
rainforest take some anti-malarial drug for malaria prevention, such as
Lariam or Malarone. All anti-malarial drugs have unpleasant side
effects. Consult with your doctor. Check with the Atlanta Center for
Disease Control at:
Plan ahead. They must be purchased in advance in your home country,
and brought with you.

Some travelers rely on preventing mosquitoes from biting. Insect
repellent with a high percentage of DEET is a good defense, combined
with long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks, and a hat during times of
high mosquito activities. In some locations that occurs for one hour
around dusk and one hour around first light. Some times it is from
before dusk and after dawn. Use insect repellent during jungle hikes
and other land excursions.

Screened in rooms or mosquito nets are recommended.

Yellow Fever vaccination is only necessary if you are crossing into

It is common sense to update vaccinations for Hepatitis and Tetanus
no matter what country you are in.

If you are planning on living in a village or the rainforest for several
weeks or months you should also be vaccinated for Typhoid Fever,
Meningitis, and Diphtheria.

For travelers with Dawn on the Amazon, malaria prevention is all you
need to be prepared for. To learn more about health issues while
traveling check our Information Page at: