humari, guaba trees, caimito
trees, avocado trees, oil palm
trees, cinanillo, ungurahui, and
many other palm tree species.
Aguaje palm
Copoazu at your little jungle lodge
Toasting farina at your little jungle lodge
Fresh eggs
Natural spring at your little jungle lodge
Canoeing at your little jungle lodge

Jungle Cabin

This is a jungle cabin. It's big enough to charter for your own 4 - 8
person family or group of friends, and 2 to 3 explorers can get away from
Iquitos for a few quiet days.
Your little jungle lodge entrance
Jungle Cabin
It’s easy to book a few days at our jungle cabin. Just email
bill @ dawn on the amazon . com (no spaces). Bill Grimes, president of
Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises will personally reply to your
request to book the cabin or for more information, within 48 hours if
humanly possible. Thanks for your consideration.
If you would like to experience
rural life on the outskirts of a
small primitive village where it
begins to turn into jungle, near
the border of a unique reserve,
with a beautiful natural lake in
front of your lodge with a
forested island in the middle,
then our jungle cabin is the
only choice.
Your little jungle lodge view from the porch
View from the porch
Your little jungle loge island evening
Island evening
If you are amazed that in the
21st century there are still
remote villages, difficult to
access, where the people live
close to nature, without
electricity, running water,
television, or computers, then
you will be amazed at our
jungle cabin.
Open fire cooking fish,majas,tapir,yuca
Cooking fish, majas, tapir, yuca
Our jungle cabin is built on stilts
in the native fashion with thatch
palm leaf roof, open, with walls
that go only half way to the roof
to provide ventilation and
privacy. Your food will be
prepared for you in the native
style over wood fire or charcoal
in a “summer kitchen”, local
style, except we provide flavorful
Kettle boiling water open fire
Open fire boiling water
Fresh fish lunch
condiments and all the purified water you can drink.
Fresh fish lunch
You will be taken care of by our
nice, hard working three-person
on-site crew, who will do all of
the cooking and cleaning, and
you will be guided by a nice,
knowledgeable, bi-lingual guide
and translator. Let us escort you
and get away from Iquitos.

You can get away from Iquitos
by going to your fishing hole,
swimming hole, birdwatching
paradise, and your base for
jungle hikes, canoeing and boat
rides. It will be your quiet place
to just hang in a hammock with
a good book.
Hammock--this could be you
The lovely lake and the
beautiful Nanay River are
connected by a short narrow
channel and are full of fish. The
people of the village eat fish at
least twice a day. Some of the
villagers create some income by
catching ornamental tropical fish
for the aquarium fish export
Swimming in the lake
Staying at the cabin will be an
opportunity to live an authentic
Amazon lifestyle similar to the
native ribereños that inhabit
this pretty piece of jungle. You
will be more comfortable than
the local inhabitants of the
area. You will sleep on a
mattress with sheets, pillow,
and pillow case under a
mosquito net. You will have
light after dark thanks to old-
Your little jungle loge cooking over an open fire
Little jungle lodge sunset
Cooking over an open fire
fashioned kerosene lanterns.
You will have the nicest
outhouse in the village, and
many other supplies and
comforts, but without losing the
Fresh eggs at yoiur little jungle lodge
Natural spring
Toasting farina
Use your time wisely
Canoeing at sunset
Your authentic Amazon lifestyle will be more pleasant if you bring your
own flashlight with extra batteries, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a
good book to read. There is no way to charge your camera batteries so
bring a couple of extra.
The property is fenced with
natural materials from the jungle
for privacy and planted with ficus
trees, banana trees, pineapple,
hibiscus bushes, croton bushes,
orchids, bromeliads, copoazu
Cashews at your little jungle lodge
Aguaje palm at your little jungle lodge
Young palm tree
Young palm tree
trees, citrus trees, jungle apple
trees, aguaje palm trees, huasai
palm trees, cashew trees, wild
ginger, cocona, camu-camu,
So you can hang in your
hammock and watch nature
come to you, while eating fruit
you may never have seen or
heard of picked fresh on the
Book a couple of days before
and after your cruise or just to
get away from the hustle and
bustle of Iquitos.