Iquitos Peru

What's the weather like in Iquitos Peru?

Iquitos Peru is the largest city on any continent that cannot be reached
by road. With a population well over 400,000, it is the largest city in
the Peruvian Amazon.

Iquitos Peru is 2,250 miles or 3,600 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is only 348 feet or 106 meters above sea level.

The width of the Amazon River at Iquitos is approximately 2 km or 1.25

The water level at Iquitos Peru rises and falls approximately 40 feet
seasonally each year.

The river level at low water season is only 100 meters or 300 + feet
above sea-level.

Ocean-going ships can access the Port of Iquitos at high water.

The Yaca Puma cargo ship travels from Iquitos to Houston Texas on a
regular route all year.

Latitude: Minus 3.75 degrees south of the equator.

The Coordinated Universal Time of Peru is UTC-5, the same as Florida
and New York, Eastern Standard Time.

The time difference between the longest day and the shortest day is
only 18 minutes.

The temperature per month measured by degrees Fahrenheit averaged
from 22 years of data:
The average rainfall at the Iquitos Port is 103 inches per year.
March and April have slightly more rain on a 10 year average, and July
and August have slightly less than average, but contrary to popular
belief there is very little difference in month to month precipitation in
Iquitos. The water level of the river fluctuates by as much as 40 feet
per year, triggered by rainfall and snow melt on the east slopes of the

This data for Iquitos Peru is from the NASA Langley Atmospheric Science Data Research Center.
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January:  82.09
February: 81.86
March:     82.60
April:       82.06
May:        82.42
June:       82.2
July:          82.04
August:      83.55
September: 85.78
October:     86.59
November:  84.88
December:  82.87