Information, Terms, and Conditions

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Plan ahead. Make sure your passport does not
expire before or while you are out of your country. Make a copy of your
passport and carry it with you at all times. Peru makes it easy. Arrive
in Peru with a valid passport; receive the visa stamp as you pass
through customs. Everyone must fill out a "tourist card," provided by
the airline prior to landing, which is also stamped going through
customs. Keep this stamped paper with your passport. It must be
presented to customs when leaving the country. A small departure tax
is charged when flying from Iquitos to Lima and another when flying
from Lima to Miami.

HEALTH: If you plan to cross the border from Peru into Brazil, you are
required by law to have a yellow fever vaccination. The most common
problem is traveler's diarrhea, the Inca's revenge. Bring Imodium. Drink
only bottled water. Be suspicious of ice and diluted fruit juice. Was it
made with pure water? On our tours we use and provide only pure
water. I recommend going to an international travel clinic to update
your inoculations and for malaria medication. Plan well in advance. Few
places in the Northern Hemisphere will stock anti-malaria medication. I
have been immunized for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Polio,
Typhoid, Meningitis, Tetanus and Diphtheria. Please check with the
Atlanta Center for Disease Control for advice. Go to link
gov/travel. Are you allergic to stinging bees or wasps? Bring your
medication! You must advise us to any special allergy or dietary
requirements well in advance. We will accommodate you. If you have
serious health problems, this may not be an appropriate trip for you.
We could be hundreds of miles from the nearest doctor or hospital.

PACKING: Travel light! A soft travel bag with personal necessities, and
a couple of changes of casual clothing, makes a good carry-on. Even if
the airlines loose your luggage you will still be able to survive. Please
do not bring hard luggage or coolers. Luggage with wheels will not be
practical here. Shoulder straps are good. You should be able to carry it
all, by yourself in one trip. We encourage you to bring your favorite
fishing equipment. We can provide guidance on lures and line size. Do
not bring a lot of extra lead weights. Pack in flexible duffel bags to
facilitate ease of transfer, and to increase our travel options. We will
do your laundry. Pack light! Comfortable, loose fitting, lightweight,
light colored, cotton or quick dry synthetics are the best choices.
Sunburn and biting insects can be minimized by long pants and long
sleeves, socks, a hat, sun glasses, sunscreen and insect repellent with
a high percentage of DEET. You will also want shorts, light shirts and a
bathing suit. We supply rain ponchos.

SUN: We will be approximately 3 degrees south of the Equator. Do not
underestimate the intensity of the equatorial sun. It can ruin your good
time. Bring and use sunscreen and protective clothing.

MONEY: Travelers checks, credit cards, and large denominations of
money are worthless in the jungle. Exchange some dollars into the
local currency at the airport, in case you want to purchase souvenirs
from the indigenous villages we might visit, or for bottled beverages or
tips. If you plan on staying in Iquitos or traveling before or after our
river trip, they make a safe backup to cash. We accept Visa or Master
Card to pay for our services. To use a credit card in Iquitos will cost
you 5 % extra. Most places will not accept Travelers checks, those that
do give a poor exchange rate. A Cirrus bank card is probably your best
choice while in Iquitos, but most only pay out $200 per day.

  • Important! Torn, dirty, wadded up or written on, heavily marked or
    stamped US currency is not accepted in most of Peru. I mean it,
    not even slightly torn. Believe me. Remember, I told you.

GRATUITIES: I pay the crew and guides. Tipping is not obligatory, but
good service should be rewarded. Bad service does not deserve a
penny; bad attitudes will not be tolerated. Let me know what you think
of the individuals involved in your trip.

CULTURE: This is a tropical third world culture. A shelter, fish to eat,
wait for the fruit to ripen and fall, life is easy, no hurry. It is socially
acceptable to be over an hour late. Meet you after it quits raining… It
can drive a Northern Hemisphere business person crazy. Life is
different here. Slow down, be like the natives. You will not change a
thing by losing your temper or trying to hurry anyone. I try to run a
tight ship, but the government bureaucracy, the weather, the culture,
and history, are in charge here. Slow down, smile, enjoy! When visiting
the local people, please be respectful and appreciative of their
hospitality and customs. Never exchange money for photographs. Never
give money for nothing. Don't pack your preconceptions. Pack your six
senses. Bring an open mind and a sense of adventure. You will forget
many of the days of your life, but not these days with Dawn on the
INCLUDES: All transportation will be provided, with assistance, to and
from the Iquitos Airport, and all transportation involved with our tour of
the Amazon. Knowledgeable bi-lingual guide. All meals included in the
time of our itinerary on our boats. Pure drinking water, brewed coffee,
herbal tea, fruit juices. Full compliment of linens and towels.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Airfare, passport or visa fees, airport exit taxes,
immunizations or other medications, beverages, sunscreen, insect
repellant, meals or snacks consumed off our boat, telephone calls,
excess baggage fees, gratuities, travel or health insurance, souvenirs
or any expense of a personal nature.

RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT: Reservations will be accepted upon
receipt of a non-refundable $300 deposit fee per person. Final payment
of balance due must be made not later than 45 days prior to departure
date, and may be made with credit cards, or electronic bank transfers.
The bank charges for wire transfers and/or the commission or fee for
credit card charges are the responsibility of the client. If balance due is
not on time Dawn on the Amazon E.I.R.L. reserves the right to cancel
the reservation with loss of deposit. It is necessary that you make the
balance of the payment on time. We will try to work with you. The
non-refundable deposit could be applied to a future trip under some

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you wish to cancel your trip, for any reason,
you must notify Dawn on the Amazon as soon as possible. If you cancel
30 days or more prior to departure, you will receive a full refund, less
the non-refundable deposit. Cancellation 29 days or less prior to
departure should assume you will receive no refund. If you are
concerned about this possibility, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE
Unused tour features are neither refundable nor exchangeable once the
tour is in progress. As always, I will try to work with you. Under some
circumstances part of the nonrefundable money may be applied to a
future tour. NO REFUND will be given or applied to a future tour for
canceling your trip 14 days or less prior to departure.

RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY: If additional expenses and
inconveniences are incurred through delays, accidents or the disruption
of advertised schedules beyond the control of Dawn on the Amazon E.
I. R. L., such as sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, acts of God,
or other uncontrollable causes, such expenses must be borne by the
passenger. However, I will do everything practical, to try to help you
with any such inconvenience. The right is reserved to substitute
accommodations or modes of transportation for those indicated and to
make any changes in the itinerary when deemed necessary or caused
by changes in air schedules. The right is reserved to decline to accept
or retain any person as a tour member for any reason which affects the
operation of the tour or the right and welfare or enjoyment of the other
tour members. The trip itinerary is subject to change, but changes will
be made on the basis of safety, necessity, or to improve the quality of
your adventure.

INSURANCE: Dawn on the Amazon can not be responsible or liable for
loss, damage or theft of personal luggage or belongings, nor can it be
liable for personal injury, accident, or illness. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU
ADEQUATELY COVERED. It is good common sense to purchase travel