Rainforest Research

You need the unspoiled upper Amazon rain forest of Peru, and it needs

It is not too late! Over 81% of South American rain forests are alive
and healthy. The upper Amazon River watershed of Peru contains 133
million acres of old growth rain forest. The rate of deforestation is only
0.4% per year, mostly from illegal logging by poachers and corrupt
government officials, who will soon be held accountable.

Come upriver to the region of Loreto, Peru for your tropical field biology
or rain forest research, graduate, and post-graduate projects. There are
no soybean farms. No huge cattle ranches. There are no roads,
railroads, or power lines. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of
protected reserves ripe for research and study.

New species are being discovered, identified, named, and registered
every day. A conservative estimate is that over 1/4 of the total species
of the Peruvian Amazon have yet to be discovered by science. Wallace,
Bates, Spruce, and Shultz only skimmed the cream. The untapped
potential in plant compounds for pharmaceuticals is enormous.
Important pharmaceutical medicinal drugs have come from 95 of the
250,000 known species of flowering plants on earth. It is reasonable to
assume that at least 300 important medicinal drugs are still
undiscovered in the tropical rain forests of Loreto, Peru.

That is your job. It is not easy or someone would already have done it.
You must plan ahead. Start now. It takes time and patience to deal
with government bureaucracy, get your feet on the ground, and stage a
scientific expedition to the rain forest. You need me and my company.
You need my riverboats, crew, guides, translators, contacts, export
licenses, and hard earned experience. It is not too late! Contact me
today, and let's get started on the most exciting opportunity available
to us.

Also needed: Doctors, nurses, and health professionals to work with
what we know now, where there is no health care system. Do what you
Rain Forest Research
Come to the Peruvian rain forest to do research and have a great
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