Ari's Burger, Prospero # 127.    
menu. On the main square, one
block from the boulevard and the
river. Good place to start till you
learn your way around. Easy to
find, open air, good service,
brewed coffee, a place to see
and be seen. For something
healthy and different, try one of  
Iquitos Restaurants
This is not a 10 best restaurants list. It is simply a guide to where Bill
and Marmelita eat. Our choices provide a wide variety of food that we
love at prices we can afford. Travelers on a tight budget will want to eat
at Los Jugueras, around the open air market, Huasai, Kikiriki's, La
Vecina, and Ivalú.

We receive no discounts, commissions, special portions, or favors.

I just had a complete physical. My cholesterol is 160, triglycerides are
138, blood pressure is excellent, and I have no parasites. It is safe to
say that eating where I eat, could be good for your health.

Bill Grimes, President
Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises
185 Maldonado, on the boulevard, corner of Nauta
Office phone # (+51-65) 223730  Mobile (+51-65) 965-93-9190  

Iquitos, Peru Restaurants

Bill's and Marmelita's Favorite Restaurants in Iquitos, Peru
To provide a better culinary experience for our guests
the Gringo Bar
my favorites, the Super Erectus, or any of its derivatives.
La Noche, Maldonado # 177. Opens at 7 or 7:30 a.m. Menu with
English. On the boulevard between Napo and Nauta, overlooking the
river. Our office is three doors away. Fresh squeezed orange juice with
bacon and eggs, or the triple vegetarian sandwich. Bacon is not on the
menu, ask for it in Spanish, tocino.

Las Jugueras, 9 Diciembre con Próspero. Opens at first light. No
English. Walk 9 or 10 blocks south on Prospero from the Plaza de
Armas, or take a motocar for 2 soles to the entrance of the Belen
Mercado. This is for the adventurous or the traveler on the tightest
budget. You will recognize the place when you see 50 blenders in two
rows, blending five fruits into juice, (We prefer the jugo surtido, not
the jugo especial). For $1 or less, you can buy a couple of egg with
avocado sandwiches and all of the juice you can drink. Explore one of
the most interesting third world markets.

Ivalú Juguería, Sargento Lorres # 215. Opens at 8:00 a.m. No English.
Wonderfully quaint and typical. The second street south of the Plaza
de Armas, second block from the boulevard and the river. Our favorite
for tamales, and humitas, with delicious home made sauces. The pies
and cakes taste as good as they look.
Huasai, Fitzcarrald # 131. No English on the hand written specials
menu. Across the street and a few doors from the Plaza de Armas,
northwest, away from the river. We eat lunch here at least twice a
prepared and presented meal, with great sauces, plus a pitcher of juice
for only $2.50. Very popular with local business people.

Bucanero, Avenida Marina # 124. Lunch only. No English on the menu.
Sit at the back on the second floor for a great view of the river and
port. We usually eat fried fish nuggets (chicharones), or fried farm
raised shrimp (camarones). A good place to try a pisco sour. Take a
motocar for one and a half soles.

La Vecina, Tavara West # 352. Lunch only. No English menu. This is
our favorite little cebicheria, in fact the only choices are a large plate
of cebiche, and a small plate of cebiche. We each get a small plate
and an extra serving of sweet potatoes (camotes). Only 6 tables,
usually full, but worth the wait. Take a motocar for one and a half
soles, there is no sign informing you that it is La Vecina, or even that
it is a cebicheria.

Long Fung, San Martin # 458. No English menu. The food at Long Fung
would be considered delicious in any city. Take a look in the kitchen at
the flame rolling up the side of the woks. We eat at Long Fung once a
week. We always get the fried rice with pork and alternate between
Marmelita's favorite, tamarindo, a sweet and sour sauce, with twice
fried chicken and vegetables, or my favorite the parrilla huevos,
chicken and pork, with quail eggs, vegetables and lots of ginger. We
usually take half of it home to eat for supper. The chicken soup with
vegetables and big chunks of ginger seems very healthy. Take a
motocar to Plaza de 28 Julio for one and a half soles.

La Noche, Maldonado # 177. English menu. Meet us on the boulevard
with a great view of the river, three doors from our office. Try a pitcher
of camu-camu, or maracuya, with the special, or either a triple
vegetarian, or a chicken sandwich. We are in luck when they have the
peanut sauce.
La Exclusivo, Tacna # 186. Open at 7 p.m. No English menu. Our
favorite restaurant for typical local Iquiteña dishes, cooked with a for 6-
8 that includes paiche, caiman, turtle, deer, majas, heart of palm
salad, potatoes, yucca, and bananas cooked several different ways.
The meal is an adventure. Take a motocar the first time for a sole and
a half. It is an easy walk back.

Antica, Napo # 159. Ph # 24-1988 for delivery. No English menu. We
eat at Antica twice a week. Homemade pastas, pizzas cooked in a
wood fired oven, wonderful cheeses and sauces. The most interesting
menu in Iquitos. After experimenting with nearly all of the many
choices I usually get the fettuccini with a delicious tomato sauce for 16
soles, including a bowl of grated parmesan cheese, a basket of fresh
baked bread and butter or virgin olive oil. A very large glass of red
wine is a bargin at 5 soles. Try the Antica sauce on a perfect pasta.
Marmelita usually orders the scachiatina "Mosaico" which I also enjoy.
The Mista salad balances a special meal. Located less than half a block
toward the river from Ari's Burger.

La Querencia Parrillada, Napo # 138. Ph# 225785. No English menu.
Steaks, and tenderloins with great homemade table sauces. I usually
get the small lomo fino with papa dorados. Located across the street
from Antica, half a block toward the river from the Plaza de Armas.

Kikiriki, Napo # 159. Ph # 23-2020 for delivery. Open at 6 p.m. No
English menu. We eat here twice a week. The chicken is cooked over a
bed of coals on a large rotisserie. $2 for a quarter of chicken and fried
bananas. Potatoes a few cents more. The hot spicy green sauce is very
good. Easy walk one block from the Plaza de Armas corner of Napo and
Condamine. Kikiriki, Cock a doodle doo…get it, in Spanish, ha ha.

El Carbon, Condamine # 115. Ph # 22-3292 for delivery. Open at 6 p.m.
English menu. We eat here once a week for water buffalo tenderloin
kabobs or tenderloin steak with golden potatoes, and perfect
vegetables. I like my steaks rare so I order medium. If you want well
done you must over emphasize. Located next door to Kikiriki.

Long Fung. Same as in the LUNCH section except reopens at 7 p.m.

La Noche. Same as in the LUNCH section.

Parrilladas El Zorrito. Fanning # 355. Dinner only. No English menu.
We enjoy the fish wrapped in bijau leaves and cooked over charcoal.
Try palometa, acarahuasu, gamitana, or peacock bass. Sábalo tastes
good but is more dangerous to eat because of the bone structure. Take
a motocar for one and a half soles.
Marmelita and I have opened our own restaurant, Dawn on the Amazon
Cafe, located between 101 Nauta Street, and 185 Malecon Maldenado,
on the boulevard overlooking the river, two blocks from the Plaza de
Armas, across the beginning of Nauta Street from the historic
pre-rubber boom chapel. Click this link to
read our café blog and menu.