Amazon Rainforest Entomology

humans?" Those are tame, and the lodges are for tourists. Terry Erwin
once collected 1,700 species of insects from just one Peruvian rain
forest tree. Do you want to check that same tree to see if he missed
any? You have to find your own tree.

If you are a scientist you have to leave the "Gringo trail." You have to
make your own trail. Let me help. You need my machete, riverboats,
guides, translators, export licenses, and hard earned experience. You
will take my safe comfortable riverboat, Dawn on the Amazon III, to
where no entomologist has ever studied or collected. You will live and
work at a comfort level better than a lodge and can move the boat to a
new location any time you want.

The rain forest of Peru is the place to make or enhance your reputation
in the field of entomology. I am sure you already know about the great
biodiversity. Home to 3700 butterfly species, 20% of the world's total;
the rhinoceros beetle, strongest creature on earth, able to support 850
times its own weight; bird eating spiders, big as a dinner plate; more
species undescribed by science than any other place on earth, here, for
you to discover.

Dr. E. O. Wilson counted 43 species of ants in one tree. Find your own
tree. Contact me, and let's get started on the best adventure in
Studying and Collecting Insects with Dawn on the Amazon
Are you an entomologist spending
money to stay at the same lodges as
all the other entomologists? Are you
an ornithologist? Did you know
10,000 paying customers have
experienced the ACEER canopy
walkway? Ask yourself, "If I am a
rare wild bird or butterfly, am I going
to live next to a parade of 10,000
Amazon Rain Forest Entomology
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amazing insects of the Amazon rain forest.
Polilla Moth
Polilla moth