School. She learned excellent English and has worked in tourism since
July 1994. Looking out the window you can see the river and two of my

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office address:
Dawn on the Amazon E.I.R.L.
#185 Malecón Maldonado
Iquitos Peru, South America
office phone:     
+ 51-65-22-3730  
Above is our office address and phone
numbers in Iquitos, Peru. To the right
is the location of our office, on the
Boulevard at the corner of Nauta. It's
la Calle Malecón Maldonado 185.
City map showning the location of the Dawn on the Amazon office
Marmelita is the Executive
Administrator. She graduated
from the Private Institute  
Corpus Christi, taking three
years of Official Tourist Guide
Please type the address below into your favorite
email account to contact me. Book an adventure
Amazon tour and cruise. Ask me questions. Tell
me how I'm doing. I'll get back with you. I look
forward to hearing from you.

Use the @ symbol and no spaces.

marmelita at
Bill Grimes, owner of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises