Red Capped Cardinal With the Fruit of a Strangler Fig

Birding is a term that implies taking bird watching to the next level, somewhere between ornithology and birdwatching. People who describe themselves as birders tend to pursue their hobby with more vigor and determination than people who describe themselves as birdwatchers. Birders travel farther in pursuit of species count, and tend to purchase high end birding equipment such as spotting scopes and telephoto camera lens.

Wikipedia’s page on birding says “At the most basic level the distinction is one of dedication or intensity. Self-described ‘birders’ are more focused on finding and studying birds than on general observation…and many birders travel widely in pursuit of their hobby.”

People interested in birding in Peru should check out this web site, Perú, a True Paradise of Birds.

Two birding blogs that I like are Birdchick and 10000 Birds.


Bill Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

Dawn on the Amazon birdwatching posts: Bird Watching, Bird Watching Iquitos Peru, The Advantages of Bird Watching with Dawn on the Amazon.

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1 Charlie July 15, 2008 at 11:23 am

Hi Bill. Thanks for the 10,000 Birds name-check – much appreciated! Your life out there sounds fascinating. I’ve never yet made it to Peru but intend to one day (I work for British Airways which is how I get my birding fixes for the time being – maybe I should suggest we open a new route: what size is the airport where you are:)) Stay well and all the best. Charlie.

2 Bill July 15, 2008 at 3:51 pm

Hi Charlie, nice birding site. I will be following along, you obviously work hard on your hobbies also.

Iquitos Peru does have an international airport, but it has been years since an international passenger plane landed here. For now all international passenger planes have to land in Lima, and then catch a smaller plane to hop over the Andes and into the rainforest. My life would be so much easier if there were direct flight from London and Miami. See what you can schedule for us.

Thanks for checking in on the Captains Blog.

Best regards,

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