Guest post by Bo Keeley

Good Dentist, Decent Guy, Peru Prices

I’ve had all my dental work done in Iquitos for the past 15 years and been pleased with the quality and prices. I’ve used three dentists on or near Calle Morona ten minutes walk from here. This is my favorite because he is smart, older, speaks a some english, is thorough, gentle and has never tried to push any treatment. His prices are par for Peru and low compared to USA, e.g.: X-ray 15 soles, Root canal 85 soles, Good porcelain crown 300 soles, fillings 50 soles.

Dr. Jorge R. León Quijano

Consultations, Jr. Tacna N. 433, Iquitos Peru

phone 242740

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 11:00am and 3:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 12:00 noon

Try My Dentist For Tourists In Iquitos

Guest post by Bo Keeley, author of Charlie Brumfield: King of Raquetball: The authorized biography of racquetball’s greatest champion, and several other books.

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Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, or the Captain’s Blog.

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Fucking low life thief!!! You know those salt grinders can not be replaced in Iquitos. Do the work and get your own salt grinders like we did. We have 100 kilos of salt from Maras with no fluoride added. How much Maras salt do you have asshole. We have a large grinder in our kitchen that we will use. When you run out of salt, bring those grinders back.

Bill Grimes


Iquitos Top 3 Restaurants

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Bo Keeley

People arrive at Iquitos to visit the jungle but should come for the food. The Top Three restaurants of the ‘furthermost port in the world’ offer astounding meals at reasonable prices… but which is the best, has been the question on tourists lips in the past fifteen years I’ve visited. This is a quick guide based on an unbiased mathematical system of pluses and minuses to the best eating in the Amazon.

ARI’s BURGER was my haunt for the first five years because of its star position on Plaza de Armas where tourists eventually find themselves. The Pluses are the same now as then: Excellent food at reasonable prices, friendly staff, fleshly local color, and an open air atmosphere adjacent to the boulevard. Bluntly, the Negatives remain: The waitresses inattentively drag their feet, and black garbage bags pile in the kitchen next to food preparation waiting for the biweekly refuse truck to roll by. Rating – 4 Stars of 5

YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS is where I rode by the brand of excellence for the next decade for these reasons. Pluses are the owner Gerald Mayeaux is the greatest and giving font of local information for diners. When he’s ramrod the eatery runs as smoothly as the Pentagon, but when he’s off the place is in disorder. The food is exquisite, with the largest menu in town, and the prices are equitable. Open 24 hours, street vendors don’t bother the customers, and with the grandest Sports Bar in town. Minuses are the tables are nearly on top of each other (serving 400+ clients daily), the kitchen smallish, and orders and bills are constantly mixed as if thrown into a lottery. The staff is friendly, but the air itself on the busiest exhaust corner of Plaza de Armas numbs the palate. Rating – 4 Stars of 5

DAWN ON THE AMAZON is my present preference and for the past year for three reasons: the food, view and air. Located on the boulevard with a spacious view over the river, Bill Grimes, former owner of the boat Dawn on the Amazon has brought its culinary delight ashore. Pluses are gourmet meals, an extensive vegetarian list, health smoothies, cordial English speaking waitresses, and the best view and air of any eatery in the world. The Negative is one common flaw of every town business which is the local Murphy’s Law that if something can go wrong it does. In my last 20 meals 7 have been correct without inconsistencies on the plate or bill discrepancies (half the time in the customer’s favor). Rating – 5 Stars of 5

That’s foodstuff in Iquitos, your jumping off place to the rainforest with the best dining at the top three large restaurants, and since each is a one minute walk from the next, why not try all three and make your own choice… for the next decade, because the charm is sure to bite you.

Iquitos Top Three Restaurants

Guest post by Bo Keeley, whose Wikipedia page reads like an Indiana Jones epic adventure.

Important information for you from Bo Keeley at; Internet Recommendations In Iquitos;

Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, or the Captain’s Blog, but if Bo thinks Dawn on the Amazon Cafe is 5 Stars, “with the best view and air of any eatery in the world”, who am I to disagree.


Guest Post by Bo Keeley;

The traditional best tourist internet in Iquitos is the Cyber on Putamayo Street in the third block which is a five minute walk from here and kitty corner from the church corner of Plaza de Armas. I’ve used it for 15 years through ups and downs, and currently (July 2014) the features are:

  • It’s the fastest among twenty internets I’ve tried in the vicinity.
  • But you’ll pay an extra half-sole per hour (2 soles per hour) for the much rapider rate than the other internets.
  • The very fastest hours are anytime except from 6 – 9 on 3 random days a week (not weekends) when locals pile in to fill nearly every of the spacious 60 computer desks.
  • There are always at least two techs on hand who are knowledgeable and helpful but don’t speak English.
  • There’s good WiFi @ the same price of 2 soles per hour in the back with tables and chairs.
  • Anti-porn is in effect.
  • The fans rattle but work, so it’s cool.
  • The bathrooms are atrocious and no one may sit in the men’s john unless he wants the world to walk in because for 3 years the owner hasn’t spent $3 to install a slide bolt.
  • On weekend afternoons the place is a zoo with the owner’s dogs and kids barking, screaming and underfoot.
  • The old days (two years ago) of the employees shortchanging has been corrected, but always count your change.
  • The food snacks are good and drinks very cold but expect to pay restaurant prices for them.
  • In sum, the Cyber Internet on Putamayo in the third block gets 4 of 5 stars, which is the best in town. It’s open 24 hours.

Internet Recommendations for Iquitos Peru

Guest post by Bo Keeley, King of the Road, author of several books that you can purchase on, including Executive Hobo, Riding the American Dream.


with air conditioned bungalows, hot water showers, comfortable beds, and spectacular views of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve!

By Bill Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

"Samiria EcoLodge"

Samiria EcoLodge in the low water season

Years ago when Marmelita and I first started Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, I remember a wise old man telling me the three things the majority of tourists want are hot water showers, air conditioning, and comfortable beds.

Since then many years have gone by. Now I’m an old man and what do I want? You guessed it, hot water showers, air conditioning, and comfortable beds. I understand. If you tell me you want to be comfortable in the jungle, I will send you to Samiria EcoLodge, and you will be happy I did.

"Samiria EcoLodge, comfortable beds"

Samiria EcoLodge has comfortable beds

Samiria Ecolodge, where the bungalows are air conditioned, with comfortable beds…

"Samiria EcoLodge, modern bathrooms"

Modern bathrooms with hot water showers at Samiria EcoLodge

…and where the modern bathrooms have hot water showers.

It is easy to get to the Samiria EcoLodge where you can be comfortable in the jungle. Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, or pick you up at the airport, and assist you on a scenic hour and a half ride to the village of Nauta, in either a car, van, or bus, depending on the size of your group. At the port you will transfer to one of the lodge’s speed boats…

"Nauta port, transfer to Samiria EcolLodge boat"

Transfer to Samiria EcolLodge boat

…for a 45 minute boat ride upstream on the Marañon River, part of the head waters of the Amazon River.

"Nauta port to Samiria Eco-Lodge, 45 minute boat ride"

Scenic boat ride from Nauta port to Samiria Eco Lodge is around 45 minutes

On the boat ride, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is on the left bank going upstream to the lodge. More people ask me to go to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve than all of the other three great reserves combined. You will be there.

"Approaching Samiria EcoLodge from the Marañon River"

The Samiria EcoLodge has a floating dock

Approaching Samiria EcoLodge…

"Samiria EcoLodge floating dock"

Samiria EcoLodge floating boat dock

…and their ingenious floating boat dock.

"Samiria EcoLodge outside furniture"

Comfortable patio furniture on the floating boat dock

Everywhere you look around the lodge there are comfortable benches and chairs, inviting you to rest and take in the beautiful view.

"Samiria EcoLodge bungalows from the stairs."

Two of the Samiria EcoLodge bungalows from the stairs

Five minutes after docking, the guide pointed out a tiny iridescent blue hummingbird perched on a branch, too tiny to see in the photo above.

"Samiria EcoLodge welcome"

Welcome to Samiria EcoLodge

You will be welcome at Samiria EcoLodge.

"Marmelita and guests with welcome tropical fruit juice at Samiria EcoLodge"

Marmelita and guests with welcome tropical fruit juice drink at Samiria EcoLodge

Come in, sit, make your self comfortable, enjoy your complimentary fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice…

Samiria EcoLodge orientation

Brief orientation

…and a brief orientation with a view in the background.

"Samiria EcoLodge sign in"

Sign in


"Samiria Ecologe Bar"

One of three attractive well stocked bars at Samiria EcoLodge

Look around.

"Samiria EcoLodge bungalow interior"

Move into your bungalow

Move into your bungalow.

"Comfortable sitting area with view in your bungalow"

Comfortable sitting area in your bungalow with a view

Comfortable sitting area with your own refrigerator and spectacular view over the river into Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

"Samiria EcoLodge swimming pool"

Swimming pool

Time for a swim before lunch

"Samiria EcoLodge observation tower view"

Marmelita enjoying the view from the observation tower

Or you can climb the observation tower for a look around.

'View of the lodge from the observation tower'

View of the lodge, river, and Pacaya Samiria Reserve from the observation tower

What a view…time for lunch

"Samiria EcoLodge modern kitchen triple water filter system."

Modern well appointed kitchen with triple water filter system.

Here is a peak at the modern, clean, well appointed kitchen with triple water filter system and four large sinks. Pretty impressive.

"Samiria EcoLodge, heart of palm salad and fresh squeezed tropical juices"

Heart of palm salad and fresh squeezed tropical juice

"Samiria EcoLodge stir fry"

The food is delicious

"Samiria Ecolodge dessert"

Many attractive touches

"delicious food, served buffet style"

Delicious food, lots of it, served buffet style

You can cool off in the pool…

"Samiria EcoLodge, cool off in the swimming pool"

You can cool off in the swimming pool

…or work on your tan on the sun deck around the pool

"Samiria EcoLodge game room, billiard tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables"

Game room, billiard tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables, chess boards

…or you can shoot pool…or play ping pong, or foosball, all with a wonderful view of the river and Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

"Samiria EcoLodge, view from bungalow"

View from your bungalow at Samiria EcoLodge

Samiria EcoLodge is laid out so that the view is spectacular from where ever you are.

"Scenic view leaving Samiria EcoLodge, retuning to Nauta and Iquitos"

When it is time to leave Samiria EcoLodge, enjoy the boat ride back to Nauta, then on to Iquitos

If  you are like Marmelita and I, you will feel sad when you have to leave the peace and quiet of Samiria EcoLodge and return back to Iquitos. I bet you will wish you had an extra day to stay.

Book your stay at Samiria EcoLodge

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Samiria EcoLodge Itinerary

The price includes all meals and excursions at the lodge. It includes transfers from your hotel to the lodge and from the lodge to your hotel, or airport.

Day 1

You will be met in the lobby of your hotel around 8:30am for transport by road for around one and a half hours to the village of Nauta, then transfer to the lodge boat for a 45 – 50 minute boat ride to the lodge.
Reception, a welcoming fresh squeezed tropical juice and orientation, check into your bungalow, lunch.
After lunch a short hike out the back of the lodge with a discussion of the botany of the region, including jungle fruit trees, medicinal plants.
Later in the afternoon you will go to Nauta canyon, a place famous for great bird watching and wildlife, looking for monkeys, sloths, and snakes.
Return to the lodge for rest and dinner.
After dinner, evening activity to look for nocturnal birds, animals, and insects, such as tarantulas, night hawks, owls and caiman.
Includes lunch and dinner.

Day 2

bird watching at 5:45am and watch the sun rise. (all activities are optional of course)
Return to the lodge for breakfast.
Visit a rustic village to see how they live and learn a little about their culture.
Return for lunch.
Go fishing for piranhas.
Look for pink dolphins,
Enjoy the sunset.
Evening discussion about the myths and legends of the Amazon.
Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast 7:30am
A jungle walk to the Sapira River, to experience primary forest, wild nature, fishing for piranhas.
Return to lodge for lunch,
Excursion boat ride to explore into Pacaya Samiria National Reserve to experience the bio-diversity of the flora and fauna.
Looking for pink and grey dolphins,
Jungle hiking
Fishing for piranhas and other species.

Day 4

Breakfast 7:30am
Jungle hike to see giant trees in the primary forest
Enjoy the facilities of the lodge, swim in the pool, climb the observation tower, play in the game room, what ever you would like until time to return to
Iquitos and your hotel or the airport.
Breakfast and Lunch.
Arrive back in Iquitos around 4:00pm

Things To Know About Samiria EcoLodge

Samiria EcoLodge has 10 comfortable bungalows, each with a private terrace providing beautiful views of the Marañon River.

Queen size bed with additional single bed and hammocks.

Private bath room with hot and cold running water

Air conditioning.

Important information below

All drinks from the bar are extra

You should bring insect repellant, sun screen, small personal flashlight with extra batteries.

Generators turn on from 8:00am to 9:00am and from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm and from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. You should have your personal flashlights with extra batteries handy for when the generator is turned off.

Tipping is optional, only if the staff deserve it, and no matter how much your tip might be, it will be much appreciated.

Samiria EcoLodge, Comfortable In The Jungle

By Bill Grimes, President of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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I answer all emails within 48 hours if humanly possible.