Cell Phone Rentals For Travelers In Iquitos

At Dawn on the Amazon

Cell phone rental, Iquitos.

Cell phones for rent in the office of Dawn on the Amazon

To rent a cell phone in Iquitos Peru, come in the Dawn on the Amazon office, located on the boulevard, next door to Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, #185 Malecon Maldonado, near the first block of Nauta Street. We also sell minutes for your cell phone.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 7:00pm, with a break for lunch. Closed on Sunday.

Terms and Conditions for Renting Cell Phones

Our obligation is to provide the cell phone in good condition, with charger, manual, and new chip.

The renter will receive a receipt for the rent of the phone, and another receipt for the refund when the phone is returned in good condition.

The obligations of the renter;

  1. Pay the rent and the deposit when accepting the phone.
  2. The renter is responsible for the phone, the charger and the manual, and should check to make sure it works before leaving the office.
  3. When the contract is finished, the renter must bring the phone, charger, and owners manual back to the office in good condition, and bring the receipt of the deposit for refund. If the phone is not in good condition, we will charge 20% penalty or keep the full deposit.

The rent can be monthly, 15 days, weekly, or the minimum is 3 days.

Price to rent, includes new chip:

01 Month      S/ 50

15 Days        S/ 30

07 Days        S/ 20

03 Days        S/ 15


  • NOKIA 106, black with white     S/ 80.00
  • NOKIA 205, white with orange, has social media  S/ 140.00


  • NOKIA 106, white & black     S/ 90.00
  • NOKIA 208, black, has social media and 2gb memory   S/ 200.00

The phones do not come with minutes. Minutes are sold here in the Dawn on the Amazon office.

Cell Phone Rentals For Travelers In Iquitos

At Dawn on the Amazon

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Efficiency Apartment For Rent In Iquitos

"Stairwell and balcony for apartment in Iquitos"

Stairwell to the left goes to your 2nd floor apartment with the balcony

Efficiency Apartment for rent, well located in an interesting neighborhood on the pedestrian only boulevard with a spectacular view from the balcony, and little or no motocarro noise. Rare in Iquitos.

"Balcony of the apartment for rent in Iquitos"

The balcony of the apartment for rent in Iquitos

Your balcony has tables and chairs and hooks to hang your hammock. Hammock included.

"Spectacular view from the balcony"

Spectacular view from the balcony

Possibly the best benefit for you of living in this apartment is the beautiful view day and night. Rare in Iquitos.

"Comfortable bed, adequate storage"

Comfortable bed, adequate storage space

Air conditioning, hot water, cable TV, modern bathroom, fast wi-fi. Rare in Iquitos.

"Small refrigerator, closet with hangers, more storage space"

Small refrigerator, closet with hangers, more storage space

Small refrigerator,

"Desk, Table, Chair"

Desk, Table, Chair

Electric kettle for boiling water for tea.


Dresser for more storage space

Electric bill, wi-fi, cable TV, water bill, and trash collection bill included in the rent.

"Modern bathroom, toilet, sink, large warm water shower, storage"

Modern bathroom with more storage

Your modern bathroom with more storage space.

"tiled shower"

Large tiled warm water shower stall

Your shower stall has a built in tiled seat, a screened in window and warm water.

"Dawn on the Amazon Building"

Dawn on the Amazon building

Your apartment is the one with the balcony on the second floor of the Dawn on the Amazon building, on the pedestrian only boulevard at the corner of the 1st block of Nauta Street, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Your view is of the boulevard and the Itaya River. The ground floor is home to the office of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and CruisesDawn on the Amazon Cafe, and the Amazon Explorers Club. This is a great location for you to meet interesting people, and make new friends.

In the interest of transparency, although street noise is minimized, there are other noises associated with human activity on the boulevard particularly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, and some holidays between 7:00pm and 11:00pm, as the boulevard is one of the best places to see and be seen. I think it is a cool scene, with musicians playing, clowns on stilts, comedians being funny, capoeira, preachers preaching, dancers dancing, and always surprises. Not everyone agrees. There are also kitchen and restaurant noises except on Sunday when Dawn on the Amazon is closed.

You have no kitchen, but you are only 2 minutes from Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, one of the best restaurants in Iquitos, number one according to TripAdvisor for over 4 years. We can deliver to your apartment when you don’t feel like going out.

This is a furnished efficiency apartment. You start out with two sheets, pillow case, towel and toilet paper to get you started. There is no maid service. The apartment comes with a broom, mop, and bucket. If you would like your room cleaned you can hire one of our crew to clean for you. There is a drop off laundry right around the corner. You can leave your sheets, towels and clothes there to be washed in the morning and pick them up clean in the afternoon. At the end of your stay, leave us the sheets, towel and hammock.

There is a “Portales super market” 4 blocks away to buy toilet paper, supplies, snacks and drinks to stock your apartment and your refrigerator.

Bill and Marmelita Grimes live on the third floor and are your closest neighbors.

Rent is $425 U.S. dollars per month, one month’s rent in advance for security, which will be refunded to you assuming you leave the apartment in the same shape it was when you moved in.

We prefer to rent by the month, but under some circumstances will rent for $40 per night.

No pets, no motorcycles.

Contact Bill Grimes at bill@dawnontheamazon.com to check on availability.

Efficiency Apartment For Rent In Iquitos


The Gang At Dog Corner

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Bo Keeley.

An aorta squirts out from the heart of Iquitos called the Boulevard that conveys tourists along the scenic Rio Amazon and to their hotels. Ten blocks south of Plaza de Armas, the ornate promenade abruptly tapers to a muddy track at the entrance to waterfront Belen. This is Dog Corner, at Ramirez Hurtado and Ucayali Streets. It’s a gate of white snapping terror that tourists must pass through to one of four hotels within a one blocks race.

There is no rabies in Iquitos, according to local veterinarians. Otherwise, many tourists would be chewing wooden tongue blades. It´s only a footnote that three nights ago I was bitten on the right calf, and another last night on the left calf. More interesting is the corrupt politics that allows Dog Corner to exist, and the evolution of the warrior breed that dare touch a tourist in this steamy jungle town.

Dog Corner opens a few surprising doors. The brawling mutts value four things in life. They spend days eating stinking garbage and humping, and nights chasing motorcycles and tourists. The hairy mob acts as a reverse speed bump as motorcycles suddenly accelerate to 40mph to escape their fangs, as pedestrians scatter, and the opening act to my last night’s bite was a brave mama fanning off snapping canines from ripping her toddler girl. The door also opens a potential legal action against the city.

The dogs wear the locals’ clothes, as if given as bribes, and I refuse to be nailed by anything that dresses better than I without complaint. The mongrel wore a blue polo shirt. I followed the logical course of action: The local Peruvian witnesses nodded vacantly from a void; three National Policemen in black and gold swore to call animal control, and a Traffic Officer in brown later insisted the city has no animal control.

Amazon Cares on Pevas Street, a short hobble away, begs to differ. The spiffy office opened their green door, two veterinarians listened patiently to my woes, exclaiming over the bites, urged human medical care, and then sighed. There is supposed to be an animal shelter like civilized cities offer but there’s an argument of who will run it. The ownerless animals would be picked up, 90% exterminated, and the betters sold at a profit to the new shelter owner.

Amazon Cares is a theoretically non-profit organization founded a decade ago by an American dog lover whose pockets grew thin over the years until, two years ago, they dried up completely. Now the clinic is a duplex with a small attached vet hospital that supports Amazon Cares which offers neuters to street dogs – when they can be caught – at cost ($5 for a castration and $10 for a spay). They also used to ply the neighboring rivers to dozens of pueblos dispensing free worm pills, mange treatment, and a mobile neutering table. The hospital refuses to euthanize an animal, even treacherous street scamps, unless it would otherwise die of natural causes.

The curious evolution of the Gang at Dog Corner also became clear. I’ve been traveling to Iquitos for fifteen years, and as a former veterinarian have taken a spray bottle with homemade, natural flea, tick and mange medicine into the streets, yup the same corner, and manhandled the dogs without incident while spraying them to clear up the worst skin conditions around the world. If Africa is the cradle of civilization, this humid jungle is the homeland of micro-societies. How, rudely, could a large population of hundreds of dogs shrink to a few dozen and grow so immense with a gang mentality?

There are three ways a trait is passed to engender a new population ‘overnight’: A mutation; a sharp change in environment that causes a selective pressure (but usually takes more time); or a decimation of most of the population having weaker traits and thus preservation of the fewer that have stronger ones. The sudden rise of the warrior dogs was caused by the final.

Two years ago, when Amazon Cares was flush, they drag netted the city with slip nooses, tasty dog biscuits, and cajoled the preponderance of animals into fast capture. All but the largest, fastest, strongest, and healthiest were caught. From this seed population of escapees that has now aged to reclusiveness, their offspring became the fighters of Dog Corner. A close parallel is the slave ships from Africa that were outlawed by United States and United Kingdom in 1807. Until then, up to 20% of the 12 million shipped during the Atlantic passage died, and the survivors are the forbearers of many of today’s sports stars.

Meanwhile, on Dog Corner, the gang awaits me as I rise from this story. However, after today’s visit to Amazon Cares, and after much deliberation over my training in vet school to save rather than kill, versus my schooling on skid rows as a hobo toward self-preservation, there was one more agency to visit. A City Policemen responded to my account, ‘We will poison them for amordida (bite, a bribe).’  And, that’s the end of the tail of the Gang at Dog Corner.

The Gang At Dog Corner

Guest post by Bo Keeley, author of Executive Hobo, Riding the American Dream; available on Amazon.com.

Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, or the Captain’s Blog.

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Iquitos Doctor

by Captain Bill

Guest post by Bo Keeley

My recommendations for this and that after 15 years in Iquitos are offered not to promote them financially but to crunch data for tourists or expats seeking some of the best in town, that in many instances cost me many Soles and hours of beating the bushes.

Now may I suggest a doctor? Any physician you choose should be an older gentleman, a surgeon, sportsman, seasoned in the bush, and preferable a doctor in general practice rather than a specialty. Certainly English, strong diagnostic skills, contacts, and integrity are important. May I suggest Dr. Espinosa who is the chief surgeon at the Hospital Iquitos (on Calle Agruirre above Belen about 12 blocks from Plaza de Armas)?  After doing morning rounds and surgeries at the Hospital, where you may perhaps find him in the most prominent office, he sees private cases at his home office a ten minute walk from Plaza de Armas at about 284 Ricardo Palma. (There are two Dr. Espinosas at Hospital Iquitos, hence professionally nicknamed ‘Gordo’ and ‘Flaco’, and he’s the former.) He is rotund, keen, good English, and has an interesting story to tell regarding a life choice in medicine. He has charged me about $20 for office visits that often include consultation, prescriptions, and recommendations to pharmacies, radiologists, clinics and whatever you need in the line of medicine. He’ll remember me as the Gringo who enjoyed diseases that he cured of hepatitis, or was it malaria, amoebic dysentery, and elephantitis?

If you seek a radiologist, it so happens Dr. Espinosa will refer you to my independent pick at 469 Morona which is five minutes by foot from the Plaza. You may walk in without an appointment and expect immediate action. His X-rays and sonograms cost about 1% of the USA fees, and include a verbal and written opinion, and you may take the radiograph with you. He’s 80, a former physician, has 55 years of experience, and has taken tens of thousands of pics on the office machine that crackles and sizzles like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

If you need an interpreter, any of the senoritas from the English School at the University which is ten minutes walk from the Plaza will happily accompany you around town for a tip.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to have an operation on your vacation in Iquitos.

Iquitos Doctor

Guest post by Bo Keeley

Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises or the Captain’s Blog.

More tips based on beating the bush by Steven ‘Bo’ Keeley, from the trails and trials of a world-champion hobo-adventurer in Iquitos

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Comic Justice in Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Guest post by John Anonymous Citizen

I, for one, appreciate your blog functioning as the ‘Bat Signal’ in Gotham Iquitos. It’s the distress searchlight summoning Batman to assist in the event of a town crisis and as a psychological weapon to intimidate  evil doers.  Or, compare to the Daily Planet News where photojournalist Jimmy Olsen received tips of malevolent plans and deeds for which he beckoned his secret pal Superman. It worked instantly in the case of shutting the door on voyeurism of defecating tourists at the Putumayo Cyber.  And, yesterday for the first time in memory, the chef hairnet high, cockroach infested garbage heaped next to the cooking pots in the Aires Burger kitchen have been moved outside next to the end table nearest the river where I sit and eat my spaghetti. It had the same great Aires taste, and reasonably priced. I don’t know who Batman and Superman are in Iquitos – I suspect Peruvians – but thanks so much, and you are the signal.

Comic Justice in Iquitos

Guest post by John Anonymous Citizen

Hi, Bill Grimes here. As always, the views expressed by guest authors are not necessarily the views of Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, or the Captain’s Blog.