Great Amazon Raft Race One Of The Greatest Races To Watch Live, Lonely Planet

by Captain Bill

I was pleased to learn that Lonely Planet, one of the most prestigious travel guides in the world, recognized that the Great River Amazon Raft Race is one of the greatest races to watch live. Those of us in Iquitos where the Great Amazon Raft Race is based have known that for 13 years. I expect the 2012 race, will be the greatest raft race ever.

The Great River Amazon Raft Race is in good company. Among Lonely Planet’s other top ten greatest races to watch are the Tour de France from the finish line at Champs-Élysées, Paris, the Dakar Rally, in Chile and Argentina, (and now Peru), the Great Reno Balloon Race in Nevada USA, and Camel Racing in Dubai.

Thank you Lonely Planet, for mentioning Dawn on the Amazon in your article, with a live link back to our web site. You can depend on Dawn on the Amazon.

Here is what Lonely Planet says;

6. Great Amazon Raft Race, Peru

“Ever wondered how you could rock up at a city of 500,000 people when there are no access roads? This annual jungle raft race to Iquitos may not quite be what you envisaged, but hundreds of crews in weird and wonderful vessels have taken to the world’s greatest river to give the event a go. This stretch of the Amazon is transformed into a cornucopia of colourful crafts (built by competing teams from scratch before launch) contending with caimans, piranhas, currents and each other in order to complete the 180km course.”

“Take your own trip on the Amazon in a hand-built riverboat with Dawn On The Amazon who also provide raft race information.”

Check out the full list on Lonely Planet’s, The Greatest Races To Watch Live.

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Great River Amazon Raft Race is one of the best races to watch live according to Lonely Planet

Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru, a popular place to be.

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1 Freda February 1, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Being dubbed by the Lonely Planet as an amazing place is an extraordinary event! There is no denying the the Amazon River is not just a place in Peru, but a masterpiece on earth that should be seen by the whole world.
Thanks for sharing this info, Captain Bill. Great job!

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