Keiko or Ollanta Do Not Use Their Last Names

by Captain Bill

Tomorrow Peruvians will cast their votes to determine the fate of their country. Their choices are Keiko Fujimori the right wing daughter of a former autocratic president, now in prison for large scale corruption, and Ollanta Humala a far left wing nationalist whose brother is in prison for leading an armed uprising which Humala supported. There you have it. What a choice. The daughter of a convict, versus a terrorist that participated in a coup. Like choosing cancer or aids.

One thing is clear, whoever wins will certainly pardon their family members and rely on them as advisers.

What is not clear is how much power either candidate can wield if elected. The poles show the election is too close to call. A statistical tie, with 9% undecided, which is hard to believe, and 6% expected to vote blank which is easier to believe since voting is mandatory and neither candidate is acceptable. If that plays out in real life, which ever candidate wins will not have a mandate. Of course we know that doesn’t stop politicians from acting as if they have a mandate.

Humala started out using Venezuela and Cuba as his proposed economic models but now says he favors the Brazilian economic model. Many people believes he is Chavez’s puppet. That he modified his rhetoric to win a few votes from the undecided. Many people believe Fujimori will use her father’s power brokers and corruption will reign again. She says she won’t pardon her father. Many believe she says that to win a few votes from the undecided.

I am not allowed to vote, so I should remain non-political. That would be essentially voting blank, but I do have an opinion. Keiko, if elected President, would basically continue with the economic policies of the last 10 years. Peru has had the fastest growing economy in South America for the last 10 years so why would the voters want to change that. My life would remain peaceful and prosperous. If Ollanta becomes President it is possible he would build up the military, nationalize foreign investments, cause hyper-inflation, start a war with Chile that Peru probably would not win, ruin the economy and as a result, the economy of Dawn on the Amazon. I am counting on the wisdom of the Peruvian people not to experiment with Ollanta. Don’t let her last name get in your way…vote for Keiko.

Keiko Or Ollanta Do Not Use Their Last Names

Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru.

The Results, Ollanta Humala Is President Of Peru;

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1 candiru June 5, 2011 at 5:50 am

Why the war with Chile could be started ?
Can you please explain the ongoing reasons of that conflict ?
To break away from the expoliating imperialism (which is the same colonialist feature Perù knows well in his histrory) and globalization ( which means interferences of superpowers, included the forced military engagement in conflicts, expansion of huge WMD bases in Perù territory, pollution, repression, dictatorship, etc – is a hard task; the pressures and the sacrificies will be heavy and without mercy.
A fighter of injustice is not a terrorist IMHO, he is far better than a collaborationist of the worst war criminals of our time, ready to betray his country and people for other’s sake, I think. Don’t you? If Keiko wins for Perù it’s like to ally with contemporary nazis. The perspective to look at these factors has to be more large and ethic than your little yard’s interests. Latin America need to build its own coherence without US and Israel domination: many nations there, are developing an autonomous and libertarian politic and economy based on popular partecipation. Not leaving them alone but joining this axis of continental self-determination is the best choice for the people of Perù, in my opinion.

2 Captain Bill June 5, 2011 at 9:51 am

Hola Candiru, thanks for reading my article and expressing your well thought out opinion about the elections. You could be right. Perhaps we will find out. Most people do try to influence what we perceive to make our little yard’s interests better. I admire the Peruvian democratic system. It is driven by self-determination. If Ollanta wins by popular election, that is the proper way to come to power. Not by attempting to overthrow by force another democratically elected party. No matter who wins, we will, you and I, all try to make the best of the situation.

3 candiru June 6, 2011 at 5:41 am

Latin American Union of News Agencies to Convey Region’s Vision of World Reality

4 Jim Richardson June 6, 2011 at 10:48 am

Oh! Oh! , Bill. LOL Since 2006 he has changed his stance and he now says that he is more closely aligned with the Brazil economic model for success. Former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, who was in Peru just prior to the election, says that he is not the rebel outsiders think he is and that he is ¨educable¨. ( Not american arrogance, surely)

Meanwhile, Bill you are now on the Ollanta hit list!! lol

5 Captain Bill June 7, 2011 at 12:01 am

Oh! oh!, Your on Ollanta’s hit list also, LOL. Yes, of course I probably read some of the same news sources you do, and am probably just about as skeptical of what any politician says to get elected. As you know, I report it like I see it and believe it. I don’t plan to fold up my chairs and leave the country. Political and social events will be interesting, as always. See you around the block…

6 Jim Richardson June 11, 2011 at 12:34 pm

Bill, since coming here in the early 1990´s I have learned that you are always on one form of hit list or another! lol

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